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  1. I love the Halo figures McFarlane makes! I just wish they were in scale with other lines. They're around 5 inch's tall but the Spartans are around 7 feet tall (Master Chief is 6'11 without Armor and 7'2 with Armor) so they won't fit with 4 inch figures nor 6 inch figures. I'm a HUGE fan of the games and all I've did is play Halo 4 since I've been off from work so I love the Series. They figures are made well and have good articulation but I wish someone besides McFarlane had the licence. The Walking Dead figures are cool, for displaying that is. I have most of them but I just use them as Display only. They are in scale with the old Toy Biz Resident Evil figures though, so that's cool. They have terrible articulation though....just awful. It's hard to believe so many joints could be so useless. McFarlane is so weird when it comes to the scale they use. The first series of Halo figures aren't even in scale with their later series, wtf! The Walking Dead figures fit with nothing but 5 inch figures and Halo fits with nothing but Halo and even then sometimes they aren't even in scale. I really wish Neca had the licence for Hasbro.
  2. That would be awesome! I buy alot of Neca and some of their figures are not only sculpted better then most other action figures but they have great articulation as well. I'd love to see Heavy Hitters from Neca as well as C-List characters.
  3. Damn I don't look forward to watching Hasbro Toy Shop for hours upon hours for this set. Damn I want it though.
  4. Which Black Widow is that for your 6'' setup? Also for your 7'' selects, where did you get a weapon for Black Widow, I thought she didn't come with one? I love the setups btw. Thanks man. Yeah she didn't come with a gun which is sort of lame considering she was like almost 25 dollars after tax. I had been using some other guns with her but one of my Gears of War figure's fun fell out of his hand off a shelf so I just decided to give it to her haha.
  5. Made a new Avengers set up tonight in my Gaming Room/Figure Room. Marvel Select 7'', Avengers 4'' and Avengers 6'' Team. I still need the World War II Captain America and the Hawkeye figures for my Select team. I wish they'd release a Avengers Movie Captain America and a Black Widow. Still need Hawkeye and Black Widow for my 4'' Avengers Team. Haven't opened my Avengers Hulk so I'm just using the Talking Hulk figure for now for my 6'' Team.
  6. These aren't my pictures but someone posted these on another forum.
  7. I usually hate cloth coats and prefer plastic but that being said... The Punisher Cloth coats are awesome. They look better then that terrible Fury Cloak and at least you can take the coat off and have regular arms. You take Plastic coats off the figures still have the coat arms. Plus with the cloth coats Punisher used to come with you can bend and pose him unlike Nick Fury's jacket who can't pose to save his life. I'll get the new Punisher but switch out his plastic coat with a cloth one. I put a cloth coat on Fury so I could pose him with my Avengers team to hide the fact he's 7 feet tall practically.
  8. One Hulk sold on Ebay loose for 60 bucks plus 3 shipping. A bunch did go for well over 75 because I was watching those bids just to see how high it went. Some went for over 100. They've went down in price since the 28th however.
  9. Did we need another Punisher already? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Punisher and I have all the previous figures, even doubles but I'd rather another character took this slate. It looks decent, the head does look too small and the neck is kinda of long but it's nice. I really wish Blade wasn't using the Winter Soldier body. I really hate that they're re-released those trench coats yet again. I wish they'd retire those damn jackets and give us some new ones.
  10. The case breakdown is: Captain America x2 Iron Man x2 Hawkeye x1 Hulk x1 Loki x1 Thor x1 Can't leave out the God of Thunder. Don't even know why I put 3 Iron Mans lmao. I even have two of the Avenger Thor and still didn't mention him haha.
  11. I usually boil some water in the Microwave for about 2 minutes. Or you could use a hair dryer for 30-60 seconds. That should get it to turn. Did that on some of my Sota Street Fighter and Legends recently and worked like a charm.
  12. It's 8 to a case I think it's 1 Hulk, 1 Hawkeye, 2 Captain Americas, 1 Loki and 3 Iron Mans. My girlfriend found my set plus doubles so I didn't get to see it myself but I think that's what she said. Someone feel free to correct me.
  13. If a scalpers 9-5 job is selling on ebay and what not and he plans on doing this for a long time and isn't paying taxes, then he's screwing himself/herself over once they retire lol. If you aren't putting anything in, you sure aren't getting anything out. No one wants to be an old man still scalping lol.
  14. My set up so far. I'm going to display my regular helmeted Thor because I like the way it looks after I painted he helmet. The Avengers versions I got do look awesome though. Going to fix another shelf to have World War II Costume Movie Cap, Loki and a few others. Don't think I'll open my Avengers Hulk since I think he's too small but he does look awesome. I need to get Marvel Select Captain America and Hawkeye plus the new 4 inch Hawkeye and Black Widow.
  15. My girlfriend went to Wal-Mart tonight and found two boxes full. There was another guy there that I know looking for them as well. He had already found everyone and just wanted Hawkeye and Hulk. She got everyone else for me though. Thank god for Wal-Mart Credit Card! It was over 110 bucks. Going to put the 6 inch Avengers next to the Select Avengers later tonight after I finish up a program. Then throw the 4 inch team in the middle.
