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  1. I'm hoping for more on the x-men and avengers comic based waves discussed here a few weeks back. I would like to see who the BAFs are going to be for sure.
  2. Happy to get this Herc, I like it so much better than the recent modern one. Two heads (one with his goofy smirk nails a big part of the characters personality from the comics) and his adamantium mace really invoke his 80s Avengers run for me. I feel confident we will get his classic original comic outfit now that they have a great buc for him. Hope I get mine before the Holidays.
  3. Where do you live?! I have been searching my metro area Walgreens for months. I hope this means I will find him and then Quasar before this supply chain bottleneck gets worse... its going to be an empty shelves Christmas this year.
  4. Ah, I see, they just filled in the steel band indentations on Colossus, still a previous buc, thanks Benn. But at 7' 2" both Heimdall and Skurge would be far better on the buck than Sabretooth. We are not going to get a different buc for every inch of difference the characters actually are in the comics. And the cost would be passed a long making new molds for every fraction of an inch taller in plastic, it just isn't cost efficient. Anyone 7' 2" up to 7'5" like Colossus, is going to be just fine on that buc. Yeah, I already had this conversation about Sabretooth's scale with gigantor, but he will always be unhappy. Because they will never make a different mold for every size height, heck as you point out, we have 6' 4" Cyber on the Colossus body also. Getting close is going to have to do, and I'm more concerned with someday getting the above mentioned figures 'at all'.
  5. I think you hit all the pros and cons right on the head. And while I know that sandman 'grows' as he takes on more sand (when available) I sold my BAF and all his great attachments for the reasons you stated. I did keep my SDCC Vault all-sand Sandman however because, well, he grows when he takes on more sand, lol!
  6. I'm still coming back to this figure, is this a completely all new buc? I wish I could see him next to the 80th Thor figure. Anyway, I just see a lot of potential with this buc. I mean, maybe this is the one they use to finally give us the Executioner, Heimdall, a more classic, regal Odin, maybe even a new updated Wrecking Crew. Although as always, I'd prefer they just keep giving us new villains . Yeah, this buc is nice!
  7. I can see your point, and yes, Sabretooth is only an inch taller than Herc in the comics. I do enjoy it when they get the scale right, but I've come to accept they always make the villains taller, even if they are actually the same height as a given hero.
  8. I agree, much better than the most recent versions, epecially on the - sentry/hyperion buc. The AOA storyline never really hooked me, but I'm happy for those who are really looking forward to this version of the character. My hope is they use this buc for a classic Sabretooth in the future. I actually hope they use it for any number of larger characters.
  9. I really like this figure and have ordered it. But for me, I'm going to use my Juggernaut BAF Iceman for the X-men, and use this figure as classic Iron Man villian Jack Frost, Gregor Sharpanka's first alias before becoming the Blizzard. He just strikes me as perfect for that character, and we are unlikely to ever get an official JF released.
  10. I am finding the color pallet, especially the blue, more appealing than the darker 80th version. I like having an unmasked Steve Rogers head also. Some of the action/energy effects have me a little puzzled... like it that suppose to be 'electricity' all over his shield, like if Thor or Storm attacked him? And what are you suppose to do with those yellow effects exactly? Overall, a very nice figure.
  11. That's true, he was. The very 'robotic' looking Ultron from the TB Legendary Riders Wave was also from a pre-Legends wave based on the Avengers - Thor, Loki, Scarlet Witch and him.
  12. Thats great news, I ordered mine through bbts also. Too bad there wasn't a pic with a size comparison next to Ares, would have liked to have seen that.
  13. I got my Tigra today. Yeah, the orange makes her look like she's the Cincinnati Bengals mascot, but she is a lot more full bodied than the old one. Her tail is still movable and gets too heads, so I'm satisfied. In this increasingly PC and feminized society, I'm not surprised at all her swimsuit has been made into a granny suit... the times we live in indeed.
  14. I really like this figure and have it ordered. I glad they did a side by side height comparison with Thor. The scale looks dead on to me as Herc is 6'5" and Thor is 6'6" in the comics. I love when they get the scale right! Way to go team Hasbro!
  15. I don't know, I'm not a big spider-man guy, but I really like this figure, something about the color scheme really hits me. I ordered it today.
  16. So, by that logic, only a half dozen characters are A-listers across all Marvel books. Hmm, interesting logic. An individual hero or team can and do have their own top A-list villains even if some are not Marvel wide A-listers, I'd call it a sub-set. Graviton is the Avengers Magneto in the world class, naw, in the galaxy class threat he represents. The guy literally can create black holes and has fought every version of the team several times as well as first appeared in the Avengers, in a string of powerful threats to the team Jim Shooter set up along with Korvac and a return from Ultron. He blew himself up in Iron Man ten or so years ago, but later appeared alive and well, stating he pulled himself "back together from atoms". All making him a top ten A-list Avengers villain. And I keep emphasizing 'AVENGERS' villain, not Marvel-wide. Count Nefaria is an A-list "AVENGERS' villain, Red Skull is not - a Marvel wide and Cap A-lister? Sure. The Grandmaster is an A-list 'AVENGERS' villain, Baron Zemo is not... he's even dead. That son of his Helmut Zemo? Not a chance. Maybe the Masters of Evil, as a group, could be considered an A-List "AVENGERS' villain, but he is not even in every iteration of that group, nor is he an A-list threat by himself. Immortus is an A-list 'AVENGERS' villain/antagonist and it has nothing to do with your definition and interpretation. Just your opinion trying to masquerade as fact. And your opinion doesn't count more than anyone elses.
