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  1. I mean sure, but the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what reason Hasbro gives, or how valid a reason it might be, people are going to complain anyway.
  2. I was under the impression the Riders line was quietly retired last year. But that wouldn't stop them from doing an exclusive or something.
  3. Do you seriously believe Hasbro just forces their product on retailers and can tell them how much they're going to order, which stores are going to stock it and how much? That's not how any of this works.
  4. I can't say for sure, but I can suspect that Walgreens probably abandoned putting figures up on their website after they got a flood of complaints from angry collectors who weren't able to get the figures in time (or who got orders cancelled, etc...), and determined it would be easier to just stop offering them online than to say, increase their order sizes or allocate more of their stock to online purchases. I do cut Walgreens a little bit of slack...they weren't exactly a collector destination until a few years ago and I don't think they're built for rapidly adjusting to that state of affairs, especially in the midst of a big merger and the guy that turned them into a collector destination moving on from the company.
  5. The problem, from my understanding, is that Walgreens handles inventory entirely differently from the big box retailers like Target or Wal-Mart, and it's pretty much entirely up to the individual store managers what they get in their stores. Basically, I doubt Walgreen's is going to revamp its' entire inventory system over Marvel Legends.
  6. Because that was literally Wanda's costume in the comics for decades? She hasn't been "censored" in the least. Unless you think having a black costume Spider-Man is "censoring" classic Spider-Man.
  7. If tomorrow goes like today, they'll reveal no more than a handful of figures. Then again, Marvel has been the "star" of a couple of these virtual conventions so maybe their presentation will be a bit beefier than the other brands. Transformers and Star Wars seemed pretty lackluster.
  8. That's pretty neat looking. I'm a big fan of the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars figs. Would be down for a medieval knight series of Marvel figs.
  9. My speculation comes in four parts: 1. They're pushing things back to a timeframe they feel more confident moviegoing audiences will be back to "normal" to try to avert more lower box office takes. 2. The rampant delays and issues stemming from COVID related concerns may mean they're lagging behind on follow-on product, so they want to stretch out what they have "in the can" as long as reasonably possible to give themselves time to catch up. 3. A strike by the "behind the scenes" crew folks was narrowly averted today, and part of the deal that was reached may have involved more relaxed production schedules, necessitating the above. 4. While Black Widow and Shang-Chi may have been relatively successful in the time of COVID they're still way behind "normal" box office takes, and Disney's bean counters may have told Feige and Co to slow down until things get closer to normal (ties in to #1 above).
  10. Haven't got the full wave yet, but while I'd definitely say it's not Hasbro's best work, it's far from it's worst. I had pretty much the opposite experience, and found them better in-person than the online shots had made them look. I agree that a few of the likenesses aren't great (Sadly it's the two that appear to be the "leads" in Sersi and Ikaris that seem to suffer the most here). My only major gripe is that they all feel "greasy," I'm guessing due to all the shiny. And they do look pretty good arrayed together, at least among the ones I have so far (Ikaris, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Phastos, and Thena). Druig, Makkari, and Kro show up tomorrow.
  11. Sure. But my local brick and mortar also upcharges significantly compared to what I can get it for online. I get it...gotta make that margin and it's difficult to do with comic/game stores...but I'd have to seriously curtail my hobby if I paid FLCS/GS prices for all the fan channel exclusives. I will caveat that this is local. Not all shops mark up as much as my local. Half the time I wonder if the guy actually wants to sell anything at all or if he's just paying for a fancy space for his personal collection.
  12. They seem to get quite a few Star Wars Black Series exclusives. And stock all the "fan channel" stuff. They've dipped into it, they just haven't gone heavy on it. Like Gamestop it usually tends to be Star Wars exclusives, though I think they had an exclusive Ultron back when Hasbro did the MCU 10th anniversary stuff? Still, at least at my local Best Buy it seems like they've cut back considerably on the "toys/collectibles" segment from where it was at a couple years ago. The bottom line is that we're running out of outlets for exclusives. If Gamestop goes under and with Walgreen's likely ending their pursuit of Marvel exclusives, we're basically left with Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Target (and "fan channel" which basically at this point amounts to Hasbro Pulse and a handful of the other larger e-tailers).
