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  1. The head is alright but something about it I don't like. I think this head looks much better.
  2. Yeah it's happened to me a few times, it's so lame. Apparently sometimes Hasbro sends the stores a certain date that their supposed to put the figures out and if they put them out early they won't ring up or something. I usually get them to sell them to me but K-Mart wasn't having none of it. I told her that I drove all way out there to pick them up because someone said they had just stocked them and she gave me 10 dollar gift card so that would cover my gas when I drive back the next day.
  3. I hate when stores put them out early and their is a release date and they won't sell them. Once I called K-Mart when they first got the new G.I Joe movie figures in and they said they had just stocked them. I drive like 20 some odd miles to pick them up and they won't sell them to me because they were released early, wtf lol. Luckly the women gave me a 10 dollar gift card because I told her it's a waste of gas coming back tomorrow to buy them with the correct street date.
  4. Going to have to agree with Clam. The Toybiz one still looks fantastic. I wish it was bigger however but if it was as big as the Select Version it would be just perfect. That being said I do prefer the sculpt of the Select when it comes to the face but the body of the Toybiz is just great. I have no choice but to get the Select Version because I've never opened my Toybiz Rhino and the only one I do have opened is the Ultimate Version (which isn't bad) but I must have this Select for because the size will most likely be great.
  5. Dude you did a good job! I'm going to have to grab one of those because it looks awesome painted!
  6. That is just awesome stuff!! That Batcave and the entire set up is just brillaint! I wish I could find stuff like that. What line is that bad ass armored vehicle from?
  7. Hell yes! I was showing this to my girlfriend and had mentioned I wish we could get a Select Apocalypse! I'd love a Select Apocalypse with a Select Hercules, followed by Onslaught in his regular form.
  8. That's awesome. What is that Armored Vehicle? It's freaking awesome! I'd love to see more of it.
  9. Don't have any stores around here that carry it. I had to use Amazon Card and get it off of Amazon from a seller that had it for 27.95 or something with 0 shipping. I was hoping FYE would have it but all they had was damn Green Goblin. Did find some cool 6 or 7 Crysis 2 figures for 6.99 though.
  10. He's supposed to be around 8-9 feet tall in the film. I think it looks awesome! I'm going to use it for my Select Avengers team but I might get another to use with my Legends team.
  11. Some awesome pics of him over at Fwoosh. http://thefwoosh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f...&start=5820
  12. I brought up The older shows because I'm talking about Marvel Animation as a whole, not just now. Also that's your opinion on Chris Evans. Reading Comic Book News it seems the vast majority love Chris as Captain America. You and I just differ on what we think about ole' Chris.
  13. Yeah Bane looks terrible. He's one of my favorite villains and he looks just awful in the film. The actor Tom Hardy is only 5'9 and had to use lifts just so he could be the same height as Christian Bale who is 6'2. Bane should tower over Batman, not be shorter and need lifts so see eye to eye. Plus the actor isn't that buff and the mask just looks awful. They've completely changed his origin and he doesn't take Venom to increase his strength lol, wtf. I also hate Catwoman and how unsexy she looks. The mask she is wearing is terrible and there is no way anyone wouldn't know that's her under that little mask. I hope it's good but I'm not enthused.
  14. I think Captain America was great! It got great reviews with critics and movie goers. It was also a success at the box office. No offense to you and your opinion bro but everyone I know loved Captain America in his own film and Avengers.
  15. We forget X-Men the Animated Series. One of the most successful and watched cartoon series ever. Animated Spider-Man Series. X-Men Evolution. Plus Marvel's old shows like all the 60's Cartoon Series of Spider-Man, Hulk and etc. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and tons of other Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and etc. Recently we've had Spectacular Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men and how the new Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Excellent cartoon series and some of the best out there. I hate the Iron Man Armored Adventures but kids love it. Plus that Marvel Superhero show where they look like kids or something gets good ratings, can't remember the name. Yeah I have watched Cartoon Network and yes Young Justice is good but it's not amazing. They've had some major hiccups with that show and look how long it's been and the first season hasn't even finished airing. The Green Lantern show looks awful, I can't even stomach the terrible CGI. Their is a new Batman series coming out and it looks god awful. It's animation is worse then Green Lantern and Batman's side kick is a female Ninja named Katana and Alfred is an ex CIA type soldier who helps Batman with guns! Guns haha! Watchmen wasn't that successful and the box office and it wasn't that well received with critics or fans. Most fans of the graphic novel didn't like it from what I've read online. It was alright but easily forgotten. Plus those series aren't even in DC's normal Superhero Universe. V for Vendetta was great but wasn't that huge with critics either. Great film though, one of my favorites. DC Hasn't had a Major Superhero success since Dark Knight in 2008 and before that Batman Begins. Before that Batman Forever, Before that Batman Returns, Before that Batman. See a pattern there? Previously DC had Superman 1978 and Superman II. Superman 3 and 4 were failures. Superman Returns didn't bomb at the box office but it was a big disappointment for Warner Bros and DC from what they said and it wasn't well received with fans. Marvel has had Blade 1 and 2, I won't count 3. X-Men, 1, 2, 3 (3 sucked but made huge box office) Spider-Man 1, 2, 3 (3 sucked but had huge box office) Ghost Rider (Sucked but had good box office) Iron Man 1 (amazing movie, holds 94 percent rating, same as Dark Knight) Iron Man 2. Thor. Captain America. Incredible Hulk. Fantastic Four 1 and 2 weren't good but they did well at the box office. X-Men Origins Wolverine was a piece of crap but did well at the box office. X-Men First class was amazing and did alright at the box office. Some of Marvel's failures are Electra, Daredevil, Ghost Rider 2. I don't really think Marvel's missing out in the Animation department. They may not have as many titles as DC but Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 aren't bad. Planet Hulk, Wolverine vs. Thor vs. Hulk, Thor Asgard Tales or something, Iron Man, Doctor Strange. Possible More. I don't think Marvel's to concerned with their animation department considering Avengers just set a Record for biggest Weekend Opening ever in history making over 200 million and making over 650 million in just 10 days World Wide. It also holds a 93 percent positive rating. Plus the fact that Disney owns Marvel and has some cartoon series in the works could make up for it. They own Pixar and even though Pixar has no current plans for a Marvel Animated Film anything can change if Disney decides so. Marvel still has The Amazing Spider-Man coming out this year and this is Nolan's last Batman film and DC Still has the reinvented Superman Man of Steel coming out but right now Marvel's King of the movies. DC has more Animated Titles under it's belt but I honestly don't think Animation is Marvel's concern right now and they're doing just fine. Currently I think Marvel has more animated Shows on tv right now in production. Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Superhero Squad (remembered the named) while DC has Green Lantern and Young Justice.
  16. Check my post on the front page. I have a size comparison with the New Avengers Hulk standing next to Face-Off Hulk. I also have a picture showing how the Hasbro 2-Pack Hulk compares to Face-Off Hulk to give you an idea of size. I also have Marvel Select Hulk next to my other Select figures and even Pitt.
  17. Girlfriend didn't find any of them guys, sorry. I had hoped they had more.
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