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  1. Well, it sure doesn't look like we're going to get a Hell Charger and Mephisto next year. I only collect Marvel Legends, so I don't follow what has happened with Haslab's other lines. But things like the Rancor, and whatever tier add ons it had, were never released in another format, where they? If not, I wonder what our chances are of getting Mephisto down the line. More than being just a tier, Mephisto is one of the biggest bads in the Marvel Universe and seems to be on most all collector's lists to be made. So I wonder. He seems to be using parts from the Knull buck... I don't mind since he can appear to be any size and shape at will, so scale isn't a big issue for him to me. But as others have mentioned, his classic pinkish skin and leotard suit would be what I would prefer to get after waiting 20 years. This one isn't bad, it's just it could be better. Is anyone else of the mind that if this Haslab fails, the design team may go back and refine this figure more to a classic look and maybe we get it down the line in a few years?
  2. Well, just, wow! This was like Christmas, my birthday, the 4th of July and some chocolate Easter eggs thrown in for good measure! I certainly hope Rek's list is right, because some of these figures I have had on my list for 20 years. Molecule Man, Dr. Spectrum, Random, the Super Adaptoid, Corsair, Sersi, the Orb, Chamber, and Franklin and Valeria?! I mean even the ones that have been done before are ones I really want - the Blob, Baron Von Strucker and the Destroyer. This is the kind of info I have been trolling the internet looking for, for 2023! I just love finding out what we can look forward to next year, good 'ol Rek! And a special shout out to JayC for breaking down and giving this to us before Pulsecon - I'm sure nowhere near this many figs were going to be announced later this week. It seems the days of the couple of spring/summer fairs/cons being where they showcase many waves all at once are gone. Hasbro seems like they are transitioning into monthly announcements and not giving away half a year's worth of new releases all at once. I guess we can thank the pandemic for that one. Well, I couldn't be happier... Ghost Rider Hell Charger?! Who cares?!
  3. Exactly. Collectors wouldn't back anything less than a scale accurate version of the Blackbird either. And then the price would be astronomical. Yet, of the vehicles, this seems it would be the most popular, given the number of X-men fans on the forum. Hopefully, whether this is backed or not, it will serve as a wake-up call and coarse correction for future Haslabs.
  4. I'm still on the fence, but leaning towards not backing this Haslab. I agree with those that feel Giant Man would have been a much better choice this year. Depending on how tall they decided to make him, the buck could be used for sooo many other large characters down the line - Goliath, Atlas, Ultimo, Super Adaptoid, Living Monolith, Eternity, Living Tribunal, In-Betweener, comic accurate Surtur, etc. I think Marvel Haslabs, with maybe a few exceptions, lend themselves best to character figures, not vehicles. The whole line is based on characters after all, not characters in or with vehicles, like GI Joe and others. The Fantasticar, Quinjet and Blackbird notwithstanding, collectors really want large characters from this line.
  5. Large companies always want to avoid any unnecessary negative publicity and possible boycotts of their products. This is just a bean counter bottom-line tenet of capitalism. Products marketed to children are also under even greater scrutiny, as they are seen as societies 'innocent', and thus society's responsibility to protect. All fair enough, we do live in the largest capitalist society the world has ever seen and it seems someone, somewhere will always try to sell almost anything to anyone, to make a buck. Add to that the religious right, conservative movement, women's rights, racial equality, and religious freedom movements that have been growing in our society since the 1960's, and you get the polarization we see in America today, ie company boycotts, cancel culture etc. Although we live in a more tolerant society as a whole for such things as religious, sexual, social, ethnic and racial tolerance today, there is also a strong backlash felt to such ideas, seen as threatening by some and as liberally dangerous, especially when tried to be placed into children's heads, or sold to them. Our society was founded by a group of brilliant, forward-thinking individual's, the likes of which had not been seen since the height of Athens, Greece. But even individuals like these were subject to the times and doctrines they lived in. Therefore, while they clearly saw a need for the separation of church and state, they were of Judao-Christian faiths. To this day, the currency we all handle on a daily basis says "In God We Trust" on it. This could easily be seen a hypocritical, or, perhaps with a deeper, more critical analyses, seen as how terribly difficult is to separate people's logic and thoughts of social equity from the beliefs and values they are taught from cradle to grave. While the number of people identifying with a particular religion continues to decline in our society, the bottom line is we are still a culture that was established on the beliefs and values of the Judao-Christian faith. So, while more and more are not going to 'church' or worshiping in the traditional sense, there is still an underlying, largely held societal belief in demonic and devilish iconography being evil, bad and just plain wrong to market, especially to children. It's one of the few things adults in our society can probably still agree on, especially when they are parents and trying to raise their children with what they feel are good beliefs, values and morals, whatever those may be to them. So, Joe or Jane America, being dragged down the toy isle by their excited kid, will not want to see themselves pulled up in front of a boxed figure that invokes any thoughts of the devil, satan, lucifer, asmodeus, etc. They are too busy paying mortgages, running kids to practices, balancing a household buget and trying to keep their marriages intact to think deeper about the devilish toy their kid is excited about and wants