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  1. Decided to do a comparison with Marvel Select Juggernaut with Marvel legends BAF Blob. I for one love the Build a figure Blob and current he's labeled as being 8 feet tall in the Marvel Encyclopedia and in the comics (before he lost his powers) so naturally I love the height of the BAF. My only problem was he makes Marvel Legends Juggernaut look short and small in comparison but thankfully the Marvel Select Juggernaut towers over Blob and is even more broad.
  2. I remember those. I believe I had the Juggernaut but I doubt I still do. I might have to look into one of those on Ebay. Thanks.
  3. Yeah really. You can't please everyone bro, some people just like to nitpick. Heck I think the reason some people dislike the MS Juggernaut is because they can't brag or hold it over people's head that they were lucky enough to grab one of the Series 6 Juggs because now everyone will have a chance to have an awesome Juggernaut. I've learned that some people can't be pleased and will find flaws with everything just to complain about on forums. I've seen one Online reviewer that preferred Legends Juggernaut over MS Select and dozens upon dozens saying the Marvel Select Juggs is lightyears better then the Legends. Heck no one person that I've seen on Fwoosh think Legends is better. I love my Series 6 Legends but Select is just so much better but you expect a 2011 figure to be better then a 2004 figure.
  4. I do have the same qualms about MS Juggernaut, he's got bigger monkey arms, a short abdomen and wonky proportions !! And he's cross-eyed !! No he doesn't have cross-eyes, at least mine doesn't. Also bigger monkey arms? What Juggernaut Select do you have because MS Juggernaut does not have monkey arms, let alone bigger monkey arms. The Legends Juggernaut's arms are so long that if his fingers were sticking out then his arm would come to his feet. How is Marvel Select Juggernaut's arms more gorilla may I ask? Now before I call out the flaws of the Marvel Legends Juggernaut I must say that I love him. He was the best Juggernaut figure until the Marvel Universe Juggernaut and the Marvel Select came out. Marvel Legend Juggernaut is so flawed and when compared to Marvel Select Juggernaut he looks pretty terrible. His odd shaped helmet, gorilla arms, long flat feet, short legs that can barely stand because of how heavy he is and weird hands that aren't quite fists but aren't quite open handed neither and lets not forget the worst area about him, his belt! He has a giant belt buckel but where is the rest of his belt? Not to mentioned the odd torso joint that moves backwards and fowards. The Juggernaut body comes from a Hulk Classics figure and I hated that torso jointed then too. Marvel Select Juggernaut makes Marvel Legends Juggernaut look like a cheap knock off and you know it haha. I don't think you own Marvel Select Juggernaut, right? If no why judge something you haven't had in hand? Wait until you get the figure because once you see it in person you can't appreciate how awesome it is.
  5. I was showing my girlfriend the Juggernaut Group Photo I took this morning and she said ''Where is Movie Juggernaut?'' and I said ''son of a'' and realized I didn't even think of him. Threw him in the group shot. Now I'm really wanting to go find my X-Men vs. Street Fighter Juggernaut and my 90's removable Helmet Juggernaut to take a group photo. I'm also wondering what other Juggernauts I'm missing. I think I might have another one stored somewhere but can't remember. I'm thinking about ordering the minimate Juggernaut figures to add to the collection.
  6. You could try using the Walter Peck suited figure from the Movie Master's Ghostbusters. I think it's a retooling of the Two-Face figure but with a three piece suit instead of 2 piece. Plus you won't have to deal with the horrible stripped tie that Two-Face comes with. I currently use my Walter Peck for my suited Bruce Wayne but a swap of the heads with the Marvel Legends 2-Pack Tony Stark or the Mark IV Tony would make a good Stark. Also you could try using a Clark Kent suited figure as well. Here are some pics I just took.
  7. Would you trade the Marvel Legends Magneto body? I actually have an extra head that I got from someone without a body haha. I have one hanging from strings in my gaming room but I wouldn't mind having another.
  8. Got the regular version in the mail yesterday. He is a FANTASTIC Juggernaut figure and he\'s on my top 5 favorite Marvel figures of all time! Not only is he massive as hell but he weights about 2 pounds and that just makes it for me. He has great articulation for a Marvel Select and he makes every other Select fail in comparison. I\'d say the only Marvel Select that equals him in sculpt is Abomination but Abomination doesn\'t have good articulation so he loses the comparison. I only wished they\'d have included wrist articulation and his ankles would go up and down instead of side to side. It would have been nice if he included a removable helmet but having the variant without helmet is better then not having Cain Marko\'s handsome mug at all. He is light years better then my Marvel Legends Series 6 Juggernaut and makes him laughable when you compare the two. Don\'t get me wrong, I love my Series 6 Juggernaut but I\'ve always hated his short legs and long gorilla arms and every since I got Marvel Select Hulk and Select Abomination he looks like a wimp. Now I have a Juggernaut that looks like he can put the hurt on anyone in my collection! I gathered my Juggernauts up for a group photo but I can\'t find my Juggernaut from X-Men vs. Street Fighter nor can I find my Juggernaut from the 90\'s with removable helmet. I found his helmet but that is about it. Both of them are either in my attic or in my basement but I\'ll have to save that search for another day.
  9. To bad no one sells Marvel Select in my area. I ordered this bad boy and he shipped out yesterday. Can't wait to get him. I believe I'm going to get the variant too.
