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  1. MrDizzle, from the standpoint of being a toy collector in general myself, I strongly advise you to reconsider selling anything. I'm speaking from personal experience here...I've sold several collections over the years. Sometimes it's simply been due to the fact that I was bored with a given line, then other times I've sold things to be able to afford other things. Nine times out of ten I've always regretted it though. I've always come back to the realization that I've bought things for a reason. It either appealed to me because there was something about it that either spoke to me and I just thought it was cool, or it brought me feelings of nostalgia if it was something I either previously owned or was a reproduction or resembled something I'd owned in the past. From the perspective of being a Marvel collector, I'm not so sure my opinion would be very valid. I'm new to the Marvel Legends/Universe/Select collecting game. I just started in earnest back in the spring after flirting with the notion for years and buying a figure here and a figure there. It's still new and exciting to me, but I can understand guys like you that have been in the Marvel game for decades and are experiencing burn-out. Having said that though, I also want to reiterate what Dragon said: my Marvel collecting has been very fluid and unstructured...there's not been any goal set for what I want and no mission statement like we as collectors tend to do when we get turned-on to a given line. Like I said, I'm relatively new to collecting Marvel figures. Now I've had superhero toys since I was four or five, pehaps younger even. And over the years I'd sporadically buy a figure or two here and there. But I really started devoting real time and money to Marvel figures back last spring. I hadn't bought many Marvel comics in recent years. I used to be alot more serious, but for some reason or another, I just got away from it. But I was very impressed with the Iron Man movies, which allowed me to truly appreciate the concept behind the character. That, in turn led me to seek out Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and Hulk respectively (although I had seen the first Hulk film before), so naturally I was suddenly intrigued with these characters, and of course, The Avengers. It just snow-balled from there. Turns out I love Captain America and can't get enough of the character, and The Avengers may very well turn out to be my favorite movie of all time, and that's saying something since I'm a huge movie nut. And all of this of course has led me to seek out anything Avengers-related, then a few select Marvel characters simply by pure association that I've always thought were cool, like The X-Men, Daredevil, and Spider-Man. I gues what I'm trying to say is, I've just been collecting stuff as it comes along and enjoying myself. I didn't decide one day that, "Hey...I'm gonna start collecting Marvel figures, and I'm gonna own the ultimate collection. Where can I find the most comprehensive checklist out there?" I just decided I liked the Avengers in general, then I looked at everything was out there, and what appealed to me personally. And I've not necessarily hunted high and low for stuff. I mean, I'll look for stuff, but I won't really go out of my way, and my collecting has been so much more enjoyable when I've come to the realization that I'll live if I don't find certain figures. For example, I want the new Marvel Legends modern Thor, but every time I've found him, the paint's been sloppy, so I've passed. I want it bad, but I don't have one, and that's okay. I want the Face-Off Cap. Will I own one? Maybe, maybe not. It's okay if I don't. I'm just taking things as they come, literally, and I'm enjoying the hobby so much more these days for it. It's like the other day...I stumbled upon the Marvel Universe three-pack that has the Red Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. I had no idea this set was coming out, but I've been wanting that particular Hulk sculpt really really bad, and I just find the Red Hulk interesting. I don't why he's red (lol), but he's cool-looking. Incidentally, I'm finding myself loving the character after so many years of dismissing it as a one-note character full of rage and not much else. I'm learning that's not the case, and the more I learn about him, the more I love the concept behind it. Anyway...I didn't necessarily care that this set also comes with an Iron Man figure I already have, and a repaint of a relatively common, over-used Thor sculpt. It's three of the Avengers!! It's just cool to me, so I put it in lay-away with a second set and a 6-inch movie Loki. My point is that yeah...I'm out there looking for Avengers-related stuff, but I'm not killing myself or breaking the bank, trying to get my hands on every single thing, just what I happen to find and/or think is cool. That's the key to enjoying our hobby I think...decide what you want, get it, and if you can't, it's alright. The sun will still come up tomorrow, and you can simply enjoy what you do have.