  16. I understand your frustration, but something you said kind of reinforces my point that for a lot of scalpees, this is their 9-5. They keep up with the market and understand what figures are rare and "worth" more than retail. As long as there is a demand that is greater than supply, its going to make those figures go up in price. As someone with interests in business, i cant jelp but find scalping a perfectly viable and legit business despite how it affects me as a collector. Yeah some scalpers 9-5 job is scalping. Doesn't mean I still don't despise them. I also keep up with the market and I'm good at calling stores and finding figures but when I find rare figures I trade them to members on here instead of Ebaying them. Sometimes they spend all their time finding and buying all these figures while we're at work working 9-5. They themselves can cause these figures to be hard to find and make their own prices on Ebay. It is frustrating knowning scalpers are buying cases of the Avengers figures because they have nothing but free time and employees calling them. They buy them and get to flip them 40-50 dollars a pop to collectors who stand no chance of finding them because they work and don't have free time. Sometimes scalpers have an unfair advantage when this is their job. Some people hate scalpers some people don't mind. I just happen to hate them. I have a local scalper who does this as his job since his comic shop closed down. He has employees who call him to get figures and he does this 24/7. It's hard competing with someone like that who has nothing but free time and buys all the figures. Went to a convention and there he was selling Marvel Legends 30-40 bucks a piece and said he found them in my town. I still can't find half of the 1st wave. It's hard not being frustrated and it's hard him condoning having 4 Hopes, 3 Thors, 4 Commander Rogers and what not while my girlfriend's brother and I can't find any. So if people want to scalp then go for it but people prob shouldn't try and justify scalping on these boards because everytime it happens huge fights ensue and Clam has to clean house. If a person wants to scalp then I'm not going to talk trash or try and stop them but I sure prob wouldn't like them very much if their causing me or my friends to not find figures and pay double or triple if we want them. I remember when my local scalper still had his comic shop and the Giant Man Series had came out. I missed all of them at Wal-Mart and seen his cart full. Him and I were on good talking terms and I mentioned that he had just gotten them before I came in. He said the lady called him and told him they were in. The next day he was selling them in his shop for triple the price. Thank god I had one of the stocker ladies call me the next time they got a set in. She called him first but I beat him to them because my friend Patrick lived real close and I happened to be there when she hit my cell. Got two complete sets for my girlfriend's brother and I. He even tried to get me to let him have one of the sets, wtf! Said he drove out their and it didn't seem fair because I got two sets! I told him ''wow Shannon, how many sets you need?. These are for my friend Chris and I'' haha and he seemed sort of pissed.
  17. Lady Hydra Pile Driver. Any of the 6 inch Avengers besides Iron Man. Thor Hope Commander Rogers from Legends series 1 Find them I must. Sell my soul I might.
  18. People know my stance on Scalping in my previous posts.....Don't care for them much. The assholes I'm hating at the moment are the ones buying all the Avengers Wal-Mart 6 inch figures and selling them 50 bucks a piece when they paid 15 bucks a pop. They're the reason real collectors like myself can't find a single one besides Iron Man. Wouldn't bother me if real collectors were beating me to them but just the idea that my local Scalper that used to run a comic shop got them all makes me red in the face. I just want 1 Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Loki and Hulk and I'd be happy. It's hard contending with these scalpers because they have connections with Wal-Mart employees and some don't even have a day job. So they have nothing but free time to find these figures while people like us work 9-5 and don't have much free time to hunt. We end up either paying 50 bucks a pop or don't get them at all. Reason enough to despise a damn scalper.
  19. no, the reason they are so cheap is because he steals them from the factory. Is pulling them out of the dumpster REALLY stealing? why do you think they are pulled out of a dumpster? has anyone ever heard a seller claim that he got these from the dumpster? and even if they are pulled from a dumpster, I am sure that Hasbro intended for them to be destroyed, not sold on ebay to hurt their business. I don't love Hasbro, but this kind of thing trickles down to us having to pay higher prices or missing out on figures down the road, or whatever. There isn't any way that its GOOD for the industry It's good for my wallet. I've bought plenty of figures from Chinese sellers on Ebay. Some of them don't even have a flaw that I can see and I pay like 7 bucks for a 20 dollars figure and free shipping too. Some of them are painted better then ones I see in the store. I don't think it's hurting Hasbro too much but I don't care because these are figures I can't find and I don't want to pay Scalper prices from Ebay. The last thing I have on my mind when I'm buying one of these figures is, is this hurting Hasbro?
  20. I called like 10 Wal-Marts tonight and one store had them. I got really excited and asked the guy how many they had and he replied ''We have two Iron Man's left'' Then all excitement faded and I told him thanks and set down in defeat. Sure glad Hasbro short packed the others but included two wonderful Iron Man figures in the box. It's not like we haven't had this same damn figure re-released like twice that has peg warmed on shelves for over a year. Battle Damage or no Battle Damage, it's the same. Glad I got a Wal-Mart card so when I do find these things I won't have to worry about having money since it's been so tight lately because it's either buy them all at once or never find them again.
  21. Here's another picture with the head replacement.
  22. It's the head that comes on the Avengers talking Hulk. The one where you press his stomach and he talks and roars. The green matches up almost perfect.
  23. Kevin Feige said he would be around 8-9 feet tall in the Avengers. He might have ended up being 8 feet but he's prob not 8'0, he's prob 8 feet tall and half or something. Either way I think the ML Hulk is to small and the Select is just about right. Even if he is taller then he's supposed to be it doesn't really matter to me.
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