  10. Damn those are awesome. Crisis 2 figures? I haven't heard of that but I wanting those figures. What exactly is it?
  11. Heck yeah bro! I agree 100 percent!!! Cyclops has always been one of my favorite characters of all time. Remember the issue of Civil War X-Men where that guy was controlling Cyclops like a puppet and he started making Cyclops shoot Bishop with full beam power. The guy made the remark of how insanely powerful Cyclops was and that Cyclops holds back his power. Bishop told Cyclops to charge him up but soon realized that it was to much power and it was killing him.
  12. Awesome figure but it has the worst green color imaginable. Really wish they'd went with a darker green like the 3.75 inch figure. It's a must buy but I'll repaint it.
  13. You are the one who didn't know Cyclops even created X-Force lol. Besides you act like Emma doesn't even care about Cyclops. In current Comic she's shown that she'd do anything fr him and is in love with him. Cyclops is alot more interesting and bad ass since he started dating Emma. I hated it when he was with Jean Grey as they don't see to even belong together. Do you have a wife or girlfriend? If so do you make her sleep on the couch when she's mad at you? What is the big deal about a man sleeping on the couch when his lady is mad at him? Emma Frost is a pure sex pot, I'd be happy to be bossed around by her. Besides she doesn't boss Cyclops around anyway.
  14. Darkart That Tony Stark head is freaking awesome! Like the best Tony Stark head I've seen yet.
  15. I get you bro. I'm just happy that we are finally getting a good amount of Deadpool figures released. I loved my series 6 Deadpool but for years I just had him in the package because I didn't dare open him. I got lucky when Onyx sent me an opened Deadpool for a trade. It's awesome having 2 (don't count the movie Deadpool) 3.75 inch Deadpools, 3 (counting the Hasbro variant) 6 inch and now we have a 7 inch Deadpool. Finally the merc with a mouth is getting some respect. I'm going to get the regular Deadpool and the variant Select because both seem awesome. I just wish he wasn't so damn tall but he'll look good hung up on the wall.
  16. Yeah Deadpool is great. I love my Toybiz version but then I love my Hasbro version too. I'm picking up the Select because you can't have enough Deadpool's. I think I'll even get the Variant X-Men Deadpool.
  17. Been finding droves of these at every Wal-Mart the past month.
  18. No I don't work for Hasbro. Did you work for Toybiz? I find it funny that you think the Hasbro version's head is to big for the body yet you can't understand why I think the Toybiz version's head is too small haha. It's obviously to small for the body just as the Hasbro version is to large for the body. I'm not calling you a Toybiz lover but obviously you think you are by the post you made. The Toybiz version's shoulders are way to broad and stand out and look ugly. The head being to small is usually a point most reviewers make so I'm not the first. Heck the Shoulder Mod people do to their Deadpool Wave 6 even has a name since it's so common. I'm not saying which version is better because I like both versions but I always find it funny that people put down the Hasbro version and just praise the Toy Biz version like it's the Holy Grail when it has so many flaws. We like what we like and it's my opinion that both figures have their goods and their bads and both are excellent figures. I have both so it's no big deal to me. I think the Hasbro version has better shoulders, gun holster and swords but I love the articulation of the Toybiz version better and I love those grenades. I wish the Hasbro version had a smaller head but I also wish the Toybiz version had a larger head. Maybe you should hold back on the ''Hasblow'' stuff because like Wolverine said above me, it sounds like 3rd grader talk.
  19. Dude it's not that good. The shoulders look terrible and he can barely hold his own weapons. I have him and again, he's not all that great. You are proud to own it, well good but most people can't afford to pay 80-100 dollars for a figure to complete their collection so the Hasbro version is just as good if they don't have a 6 inch Deadpool. Some things can beat the original. The Hasbro version's shoulders look better, comes with better swords, has a better head sculpt. The original's head is so tiny that it doesn't go with the rest of his body. The original Deadpool looks better with the Hasbro head. The Toybiz version's head looks bad with the rest of the body and my god I hate those shoulders. Lets not forget the Hasbro's version's gun pouch looks light years better then the oversized Toybiz's gun pouch. I like my Series 6 Deadpool but it's not the great sought after figure like some people claim it is, neither is my Series 6 Juggernaut or Cable.
  20. You'd be surprised what a bad ass Cyclops can be sometimes. I remember a cyclops miniseries that came out years ago that had him going around kicking ass and taking names. Even beat Juggernaut by ripping the ground up and making Juggernaut fall in it. I also love the Solo Cyclops episode on Wolverine and the X-Men where he was hunting for Jean and kicking Mr. Sinister's gang around. His fight with Multiple Man was epic. Plus Cyclops created the new X-Force and put Wolverine in charge. Told Wolverine to kill and do what ever is necessary to get the job done. I wouldn't mind being on Emma's Leash myself haha.
  21. Here is a really lazy custom. Nothing special but I just hated those highlights on the Comic Pack Cyclops that came with Phoenix so I decided to paint them. I actually bought two comic packs and decided to paint one of them in X-Force Colors. Like I said, lazy easy custom.
  22. Here ya go bro. Marvel Universe Thanos, World War Hulk, Colossus, Juggernaut. Marvel Select Abomination, Toy Biz Pitt Build a figure, Marvel Select Logan, Marvel Select Hulk. Was going to throw Red Hulk in the pick but I can't get him off a shelf without everyone falling down around him lol, plus I already have these setting in my Gaming Room posed that way.
  23. I have 4 of that Spider-Man and everyone of the legs are bent so I honesty to think it's a defect. It's a terrible Spider-Man figure in my opinion.
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