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  1. If you say so, I really don't have any real knowledge or interest in this particular character. I am far more interested in Hasbro developing a buck for the characters I mentioned and finally getting their height corrected... among others, like Cyclops. Take a look at the review pictures, 6'4" is what the reviewer converted the new figures height to in scale. This appears to be the buck I have long been hoping for. If Vulcan is the first character they chose to use it for, perhaps it was not the best choice for him if he is only 6' even.
  2. This new buck, based on the scale height of 6'4" is the one we should get tall but leaner characters on. Characters like Silver Surfer, Firelord, Vision, Loki, etc.
  3. It will be interesting to see what they do with his origin story, since it's so deeply tied to the Avengers, Tony Stark, the Vision and Ultron. Probably a very revamped origin... they seem to give second and third tier characters abbreviated origins that stray fairly far from the comics for the sake of time and plot. But, that's fine, as long as they give us the spirit of Simon Willaims origin, I'll be happy. And at this point, I'm no longer in the Nathan Fileon, John Hamm or any other actor in their late forties or early fifties camp. If they are bothering to make a show for him, I assume they want to use the property for a number of years, maybe in both TV and movies. Makes no sense to start now with an actor who isn't remotely young-ish, so they can grow with the character down the line.
  4. Now That is great news! Airwalker all the way. Maybe with Gabrielle's humanoid face and an alt head showing some of the robotics of his android version, kind of like they did with Ragnarok. A re-issue of Terrax would be a little disappointing as he is only 6 ft tall. That previous BAF would really need to be scaled down, just like the Wrecking Crew. The Destroyer I would welcome, but, like said by others, would he really be in a Galactus' Heralds' release or more likely a Thor themed release? Stardust and Redshift seemed rather short lived to me and lacking any personality, so I would put my money on them. Overall, just awesome news!
  5. This costume reimagination, for the small streaming screen, is nice. Incorporating a mummified motif really was clever and translates much better than the white comic jumpsuit ever would. If changes to the comic characters costumes, ethnicities and even gender, continues as it has, I wouldn't be disappointed seeing this version of MK in the comics.
  6. The Walgreens web site seems to be overwhelmed with traffic - probably from us Zemo seekers. So, I just left his purchase page open and went about my online business. After a couple of trys, I was able to purchase him at 11:18 AM Central Time. I would keep trying if I were you.
  7. Amen to that! I love those old Defenders characters, and the D have their own shelf in my display, but it is a little short of figures. While I'm feeling good we may get gargoyle - he is part of a big story arc in Iron Man currently. Although they have made him a lot bigger and taller now. As far as the other two, would love them also, but at least two name changes and one pentagram would need to disappear with family friendly Hasbro. But don't give up hope, they did give us a MCU Surtur.
  8. Thanks to JayC I was able to order the Walmart Exclusive Dr. Strange the other day online. I hope to have him by the weekend. While not perfect, its still the first time Hasbro has given him to us in classic wardrobe. I also really like the picture of him along side the MCU Dr. Strange from TMOM. That figure is the closest we have gotten to a comic accurate Dr. Strange look in the MCU.
  9. I realize that, but not every character in a wave comes with one, IE the new Iron Man will not come with a Controller BAF part. Since we haven't seen any packaging, which is also odd, I just wanted to inquire. And is this a two pack or single card releases, because if it's a two pack, maybe it would only come with one BAF part, not two. The whole thing is just a little odd compared to the way they normally roll out figures to us.
  10. Does anyone know if this is supposed to hit store shelves also? I ordered mine online, but just curious.
  11. I missed out on the first round, so I grabbed one this afternoon. Can't wait to get this figure. Its been overdue for years. Finally a key hero is released in his classic outfit.
  12. Just ordered her. One more figure added to my 'finally' growing shelf cosmic characters. I know she isn't the same buck as Captain Marvel, but I have my doubts we will ever get another Binary figure, so I took the plunge. With the Galactus Haslab with heralds, and Firelord all coming yet this year, ML's cosmic future is looking the brightest I can recall.
