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  1. That is actually pretty good. I might get one as well. Looks like a repaint of the series 3 Marvel Legends Wolverine.
  2. I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Can't speak for everone else though.
  3. It is not to keep on collecting its to get our guy back to make the legends better if our legends 2pack cost cost 25 and your [/size] MU cost 19 a 2pack who should be getting the better quality the ones who buy less plastic or more plastic hum let me see ML should be getting the better quality thats the big fuss we Mls collectors have with that if you want to play with tiny little bitty toys go a head but us who like the 6" should be gettting the better quality you cant say well the 6" figs are harder to sculpt because its been done and we know it can get better then what we are getting now. i dont care if they even start reapeating some figs for people who missed out the first time but come on make more and better legends lol i cant wait till the wave 3 2packs and are the mu figs starting to reapeat already lol i think so 3packs to me look a lot like the single ones a few months ago :spidey_deadtopic: BAD mu BAD Ever hear of periods and commas? Talk about run on sentence. I'm all for having Marvel Legends continue. It sucks we are getting 2 packs that are nothing but redoes. I love Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe. I can buy both lines and be happy. So maybe enough people will sign the petition and let Hasbro know we still care. I still want my 6 inch X-Man and while they are at it a 4 inch X-Man.....hell a Icon X-Man haha.
  4. Very nice Carnage. Love the human Torch head as Cassidy too. All and all good job.
  5. Very nice Carnage. Love the human Torch head as Cassidy too. All and all good job.
  6. 1. Tony Stark in suit 2. Jarvis 3. Gwen Stacey 4. General Ross 5. Betty Ross
  7. don't worry about riddick, he's from tennessee and is just still bitter about the north winning the civil war. besides he's used to enjoying lower quality items like tennessee barbacue. I agree with you on most of your points except for buying more of these. way overpriced and way undersculpted. What kind of freaking statement is that? Are you one of those losers that are upsessed with the Civil War? Seriously was a war that happened 150 years ago supposed to be insulting to me? First of all I was born and raised in Michigan and me living here in Tennessee is none of your damn bussiness and should never be brought up to judge my character. I guess your one of those types that think all people that live in the South are rednecks as well? Get your head out of your ass and grow up. Oh I just realized it was you Spardyman....that's ok. Your just pissed off at the schooling I done to your ass over at the Marvel Universe thread. All you did was create a name just to insult people over in the Universe forum....sad and pathetic.
  8. Not many figures on the shelves these days that don't cost 8 Dollars. You say they sell more then Marvel Legends in their prime but that was in the past. Now marvel Legends are 11 dollars a pop. Prices go up...it's a part of life. How can you tell someone that something isn't worth their money? The Key word is THEIR MONEY. Just because you like or don't like something doesn't give you the right to tell someone else it's worth it or not worth it. If people feel that these figures are worth their money then why does it matter to you? You don't like them then don't buy them....it's as easy as that. Why even tell us about how hard you work for your money? You act as if people buying these figures has anything to do with you and your hard earned money. I swear some of you people act like you HAVE TO BUY these figures and are mad because of that. You don't have to buy these figures, hell you don't even have to look in their general direction and you can keep your hard earned money. You know I hate Anime, I hate it with passion but I sure don't go and tell people that I work with they are idiots for wasting their money on buying it. It's none of my bussiness and even though I can't fathom why they would buy or watch it that isn't my concern. So you make an account to tell people they shouldn't waste their money on a product that you don't like...haha. Also how do you know the Marvel Universe figures can't barely stand? Do you own any? If so then you are a hipocrite and if not then how can you give your opinion on something you don't even know or own? I have tons of Marvel Legends that won't stand, it's not just Universe figures. By the way I work hard for my money also and I sure don't need someone telling me what is worth or not worth my money.....get real.
  9. Thanks alot for posting these. That Professor, Gambit, Magneto, Aim Agent, Lylandra, Silver Samaria are freaking awesome!!!!!! Why in the Sam Hell not release these? Man oh man they are awesome.
  10. I missed the BAF. It was nice picking up the Holocaust wave (I hate the word Nemesis) the other day and putting him together.
  11. Finally picked these up at Wal-Mart. Nova and Black bolt aren't to good. Beast is terrible, it looks cheap and is painted cheap. Atleast we got another Beast but goddamn I hate the feline design. Daredevil is kick ass. However he is small. Punisher is great!! Only problem is he is to thin when turned sideways and his skin color sucks. Tigra is decent. Face isn't the best but it's a nice add to my Avengers Line up. Holocaust - It looks great. I just wish Hasbro hadn't decided to paint the damn armor and left it alone. Compare these pictures together and tell me Hasbro doesn't always have to #$## up a good figure.
