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  1. I haven't posted in a looong time, but this topic always gets me interested again! Amen to the above list, especially graviton, kang, high evolutionary, supper adaptoid and the wizard. I also would like to put in requests for the following - seeing as the list was suppose to be top 25 and only has 15 on it: Grandmaster, Collector, Count Nefaria, Molecule Man, Immortus, Maelstrom, Zzzzax, Morgan Le Fey, Unicorn, Dr. Spectrum, Skurge The Executioner, Kurse, Karnilla The Norn Queen, Firelord, The Overmind, Master Of The World, Titania, Classic Ultron 5/6, Blackout, Blacklash, and the U-foes: Iron Clad, Vector, Vapor and X-ray. Oops, that's more than ten. ToyBiz gave us an all-villians wave a long time ago, I think it's long past time for another!
  2. I'm all for this, as it stands we have had to pay for exclusives mostly to get Thor related heroes and villians, or else they are released in waves that have nothing to do with Thor. I vote for BAF: Surtur, Destroyer, Kurse and Volstagg Comic Figures: Balder, Karnilla, Heimdal, Hogun, Fandral, Skurge, High Evolutionary, New Odin
  3. I would be happy with a larger figure character, even if they were not originally a Spider-man villain per say - heck he's pretty much battled everyone at this point, so I vote for Stilt Man, Armadillo, Porcupine, Super Adaptoid, Titanium Man, or the JJJ Spiderslayer armor/robot.
  4. Nice lists all of you, myself, I feel we are long overdue for more bad guys! Lets see some classic characters who have battled/antagonized most all of the Marvel heroes and NEVER had comic-based figure released: Graviton Count Nefaria Skurge The Excutioner The Collector The Grandmaster High Evolutionary Molecule Man The Wizard Super-Adaptoid Immortus Maelstrom Mr. Hyde Dr. Spectrum (to complete the Squadron Sinister) Titania Quasimodo Overmind Crimson Dynamo Titanium Man Attuma Whipelash/Blacklash
  5. Easily the most needed is Scarlet Witch... the new moonstone body would be great as she is very curvy. Magneto definitely needs an update, it's been a loooong time since the Toybiz maggy We need a more scale accurate Wonder Man... the new Hyperion/Luke Cage body would fit nicely How about doing Ultron right? The Toybiz one stunk and the new IM wave one just doesn't cut it. How about a classic sunfire, the AOA Sunfire is fine, but not the one we are most use too. Absorbing Man! The Hulk line one is still better than the Hasbro one, but come on guys, do one of the best Marvel villians right. Blackbolt/Adam Warlock - terrible body and articulation. Loki, the Doc Sampson body one is nice, but how about the classic costume or even better the semi-classic Walt Simonson costume? The Destroyer - need a scale and detail accurate Destroyer, seriously They never got Silver Surfer right, he's slim, but 6"4" (scale alert!) and those Roswell alien faces don't cut it. Red Skull, again neither Hasbro or Toybiz got him right. The Vision, the Toybiz one is very dated and the Hasbro one uses that joke of a body. Do one of the greatest Avengers right please.
  6. I second the concensus here. Either go with the Hasbro 2-Pack McGiuness Hulk, or the ToyBiz 2-Pack Face-off/Versus Hulk. I feel that the Hasbro one is a little small and short for a 6" scale Hulk, and I love the articulation and lower body of the ToyBiz Hulk. But, the upper body of that one is a little under-sized in my opinion. His biceps, triceps and shoulder width should be a bit bigger to make him perfect, but overall, he's the best Hulk.
  7. Yes I did, over the weekend... so maybe your order will arrive soon!
  8. I got my wave 2 from BBTS today, try them guys. Beats wasting all the gas driving to stores. That's why I did it.
  9. I got my Wave 2 order from BBTS today. I got mohawk Daken and FF Spider-man. So I guess I got the variants? Pretty pleased, I never find in the store or get on order the variants. And in this case I prefer both of these to the 'regular' figures. If there is in fact a 'energy shield' cap variant, that makes a total of 16 figures in this wave - variants, running changes. Drax and Fantomex are the only two figures without changes/variants.
  10. LMAO! You captured the expierince perfectly! I always have enjoyed the hunt too. But over the past year, the legends figures have not been coming to my city and stores. I'm in a major city, albeit one far north. So rather then spend countless days and gallons of ever increasingly pricey gas, I decided to order off BBTS this time. I'll miss that experience you so vividly described, but at least I'll get tham at my front door soon.
  11. Modern Thor and ALL the villians in each of the waves, especially since they are all classic 'Hero' villians and not mutant villians.
  12. Hey Shokker. where did you hear this? I never got a hold of the black Black Widow two pack and would love to get it, especially before the movie comes out.
  13. Boy, I wish I was in the same position as you guys... figuring where you can get them cheapest. I live in Milwaukee and there is still no Legends. Maybe there won't be any. Not sure what's happening with certain markets, but Hasbro seems to be giving ToyBiz a run for their money as far as poor distribution. I just got the Thor movie figure and two Captain America movie figures today, but only thanks to Riddick getting them for me in Tennessee.
  14. I'm still hoping for a complete wave of bad guys, like the one ToyBiz did. These first two waves are encouraging, but there are soooo many great villians that need to be made. We seem to be getting figures in the Legends line that the MU line already has, so here's hoping for a classic Ultron, Thanos, Enchantress and Silver Samari. Hyperion in 2013 is awesome! Another classic Avengers villian!