  13. If that's the version Fortnite is using, sure. But he first debuted in Donny Cates Thor #1 of the current Thor run.
  14. He is a very old Iron Man villain, debuting before the first volume of his title was even two years old. He is later closely associated with Thanos and his first attempt to take over the universe. He is currently in Iron Man and a lacky for Korvac as he trys to become a god again. He 'controls' people, takes over their will, and grows stronger and larger as a result. He is around 6 foot per Marvel, but given his growth factor, the Thanos buck is really not too much of a stretch. He has been on my long list of classic villains for many years, and when they released Thanos, I hoped we would be seeing him soon. I wonder if the Iron Man Retro Wave rumor, reported elsewhere, was in fact this wave, since it has both an Iron Man and the BAF is one of his villains. I personally wouldn't mind a whole additional IM wave to come yet this year though. As far as the rest of the reveals, I am most satisfied with JayC's long alluded to comic Avengers Wave. Blue Marvel, Speedball and Quake are all welcome first-timers. I will get Viper/Madame Hydra, Iron Man and Thor since I definitely want to build The Controller. I had to look up that IM Mark 70 armor and it is apparently a recent one, being used during the Knull invasion of earth. Thor is my guy, but I am a little reticent about the mold. I sit here with my 80th Anniversary classic Thor, and find this 'Legolas' Thor rather small in muscle mass. Perhaps it is just the angles used in the pics, but he seems kinda wimpy looking. We will see. I have the old Rhino BAF, but may get this one with those head sculpts and the big arm pin holes filled in- those were very off-putting. What If? Ultron/Vistron is a nice addition to the D+ line, and it looks like I will be getting whichever D+ figures build him. Storm and FF Spider-man I will pass on and while I would like to see Toad, he will most likely be shown during the Fan First in March.
  15. Yes! Skycycle Hawkeye is possible! I just hope they used a newer buck than Bucky Cap, if this actually happens. Disappointed Blue Marvel will be in his padded vest-jacket instead of his original costume with cape, oh well. I am most looking forward to the comic Avengers wave release... which Iron Man armor will be released, Heroes Reborn, Extremis? Which version of Thor will they release, Lord Thor, Herald of Lightning, the brand spanking new Thorforce Golden Armored Thor? And the BAF better be an Avengers villian, we have gotten so few of their villians over the years. Announcement of the next couple of Walgreens villians would be great too, maybe some Avengers villians perhaps?! Hint, hint!
  16. This time, unlike with my Nova online order, there wasn't even an option to search local stores. So I just did the online deed. It was a nice surprise for a Friday, I wasn't expecting to get excited about anything ML related until next Monday.
  17. Personally I don't collect these, but Jane of Thunder definitely looks comic accurate, and I really like the new Thor armor. Its definitely the biggest leap/risk the MCU has taken with his armor. It not only invokes a little of Simonson's battle armor, but also the brief outfit he wore towards the very end of Thor volume 1, issue #490 or so, when he was hanging with the High Evolutionary and New Men again. Overall, nice figures, and I'm not so sure Hasbro has any reason anymore not to show us those two figs from the LAT movie next Monday, we'll see.
  18. Just looking for some reveals and clarification of what waves we will be getting this year, or at the very least the first half. I'm glad they announced this for next week, the collectors really deserve some clear, up-to-date information as to whats coming.
  19. I know a lot of people are confused by the figures coming out in this sub line that were not part of the original Toybiz Marvel Legends, but it was reported originally that not all the characters were going to be from the original line. Still, I get it, seems a little odd. But if it means we get Firelord, another originally Thor related antagonist, I'm happy. I am also intrigued by a new Scorpion, since I enjoy the character more than most heroes. Maybe a new head sculpt with his original mask - a long, rounded edges rectangle open to just his eyes. Or maybe it will go the way of the old Spider-man Classics, where they repainted the first figure in a much darker, more metallic paint. It wouldn't hurt if his tail could shoot venom blasts like the SC's did either. I'm also with those who keep mentioning Beta Ray Bill's original costume. If we don't get a comic version in the Love & Thunder movie wave, this would be the next logical place. An original red or blue costume Angel or Hawkeye with his sky cycle would be great too - remember the Legendary Riders Wave from TB?! Well, looking forward to being surprised by more reveals.
  20. True to form, I ordered all the new, never had a figure done in MLs before: Vulcan, Siryn, Maggott and Darwin. I also grabbed Havok because its the first time Hasbro has done his classic look, which I prefer for most characters. And now I'll have all the Summers brothers. Four new characters and a baf thats new, not bad for a Hasbro wave.
  21. Thor is definitely the most overlooked main Marvel character in the ML line. Even the dozen villians, made into MLs, that were first or mainly associated with him, have either been released in waves that have nothing to do with him, or been some sort of SDCC exclusive. Hopefully the presumed success of a fourth Thor (Love & Thunder) movie will increase interest in the character and his supporting comic cast... because most of them have either been killed or never introduced in the MCU. I like Atlantis' wave, but really want to see more Thor related gods in a wave(s) in the future. Balder, Heimdall, Skurge, Karnilla, Pluto, Zeus, and a redesigned Ares done on a newer buck. And I have never been a fan of the one Odin we got. It's boring, drab, and too small a buck for the character - Odin is a massive guy! It really was designed more for the Old Lord Thor tandem BAF that was in the Thor comic at the time. Give us a regal, ornate Odin, the way Big John Buscema use to draw him. Now those would be a wave I could really get behind and buy the whole thing. Yeah, yeah, I can already hear you saying some of those characters are too obscure and unknown. But again, I would like to see Thor 4 lift the characters supporting cast to a higher profile, driving more interest and possibly demand in the comic characters.
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