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  1. This isn't really a custom but more of a mod I done to my Punisher. I painted his costume black and got rid of the blue highlights that sucked. I gave him some better hands that aren't deformed looking. I gave him an old G.I Joe bullet proof vast and put a Skull on it. Gave him a gun belt that has pistols on each side and put him next to his pimp Hummer haha. Decided to add a Knife after I was making the pics because Punisher likes to throw knives or gut throats.
  2. Well Steve, you've easily made the best Marvel Universe Forge custom I've seen! Great job man, awesome!
  3. Steve those look awesome!! I'm impressed! How did you make Cyclop's hair?
  4. Steve those look awesome!! I'm impressed! How did you make Cyclop's hair?
  5. I'd say Red Hulk series Wolverine or series 6.
  6. Here is just a lazy custom. Bought that Doc Ock Spider-Man line figure and well it sucks haha. I painted the hair where it didn't have a bow cut and had side burns. Popped the head off and put on a G.I Joe body and painted the gloves black and pouches black. I was going to go with a yellow and green color but I prefer darker colors much better. Once you paint the hair it's not a bad looking head at all. I put it on one of my Joe Scientist bodies and it looks awesome as well.
  7. Tiger that Ghost Rider is freaking AWESOME!!!
  8. Here is comparison pics of my 6 inch Iron Man figures and their 4 inch counterparts. My only gripe with the 4 inch figures is that I despise balljointed hips, but I despise them on 6 inch figures as well. I really wish the 6 inch figures were taller. What gives Hasbro? Marvel Legends Warmachine and 4 inch Comic Series War Machine I actually prefer the comic series 4 inch Warmachine because it's more comic accurate. The helmet looks light years better and the armor looks better. The ML Warmachine has those gorilla arms that alot of Toybiz Iron Man figures suffered from. The Iron Man 2 6 inch Warmachine and 4 Warmachine are so similar that it looks like they shrunk it down perfect. I actually can't decide which one I prefer. 6 inch Iron Man Mark 3 armor in comparison to 4 inch Mark 3 armor. I actually prefer the 4 inch because it's more bulky. The 6 inch is sort of to slim. 6 inch Mark VI armor in comparison to 4 inch Mark VI armor. Both of these are awesome and even though the 4 inch is great, I prefer the 6 inch figure.
  9. It was a real pain in the butt. The arms are to big for the figure, not only are the sholders too wide but so are the sockets. I had to get some of that green sculpt stuff off my girlfriend's brother and use that to fill in the gaps. When you put the torso together with the arms it's seperated by a large gap and I had to fill it in with the sculpt but after it got hard I painted it. You can't even tell anymore and the arms still move as if the figure came that way.
  10. Yeah my brothers loved the figures. It took forever to be able to find heads that looked like us. I lucked out the last year or so with heads and when those new Joes came out, well it gave me the perfect bodies to use. Just had to give my brother Brian bigger arms because Heavy Duties wasn't doing him justice but then I found Hawkman figure and it all came together. We haven't played the Marvel RPG but once with the figures but it's fun being able to have battles and use figures of yourself to play with your characters that based off you as well. I've made some civilian bodies for them as well.
  11. I don't believe it's a waste in 4 inch form. 4 inch figures are perfect for vehicles and bases. I myself have dozens of G.I Joe bases, Jeeps, tanks helicoptors that I can use with my Iron man and MU, which is awesome!! Heck I bought 4 of those Avatar Mech Suits to use as Hulk Busters with my Incredible Hulk movie figure which is in scale with 4 inch Iron Man and Mu and it's fun setting them up with crashed Jeeps and Helicopters from a major battle. You can put G.I Joes inside the Avatar vehicles so Iron Man can get some back up. Lets not forget about the Iron Monger from Iron Man 1 line that isn't in scale with the 6 inch figures but is perfect scale for 4 inch Iron Man figs. I'm just a lover of all scales and prefer 6 inch because of articulation and detail but also love 4 inch for vehicle assortment and compatibility with my 100's of Star Wars and G.I Joe figures plus the dozens upon dozens of bases and vehicles you can use.