  12. I totally agree with the OP. These figures not having paint washes is the most ridiculous thing they could have done. I really hate that their skin is just the mold color and not paint. I just want Red Daredevil and Punisher. The Beast is godawful and I despise the stupid feline design he has now. Does anyone else hate the Feline design Beast and miss the old Ape Beast? I despise it with passion!
  13. I was lucky and got both of my tubes. My friend Philip didn't though, man he was pissed.
  14. Now mind you this Deadpool is a light mod. I bought the Deluxe Deadpool a few days ago and since it has the teleportation devise on the belt I decided to cut off the single pack one. I gave it a grenade belt. I also painted the belt a darker brown. The Apocalypse is from the old 5 inch X-Men Age of Apocalypse line. It had alot of purple, red and blue. I was just bored and decided to paint on it. It's not finished yet and I still have to go over it again, hell the paint wasn't even dry in the picture. I cut the cape off and just added what I thought looked cool
  15. Thanks Rodimus. Here is a better pic I took. I got ride of the necklace thing.
  16. I completely forgot that she won the poll voting.
  17. Hey I am not telling anyone to give MU a shot, doesn't matter to me. It does however get old seeing people talk trash about MU and anytime you mention it you have the MU haters bash it and bash you. Seriously I enjoy both lines but at this exact moment MU is more fun.
  18. I decided I wanted a Mystique figure and since there is none around in this scale or even a glimmer of one in the near future I decided to make one. I seen my Star Wars the Force Unleashed Maris Brood. I have a bunch of pictures of Mystique and noticed her in an outfit that was similar to what Maris was wearing. So I got me some blue paint, some yellow paint for the eyes and some black and red and it all went together. I am going to ad a skull to the necklace looking thing she has whenever I find something small enough (probably won't) to finish it up. The pictures I took aren't that good but my camera batteries died and I didn't have anymore left...damn it. I am working on the Brotherhood as you see. The Magneto I am using sucks but my girlfriend's brother couldn't find the rest of the Showdown Magneto (leg and torse) so I put the head on the Wolverine and the X-Men Magneto haha. I also got the old Toybiz Blob (not a bad comparison with the MU cause I like my Blob to be bigger then a your average fatman) Showdown Juggernaut works perfectly. Going to start working on a Pyro soon and I will prob get the Wolverine and the X-Men toad.
  19. We don't need another Fin Fang Foom. After all the money I spent putting him together, no way in HELL am I buying another. Now I wouldn't mind a Frost Giant.
  20. Who cares if they reuse the same body??? Its not the same character. As long as they bring on new characters they can reuse all they want !!!! Wait the reason you complain is because your loyal to Marvel Legends? You treat this like it's a girlfriend. Marvel Legends won't break up with you if you look at Marvel Universe lol. Seriously though you don't buy these figures yet you complain about them in threads, wow. As I said before I have collected ML since they came out and have almost every single figure lining up in my shelves in my house but I can enjoy MU too. P.S. Don't like them don't buy them haha Its quite simple, most of us don't have the time, money or patience to start over with marvel U. Its because of people like you that decided to buy the puniverse that we are now stuck with this crap ! If everybody had stayed away from it , it would have boomed and it would be over with.(Then again with hasbro you never know, those crappy transformers crossovers are clogging the pegs,they can't even give them away, and there still releasing more???? Go figure). Just think of it this way, it will be more money in our pockets to use for something else. Lol, people like me haha. Seriously dude get over it, their just figures, you make this sound like more then it is. If IT weren't for people like me as you put it then Marvel Legends would have set on shelves too, don't forget I was buying Marvel Legends from day one and have almost all the figures. Being the huge Star Wars and GI JOE collector I am, I can dig the Mu line because it fits with so much stuff I have. but Marvel Legends were my first big passion and I still love them. Hell the other day I dusted all my figures and got a real kick out of posing them in a battle with my Marvel Select Hulk. I can support two lines because I enjoy both sizes. Marvel Legends will always be my favorite, hell Marvel Comics is my favorite thing every, so having the figures in every scale is awesome in my book. Hey until you have tried posing your MU with Galactus, Sentinel or Giant Man...you haven't lived.
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