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  1. I received my FF Torch yesterday and I really have to say I like it. Its very different from the other most recent Torch, the Walgreens exclusive, but both have their merits. While waiting for an order today, I wandered down the action figure aisle at Walmart, and to my surprise, there were most all the figures from the FF wave. I grabbed the Invisible Woman and the High Evolutionary - the figure I wanted most from this wave. Torch was the only figure not there for purchase. Since I have already received my Thing, Mr. Fantastic and Psycho Man fig pre-orders, I happily left all the other figures there for some other collector to happen upon and be surprised. When I checked out, the figures were not even in the computer system and rang up $0.00. It took them some time to find the price in the system and they had to enter it manually into the checkout scanner. This tells me these were not expected to be for sale yet in my store. I live in the upper Midwest, so be on the lookout for these if you have a Walmart near you. I'm normally always one of the last ones to get marvel legends in my local Walmarts, so maybe check your action fig aisle next time you are there.
  2. Although I have spent countless hours, and too much gas to mention, searching my metro area Walgreens since this past summer for both Quasar and Nova, I will remain cautiously optimistic about getting my hands on Quasar before the year ends.
  3. An update for anyone interested. I recieved a notice that my item has shipped. This was within a couple hours of ordering it. Suppose to be coming via FedEx, so it sounds like they actually have them truely in- hand and stocked at this point.
  4. I first tried shipping to a local store, but the site responded there were none in a 25 mile radius, which is literally dozens of Walgreens in multiple counties. So I had to order online. It cost me $30.57 with shipping and state sales tax, which is good, because that is about my limit for one 6 inch plastic figure. Others in the upper Midwest might want to be aware of this. It appears the only thing that has changed in our region is that it is available online, not in stores. Good luck to everyone.
  5. Got it! Come on all you Midwesterners who can't find it in your stores, grab it quick!
  6. Yeah, instead of saying his Rocky line "Yo Adriane!" his line will be "Yo Star-Lord!"
  7. Yes! Another classic rogue from Thor's gallery! And they did an awesome job on him too. Hasbro is getting closer and closer to producing all his classic villains/antagonists. Now hoping to see the Executioner, Karnilla, Pluto, the Destroyer and maybe a storm or frost giant.
  8. I like the Walgreens Torch, but this one is pretty nice too, I'm going to get it. I just got the Thing last week and it is pretty nice, but features the bowl-brow - I generally prefer the uni-brow. Otherwise, its nice to have them in their royal and white uniforms. I'm glad I held onto my elongated Mr. Fantastic from years back, same color scheme.
  9. It is really nice. This whole sculpt from head, to hands, to crinkley pants with hoops... it's all from scratch and I can't see they are going to be able to use many of these parts for another figure. They really went all out on this one.
  10. I got my Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and Psycho Man and they all look pretty nice. I am really happy they did Mr. Fantastic with lab coat. He has long used it in the comics... and that opens up the possibility of some other lab coat wearers like Hank Pym, Bruce Banner, and even Dr. Don Blake. The Thing is more the orange-ish one we've gotten before and has the bowel-brow. Psycho Man is a character I never liked, but the figure itself is actually impressive.
  11. Anyone certain of the torso used for the new Captain Britain, it's clearly not the old one that used the Hyperion/Sentry buc.
  12. Hah! Well it looks like you and I will have to buy up all the Looters ourselves if he is ever made leokearon!
  13. See Atlantis, you made my case for me! LOL! I do think people would love his balloon shute though. That would be cool to display from the ceiling, lol!
  14. Trying to stay on topic by referring to the mention of Swarm as a beehive builder, lol. I would love to see that character made. It may not be as difficult as it may seem. Imagine a rough, uneven surface to the buc on a translucent yellow/gold mold. Then differing amounts of black applied uneveningly over the surface. I picture it being similar to the recent mcu Surtur. I think it could work without having to try to make a surface covered with tiny bees. Madame Web is another great call. Another I thought of was Will-o-wisp and the classic Spider Slayer robot, complete with JJJ's face in the head/ monitor. No love for Looter/Meteor Man guys? He was my first Spidey villian I picked up as a comic. S'okay, no one probably remembers him, lol.
