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  1. I seem to recall something similar happening later in the Sentinel campaign, where it took them almost until the goal was met to reveal what the next tier was. I want to say it was even a case where the previous tier was hit on a Friday (Even Hasbro probably doesn't wanna work on Friday afternoon!).
  2. I'm not sure whether or not the Dr. Strange concept of the Multiverse and the Loki concept of the Multiverse are the exact same thing. Especially since the Dr. Strange Multiverse seems to encompass dimensions that are "outside of time" (and perhaps more critically, existed even before the Loki series). Though I wouldn't be surprised if we get something tying into a more tidy bow in either Season 2 of Loki or Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.
  3. There will probably be a big bump in the last 48 hours. Whether or not it's big enough to get past 16K remains to be seen, but almost every crowdfunding project has a big day in the last 24 hours. I agree with some others that Hasbro would have been better off having had the Sentinels delivered before soliciting Galactus, but my hunch is that there are other outside factors that play into when they run these campaigns, mostly having to do with the logistics of production (Scheduling them around other product getting manufactured, etc...). Basically I'd find it perfectly believable if the bean-counters only wanted them in this "timeslot" so they don't interfere with say, getting enough Nerf guns produced for Christmas or getting the figures for Summer Marvel Movie #47 out on time, etc...
  4. We actually kinda have some idea what Hasbro's profit margin is, at least as far as their overall business: It's roughly 15%. This is publicly available information. Source I'd say that qualifies as "substantial" without being "Maliciously Greedy." It doesn't tell us what the profit margin on any given item is, but it stands to reason that some things will be higher and some will be lower. The chances of it being a whole lot higher on a project like Galactus are fairly slim though, due to the economies of scale involved compared to more heavily-produced items and the lower potential for mold re-use down the line. Generally speaking my understanding is that action figures (and in particular highly articulated and accessorized "collector oriented" action figures) have rarely been high profit-margin items. Indeed for years Wal-Mart in particular considered them "loss-leaders," until they didn't (and we got a slingshot effect of rapid price increases year-after-year after they stopped). As far as Galactus goes, at this point I'm pretty confident he'll get over the finish line to basic production and MIGHT even surge to the Nova stretch goal in the final day or two, but I'll be surprised to see it get any further than that unless there are retailers out there sitting on big orders that haven't been tallied yet.
  5. Steve's never going to be Cap again beyond a flashback cameo or a complete reboot of the MCU. This isn't the comics where everything has to be basically the same forever, and audiences understand that it's a continuing story. After Endgame folks understand that Steve and Tony's stories are pretty much finished. The MCU may taper off in popularity over time (nothing lasts forever) but conveniently about the time the OG MCU Avengers are aging out of their roles (or getting tired of them) you have the FF and X-Men waiting in the wings to carry the MCU torch forward. I think the focus is going to shift away from the Avengers and GotG and towards those former two teams over the next couple of "Phases." And yeah, eventually the whole thing will probably get rebooted. Or maybe not, who knows? No one has ever done anything like this before (at least on this scale). We might shockingly end up with a cinematic universe that's far more willing to allow permanent change due to the practicalities of filmmaking than the comics that are effectively stuck in certain status quos forever.
  6. I'm not sure why there's a "but" there...we're saying the same thing, I think: These characters were nobodies to the general public before the movies hit, so arguing that the Eternals are somehow too obscure or "D-List" to have a movie made about them is kind of moot. Especially when Marvel's reached a point where outside of franchises that we already know are in the works but need some more time for production (FF and X-Men) "C and D List" is basically all they've got left to develop.
  7. Actually I think it's a safe argument that at the moment the D+ series are unquestionably the "main force" in the MCU. They've kept the brand alive through the pandemic and by most indications enjoyed great success (actually assisted by the pandemic's overall boost for streaming services, really). Of course Marvel will want the main focus to shift back to the movies once things get closer to being back to normal, but right now the D+ series are kicking ass while the movies are suffering because people still aren't going to them because of the pandemic (and that's across all movies, not just MCU stuff). But with the stinger at the end of Black Widow, it's quite clear that Marvel intends the movies and the D+ series to both be core parts of the brand moving forward, with actors and characters both old and new moving freely between them. And it's entirely possible that Kate Bishop and other younger characters become pretty major players: These young actors and actresses are the ones Disney can tie up for a decade+ as their OG cast(s) start aging out of their roles. Or maybe Young Avengers will be a D+ series, too. Either way we'll be seeing plenty of her in years to come, I'm sure.
