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  1. This figure started as XMO Tiger Stripe Wolverine, with the head from the brown suit version, which is a huge improvement. I separated his claws with a knife, then painted the costume silver. Using clear yellow, blue and red, I finished up the costume. Then his skin was painted using flat flesh, with elf flesh highlights. Overall, a fun project. Any comments, criticism, love and hate are encouraged. Thanks for your time!
  2. Back in the 80s and 90s, it could be difficult to tell if a costume was supposed to be reflective, or if it was just the inking and coloring from the time! I thought I would take the Jim Lee look from that great X Men 90s run with Claremont, and make a Logan with a metallic, reflective look. cont...
  3. Glad to see you are digging into those IM2 figures Onyx, looks great. I just wrapped on another popular custom as I was finishing the Super Adaptoid, Domino! I wanted to do another version since I've built a light box and wanted to get some better pics. So, Dom here started out as the awesome Agent Helix figure from GI Joe. Using my favorite paint, Testor's MM Acryl, I went to work changing her into the Domino we all love. The X Symbol is hand made. It's a recipe many have used, and for good reason. It really looks just like her current comic self.
  4. continued from <<<<< The base figure and shield is from WW2 Captain America. Hawkeye's head, quiver and bow are used. I used Apoxie Sculpt to cover this face. The hammer is from Colossus, and the Iron Man chest piece is hand made. He was given a base coat of Model Master Acryl silver, then I went to work with clear green and Dark Green Pearl. He was finally given a clear acrylic coating to give that constant "wet" look. One thing I love about doing metallic figures is that the paint pretty much just shades itself! Any comments, critiques, love or hate are encouraged! Thanks for your time!
  5. Here's a project I just wrapped on, and it was tons of fun! I give you the classic Avenger's villain Super Adaptoid! cont...
  6. Yo Onyx, that's easily the best Stark unmasked head I've seen.....and I've seen alot. It's really good.
  7. Thanks for the compliments, I didn't realize aquarium sealant can also make flames, I'll look into that!
  8. Hi there! Well, I had an extra Ms Marvel, and although this is a project I've tried before, this time I wanted to attempt to hand make a fiery phoenix base for her to stand on. Recipe follows: So, she started as Ms Marvel's body and hair. The face is from the Jean Grey figure, with the mask sanded down. Once she was prepped for the operating room, I painted her using various Testors Model Master Acryl and Games Workshop colors. Silver was first, then the translucent green and yellow. The hair was painted Scab Red and highlighted with International Orange. The lips were painted silver and clear red for a shiny look. The flaming Phoenix was made from scratch, and added to the Jean Grey figure base. Lastly, the tiny triangle on her belt was cut from a stencil sheet and painted with clear yellow. Thanks for your time!
  9. Yo! Count me in an the Omega Red contest! Good luck everyone! We're going to be seeing some wicked customs for sure!
  10. Well, ol' Cable here started out life as the Punisher. I switched out the arm and body armor with Maverick. The yellow was painted brown, then dry brushed with 2 kinds of yellow. The body is Model Master Acryl Insignia Blue, with cobalt highlights. I used an xacto to actually cut the scars into his face, then let Scab Red drip into the cuts. Then, I painted his face with Tamiya flat flesh, then dry brushed two lighter shades over that. The cyborg eye is painted yellow as well. The X Symbol is hand crafted. The guns are from various GI Joe figures, and painted as well to bring out the highlights. The hair is neutral gray with white drybrushing. He retains all articulation, and all armor is removable.
  11. Hi there! I just built a new light box, and the first gallery I get to share is a Cable custom I whipped up for Ebay. CONT...
  12. When my loyal customer requested this figure, it really threw me. I literally had no clue how to go about it. The SS version wouldnt work as a base for this look, so I was clueless. I thought about buying a plastic cat toy and cutting off the head, I thought about trying to remold the animated figure (BAD idea, that figure has TERRIBLE articulation) and who knows WHAT else. After brainstorming for a couple of days, I stumbled across what would become the body: A Mark Henry WWE figure. It had the right body type, big, not fat, strong yet not chisled. I cut off his toes and fingers. I sanded his poor wittle face right down. He got a bit of a shave and hair cut, then I went to work with Apoxie Sculpt, forming new feet, fingers, face, ears, hair and fur all over his body. A few coats of paint later and x-symbols later and voila. It's pretty much a cross between his last two costumes. The current one was way too complicated for me to invest that kind of time into, and the last one always looked kinda creepy to me, so here's a good blend of the two. He has removable goggles, a high tech med-pistol of some sort, a wrist package complete with retractable saw and the techy backpack. Please do let me know any critisicms or critiques you may have. Thanks! IS aka Sentinel Prime
  13. Greetings. Well, just wrapped up my latest commission and I thought I'd share it with ya, the current-look cat-face version of Hank McCoy, The ever lovin' Beast! Details after yon gallery: cont:
  14. Mr. Cletus Cassiday started life as the single pack Black Spider Man. I chopped off his jaw. Then, in 2 parts, I sculpted his face. First was the top jaw and teeth, then I made the lower jaw. While that was drying, I added the claw fingers. Then , while the hot glue gun was heating up, I painted him solid red. Then, the REAL fun began. Using the famed hot glue technique, I added the 3-D symbiote, which I dry brushed gloss black. The tentacles are made from the same. The axe was sculpted onto the Johnny Storm flame hand, which is where the alt head also came from. Overall, it didn't really take that long surprisingly. I thought the glue would get tricky, but it went really smoothly. Any comments, critiques love and hate are encouraged. Thanks for your time y'all!
