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  1. DST75

    Secret Wars figures revealed!!!

    Molecule Man: Agreed Titania: Should have been in the set with Spider-Man in blk costume (#8) as the reason he needed the black costume. Volcana: I like the character but with only 12 sets I could see why this one wasn't done. Walking Prof X: See above She-Hulk: If they were going to do it it should be in the FF costume with #12 Rogue: A nice idea, but not entirely necessary Doc Oc, Monica Rambeau: See Volcana.
  2. DST75

    is magnito back?

    Read this weeks Uncanny X-Men. spoiler... yes, he's back; high evolutionary helps him get his powers back; which is kind lame because I seem to remember high evolutionary not being able to help Beast when he came to him regarding the "no more mutants" thing. The difference is apparently Magneto challenged the Evolutionary to solve the problem. Which he did and... FINALLY, MAGNETO HAS COME BACK.... TO ASTEROID M (also known as Utopia).
  3. Yeah, this is a 2 pack. I never saw it in stores but it is on ebay.
  4. DST75

    The Dark Avengers

    As in it's not a very original idea to have Villains "pretending to be good guys". Sorry, should have been more specific. Specifically, what did Busiek do that they are ripping off? Which comic? Also, the idea of villains impersonating heroes is something that's been around a long arse time. The Thunderbolts were originally all new hereos that came out of nowhere after Onslaught. Then at the end of issue #1 we find out that they are really the Masters of Evil. It has been stated (by Bendis) we will know the ID's of the Dark Avengers by the end of Issue #1. As most have guessed who some of the duplicate heroes are, (and as most are villains) that was the idea I stated he blatantly ripped off.
  5. DST75

    "B" is for Beast and B-List character

    During the 90's when he was on the X-Men Animated Series I'd say his was more of an A list character due to the added popularity of the show. However since that series has ended, and with his hideous appearance now, I'd say he's a strong B list character. IMHO of course.
  6. DST75

    4 Bucks, 4 Bucks, 4 Bucks!

    Kill me now!!!
  7. DST75

    guradians of the galaxy

    Has anyone seen the cover to GOTG #8? If not here it is: http://www.comicartcommunity.com/gallery/d...he_Galaxy_8.jpg
  8. DST75

    What do you think of Secret Invasion so far?

    Now that the story is over you were 100% right. I wouldn't have trusted any of them myself.
  9. DST75

    Who is a skrull?

    Actually we now know that they were all Skrulls.
  10. There are multiple branches of the Hellfire Club. The European Branch (shown during Ellis' Excalibur run & X-man) use a Red King/Queen & Black King/Queen. I guess it depends on how many of each of these they want to have.
  11. DST75

    Finally Red Hulk is Revealed....

    Things change though. Only someone worthy is supposed to be able to lift Mjolnir, yet Rulk (who in no way can be worthy) did. Also things change. If it is Clay, maybe someone very close to him was hurt or killed during WWHulk and he volunteered to become Rulk to get revenge. You can never tell.
  12. DST75

    Who is a skrull?

    Known Skrull agents This section lists prominent characters who have been shown to be agents of the Skrulls, in order of publication date. Some or all have been replaced by Skrulls for an unknown but prolonged period of time. * Elektra - revealed in New Avengers #31. Later killed by Echo. * Black Bolt - revealed in New Avengers: Illuminati #5. Killed by Namor. * Revolutionary (of the Liberteens) - revealed in Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1. * Cobalt Man - revealed in Captain Marvel #3. Killed by Captain Marvel. * Cyclone - revealed in Captain Marvel #4. Killed by Captain Marvel. Skrull identity not public due to destruction of remains. * Captain Marvel - revealed in Captain Marvel #5. A mistake in the Skrull Khn'nr's conditioning led to Khn'nr's personality being erased and Captain Marvel's remaining, which has caused him to rebel against his species. * Valentina Allegra de Fontaine - revealed in Secret Invasion Prologue.[34] The first Skrull that posed as her was killed by Nick Fury. Another Skrull later posed as her in the Savage Land and then assumed the form of Dum Dum Dugan. This Skrull presumably died during a suicide bombing at the S.W.O.R.D. Space Headquarters. * Edwin Jarvis - revealed in Secret Invasion #1. * Henry Pym - revealed in Secret Invasion #1. * Invisible Woman - replaced by and revealed as Lyja in Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1. * Spider-Woman - revealed as the Skrull Queen Veranke in Mighty Avengers #14/Secret Invasion #3. * Longshot - revealed as a Skrull in X-Factor #33.
  13. DST75

    Finally Red Hulk is Revealed....

    You must be new to comics because you are falling for a red haring! While it is entirely possbile that Doc Sampson may be the Red Hulk, the evidence (as it has been stated) may have been planted. Classic Rule in comics: If you don't see the person die on pannel, they're probably not dead. (And even still that can change) SHIELD "found" Clay Quartermane's body, we did not see him get killed by the Hulk. While Samson is missing, he could be a prisoner. Also SHIELD has many Life Model Decoy's so a person that is "present ala Samson or Ross" might not be the real one. Loeb pulled a switcheroo during his Batman Hush story where everyone thought that Bruce's friend was killed, when he was really Hust (I didn't buy it based on the above mentioned rule). Might want to keep that in mind before you go declaring Samson the Red Hulk.
  14. DST75


    1) Green Goblin (Norman & Harry Osborn) 2) Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley) 3) Scorpion 4) Iron Man (post civil war) 5) Sinister Syndicate (Beetle, Boomerang, Hydroman,Rhino ,Speed Demon)

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