  8. I said they were nobodies with the general public not with "lifelong Marvel fans with thousands of back issues." It doesn't matter what "level" YOU think they were at. They were nobodies to Joe Non-comic-reader, who makes up a vastly larger portion of their audience than folks like us do. As for your suggestions: Disney couldn't actually use the Netflix characters for a couple years after they broke off the Netflix deal, so no, they could not have made a Luke Cage/Heroes for Hire movie, or at least not one that actually used Luke Cage and Iron Fist (or Misty Knight or Coleen Wing, etc...). They can NOW, I believe, but there were legal agreements in place that kept Marvel from using the characters so that Netflix could have more time to capitalize on their shows, basically. Inhumans was such an absolute disaster as a TV series that there was no way they were going to touch that property with a ten foot pole for a good ten years at a minimum. So...next example? The fact of the matter is that Marvel's already either run out of pretty much all their A and B-listers and a good chunk of C-listers, or have other factors involved that have prevented them from putting them on the big screen just yet (like not having the rights until recently in the case of the FF and X-Men and to an extent the Netflix characters). So yeah, it's time to start trying to pump up the C and D listers because that's pretty much all they've got left.
  9. Oh I think we're definitely getting Black Knight easter eggs. I'm gonna be legit surprised if we don't get a post credits of Dane either inheriting his castle or actually claiming the blade. I think it's also quite possible we see a past Black Knight at some point, too, since the story does seem like it'll give us some "historic" flashbacks. They're showing too much of Kit in the trailers for him to just be an "Easter egg appearance we're never gonna do anything with" and Marvel/Feige made too big a deal of casting him for them to not be planning more for the character.
  10. Oh I couldn't agree more on the comic franchise portion. I've never been an Eternals fan beyond finding Sersi mildly entertaining at times when she was hanging out with the Avengers and not insane. But the MCU has done amazing things as far as making me really enjoy characters and concepts that I could not care less about in the comics (here's looking at you, Vision), and so far I've liked what the trailers have been showing me for Eternals. I'm cautiously optimistic on this one. Also while I know he's unlikely to suit up in this film I'm a big Black Knight fan, so there's that, too. Totally stoked for Shang-Chi though. Mostly because he's a semi-obscure character that I HAVE been a fan of for a good while.
  11. Have you...looked at the Eternals costumes in the comics? While I agree the movie designs aren't particularly comic accurate, what the Eternals wear in the comics isn't all that "traditional super-heroic" either. Hell, Thena even looks pretty damn accurate to her classic design, and Sersi ain't that far off. The MCU tries to ground things a tiny bit more in...if not reality, than in plausibility. The Eternals don't look like super heroes because they're not wearing costumes. They're wearing attire/uniforms of a hyperadvanced immortal alien race. From that perspective no, they don't look all that implausible to me, and the idea that they may not be traditional super-heroes as we know them may be quite intentional from the designers' perspective.
  12. I think Hasbro basically made the decision to put them out, because it was either that or the Eternals wave because they've likely run out of warehouse space to store all this product they've been holding back due to delays (Not just Eternals, but Spider-Man, and the GI Joe Snake-Eyes stuff too), and didn't want to pay through the nose for even more storage for the Shang-Chi stuff. From all indications Marvel really wants to push Eternals as a big deal, perhaps more so than Shang-Chi. So Hasbro took it on the chin with the Shang-Chi stuff so as to not have Eternals stuff on shelves nearly a year before the movie.
  13. I mean, given that it pretty much has, as far as intellectual property as a whole goes, yeah, they probably have good reason for thinking that. Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man were absolute nobodies to the general public before they hit the big screen. Same with a vast array of supporting characters like the Winter Soldier, Falcon, Vison and Scarlet Witch, who are now headlining successful streaming series of their own. But since you seem to have ideas, what big, well-known Marvel characters/teams do you think they should be "pushing" that they've actually had the proper amount of time to develop and produce a movie for (So X-Men and FF are out, and we know they're on the way eventually regardless). Or are you suggesting Hasbro should just ignore the movie designs and make the figures look however they want if they don't think they're "toyetic" enough? Also, I think it worth noting that the Eternals product line seems to address a continual criticism of the MCU stuff: That they don't get all the characters out there promptly. This wave hits, and they'll never have to worry about people complaining "But what about <insert Eternal here>?!?" Though MAYBE they'll get a tiny bit of that with Dane Whitman, because you know some folks will wonder why they didn't make a figure even when it's doubtful (to me) he shows up in costume in this movie.
  14. As you kind-of say there's always the chance they pull a "Black Panther" where the figures pegwarm when they hit and then sell out practically everywhere instantly (except for the comic-based figs in the Black Panther's case) once the movie hits and people love it. I don't think there's a super-high chance of that, but it's not impossible. Though it does depend on retailers actually having the toys on-shelves when the movie hits, which...seems to be a problem when Target is clearancing a lot of the Shang-Chi stuff before it's even in theaters, though that may have simply been a COVID-related anomaly. (I don't think the "main" Shang-Chi Legends figures have been getting clearanced, but the Katy exclusives and pretty much all the other ancillary merch has been massively marked down at Targets in my area.)
  15. I've said all along and still maintain that at the very least these are gonna look pretty nice all together as a set. The trailers have definitely upped my interest, but as far as the characters go the Eternals were a comic property that I never really cared about "back in the day" so much like Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel has a chance to take an obscure property and bring it into the mainstream in an entertaining way. That and I think the movie's gonna be pretty good, or at the very least have some really gorgeous cinematography. It already seems to feel "different" from a lot of the MCU, for good or for ill.
