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  1. Riddick

    Show your Christmas Haul!

    Nah it's long smoke stacks, just like the Japanese version. This is the one time where the American version is as good if not better then the Japanese version but for half the price. Most even think the colors on the US Prime are superior, me included. I like the brighter colors for Prime myself. Here are some cool pics of the new Prime if you're interested. http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=Masterpiec...Prime&s=rec
  2. Riddick

    Show your Christmas Haul!

    You too bro. Yeah it came out in Japan Earlier in the year for like 250 bucks, which is insane. Then it became a Toys R Us Exclusive for Hasbro over in the 'ole US of A. It originally retailed at 99 dollars or was supposed too until Toys R Us decided to mark it up to 129.99. It's the exact same thing as the overpriced 250 dollar Japanese version but with slightly different colors. I'm a huge Transformers fan and own all the previous Masterpiece figures (even the IGEAR Optimus Prime) so I'm glad my girlfriend snuck and grabbed it for me. I felt like a kid when I unwrapped it lol.
  3. First off, Merry Christmas everyone! I made a thread like this last year so I figured I'd do it again because it's fun reading about what you guys got for Christmas and seeing pictures. This year was a great Christmas thanks to my girlfriend and her family. Decent collection of figures I ended up with, plus some tools, candies and what not. She suspected that I bought her Dell's new XPS 10 Tablet (I did lol) so she did me good and got me some awesome stuff. Her mother and Brother also went crazy and bought me some cool stuff. Girlfriend's brother found me some cool older stuff at comic shop. Mainly some older Halo Box Sets that I already own but have never opened because they looked awesome in the pack. Now I can open these suckers up! Favorite gift would prob be the Figma Legend of Zelda Link, Masterpiece Prime and my Dremel. Lord knows I needed one for fixing heads to fit on figures. Also some nice fella stole my Optimus Prime's gun out of the package. The tape was already cut and it was no where to be seen. My girlfriend didn't realize and even if she did it was the only one. Whom ever stole it should take a long walk off a short pier and eat #$@#. I'd take it back but I live like 70 miles from the nearest Toys R Us and I know for a fact they don't have any to replace it with. My I-Gear Optimus Prime came with two guns, so I'll use the one that I had giving to my Classics Voyager Prime.
  4. Riddick

    TRU is the WORST

    I despise Toys R Us, so I hear ya on that. I'll keep my eye out for ya on the race cars and let you know if I find them. Throw them you're way since you've hooked me up with so many cool things in the past.
  5. Riddick


    Dude, that is a bad ass Sabretooth costume!! You pulled it off well!
  6. Riddick

    What about mcfarlane toys??

    I love the Halo figures McFarlane makes! I just wish they were in scale with other lines. They're around 5 inch's tall but the Spartans are around 7 feet tall (Master Chief is 6'11 without Armor and 7'2 with Armor) so they won't fit with 4 inch figures nor 6 inch figures. I'm a HUGE fan of the games and all I've did is play Halo 4 since I've been off from work so I love the Series. They figures are made well and have good articulation but I wish someone besides McFarlane had the licence. The Walking Dead figures are cool, for displaying that is. I have most of them but I just use them as Display only. They are in scale with the old Toy Biz Resident Evil figures though, so that's cool. They have terrible articulation though....just awful. It's hard to believe so many joints could be so useless. McFarlane is so weird when it comes to the scale they use. The first series of Halo figures aren't even in scale with their later series, wtf! The Walking Dead figures fit with nothing but 5 inch figures and Halo fits with nothing but Halo and even then sometimes they aren't even in scale. I really wish Neca had the licence for Hasbro.
  7. Riddick

    Marvel Legends BAF Mojo

    As others have said he's to big but if him being big doesn't bother you, heck display him. The old X-Men Mojo I think is perfect. I have some pics of it on the forum somewhere in an old thread or somewhere in my photobucket, I'll post them if I see them. I don't know where I've put my old Mojo figure, I think he's in a bin somewhere. Here's pics of the Legend version with a few 4 inch figures.
  8. Riddick

    HOLY RUSTED METAL, Luke Skywalker!

    I don't see those two articles as contradictory. One says that any new movies will be based upon an outline and direction that Lucas has laid out already. The other says that the new movies will be entirely new and not based upon anything that fans have seen so far (ie NOT the Thrawn trilogy, etc). So it sounds to me like Lucas has a basic plan laid out that is entirely separate from the novels and comics that have already been written. Entirely possible for both sources to be technically correct. As for that other movie titled "Princess of Mars", did any of you watch that piece of rotting dog vomit? It was downright painful to watch. Antonio Sabato Jr and Tracy Lords and a bunch of minimum wage, no-talent hacks in horrible costumes (with visible seems!!!) walking around and grunting and trying to make every iconic pose from Carter paintings they could. Seriously, they'd deliver a line and then pose and you could tell the set designer and director were trying to recreate images from Jusko, Frazetta, whoever. It's a vailable on Netflix so you don't have to spend any more money on it; however, I have to warn you that it can never be unseen and you might have the urge to bleach your eyeballs afterwards. And welcome back Riddick. Haven't had the pleasure of conversation in a while. Of course, maybe you've been here lately and I haven't. Good to see you're still checking in and keeping up some. Hey bro! It's been a long time! I need to make myself known around here again haha.
  9. Riddick

    HOLY RUSTED METAL, Luke Skywalker!

    woah woah woah... I thought John Carter was an excellent movie. where they screwed up was calling in John Carter instead of "Princess of Mars" and the trailers were terrible Hell yes! John Carter was awesome!
  10. Riddick


    Even though the Mortal Kombat Arena Set is way overpriced and under painted, I have to admit it's alot of fun. I actually am very glad I got it considering I usually always regret buying these Jazwares figures.
  11. Riddick

    Horror Movie Figures

    Interested in anything from McFarlane (Except Series 1 Leatherface, already have that one but would be interested in his accessories because all I have his the chainsaw) Neca and Mezco stuff I want big time. I already have all the Neca Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy figures so I'm good there but I am looking for Neca's other Horror Figure from Neca. I currently have Jason Voorhees from Part II from Neca but I don't have his accessories except for his sack head and axe. Would totally be interested in the set with his mother. Already have the recent Part III, so I good there. Hellraisers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street (from Mezco) any anything Horror related I'm interested in. I have tons of stuff to trade so if you have anything I want, send a want list. I have Marvel Universe, Legends, DCU, GI Joe, Star Wars and etc.
  12. Riddick

    New DC 3.75" to challenge Marvel Universe

    Yeah but it would be nice if they were in scale with G.I Joe, Star Wars and etc. Just the fact that two pack costs 35 dollars plus shipping and doesn't fit with anything that we have other then a few obscure series, it's just not worth it. Especially at 35 bucks plus shipping a pop. They are sculpted decent but at twice the price as Marvel Universe it's totally not worth it.
  13. Riddick

    New DC 3.75" to challenge Marvel Universe

    It's almost amusing at this point at companies attempts at making DC figures in that scale. The Mattel ones were a joke in height and articulation and sculpt. Then DC Collectables has decent articulation, sculpt but are even shorter then Mattel's DC Infinite Heroes. Well as Clam said....maybe in 5 years they'll try again. Until then....fail. I mean what we're they thinking? They know Hasbro's the king of 4 inch scale and most people that collect that scale would have a collection of those figures and would want the DC to be in scale with them. Sometimes you have to wonder what morons are working for these companies not to realize the most obvious. Every forum I've seen have tons of people passing on them for that exact reason. If they made them smaller to save money then they sure aren't spreading that savings over to us considering they cost 35 bucks a pop for two figures.

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