  13. 80th Thor and new-Herc look like they're about dead-even at shoulder level. So yeah, I'd say it's a combo of the helmet and the flaring on Thor's shoulders + Cape kind of creating an optical illusion that he's bigger. Or if he is, it's by such a tiny difference as to be minuscule. EDIT: Looking closer, it looks like 80th Thor may have a slightly longer neck that does give him a slight edge beyond just the helmet, the helmet just makes the difference seem bigger than it is. By OHOTMU measurements Herc is an inch shorter than Thor, though, so this looks...pretty accurate! As does the modern version if you figure the boots and bun make him a little taller (or seem a little taller).
  14. You're right, surely they did not. I guarantee you Hasbro would have absolutely preferred to have had the Sentinel show up prior to the Galactus HasLab closing if at all possible. Because they wouldn't have known there was a knee problem beforehand (Because if they did, they would have fixed it...also the problem is not universal, and has a simple fix...facts that folks like you seem to not like to include in your little jabs), and getting it delivered would have proven to all those folks saying "I sure wish Hasbro wouldn't have launched this until I got my Sentinel" that yes, they were in fact going to deliver. By the same token, Hasbro actually delivered the Sentinel in the timeframe that they projected back in 2020. So for your little conspiracy theory insinuation to work, the Sentinel's bad knee would have had to be something Hasbro PLANNED, which I'm sure even you can agree is a patently ludicrous idea.
  15. Sony and the Mouse probably have him on an iron-clad NDA, and I would think he'd be interested in getting future work from both companies so he's gonna stick to it until he doesn't have to anymore.
  16. Yeah, I would expect that if any of these things get re-released, it's gonna be a minimum of four or five years after initial delivery before they pop up, and will almost certainly be limited run exclusives of one type or another, probably on Hasbro Pulse or convention-specific only.
  17. So I'm gonna guess on Phoenix (Rachel) and Classic Mordo as the 2 from the Marvel Universe II Card Set that haven't been made yet but will appear next year.
  18. So a couple things: 1. I'm pretty sure there is absolutely NOWHERE in the HasLab where it states they will never, ever make these items available again. In fact I'm pretty sure Hasbro's public statements have been more to the effect of "We have no current plans to rerelease it." with the unspoken "But we totally could, if we wanted to." HasLab isn't necessarily "one off releases" so much as "Product we don't feel we could get on to traditional retail shelves." 2. Even if there were someplace HasLab did actually state they were never going to make "this product" again, all they have to do is slap a slightly different (or greatly different) paint scheme on it, or package it say, without the same combination of figures/extra parts (and an updated price point) and technically it's a "new product" using the same mold. Basically what I'm saying is a lawsuit over this would get laughed out of court.
  19. Take out X-Men, put in Fantastic Four. They've already started dropping at least one hint towards the FF, but nothing really about the X-Men yet. Personally I think they're holding on to the X-Men for a couple or three more years, to boost the MCU back up if it starts waning, or to carry on the momentum if they make it through everything else they've got planned without any (non-COVID related) lull.
  20. Team X, Training Suit, or Fang w/ Swappable Head (but ONLY if it comes with that swappable head, otherwise I don't GAF about Fangverine) would all be Good choices if you have to have a Wolverine. Or a curveball and having it be another Laura-Wolverine with her new HoX costume. Tuxedo Patch would be fine, but I suspect unlikely. But at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it's a "gamerverse" Wolverine from Midnight Sons.
  21. Labor Day is historically a really crappy opening weekend for movies, and this movie pretty much doubled the previously-standing record for it. So it's not quite the huge disappointment this article makes it out to be. I agree that the hybrid theater/home viewing is the way to go, but the problem is that model is getting the studios in trouble with their talent. Hard to make movies if no actors will work for you because you now have a reputation for screwing actors and directors out of (potentially) millions of dollars. The studios and the talent need to sit down and hammer all this crap out, but for now the big studios are trying to hide behind contracts that were written when COVID wasn't even a thing, and using that to save money not having to pay actors/directors/etc... And moving forward Hollywood Agents are going to have to figure out how to negotiate around streaming royalties (and you know the studios are going to fight tooth and nail to pay as little as possible). The studios ARE in a rough spot...they can't make ANY money if they don't release movies in some form or another, but they way they've been doing it has been all about preserving the studios and not about making sure people get paid what they're likely due. Bottom line is it's a mess, and in the grand scheme of things all of the movies that have hit in the last two year and probably well into next year now (because too many morons would rather eat horse dewormer than get vaccinated and big chunks of the world are still way behind on vaccination even if their folks are willing) are probably just going to be written off as COVID related anomalies.
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