  2. I agree...I just really took the entire Cap movie line for granted when it came out. I wasn't really into Captain America at the time, and this was back when the bad paint jobs and a multitude of various Marvel lines were clogging store shelves. Also, it seemed like the line was geared more towards kids really, with the unnecessary gimmicks and play features. I have of course since seen the error of my ways, but I used to see Winter Soldier all over the place, and his paint job always looked horrendous. It probably didn't help that I was also seeing him in his MU version everywhere too, so I was sick of the character, and I didn't even own one of the figures. But I found one on clearance at Walmart, if you could really call it clearance...I took a chance on it since I was all about Captain America at the time, and this lone WS I found actually had a good paint job for a change. And even before, when I wasn't into him, I always did think Winter Soldier looked like such a cool character. Like I said, I was so pleasantly suprised when I opened it up and could actually appreciate the figure. I think sometimes it's a psychological thing, when you see the movie packaging...right away you have reservations because of the connotations; movie lines never seem to be conceived very well, other than Star Wars of course, but if you get past all that, the figures are the epitome of the mass-produced, cheap, done-to-captitalize-on-the movie type of toys, and so I passed on them so many times... But for any of you that have the movie line Winter Soldier, you know what I'm talking about. He's kinda sculpted in a cool pose, when most figures in the line have a standard buck body of some sort or another. He has a unique sculpt, and his paint apps have a kind of a dark wash on them, almost like a detailed NECA figure. It's a truly great figure that I don't think gets enough recognition really. Sorry...I didn't mean for this to turn into an analysis of the Winter Soldier figure. But it is a great sculpt, and it suits the Avengers movie line Nick Fury figure very well. I love it.
  3. Ahh...that's awesome!! I didn't know that was coming out. Thank you Belmont!! You just made my day.
  4. I scored an Avengers Nick Fury and Black Widow Saturday. I found them at an out-of-the-way, old ran-down K-Mart that time forgot, of all places. I hadn't been there in months. Their action figure aisle is usually pretty pathetic. It's always hit-and-miss, and half the time it's so messy and cluttered that you can't find anything. So imagine my suprise when I turned the corner and found these figures staring me in the face. They look so great in person, although BW looks more like Laura Prepon from That 70's Show than she does Scarlett Johansson. (lol) It's still a cool figure. Fury is perfection as well. From what I can tell, the majority of his sculpt is taken from the Winter Soldier mold from the Captain America movie line, although I can't be 100% sure about that. It works very well. That particular mold of Winter Soldier was one of the so-called "sleeper hits" of the Captain America line for me. I was so pleasantly suprised by that figure when I finally got it...the sculpting, the stance he's in, his colors, it's just a really well-done figure that I'm proud to have in my collection. So I'm thrilled that Fury (possibly) shares the mold. I guess I just always passed on WS at retail because of the bad paint they always seemed to have. I actually snagged one that has nearly perfect paint. I just refuse to own a figure, no matter how rare, if the paint job's bad. I just can't get past it... Anyway, I'm estactic with my find after looking for them for so long.
  5. Y'know, I'm not usually too crazy about "First Appearance" versions of characters, but I really like the Toybiz Marvel Legends First Appearance Spider-Man. He looks better in later versions, but...I don't know, there's just something cool about his darker colors and squinty eyes. I've just always preferred Spidey's eyes to be smaller than they're generally drawn in more recent books. He may not be the definitive Spider-Man, but I'd like to have the "First Appearance" one in my collection. Otherwise, I'm probably too out-of-touch with all of the different versions to suggest the ultimate one.
  6. Cable has a giant auto factory assembly line robot arm and an eye-patch now?! No thanks...
  7. Wow...that's the first KO I ever thought was halfway cool, in a weird, "Made In Mexico" crappy sort of way. (lol) Seriously, I like the colors on his boots and gloves better than the Hasbro version! And the face looks better too! (lol)
  8. I actually found a ROML Wave 1 Thor...but the paint on his torso was horrendous, so I passed yet again. *crap*
  9. Hey Dragon...where's that second-from-the-left-WW2 Cap from? I knew about the Walmart exclusive one, and I know there's a posed Marvel Select version too, but I don't recognize that lighter-colored one.
  10. I don't know Spidey...you may be right. From what I've read though I think they're similar in size in the comics. But I do prefer my Cap to be big and muscular, although not too much.