  15. I hope Hasbro digs deep and gives us more Spider-man villians we have not gotten from them. Why the very easy to re-use 'suit' buc (I believe this buc dates back to the Toybiz Professor X in his wheelchair) hasn't been used to give us Mr. Negative, I really don't understand, given some of the other remakes of villians we have gotten before and have been redone more recently. And since we are talking army builders here, Mr. Negative's demon henchmen could also use the suit buc with some new head sculpts. I would buy a bunch of those. New Tarantula and Lizard figs should be made, but how about some love for Manwolf and the Looter/Meteor Man? Just saying.
  16. These army builders look to be the bucky cap buc, which seems to be going away slowly anyway. While not perfect, I will stick with my SHEILD army that was based on the old Captain America/Ka-Zar buc. They were bigger and had more removeable accessories as I recall.
  17. Vision has always been one of my very favorite characters. So I would have to say, I'm still waiting for him in his classic costume, but also with the right musculature and height. I still believe there is room for a new buc that is for muscular but tall and lean characters, ie 6'3" to 6'4". Not just him, but Silver Surfer, Cyclops and any number of other characters that are taller than 6'2" but not as muscle-bound as say a Thor, Hercules, or Sabretooth. I didn't watch the Vulcan video, but he doesn't look tall enough to fit the bill next to Spider-man. So I guess I'll keep waiting and hoping... and not buying the undersized and drab WC Avengers Vision. Yes, one buc for Vision, but I don't think we have been given the right one yet.
  18. I hear ya, I was just referring more to the idea circulating that if we got a WC Wonder Man, it would be in the safari jacket, when in fact it would be one of his other costumes. And there it is issue one of the mini! Glad to see my memory isn't completely gone, lol! Now if I can just convince Hasbro to give me that character right in the middle and in his classic bad guy digs.
  19. The Select Destroyer with alternate Odin head, is pure perfection and invokes the classic Destroyer armor in every way that is good. He works well in my ever growing ML Thor display. I especially like him next to the recent mcu Surtur release.
  20. Not to throw a wrench in, but just going by memory, I don't think Wonder Man wore the safari jacket on the WC team. Maybe in the original 4 issues limited series, before it became a regular ongoing title. He did wear what I consider his worse costume, the green one with a giant red W on the chest/shoulders attached to a giant red M going down from there to his ankles... and a jet pack. Anyway, I really hope that costume will not be what we get, lol!
  21. While I use to be able to find the new ML releases at one of my local Walgreens, I have yet to find Nova, let alone Quasar, both supposedly released this summer and fall respectively. So I really can't be excited about the new Baron Zemo to be released by Walgreens next year. How much of this is caused by a backed-up supply chain, who knows. But until I have Nova, Quasar, and Binary, I don't expect to get excited about new Walgreens ML releases... unfortunate
  22. Knull looks nice and I can't help but notice his hair and armor ressemble recent depictions of Dracula in The Avengers main book. So maybe a modern Dracula is coming our way. D'Spayre is an awesome, 'deep cut' villian and I've loved him since his debut in Marvel Team-up. And since he is classified as a 'demon' let's hope that bodes well for other such characters like Mephisto, Nightmare, Chthon, etc, at least as a fan channel or Pulse exclusive so the kiddies and parents don't have to see it in the toy aisle at Walmart. I think this will be my definitive Scarlet Witch. I'll pass on white Vision, I was never a fan, but I'm encouraged by the West Coast Avengers branding. We may get other WC characters I really want like the Shroud or their first major villian, Graviton (the Blank was just his henchman). Cap and IM look nice, but I wonder what the price tag will be. Glad to get another heavy hitter villain like Vulcan.
  23. I'm hoping for more on the x-men and avengers comic based waves discussed here a few weeks back. I would like to see who the BAFs are going to be for sure.
  24. Happy to get this Herc, I like it so much better than the recent modern one. Two heads (one with his goofy smirk nails a big part of the characters personality from the comics) and his adamantium mace really invoke his 80s Avengers run for me. I feel confident we will get his classic original comic outfit now that they have a great buc for him. Hope I get mine before the Holidays.
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