  15. Yo!!! Im so glad to see such great work around here. It's cool to see MU thriving. As any customizer knows, sometimes you just get hit with an inspiration, and a figure you didn't even plan for moves all the way to the front of the project list. So it goes with my latest, everyone's favorite inbred psychopath and son of Venom, CARNAGE!!!
  16. Hi there! Good to see you as usual. Here I'd like to share a custom I whipped up after recently getting into the new X Force...Bastion! This guy doesn't particularly LOOK all that threatening, but he's an evil genocidal maniac cyborg that's had more than one battle with your favorite mutants! As far as the "recipe", for this figure there isn't a long list. It's Johnny Storm to start with, given a haircut. Then, I used some barber skills to remold his hair and give him the goatee. He has Deadpool's arms, and I molded the little buckles on his stomach. He was carefully painted using Testors Model Master Acryl, the superior product in my experience. You can find him on Ebay along with Domino starting tuesday at 7pm here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MESCX:IT
  17. Ok, so here we have the body of a VvV Scarlet figure, the head of Ms Marvel with a sanded down mask and highly modded neck, wings from a Tinkerbell toy, and a knife from Ghost Bear. Painted in gloss black and two yellows, the hair is 2 purples and some pink dry brushing. The wings were dry brushed with clear red and blue. The knife was painted silver, then clear red to give it a shiny appearance. The body is small for the Marvel Universe scale, so it works well for ol' Pixie. All comments, critiques, ideas, love and hate are encouraged. Thanks for your time!
  18. Hi! Whew! I offer you a break from all the Marvel/Disney talk with a few pics of my latest commission, the lovely Pixie from various X Men comics. A more recent addition to the X-Verse, Pixie is a cool character from the books I've read, and I like the fact that they brought the mystic aspect into the character. Thusly, I included a Souldagger. It seems like every couple of weeks X men change costumes, so here I just went with an all-purpose look, not really based on any specific issue. cont.
  19. Let's see....so....X-23 was originally the ALWAYS useful and versatile Ms. Marvel. The belt was Microman Batman's. She has real metal claws, made from cut pins. It seemed like a good idea, but I stabbed myself in the thumbs about 20 times. I gave her some trimmed WWE knee pads to make a boot separation line. The gray was slightly drybrushed with silver. Domino is pretty much a repaint of ROC Agent Helix, with a new X-belt buckle and silver pistols. Thanks for any comments, criticism, love or hate! SP
  20. Hi there one and all. Thanks as always for the support around here! So, I had some time to complete two of my latest commission requests: Marvel Universe 3.75" X-Force Domino and X-23! [
  21. Hi there! I'd like to say thanks for the support the guys and gals around here give me...it does mean alot. Now then, here's a few pics from my latest commission, Forge! Some hardcore folks out there may also know him as "Maker". Recipe will follow the pics! Alrighty...the body and belt were Deadpool's, the head was Talon Karrde's from Star Wars, with a sculpted headband and minor shave, the arm was once Iron Man's, and the leg belonged to Maverick. I get alot of use out of those Maverick parts...yet I couldn't care less about the character. Funny. Anyway, he was painstakingly painted using various shades of TMMA and Tamiya and the X Symbol was handmade. Here I was going for a traditional Jim Lee style look, with the primary-color costume. That red piping was tedious business! Thanks as always for your time!
  22. OK, so, the body is that of Punisher. The metal arm is from Maverick, as is most of the gear you see on Cable's body. I got a couple of comments on the first version, so I beefed him up a little using Maverick's shoulder armor. All joints were sanded and he was painted using my favorite paint, Testor's Model Master. All yellow parts were painted brown, then dry brushed using 2 shades of yellow. The end result is a figure as tough as any you'd buy at the store. Even though he's small, I put all of the detail in him I could...notice the tedious red pinstriping on the gloves and boots as well as the tiny X-badges and silver buckles. I always liked Cable so I put alot into him! Thanks for your time!
  23. Greetings! I'm going back and forth between 3.75" Marvels and TFs lately, and here's my newest, Cable V2. This is the second version of the character I've done, the first was a commission for a friend in Iraq. As always the recipe follow the pics!
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