them to purchase. It is just one more thing they don't feel they should have to protect their children from. So, while many/most on an adult collector forum like this one may dissect the logical thought process of having flaming headed, demon possessed, and/or sinister looking figures like Ghost Rider, Surtur and Dormammu on the shelves middle-America shops from, but not Mephisto, Belasco, etc. it just doesn't matter to parents. They just don't want to see it and have to deal with the issues it will raise in their households. They just want our society's corporations to market responsibly, and our taxpayer funded government to regulate vigorously when it comes to children. So, while we have the luxury here of debating the ethical, moral, and hypocritical dilemmas of marketing red-skulled Nazi's and flaming demonic figures to kids, but not giving adult collectors a classic comic book villain in plastic form, it simply just doesn't matter to the rest of our society as a whole, especially parents. If you were waiting for me to get to my point, it is this: we here are not power brokers, parents, social influencers and heads of state or corporations the make these kinds of decisions. We are adults that buy what are traditionally considered to be children's toys... not exactly the seat of power and influence. So, I can understand, and so should we all, that when the Hasbro marketing teams says this is the only format they will be able to give us Mephisto in, there may be some real truth to it. Hasbro does not want to upset the money-making apple cart. Giving adult collectors a character, they have been screaming for, for close to twenty years, but making it economically and distributionally out of children's reach and out of parent's sight, can be seen as the best path forward for a corporation interested in making profits, but not incurring losses in image, or revenue, in the process. Having said all that, I just wanted to say, I feel that since the Mephisto tier has been officially unlocked, I now feel a much stronger pull to backing this Haslab product. And it will be interesting to see what other unsavory characters Hasbro might see fit to give us in other tiers... Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance, is after all another demon/devil, is he not? Stay tuned true believers!
  6. I pre-ordered this, what seems like forever ago. I would love two Inner Demons, just like they pictured, but my days of buying duplicate figures (Mr. Negative) just to get an army builder are over. I have been wanting Mr. Negative forever and scratch my head as to why they have taken so long... it is the Professor X buck, that goes all the way back to the Toybiz days, right? Anyway, looking forward to Mr. Negative and my one Inner Demon.
  7. Hmm, I was fairly set on not getting this for the usual reasons - where to display it properly, the amount of shelf space a big rectangle takes up, and of course the price. But after seeing the final product, I am very impressed. The Dodge Charger car itself is very nicely designed, invoking the MOPAR's of old. The interior is far more impressive than I would have expected, the trunk opens, you can convert it from normal charger to various stages of a hell charger firing up, and the fire and smoke effects for the engine, tires and exhaust exceed anything I would have imagined Hasbro would do. Given the greatest jump in inflation since 1979, I can't even fault them for the price tag at this point. They do need to make a profit on this limited number item after all. R&D, retooling assembly lines and custom molds for a car, all this takes time and money. So I guess I will wait to see what the tiers turn out to be and be excited another Haslab has been offered to us, in the meantime.
  8. This is actually a really cool custom. I'm personally not into the characters, but, I would still buy these if Hasbro could make them like this.
  9. If it's a version of Cap we have never seen as a Marvel Legend before, I will go with it being Nomad.
  10. When they showed us The Fly and Razorback at SDCC, I thought it would be part of a retail wave, but there's enough never before made characters (four) in this pack to make me willing to buy yet another black suit Spider-man. BTW, he looks really small, like teenage Peter Parker or Miles Morales small, kinda odd.
  11. I'm 100% with the long time collectors and others who want more C and D list heroes and villians. Heck, I'd be happy if they gave us all three of those old villians. Now if I can just interest the Hasbro Team in giving me Graviton and Meteor Man! Oh yeah, and Grasshopper and Mr. Immortal!
  12. The Sentry looks pretty good on that buck. I wouldn't mind if the next figure was ionic Count Nefaria on that buck. But it's probably a female we have gotten before.
  13. Selfishly, I hope this is not really a Marvel Select figure. Same way I felt when I heard about the Destroyer MS figure. I would really like Legends to take a stab at these characters. But they seem to wait years after a character is released as a MS before making it into a Legend... not to compete for consumer dollars at the same time I suppose. And the previous Legends Beta Ray Bill was ways too small in size and wore that completely uninspired costume. I would prefer his original or this current one which is a take-off on it.
  14. I'm getting more excited about this figure than I thought I would. Still, would like to see him next to some other character figs for size comparison before ordering him, but oh well.
  15. Everyone's already hit on the big issues with the Blackbird, proper scale and space to display. I personally would prefer a breather this year and not have a massive Haslab figure to debate buying or not. My wallet could use a rest this year with the price increases and the number of figures I've purchased. If I had to choose, I would go FFF in a heartbeat, but I was hoping the Haslab figure this year would be a much smaller one and more affordable. I remember the Hasbro guys saying that was an option at some point. If they gave us a Dragon Man, Giant Man, or a Giant Man sized Super Adaptoid using the Avengers powers, those would be awesome figures and more price friendly. With rampant inflation, a Galactus or Sentinel sized figure would cost so much more this year anyway.
