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  1. I wasn't able to find anymore of the 6 Avengers Caps, Thors or anything at the two Wal-Marts I went to today. However my girlfriend's going to Knoxville with her friend to see Hunger Games in IMax and she said they'll stop by a few Wal-Marts to check for me. I told her if they have anything left buy it all. That way I can give them to whom ever on here. She might not find anything but here's hoping. I wish I knew at the time everyone still needed those because a few weeks ago they were still around my area for 7.50.
  2. Let me check my areas bro and I'll grab you movie Thor and Cap if I see them. They had them on clearance around here for 7.50 cents. I literally bought 5 Nick Fury's to use one with my 6 inch Avengers Team, my Marvel Select Avengers Team and the other three for customs. I grabbed my boy on here Jormungand a World War 2 Cap, Movie Cap and movie Thor. If I see anymore I'll grab them for you and you can just pay me what they cost and shipping. I can even send them opened to save you shipping cost.
  3. It's not about being politically correct and nobody's trying to ruin history. The ultimate Nick is in a universe of his own. This is the son of the mainstream universe Fury who has is own identity. True it is an obvious attempt to cash in a little now on the movies. But hey that's business. Besides both Furys have really different views and ways of handling things. So really there's no confusion for most of us fans. Far as the movies are concerned Sam's version is perfect for them. I can't see many actors today playing the classic version. Let alone writers getting him to fit the stories since they are based more on the Ultimates anyway. I dont know if you remember but they tried Nick Fury back in the 90s with David Hasselhoff. HA HA! If you dont remember it, don't worry about it. Trust me dont. Anyway it shouldn't really matter about characters like him and Kingpin anyway. It's not like we're talking about Thor Cap or even Superman. Hell what hurt Daredevil was Ben and the story itself. Everyone else was great. Oh not the Hoff movie haha!! I remember a while back Bruce Willis was supposedly being considered for the role of Nick Fury. That would have been cool. At least we have him playing the real GI JOE now.
  4. haha what a stupid idea! It's a shame that the world doesn't know who the real Nick Fury is and only only know the Ultimate version. Now they are trying to over shadow him in his own Universe with this crap.
  5. @ Clam I think the best Captain America figures are the Icon Captain Americas. Which are basically large versions of Face-Off Caps. I've never been able to open mine but damn their awesome. But yeah the Face-Off Captain America figures are easily the best Captain America figures by far. I do like the Ultimate Captain America and a few of the others but not nearly as much as both Face-Off Caps.
  6. I know it is strange for Thing to be that short because you think he should be bigger.. but he has always been that tall since the beginning.. and he is usually drawn that tall too. Mr.Fantastic is 2 or 3 inches taller than Thing. I don't know if I have ever seen a pic of him where he is like 7 or 8 feet anyhow.. can we at least all agree that Face Off Captain America is the best Cap figure? lol I read Fantastic Four each month and Thing's height is different all the time. Sometime He's just a little bit taller then Mr. Fantastic and sometimes he as tall as 7-8 feet tall. Here are just a few comparisons of issues in the last couple years.
  7. when I say REAL Hulk, I mean based on the Marvel Universe description of him. The Marvel Universe, as are all comics and stories, is created by the writers of the stories. Not the artists. Artists make mistakes all day.. they employ their own interpretation of a character in order to try to convey the story the best way they can. The artist puts a picture to what the writer created. And they don't always do it correctly. If you saw an artist draw Nightcrawler with 4 fingers, you wouldn't say "Oh look, Nightcrawler has 4 fingers now".... you would say that the artist screwed up. And everytime I see an artist draw a 12 foot tall Hulk, I just say the artist screwed up or drew him extra large to show how scary and powerful he is. But until an official word comes out from an editor or writer, Hulk is about 8 feet tall the last time I read it. And I think the Face Off Hulk is the best representation of him in that scale. If you like Hulk bigger, thats cool. But that is how you like him, not his official height. And saying that he is twice as tall as people in the cartoon or movies doesn't mean squat, because those things are loosely based on the comics. Also, comparing the Wrecking Crew guys to him is not fair, because those guys are out of scale. Those figures were put onto the Hulkling body. Hulkling is taller. The wrecking crew guys are like 6'3" - 6'6"... so that is Hasbro's fault for making them out of scale, not the Face Off Hulk's. How can you say the Face-Off Hulk is accurate to what the writers of the stories portray him as? Do you even remember how Hulk originally looked? Face-Off Hulk is based off Sal Buscema work i believe and he's not the original creator of Hulk so how does his Hulk represent the REAL Hulk as based on Marvel Universe description of him? Fact is there is no concrete REAL Hulk because he's been changed so many different times. He has went from Grey to Green, 6'5, 6'8. 