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  1. Really liking the Blob, and I can easily see this mold being use to finally give us Volstagg, and therefore, the rest of the Warriors Three! Nice to see the next X-men wave figs too. Corsair, Chamber and Kid Omega look great.
  2. I for one can't wait to see what's revealed officially. Some may feel Rektangular is a spoiler, but I was overjoyed to see his leak the other month. Personally, I was beginning to feel despondent. After collecting all these years, and not getting soooo many character figures that never got made, I was contemplating (just a little mind you) giving up the line. What really got me exciting was deep characters, particularly Avengers related, that appear to be on our way. Everything so far officially revealed from his list is heading to market. So if I am going to get a Jack Kirby Ronan, The Destroyer (with a new Thor hopefully - Simonson Battle Armor, or current costume please), a 12" Super Freakin' Adaptoid, Avengers era Sersi, Dr. Spectrum and (new buck?) Hyperion, Egghead, Crossfire, Franklin and Valeria, Bruce Banner, Sky Cycle Hawkeye, Norr-Var, more Serpent Society figs, etc. Then I am definitely staying in the game, and will continue to, as long as they keep giving us these new characters we have been asking for, for years! There is so much territory to mine. Sure, we will still get more Wolverine, Spider-man, Iron Man armors and such because those always sell. But the chance to keep building out our Avengers related and X-men related collection of characters is looking very hopeful right now. Even the recent Spider-man 5 pack release is full of surprises - The Fly? Molten Man! Razorback?! These give me hope for many other C-list SM villains being made in the coming years. I am hoping Dwight is cooking up a lot more surprises for us before he retires - can a yellow and green Banshee be far off? Let's get back to C-list Avengers, 'any' Avengers villains, Thor villains and cast, Iron Man classic villains, finally some new Daredevil villains (don't need any more Bullseyes or Electras), finish off the Serpent Society, the Inhumans Royale Family, squeeze out those last few classic Defenders, cap off the New Warriors, continue the Squadron Supreme/Sinister, give us more Thunderbolts, sell us all the classic New Mutants in their original matching costumes, start delving more into those Fantastic Four villains, round out the rest of the Heralds of Galactus, 'finally' get back to making the original Guardians of the Galaxy (we only got Vance Astrovik years ago - what was up with that?), and now that they have given us a token Imperial Guard member in the form of Fang, start the long road to more of that cool and visually striking inter-planetary team.
  3. I received my set in the mail the other day. My favorite is still The Fly. He looks really good and actually has the comic version of his design printed above the bootline in the back. That was a surprise, since Hasbro often gets character's boost wrong that aren't just a straight line. Silvermane is pretty good and actually does use the shoulders and arms of the new Pretty Boy figure instead of the Ultimate Beetle, which makes up the rest of the characters body. Molten man is nice with alternate hands and flame effects, but of course the Sunfire buck used is disappointing. It could have gone on a bigger buck, like Vulcan maybe. Razorback is hilarious, not just the character, but the fact we actually got him. Ultimate Universe Spider-man is fine, but I don't plan on keeping him. I've never been into that alternate universe of characters. So, overall, it was worth it to me for all these new villains. Hope others enjoy theirs as well. Now back to my Spider-man villain list: The Spot, Moon Wolf, Willow-The-Wisp, Madame Web, Classic Spider Slayer Robot with JJJ's face in the viewscreen and Meteor Man, LOL! Maybe Hasbro can consider giving us some Daredevil villains finally, other than the obvious and often repeated Electra and Bullseye. Wouldn't mind adding Gladiator, Death Stalker, The Owl and Mr. Fear to my collection. They are long overdue.