  15. Ah, I never get tired of these lists. Matter of fact, I think over the years it has helped, since hasbro checks in here from time to time. Well, here's my current list: Avengers: 1. Jack Of Hearts 2. Stingray 3. Swordsman 4. Mantis 5. Starfox 6. Edwin Jarvis 7. Rick Jones 8. Machine Man 9. Moondragon 10. Sersi 11. Photon 12. Mockingbird 13. Quasar 14. Gilgamesh 15. Super Adaptoid – BAF 16. Ultron 12 – BAF 17. Korvac – BAF Cosmic: 18. Pip 19. Gamora 20. Gladiator 21. Firelord 22. Airwalker 23. Nova – Frankie Raye 24. Morg 25. Stardust 26. Grandmaster 27. Collector 28. Champion 29. Tyrant 30. Quoi 31. Eternity - BAF 32. Living Tribunal - BAF 33. In-Betweener - BAF 34. Stranger – BAF 35. Shaper Of Worlds – BAF 36. Oblivion – BAF Asgardians: 37. Odin 38. Balder 39. Sif 40. Heimdal 41. Valkyrie 42. Warriors Three 43. Kurse 44. Ulik 45. Enchantress 46. Executioner 47. Karnilla 48. Hel 49. Pluto 50. Zeus 51. Surtur – BAF 52. Midgard Serpent – BAF Inhumans: 53. Medusa 54. Crystal 55. Triton 56. Karnak 57. Gorgon 58. Maximus 59. Lockjaw – BAF Alpha Flight 60. Puck 61. Snowbird 62. Northstar 63. Aurora 64. Shaman 65. Marina X-men: 66. Siryn 67. Sunspot 68. Strong Guy 69. Random 70. Exodus 71. Stryfe 72. Mimic Thunderbolts: Songbird Radioactive Man Moonstone Fixer Atlas - BAF Others: 73. Overmind 74. Gargoyle 75. Nighthawk 76. Devil-slayer 77. Son Of Satan 78. Hellcat 79. Shroud 80. Ikaris 81. Thena 82. Darkstar 83. Guardsmen 84. Captain Ultra 85. Captain Universe 86. Gravity Villians: 87. Alkhema 88. Armadillo 89. Baron Mordo 90. Baron Blood 91. Blacklash 92. Blackout 93. Blizzard 94. Blastaar 95. Count Nafaria 96. Crusader 97. Dormammu 98. Dr. Spectrum 99. Eel 100. Graviton 101. Grey Gargoyle 102. Grim Reaper 103. Her 104. High Evolutionary 105. Mr Hyde 106. Hyperion 107. Immortus 108. Killer Shrike 109. Killmonger 110. King Cobra 111. Living Laser 112. Mad Thinker 113. Maelstrom 114. Magus 115. Moses Magnum 116. Man-Beast 117. Master Of The World 118. Molecule Man 119. Mongoose 120. Nitro 121. Orka 122. Quasimodo 123. Quicksand 124. Porcupine 125. Power Princess 126. Puppet Master 127. Purple Man 128. Red Ghost 129. Scarlet Centurion 130. Silver Samarai 131. Speed Demon 132. Swarm 133. Space Phantom 134. Spot 135. Tiger Shark 136. Titania 137. Tyrannus 138. U-Foes – Iron Clad, Vector, X-ray, Vapor 139. Ultron 5 140. Unicorn 141. Whirlwind 142. Wizard Other Build a Figures 143. Celestial 144. Supreme Intelligence 145. Living Monolith 146. Terminus 147. Ultimo 148. Ego 149. Unimind 150. Zzzzax
  16. Maybe there's a skinny woman inside the new IM armor and not a full grown man? ;)
  17. Nevermind. For those who will see my last post and also are having trouble finding them at the TRU site, they are listed under "marvel universe 6 inch" figures. Or type in each character name seperately.
  18. So, why when I go to toysrus.com and look up marvel legends do I get "0 results returned", not "out of stock" already cause there all sold, but rather they aren't in the system? Is there a different site to use?
  19. Funny, no one has mentioned anything about Terrax being too tall... he is 6'6", just like Thor.
  20. Being as Thor is my favorite character, it's a win-win to me! MS Thor was great to have - especially since we didn't know when or if Hasbro would ever make a Modern Age Thor, and now we have a ML Thor plus the SDCC variant... I'm happy.
  21. Agreed. Keep the mold (and all it's great articulation) but bring back the details and shapliness please. Like others, I think it's a great mold for many standard-sized 'average' proportioned characters. And it does keep costs down in the age of skyrocketing petrol prices. Use it intelligently. Oh, and yes, take the Hasbro Silver Surfer/Vision/Klaw mold out into the woods and lose it!
  22. I pre-ordered both Wave 1 & 2 from BBTS the other day. All the Cap and Thor 6" movie Legends have not come to my market and I'm not wasting any more gas driving around to see if these come in too.
  23. Sadly, Klaw appears to be the same 5 1/2" (jokingly) scale and same mold as that too short, too scrawny Vision and Silver Surfer that Hasbro put out. BTW, Thor is not just 6 foot 6 inches tall per Marvel, but he is also an extremely thick and muscled character. He will be to the scale of other Marvel god characters of similar stature: Hercules and Ares. And he will be similar in size to the first ToyBiz Thor and the Lord Thor that Hasbro put out and TB originally sculpted.
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