  11. I don't know...it looks nice enough. The guy has pretty good feedback. It's a pretty nice figure. If buying loose figures doesn't bother you, and the paint job is fairly professional, then it will make a good display piece. Now for me personally, I just don't like buying loose figures. I'm pretty obsessive-compulsive...I don't like the thoughts of anyone handling a figure except for me when I open it, and maybe whoever in China put it together. (lol) Seriously, I know it's just a nit-picky thing I have going on. There are probably people out there more obsessive than I am that wear white gloves when they handle their figures (I'm not even that bad), I guess it's just a preference that I know I'm the only one that's ever handled a given figure outside of the factory workers that assembled them. It's a weird psychological thing for me I suppose, because I know many collectors are very gentle with them and usually don't play with them. It shouldn't be a big deal if they took really great care of them like I do and they're pristine. I just like to touch them long enough to pose them on a shelf or something. I'm just real picky about the condition of stuff I buy, so I'd never buy anything loose or anything that someone had custom painted, but that's just me with my hang-ups. Like I said, if that sort of thing doesn't bother you Spidey, it's a great-looking figure. If it bothers you that bad, just try explaining to the seller that you made a mistake and didn't know you were buying a custom figure. You just thought it was a loose factory one. He or she may understand and allow you to cancel the transaction. I did that once when I mistakenly bought a Marvel Legends Ultimate Cap. In the seller's pics he had the classic version, but when I got it in the mail, it was the regular version without the wings on his mask and gray stripes in his uniform. Now I know that was misleading on the seller's part, but my point is he was very understanding and refunded my money. Your seller may understand if you just explain it to him or her. If not, then sell it yourself as a custom piece. You may have to take a loss, but at least you'll get rid of it if you don't want it and be reminded every day when you see it on your shelf that you made a mistake. (lol) My only exception for buying loose figures would be if they came in a set or a two-pack, and someone was selling them still in the insert or bubble and hadn't handled them or removed them. I might think about it then. But I guess even then they're not technically loose.
  12. I think the US Agent sculpt would be great for a new Cap, but does he have the chain-mail on his shoulders and chest a Cap sculpt would need? I suppose it would be easy enough for Hasbro to simply do a new torso for Cap and just use the US Agent parts for the rest of the figure. I would be all for a new traditional Cap figure in the ML line.
  13. I found a Klaw and Hope earlier this evening, and I think I saw Constrictor too, but I was broke unfortunately. I'd like to have Klaw simply because I've always been a huge Secret Wars fan, and that's probably been the only time I've ever seen the character in anything. I just don't care for Constrictor's colors...I like the concept of the character, but his overall look just irritates me for some reason. Omega Red has a similar power and looks much cooler in my opinion. I sooo wish I had grabbed a Thor from this wave though. I want one baaad...
  14. I agree completely, although I don't have one either. From what I can gather, the Face-Off Cap is the best one, although I like several of the figures on your list Spidey.
  15. I finally scored a Avengers movie Hawkeye today at Walmart. I've been looking for him forever, along with Black Widow and Fury. Didn't see them anywhere, but I was thrilled to find Mr. Barton. He looks even better in person than I expected.
  16. Welcome SPCollector!! I'm fairly new myself to collecting them. I'm actually more of an Avengers-related collector I suppose. I was drawn back in mainly due to seeing Captain America, Thor, and the Iron Man films, and those in turn got me excited about The Avengers, and the rest is history. I guess if I could give you any advice on whether or not to jump back into collecting, it would be to choose a figure based on one of your favorite characters and go from there. If you find that you're pleased when you actually hold the figure in your hand and you enjoy posing it, displaying it, and what-not, and you feel like it's been worth the money, then do it, as long as it's fun and worth it for you. It's all about the "wow" factor for me...if I just get that twelve-year-old "wow" feeling inside when I hold a given figure, then that's what it's all about. For many years I had collected things almost out of habit, and it got to where it almost wasn't fun and it was something I felt I had to do, or something I did out of loyalty to the line or because I feared I would have an incomplete collection if I didn't. Then, after a few cycles of selling and buying back, selling and buying back again, and realizing I didn't have to be a completist to be happy, I learned that I should just get stuff that I really like and have fun with, to not tale it all so seriously and not worry about completing any one given collection. Besides, I have found that my collection is more unique to me if it's made up of various things I like instead of a mass of toys and collectibles that have to fit a specific category or theme and be complete. I just get the stuff I want, and I have found collecting has been way more fun for me these days. Like I said, I've been having fun collecting anything related to the Avengers, specifically the movie stuff. I just bought the Marvel Select movie Avengers Hulk and Iron Man online today, and I can't wait to get them in the mail. I've been looking at reviews on Youtube of them, and that Hulk is massive!! My next goals are to get the MS regular green Hulk, Juggernaut, and the movie Hawkeye. Oh, and since we're actually supposed to be talking about Marvel Legends (lol), I'd love to get my hands on the modern Thor from the line. I absolutely love that figure...
  17. Yeah...I definitely recognized the poster tribute. I enjoyed that particular comic quite a bit as well. Fun stuff my friend. What about a Marvel/DC crossover? That'd be alot of fun too.
  18. Finding little ol' Bucky Cap on clearance at Walmart got me back in... (lol)
  19. Oh man...that was awesome!! Your comics are so much fun to read Ninjak. I enjoy these so much more than most of what's out there these days. Have you ever considered doing one with the Movie Series Avengers? I'm really into them right now and would love to see you do a story with them.
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