  17. I'm happy for all you getting your tigras, thats pretty cool and unexpected. I got my surtur today, but he's missing his sword twilight.
  18. Among Avengers villains? Yeah Gravitons definitely an A-list, top ten villain of theirs. He takes out the whole team with his powers every time. Writers usually have to take the easy way out and have him lose control of his powers in order for the Avengers to win. Would people who aren't Avengers fans know him, probably not. But his power set and number of times he's had to be taken down by the Avengers make him an A-lister 'Avengers' villain in my book.
  19. I am hoping we get both Thor comic and MCU figures with the movie release next year. If it is as big a hit as the last one, I feel fairly confident it will happen.
  20. Well, if a Thor figure in this wave is not for certain, I'm still holding out for an A-list Avengers villain like Graviton. Otherwise, I'd be very pleased with a D-lister like Stingray, Moondragon or Jack Of Hearts (yeah he was one of those who was a member for a hot second, but this character doesn't really fit in any other themed waves really, so Avengers it is), The fact we will most surely get a Thor MCU wave next year makes me believe we will probably get a mix of comic and movie characters anyway. Thor is my man, but I can wait for a Lord Thor/Herald Of Thunder if it means getting some of the above figures in this wave. Here's hoping.
  21. Hmm, well I guess thats to be expected with an Avengers wave. Hopefully it will be an armor Hasbro hasn't done before. I would be okay with the Thor-buster armor, especially if Thor is going to be in the wave also. The new Lord Thor with an alternate lighting eyes head to make him a Herald of Thunder would be cool. Viper... yeah, great...
  22. I just got word that my MCU Surtur will be arriving tomorrow. Words cannot express how much I have waited and wanted this key Asgardian villain for years! While I am a comic-based collector by nature, this figure will fit right in with my comic Thor family and rogues gallery. Although I will always hold out hope for a comic Surtur... Haslab 2025 perhaps?!
  23. Atlantis, clearly you are another lover of the Avengers, as well as others posting to this thread, lol. I think it is a fact that at this point, there are more members of the Avengers that should not be, than there are characters we all automatically associate with the team. I myself came to peace with this years ago, since I have been reading the book since the 70s. I understand every new writer wants to assemble their own team and put their own stamp on the title... you know, "The Old Order Changeth!" But, conversely, there are a number of heroes that are from at least the first two hundred issues (which I would loosely call the Classic Avengers Era) that should really have their day in plastic. And since there are so few left from the era, I don't feel its asking too much to have them after twenty years of Marvel Legends production. The sooner us old crusty Avengers fans get Mantis, Swordsman, Moondragon, Starfox, and Photon/Pulsar/Captain Marvel/Whatever they call her this week (Okay, the last two first appeared in the low 200's, but I still associate them most closely with their Avengers days), the sooner we can all just move on to debating whether the Fantastic Four, Dr. Druid, Rage and the New Avengers are really Avengers and should have their Avenger's run looks made into figures. Our pals over at Hasbro do read our posts at times, and over the years have heard these names mentioned more than they care to remember. So if for no other reason than to shut us up, lmao, I think they want to give us those also. And I cannot forget to mention Wonder Man in his classic red/green suit, the one he fought the Avengers in then promptly turned around and save them, at the cost of his own life all in one issue (Until the war with DC over copying each others characters and names cooled off). I just hope it is soon... and that we get some of those d@mn Avengers villains we have been lacking for so long! Hear me Hasbro, hear me!
  24. This has been a long standing problem with ML figures. Even if the character is really tall (by human standards) like Vision at 6 foot 3" or Silver Surfer at 6 foot 4", because they are not massively muscle bound, they get made much small then they should. Generally speaking, the bucs only get taller if the character is more muscular. I get it, I mean not everyone is a scale fanatic like myself and some of the others, so it slides by and Hasbro saves money on plastic. But they have been doing much, much better on scaling comic figures in recent years. So I would challenge our friends at Hasbro to make a taller, leaner buc that could be used for the aforementioned characters as well as others mentioned here, like Falcon and Moon Knight. Its been a long day and my brain has turned off, but I'm sure there are many more characters they could use such a buc for... how about Starfox, I think he's at least 6 foot 3". On a separate note, YES, give us Wonderman in a more muscular buc and lets not stop there; classic costume, modern costume and ionic version are all figures I would buy without thinking twice.
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