7'2, 8'0, 10'0 to being really massive to not so big many times. You seem to discount other artists depictions of Hulk but prefer the Sal Buscema Hulk because it portrays the best Hulk in YOUR opinion but someone else might perfer the Hasbro Two-Pack Hulk because they like McGiuness's Hulk depiction and not Sal Buscema' work. Hulk hasn't been drawn like the Face-Off Hulk in over 20 years. Even his hair is late 70's and Early 80's. Some would say his torso is way to skinny for Hulk as well. So there is no real official look for Hulk and all the Hulk's are the real Hulk to someone or the other. Also since Hulk's look changes so often in comics then why does the height bother you so much? Different incarnations of Hulk are different official sizes all the time. If you are going by what Marvel.com says about Hulk's height being 7-8 feet tall as concrete evidence on Hulk's height then I can assure you even Marvel doesn't know what his height is or should be. My Official Marvel Encyclopedia says his height is 7 feet tall. What's more accurate? A Website of Marvel's or their 60 dollar Encyclopedia I got last year? If we go by the Encyclopedia then Hulk's height is 7 feet tall and the Face-Off Hulk is over an inch to big. If we go by the Marvel.com then his size varies from 7-8 feet tall and Face-Off Hulk is 8 1/4" tall so he'd be a little over 8 feet tall. It says on Marvel Database his height is 7-10 feet tall. Now you can say ''well anyone can edit that'' and I agree but even the people behind Marvel's website don't know what their doing because they have stats wrong all the time. For awhile Hulk's size listed on there was 6'8 and I know that for a fact. So maybe 10 feet tall is to large for Hulk but considering most artists draw him larger these days and Marvel can't even make their mind up of all tall he is then who really cares? So many incarnations of Hulk are so many different sizes then it doesn't matter and comes down to preference. So basically what I'm saying is there is no REAL Hulk because there is no official way he's supposed to look and someone might think your version of REAL Hulk is ugly and prefer another depiction of him being taller and being more buff. So don't discount these artists so easily because your favorite Hulk is based on an artist's design who some people hate and his look is based on 70'80's hair designs and facial features. Sometimes Hulk has a huge forhead and tiny nose and is ugly as sin and other times he's sort of handsome. Hulk is something different to everyone. Also I love the Face-Off Hulk as much as the next guy but the figure doesn't have fists and his waist is way to skinny and he doesn't look menacing enough to me anymore. The Wrecking Crew are oversized, yes but some people think Face-Off Hulk is oversized because at the time he came out Hulk's official height was 7'2 or around that. It was less then 8 feet tall I promise you. Since Marvel's changed Hulk's height so many times over the years what's going to happen if they change their official rating to 10 feet tall now? Are you going to say ''well an official word has been giving'' and throw out your Face-Off Hulk? I mean you seem to only accept Marvel's official ratings of things. So at this giving time he's officially 8 feet tall and that's perfect because Marvel says he's 7-8 feet tall on their website that's so outdated but if they change their view on his height do you change yours as well? http://www.marveldirectory.com/individuals/h/hulk.htm says he's 7 feet tall. Marvel.com says he's 7-8 feet http://marvel.wikia.com/Robert_Bruce_Banner_%28Earth-616%29 says 7-10 My official book says 7 feet tall.
  8. Your idea of a REAL Hulk figure might not be someone else's idea of a REAL Hulk figure. It's all opinion. Hulk has been drawn the size of Marvel Select Hulk many of times. Sometimes on the Avengers Cartoon everyone comes to his waist. Hulk's height changes all the time so you can't really say what's out of scale and what's in scale. Lately Hulk has been drawn around 8-10 feet tall in the comics and sometimes even more. What you say is out of scale I say is in scale so it's just a matter of opinion. Hulk's height is listed at around 6'8 to little over 7 feet tall I believe. I find that really short considering alot of NBA Players are over 7 feet tall. Heck the tallest man ever was 8'11. Imagine Hulk having to look up at NBA Players while being looked down by them. I recall Beast only came a little bit above World War Hulk's waist. I love my Toybiz Face-Off Hulk but he doesn't have fists and that drops him down a huge score with me. Plus now considering how tall the Wrecking Crew are in comparison to him drops him down a peg or two as well. Plus that Hulk is the 70's early 80's Hulk look. You may think all the movie Hulks are ugly but you hate anything movie related so....