  16. Most probably don't realize, but Drax was originally a normal human-sized character when he appeared in the 70's. Iron Man #55 if anyone wants to check it out. Starlin introduced a ton of characters in that issue. But come the 90's, when Kronos resurrected him, he made him far larger and more powerful in order to defeat the resurrected Thanos this time. Problem being, Kronos didn't fix his brain, as his daughter Moondragon originally killed Drax by brain death back in a 200's issue of the Avengers. So in the 90's Drax was not only as big as the Hulk, but just as mentally challenged as Hulk had once been. I personally want them to release him in his classic purple costume but in 90's form. The Hulk body could easily be repurposed. It would look awesome. And now that Pip and Starfox/Eros have been introduced in the MCU, hopefully we will get comic versions of them as more people go back and discover all those great cosmic Starlin stories. I feel we will definitely get a comic, as well as MCU, Adam Warlock at some point, but in what (comic) costume is unsure. His original Shazam-ish costume with red cape would be my choice. Gamora still has a role to play in one or both upcoming GOTG movie/specials coming out, so it would be nice to not only get a comic accurate version, but her original costume. Which she wore in both the 70's and 90's.
  17. I just received my pre-order today. He looks good on the Modern Hercules buck. And boy, is it obvious we will get a new Piledriver on this buck too - the shirt, belt and pants just jump out at you and scream Piledriver. Of course, that bodes well for the rest of the Wrecking Crew being redone also.
  18. I always enjoy guessing at the possible characters, it always gives me some hope we will get C & D listers as well as some new villains as well. Molecule - sure hope it is Molecule Man, I've wanted Owen Reece for decades now. He may be a Fantastic Four Villian, but at this point the Avengers and everyone else has fought him. Bomb - If this was ten years ago, I would say A-Bomb was it. But Rick hasn't been that character in a long time. I like the thinking that it could be Nitro. One of the two great villains Starlin gave us during his short but amazing run on Captain Marvel. Belle - well, if this is in fact an X-men wave, I would say Belladonna, Gambits ex-wife. Otherwise, I am scratching my head. Won - Wonder Man seems like the obvious choice, but I am in the much smaller camp of wanting his first appearance outfit, not the safari jacket one... which is what we will probably get. Cop - Maybe a character that is or was a policeman/woman. I'll have to think about this one some more. Although they have slowly been feeding us Serpent Society members for a number of years now, so I wouldn't rule Copperhead out completely. Antonio - Could be a Stark IM suit. But I'm going to go a little further afield and say maybe it's a character from San Antonio, one of The Rangers, Texas Twister perhaps? Optics - I'm also going out there on this one too. A character that is optically enhanced would be my guess and I'll say Basilisk. Yeah, very obscure, but that's the sort of figs I keep hoping for. We will see.
  19. If you say so, I really don't have any real knowledge or interest in this particular character. I am far more interested in Hasbro developing a buck for the characters I mentioned and finally getting their height corrected... among others, like Cyclops. Take a look at the review pictures, 6'4" is what the reviewer converted the new figures height to in scale. This appears to be the buck I have long been hoping for. If Vulcan is the first character they chose to use it for, perhaps it was not the best choice for him if he is only 6' even.
  20. This new buck, based on the scale height of 6'4" is the one we should get tall but leaner characters on. Characters like Silver Surfer, Firelord, Vision, Loki, etc.
  21. It will be interesting to see what they do with his origin story, since it's so deeply tied to the Avengers, Tony Stark, the Vision and Ultron. Probably a very revamped origin... they seem to give second and third tier characters abbreviated origins that stray fairly far from the comics for the sake of time and plot. But, that's fine, as long as they give us the spirit of Simon Willaims origin, I'll be happy. And at this point, I'm no longer in the Nathan Fileon, John Hamm or any other actor in their late forties or early fifties camp. If they are bothering to make a show for him, I assume they want to use the property for a number of years, maybe in both TV and movies. Makes no sense to start now with an actor who isn't remotely young-ish, so they can grow with the character down the line.
  22. Now That is great news! Airwalker all the way. Maybe with Gabrielle's humanoid face and an alt head showing some of the robotics of his android version, kind of like they did with Ragnarok. A re-issue of Terrax would be a little disappointing as he is only 6 ft tall. That previous BAF would really need to be scaled down, just like the Wrecking Crew. The Destroyer I would welcome, but, like said by others, would he really be in a Galactus' Heralds' release or more likely a Thor themed release? Stardust and Redshift seemed rather short lived to me and lacking any personality, so I would put my money on them. Overall, just awesome news!
  23. This costume reimagination, for the small streaming screen, is nice. Incorporating a mummified motif really was clever and translates much better than the white comic jumpsuit ever would. If changes to the comic characters costumes, ethnicities and even gender, continues as it has, I wouldn't be disappointed seeing this version of MK in the comics.
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