  12. This is a Team I made for a Marvel Universe Role Playing Game that I used to play with my two brothers and best friends that are based on us, if we were mutants that is haha. I got heads that looked like us in real life. The figure in the middle with the coat is my character ''Rage'' and he has powers like X-Man or Cable. The character in the trench goat with glasses is my best friend Travis who had powers like Gambit and had the code name ''Wildcard''. The figure with big arms is my brother Brian who had the code name ''Rampage'' and had powers like Strong Guy. The one with the armor and gauntlets is my younger brother Matt who went by the code name ''Livewire'' and had electricity powers and had to use that suit to control them. We actually had that idea before Surge was ever created and actually got the idea from Havok. Anyway we still play the game sometimes and I figured it would make the game more fun if we had figures of ourselves. The chick in the blonde is just a random character with abilities like Magma but the Natalie Portman head is what I use for my girlfriend because believe it or not they resemble each other ALOT. We went by the name Team-X, and I seriously came up with that name before the Wolverine, Sabertooth, Maverick team came out, I had that name like back in fourth grade haha.
  13. Tiger you have the best ideas on making figures. Not only did I get my Blade figure ideas from you but I made Ultimate Hawkeye using your advise as well. Your Nick Fury is awesome!! I also took Electro and decided that I hated the way his masked looked with the goofy lightning bolts sticking out. I cut the bottom ones off and glued the others ones to his head. It actually looks awesome one the side because it looks like they are sculpted to his mask. I also cut off the lighting on his elbows. Blade is the ML head shrunk down for Marvel Universe from Tri-gate that I got from Oynx. The head apparently didn't turn out good out of the mold but oh well.
  14. Here is a pic of the 6 inch figures posed with their 4 inch counterparts. Also you'll notice that I have two Mark VI armors haha. My sister seen one at Wal-Mart and decided to pick one up for me not realizing me and my girlfriend had already bought them the same night. I decided to open and keep it anyway.
  15. This Magneto is awesome! I really wish it wasn't 7 inches though because I'd look perfect for Marvel Legends in 6 inch scale. I really wish Marvel Select would just stick to making big marvel characters like Juggernaut, Colossus, A-Bomb, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Maestro, Smart Hulk, World War Hulk, things like that. I can't believe they haven't released a Juggernaut figure that is as big as the Marvel Select Hulk so I could upgrade from my gorilla armed ML Juggernaut.
  16. Picked up Mark VI and War Machine tonight at Wal-Mart. Didn't even know they were out yet neither. Girlfriend and I were heading home from getting our Season Pass at Dolly Wood and her dad wanted us to pick up an oil filter for his Vette in town and we decided to stop by Wal-Mart and get a few things and I seen the 6 inch figures out and snatched both of them up. They are freaking AWESOME! I have to give Hasbro credit on these because they look better then Iron Man 1 figures by far. I also couldn't agree with you less Electro about saying the 4 inch Iron Man figures are crap. They are actually made as well as the 6 inch figures and look just like shrunk down versions with the same articulation. Apparently you don't own any so how can you actually judge them junk? Guess I must be a bigger Iron Man fan because I own all the 4 inch and plan on buying all the 6 inch figures because I'm not a scale snob.
  17. I also say sell them 1 by one. I myself might be interested in some of your figures as I'm trying to buy doubles and triples of some figures because I'm redoing a room in my house and I'd like to have some packaged on the walls, some on shelves posed and some for battles on shelves.
  18. Kick ass!!! I believe I'll have to take that idea and do it myself. Who's head is that? Also the bow?
  19. Kick ass!!! I believe I'll have to take that idea and do it myself. Who's head is that? Also the bow?
  20. It's on Hasbrotoyshop.com It's a Comic Con Exclusive for 24 dollars. You get two figures.
  21. Picked up three of those Star Wars Joker Squad 6 packs from Ross (for army building) and the bald headed figure looks just like Professor Xavier or if you are so inclined makes a perfect Lex Luthor. Suited Destro is perfect for anything.
  22. What are they selling them without the wings? That is just weird. Couple weeks from now they'll sell you the wings for 45 also haha.
  23. Hey do you guys have Nightcrawler from the two pack yet? I just picked him up from Wal-Mart today. He is awesome other then then being to tall. I do hate how long his torso is and how his top half red doesn't match the lower half. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix the height? Maybe different body to switch out or cut. Thanks.
  24. Looks like you printed out transformers wallpaper stuff. Armory is turning out good.
  25. Yeah Spider-Man is way to tall. I hate that body for Spider-Man for that exact reason.
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