  9. Hey here are some pictures of comparisons to help you out. I prefer using the Marvel Select Hulk in a display with my Legends because of the sure size and stature but some people don't like Hulk being that big. If you compare the Select Hulk to a regular 6 inch Legend then he comes out at about 10 feet tall like the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie size. I prefer that size because I like Hulk being bigger then any normal human could ever reach. However everyone's opinions seem to differ when it comes to Hulk's size and some prefer Hulk being 6'8 to being 10 feet tall or bigger. I think the Toybiz Face-Off Hulk has the best sculpt and he is very big in comparison to regular Marvel Legend characters but he's not big enough for me. The Hasbro Hulk 2-Pack figure is really big and menacing but that Head sculpt isn't the best. World War Hulk, Planet Hulk, Smart Hulk, Savage Hulk and the others that I have aren't big enough in my opinion. I'd say if you want the most definite Hulk figure you can't go wrong with The Select Hulk or the Toybiz Face-Off Hulk. Also you might like the new Avengers 6 Inch Hulk as well. Here are some comparison pictures I took for Fwoosh and the Universe Section. Note that Hasbro Two Pack Hulk is standing on Mason Jar lids to make him taller in the below picture. Also I recommend getting Mecha Hulk because not only is he huge but he's one of the best sculpted Marvel figures ever.
  10. I just wish we could get a Marvel Select Apocalypse!
  11. my closest Walmart put all the Ironman2, Thor, and Captain America figures on clearance for 5 bucks earlier this year. I guess to make room for the Avengers toys. but then, when the Avengers toys arrived, they took all those old figures and marked the price UP to 8.99, the same price as the Avengers stuff. lol and I think they have only received 2 cases of Avengers figures. But the pegs are still full of IM,Thor, and Cap movie figures Same thing happened at all 4 Wal-Marts in my area. I was actually getting another Bucky Cap, Odin and Loki the other day to keep MOC and they were back to full price, so the hell with that.
  12. Heck I've never seen a human body like that. It looks to much like a robot with those weird looking joints.
  13. It almost looks like a robot Spider-Man. The body just has weird looking joints that aren't human at all. I also have too add I'm very disappointed that were getting a Miles figure before a Kaine figure! I hate Miles and the new Ultimate Spider-Man comic.
  14. I think it looks awful. Bad choice of body in my opinion. If they are going to re-use bodies then I'd rather them re-use a Spider-Man body from the past like the series 1 Spider-Man from 2001. Plus Miles is like 12 years old and this body is way to big.
  15. I've paid high prices a couple times on rare figures. I found the Variant Cable and Deadpool back in 2005 I believe at a Comic Shop. The dude wanted 40 bucks a piece for them but I ended up getting both for 70. I owned the regular Cable at the time but hadn't opened him and I was never able to find Deadpool before that day. When I first joined this forum I made good friends with Onyx and traded him some Predator and Alien statues and was able to get a few good Legends loose from him. One of them was Series 6 Deadpool! Which was awesome because the one I bought at the comic shop I never opened so I now have a Deadpool on my shelf posed. I had two series 6 Juggernauts, one opened, one loose. My best friends Philip and Patrick's dad died so I decided to give them both Series 6 Juggernauts I had because everysince they were kids he was their favorite villain. I ended up buying another MOC on Ebay for 45 or so dollars a year later MOC and traded Onyx for one loose. I ended up paying 30 bucks shipped for a MOC Series 6 Cable figure that I opened because my other regular Cable was still MOC. I got lucky with the regular Hasbro Deadpool/Warpath and my bro Clam or Brymstone snagged them for me I believe because I live far away from Toys R Us and could never find it. I ended up finding one at a comic shop still packaged later on for 40 bucks and decided it wasn't much of a mark up and purchased it so I would have one MOC. I ended up getting a couple of the Variant Deadpool/Warpath packs at Toys R Us on clearance for 10 bucks a piece. Got doubles of the Black Widow/Winter Solider regular set at Toys R Us and one pack of the Variant. I was only able to find one Hulk/Valkerie set however and I couldn't force myself to keep it MINT and opened that sucker! Ended up trading a member on this forum for one MOC. I've never really paid that much for Legends because I was always on the hunt and was lucky to find both the regular and variant and get doubles of each most of the time. I have paid crazy prices for Transformer figures though!! I paid 135 dollars for the Takara G1 Colored (white and red) Starscream over a year ago. I paid 100 plus for Masterpiece Optimus Prime and to many more to mention. Hell I paid 65 dollars just to get the Sota 6 inch M. Bison figure a few years ago. I got lucky on that though because I mentioned to the seller I'd be interested in buying his other Street Fighter figures and he was kind and sent me an opened Vega with all his accessories and an opened Guile for free. I'd say the craziest price I've ever paid was 160 dollars shipped on a rare Model kit of the Enterprise-E. It's original price was around 50 bucks but it became so rare and popular that was by far the cheapest priced one. I believe it was worth it considering the detail as almost as good as the Movie model and all the windows and lights light up and flash. Plus it's a decent size.