  16. Pretty sure he's actually underscaled for the "11 ft giant" Bullski and pretty close to on-point for the "7ft 1 inch out of armor/8ft 9inches in armor" version." Also unhelmeted heads are almost always poorly scaled because action figure designers tend not to accurately scale them with the armor/helmet because they think it either makes the unarmored version a pinhead (Which would be more accurate when scaled to the armor) or the armored version a bobblehead (sculpting a helmeted head large enough to look like it could hold the unhelmeted sculpt inside it with some room to spare). Or I guess it's more accurate to say that action figure designers have a tendency to make helmeted characters who couldn't fit a human skull in those helmet/masks. Anyway, point being, I don't know for sure since there's no direct side-by-side shots but if Boris is about 9 inches tall then he's doing pretty dang good on scale. If he's less than that he's too short, and if he's more than that he's either too tall or too short unless they kick him closer to 12 inches for his maximum documented size.
  17. I realize everyone thinks that corporate greed means they gouge profit margins, but there's actually a bit of art and a lot of science to balancing profit margins vs. keeping things in price ranges that enough people are reasonably willing to pay. Generally speaking, manufacturers don't just arbitrarily raise prices, because every price increase (PARTICULARLY in niche markets like say, collectibles mostly aimed at adults) tends to result in fewer people buying. Sometimes those buyers come back, but sometimes (again, particularly in markets like "adult collectors") they don't. I don't know how many people around here do crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and the like, but if you've been backing anything in the last couple years, you've seen the updates about how much shipping has gone up and the general clusterfutz that is the global supply chain right now. You want your project on time? Gotta pay the bribes to China. On TOP of the shipping container shortage, which just means A: You're paying more for shipping and B: You're paying "extra" to make sure your project takes priority (that's in addition to the price of the container which has more than quadrupled in the last year). You're right, we don't know exactly what Hasbro's profit margin on these is and likely never will, and while I'm 100% sure it's a far cry from "nothing" it's probably not as much as some folks think. I know a lot of adult collectors like to bury their heads in the sand about the realities of the world right now, but stuff really does cost significantly more to get manufactured and (especially) shipped right now. The jump to 14K backers is almost certainly NOT just some bean counter at Hasbro twirling their mustache and cackling "We can get these nerds to buy anything! Mwahahaha!" so much as the minimum amount to make it feasible to produce in the current environment.
  18. I think the main reason Hasbro isn't showing further stretch goals (and likely never will, at least not for a few years if it fails to fund) is so people can't whine at them over not getting them if the stretch goals aren't met. Basically just managing expectations. Plus it's not much different from any other Haslab in that regard. New tiers get revealed as old ones unlock. It's just that Sentinel and Razor Crest funded early so they got through several tiers relatively quickly.
  19. Let's be honest folks: If Hasbro had packed Cannonball's legs in with some other character (whether completely random or tangentially related), deluxe or otherwise the same people whining about the 3-pack would be whining that Hasbro wasted resources on that instead of giving that character more/better/character-appropriate accessories. The only thing that MIGHT have genuinely pleased them would be Hasbro sending everyone who got Cannonball a free pair of legs. Or at least just them.
  20. Yeah I think it's a VERY safe bet that two or more "Disney+" waves are going to be a regular part of the yearly rotation going forward.
  21. Captain Carter, Sylvie, Tigra, Binary and the Vulture redux were the only real winners for me. I don't think the other stuff looks bad but I'm trying to cut back some. I don't care for that Watcher design. Will stick with the Marvel Select version. Interesting that it seems to be broken up only over a few of the figs. Hydra Stomper looks like fun but not so much fun that it's worth the likely price.
  22. I mean that's kinda the whole point. The rewards get made if the goal gets reached. If they constantly gave folks the rewards anyway, then there'd be no point in making them rewards. It also likely ties in with the reason Hasbro hasn't revealed (though I guess now they've all-but-revealed) the tier goals: So that if they're not met they don't have people complaining about not getting stuff they didn't meet the goals for. Basically a "You'll never know what you were missing" kind of thing. I would also note I'm pretty sure Hasbro said the figures that come with the Star Wars Razor Crest will be available separately later, albeit possibly with some deco/accessory changes. Pretty sure that the figures that are truly "HasLab Exclusive" are marked as such (I believe the Sail Barge Yak Face and Razor Crest Offworld Jawa fall into that category). Basically there is a precedent for Hasbro offering the figures separately. I'm gonna be hella surprised if we don't get a Prime Sentinel troop builder (or two-pack) on Pulse after the Sentinels have reached their destinations. Bastion I could see getting a release with a "first appearance" head and deco.
  23. I honestly think she's a prime candidate, simply because she wouldn't require much new tooling beyond a head.
  24. See the Silver Surfer is the LAST thing I'd want to see as a stretch goal here. Not just because I have the Walgreens version (both of them) but because the Surfer is a character that they can and have sold at retail on single-cards (or otherwise). Basically, I'm totally fine if they want to make a new Surfer...but use the Kickstarter to make some Heralds that we're not likely to get anytime soon, not someone they know they can sell at retail.
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