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  1. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Came across an Iron Man Mandarin and comic Whiplash at an HEB grocery store. HAD to pick them up. If you live in South and/or Central Texas, it's worth your while to start checking HEB too if you're not already. Best of all, they were only $7.34.
  2. Psimitar

    toy story unleashed

    I feel sorry for the snake in that Woody's boot
  3. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Found Wave 13 Cyclops at an HEB (local grocery store in Central/South Texas). What's even better is HEB has MU characters for only $7.18. Also, if there's a Fry's in your town, start looking there for Captain America. The have a 4-way kiosk and I snagged a Red Skull and Crossbones there. Keep in mind that Fry's is charging $10 per figure but that's a small markup for the hard-to-find ones.
  4. Psimitar

    all time favorite figure

    Mine would be Cable (who I FINALLY found!!!!). Already my favorite Marvel character, Hasbro scored a solid win with this figure. They found a way to incorporate every incarnation of Cable over the years. You like big gun and even bigger shoulder pad wearing Cable from the Rob Liefeld days? It's got that. You want the Cable who ran with the X-Men and used his Psimitar weapon instead of guns in the early 2000's? It's got that. You want the Cable who went into the future to protect the Messiah Baby? Its got that too. Excellent poseability, sculpting, and accessories. The only thing Hasbro did wrong with this supremely awesome figure is that they haven't made more of him.
  5. Psimitar

    List of Marvel Legend that work with MU

    I would also add the following Marvel Select line: The Watcher (as was previously mentioned) Mephisto Brood Warrior (from the Brood/Skrull 2 pack)
  6. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    For anyone that lives in the Austin area: I was at Lakeline mall today in Northwest Austin/Cedar Park. The Disney store there had 6 of the X-Men boxed sets and ALL of them were the variant versions with the "bamfing" Nightcrawler. I let them be as I'm just trying to find Cable. Good hunting.
  7. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Dizzle, Did you hit the Wal-Mart or Target in Georgetown? And you mentioned MU, did they have Wave 13? I'm STILL just trying to find a Cable.
  8. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Found the remnants of Wave 13 at the Target in Pflugerville, TX today. Only one Wolverine and one Gladiator were left. Also found Wave 1 of the Captain America figures. As I'm only interested in Cable, I passed on the lot. But it's good to know that Wave 13 is hitting the Austin area in places other than Toys R Us.
  9. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    I just came across the new comic packs at the Wal-Mart in Pflugerville, TX on 685. They had 3 Wolvie/Silver Samurai's and 2 Deadpool/Taskmasters. I passed on them cause I'm just looking for a Cable. They were sittng there as of 5 PM this afternoon. Thought I'd spread the word.
  10. Psimitar

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Has anyone in the Austin area found Wave 13 in any stores so far? Also, has anyone in the South Central Texas area found any new MU at H.E.B. grocery stores? It seems like they get occasional shipments but I haven't seen anything new. I'd much rather find MU characters there as they are marginally cheaper than everywhere else ($7.18 vs $7.99)
  11. I am so disgusted with this game! They claim it is based on Civil War, yet the characters that are playable seem to be more about whether they won the rabid fan popularity contest rather than if they were pertinent to the story. How else can you explain Hulk's presence who was off on planet Sakaar at the time. And Thor was dead and should not have been playable. I would have been all for having "Clor" as a boss but not as a playable character. And what's with all the X-Men? Jean Grey? She's still dead! Gambit? One of Apocalypse's Horsemen at the time! Iceman? Well with the exception of Wolverine (who's an Avenger) and Storm (who's hitched to the Black Panther) the X-Men weren't even involved in the Civil War. And Cable! Let's not forget Cable. Very involved in the Civil War! I read so much about rabid fans crying about Jean Grey and the Punisher to be in the game, well putting Cable in the game would effectively accomplish both things. Considering Deadpool is playable this should have been a no-brainer. My biggest gripe though is that apparently Activision thinks only button mashing console gamers are wanting to buy this game cause it's not coming out on the PC! My last, best hope was that someone would mod Cable for a PC version as they did with X-Men Legends II and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. At this point I can only hope Cable may be a downloadable character down the line but that really doesn't matter either because I refuse to by a grossly over-priced "next-gen" console. OK. I'm done with my rant now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  12. Psimitar

    x men legends 3 OR marvel ultimate alliance 2

    Dude if you get MUA for the PC you can play as Cable after you mod him in. He plays just like he did on X-Men Legends 2 on PSP. He had his classic skin, Soldier X/civilian skin, Techno/Civil War skin/ and an X-Force skin. Go to Marvelmods.com. It's so awesome.
  13. To unlock the costumes (without cheat codes) you need to do the following things: Costume 2: defeat 30 enemies Costume 3: defeat 150 enemies Costume 4: complete comic mission Remember that your character has to defeat the right number of characters while you are controlling them, not the computer. As for my favorite team: Cable: any costume Deadpool: Modern Ghost Rider: Original Blade: Daywalker How can I play with Cable you ask? Well I play on the PC and I go to marvelmods.com baby, that's right. If you play Marvel Ultimate Alliance or X-Men Legends 2 on the PC than I highly recommend this site.
  14. Psimitar

    Favorite X-Men

    Well Cable did rid himself of the Techno-Virus in Cable #100. From there his powers increased exponentially. By the time Cable and Deadpool #1 arrived, Cable was at Nate Grey's level if not better. But Cable had the experience and control to use his powers a lot more effectively than Nate, who usually just lashed out telekinetically. Cable could manipulate molecules, transmute viruses, and go toe to toe with the Silver Surfer, while keeping his floating island in the air AND repairing all the damage him and the Surfer did as their fight carried them around half the world AND he still managed to break the Surfer's board. And then after the Surfer managed to destroy Cable's techno-organic arm, Cable was still able to lower his island to float on the ocean and telepathically speak to every person on the planet. That trumps Nate Grey by leaps and bound. By the time you see Cable in Civil War, he has lost all his powers and managed to re-create them through technological means. Currently Cable has no powers and has gone back to gun-toting. But he is not a victim of M-Day, he simply burned out his powers while fixing Deadpool's messed up brain.
  15. Psimitar

    What happened to rachel summers?

    For the skinny on Rachel Grey, check out Uncanny X-Men #475-487 and the Limited Series Emper Vulcan #1-5

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