  16. I have both so here's a picture I took last year. I actually prefer the Toybiz version because of the height and the head sculpt looks better.
  17. Seriously? This needed posted after everything that was said. Federal Agent arresting price tag exchangers? Sure.
  18. This is freaking awesome!! X-Man's one of my favorite characters so I can appreciate how awesome this is! Good job!
  19. Ha when you say he took no part but stated in his own words that he paid for his stuff at the Jewlrey register? Uh Yeah he took part in this scam and let me tell you why: If he went with his friend to walmart then why wouldnt he pay and leave with his friend? If He would have went through the same register the register would of rang up at $16. something Each, and then his frieand would of came up right behined him with the same shyt for $5.00. I mean come on he played his part, and condoned it. I don't think he was trying to help his friend steal the stuff. He prob just wanted to put distance between him and his friend so he doesn't get caught up in the scam. Besides his friend wouldn't have went in the same line at the same registry as him anyways because he'd know they'd rang up different. Besides if the dude was part of the scam as you said then he wouldn't have paid the full price for them and he'd done the exact same thing. Marconius17, dude I'd done the same thing as you. I would tell my friend never to do that with me again though or else.
  20. That's the one thing I like about Wal-Mart lol. You could take a figure with missing arms back in a different package and they'd take it back without question. Not that I've taken back a figure with missing arms, least not in awhile haha.
  21. I wouldn't take a chance of getting caught and going to jail just to save a some cash on some figures. Imagine the embarrassment of getting caught, going to jail, being in the paper and going to court over toys lol. You'd most likely lose your job once they found out about it too. I've been with friends when I was a teenager and witnessed them stealing. I'd just usually walk away and try and not be around them because I didn't want to be included in their little stealing adventure. However I wouldn't turn them in because it's none of my business and that's between them and the store. I mean who wants to be the guy who tells on you? I'd tell them not to steal when I'm with them and they'd realize I didn't condone that and they'd stop. Next time just tell your friend it's not your cup of tea and ask him not to do that when your with him. You could also knock some sense into him and help him realize what's at stake if he gets caught. The fines, jail time and embarrassment aren't worth saving some money on toys. My best friend got caught for Shoplifting in 2005 or 2006, can't remember. He bought model kit that came with water slide decals and when he was putting one of them on it ripped. The next time he went to Wal-Mart he opened up one of those same model kits and took it's stickers. He didn't think it was a big deal but as he walked to his car he was approached by a Wal-Mart employee and they asked for what he took. Like an idiot he handed them the stickers and they called the police and he was arrested. After being bailed out of jail, court fines and community service he pretty much learned his lesson for good. I still make fun of him for it to this day because it's one of the most silly things I've ever heard someone going to jail for lol. Him and his girlfriend of 4 years were having problems too and she had met someone else, after knowing he was arrested for stealing toy car stickers she finally decided it was time to call it quits. He didn't lose his job for it though thank god because they never found out lol.
  22. Didn't Hasbro say they were done with the balljointed hips and were going to use something different? I recall reading that in a Q&A or them saying that at Comic Con. If they did say that then what gives?
  23. dude you take the best images of figure ever! definitely ! love the pics Waiting! I especially appreciate the scale behind them! Poor Hasbro, they can't get their scale right at all. Ironman is too small, Cap and Thor are way too big. Which is funny, because I thought the ML brand manager blamed any scale issues on reusing molds. He said that whenever they make a new figure they will have the height correct, just like the "Marvel handbook" - < his exact words... but I don't remember Cap being 6'9" or Thor being 7'8" Cap is about 1/2 inch too tall, and Thor is a full inch too tall. Come on Hasbro, get your crap together Totally right. I don't get what they are thinking with almost every Iron Man toy that comes out being small. They go the extra effort to make Thor so tall that he doesn't fit with Toybiz or Hasbro Legends and take the extra effort to make Iron Man even smaller then they made him before lol. I love these new figures but the scale is just awful. The new Thor does look great but he's even taller then the Marvel Select Thor. Thor's big but not that big. Look at some of these comparisons with the new Iron Man and Thor.
  24. Well it kicks all kinds of ass! At first I thought it was the Rocketeer. Either way it's awesome. Good job.
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