  4. I think we should crowd fund Jeff Tucker and get the blackbird produced by him!
  5. Unfortunately, it seems they already have their buck for the Wrecking Crew - Modern Herc buck. And if you picture the Maggot figure without his coat and blue head, you can see where they basically have already made Piledriver, right down to the general color scheme (a little more red than pinkish purple, but you get the idea). So they seem poised to give us the Crew at the end of 2023 or maybe 2024. Unless they use the Kingpin or new Blob bucks for the Volstagg base body, I can't see them being further ahead on the Warriors Three pre-production than the Wrecking Crew. This is one of those situations where I hope I'm wrong obviously. I have waited for the Three to be made at some point low these past 20 years, but they don't seem to be any kind of priority. Hopefully 2023/24 will yield box sets or waves of both groups. It really wouldn't hurt if they finally gave us Balder with the Three either, to make an even four figures and to finally check off another classic Thor character.
  6. Haha, yeah was thinking about that again today looking at the images. Definitely Silvermane. They will probably pop off the head and put it on the Pretty Boy body and sell it to us down the line. Me, I'll probably put the Silvermane head on him myself!
  7. LOL, ah yes, yes I will have too. But these are the type of problems I like to have, rather than buying an entire wave just for a BAF I really want. And it will be easier for me to sell it than a whole wave, so I don't mind the small hit to my wallet Ultimate Cap will be.
  8. The only thing I would change in this wave is I'd rather a BAF piece came with Extremis IM instead of Ultimate Cap.
  9. From the two pieces shown, looks like it will be the Titus/Caliban buck they use for this figure. That's great, it is a nice, under-used buck. Now if they would just see their way to giving us The Executioner on this buck!
  10. My big want from this set is The Fly. He looks great. Molten Man has a really nice head sculpt (poor buck choice Hasbro), and while I don't particularly love the old Ultimate Beetle buck for Silvermane, it's still nice to finally have him as a full character. Would have been nice if they used the new Pretty Boy buck instead, or at least major parts of it. And while most of the villains have menacing to pure angry looks on their faces, Razorback almost looks happy. As if to say, "can you believe they put in plastic?! I beat out the Mandarin, Graviton, Count Nefaria, Attuma, the Collector, Immortus, the Grandmaster, Whiplash, Nightmare and slew of other worthy bad guys!". LOL!
  11. Haven't seen anything by JayC saying they will be showing us the BAF today. But I'm sure when the pre-orders go up on retail sites, they will be in the pictures. This is actually a long-standing villain group they have left dangling in front of us for many years. I welcome more 'snakes', especially if they give us ones like Bushmaster, Rattler, and a few females like Asp and Black Mamba. I can't wait for the day I can surround Captain America with the Serpent Society.
  12. Puff Adder or Ronan, I'm ordering this wave. Four villains, two of which were never made by either Hasbro or ToyBiz, plus Extremis Iron Man, nuf said!
  13. I'm with you all, box sets of character groups are an easy sell in my mind. And when they are made fan channel exclusives or SDCC exclusives like the Book of Vishanti, Thanos Imperative, or the Raft, they make it easier to give us deep characters that we have been asking for. Yes, they usually give us slightly changed paint app versions of characters we already have, but it has usually been worth it for all the other figures we get in the set. I could still see sets for the Defenders, Inhumans and maybe even a demonic character Darkhold book set being very attractive to collectors. I mean, can you imagine a Defenders set with classic Son of Satan, Gargoyle, Overmind, classic Valkyrie with her cape and maybe Moondragon or Devil Slayer? The channel exclusive selling model and higher price would make it fairly child-proof. And that would give Hasbro the license to give us darker, more demonically named or looking characters. The Darkhold tomb could be the perfect way to give us Mephisto, Blackheart, Nightmare, Chthon and maybe a repaint of Satana. I'm available to brainstorm these set ideas with the Hasbro Marketing Team anytime, lol!
  14. I sold off my T-Bolts box set years ago. I always hoped most of the figures would be released again some day. Some day has been a very long time, lol! I'll be picking this one up. Moonstone has always been one of my favorite female villains, even when she's attempting to be heroic. Her classic costume from her first appearance in The Incredible Hulk would be welcome too. As for some of those other T-Bolts, like Satana, Ghost, and Luke Cage, guess I'll just keep them on my some day list for now.
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