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  1. 1= worst figures ----- 2= only got because i needed it ---- 3=i could live without ---- 4=good, im glad i got this --- 5= one of the best figures i bought I have: X1 Storm 3 X1 Jean Grey 4 X1 Rogue x-suit 2 X1 Profeser X 1 X2 Cyclops (the one without the coat) 5 X2 Slash Wolverine (the one with the dam bit) 4 F4 Doom (lampost) 4 F4 Doom (light up) 1
  2. It's the first Monger, I can tell. The only one im interested in is the one that has a enw sculpt (I think): Subterranean Armor Iron Man
  3. Spider-Man and Buffy have been kiked out of my favorites, so now my favorites are all woman....X-Woman of course! Phoenix: Duh! -------------------------------------------- Emma Frost: She stole Jean's husband and is not a clone of Jean and she is still living! Record! Plus everyone assumes she is B***h of the year but behind it, there is a smart, hot, caring woman (when not punching you with her diamond fists ----------------------------------------- Shadowat: I just recentlyread AXM Unstopable and the way she saves the world...Brava! You can't not like someone who knows she is about to die, makes a friendship with B***h of the year, and phases a gigantic bulelt through the earth, and is in space fused with the bullet! And somthing embarrising to tell ya's...I was nearly crying.
  4. 1: Jean Grey's clones/future self/impersonators(skrulls, phoenix force) ---- They just get me SOOO angry because they get me excited about Jean coming back, and then BANG---You find out the truth. 2: Scarlet Witch ----- Don't get me wrong, she is a good character, but she killed Avenegers, and ehr husband, screwed the world up into House of M, and in comics most famous "F@!k you Dad!" moment ever, wiped out most mutants on the fricking world. 3: Super-Man ---- He and his little sidecick-tipe-people friend have never astonished me. I just hate the fact that he is nearly invicible but his weakness is god damn green-glowing rocks. 1: Toad ---- He is hideously disfigured, he spits out mucas-tipe-things, he hops on his legs, has a realy long tounge, is the most annoying character ever. 2: Mr. Sinister ---- He has been a pain in my backside ever since he first apeared. There is just somthing that makes me hate him (possibly the fact that he constantly back-stabs and lies to people) 3: Scarecrow ---- He wears a costume that resembels a scarecrow to go round and scare people... how lam can you get?!
  5. Okay, okay, she counts. I just don't realy think of her as the one that goes round kicking but infront of everyone like a normal hero.
  6. Well she aint realy a SUPER heroe because she dosn't realy have super-powers. Just farely inchanced stuff.
  7. Phoenix (I can say her, can't I?): Same reason as Dark Phoenix -- She is fire, life incarnate. With awesome power that nobody in the world can top, i'ld say she's the best. Spider-Man: Ever since he was 15, he fought crime, went to school, done homework (Dun dun DUN) and got a job and didn't complain once (well maybe a few times). He is probly the most known character in Comic history and you can't realy defeat him. And many of you are not going to agree with me on this one: Buffy Summers She isn't realy a superhero, she is more a realy tough girl who has saved the world alot, lived on Hellmouth, Fought demons / vampires, died twice, went to school, done homework (I quote "Dun dun DUN") went to college, had tod deal with mothers death, was in debt, got a job, looked after little Dawnie, had a relationship with Spike, and had to deal with some of her friends' deaths aswell. That has to be the longest list EVER, but it shows how mutch she's been through to deserve to be one of someoens favourtie characters.
  8. All time most evil villains: Dark phoenix (come on! she is fire, life incarnate. she could murder galactus without a second thought, and she destroyed a star system) Joker (It's the fricking Joker for crying out loud!) Sentinels (I know they aren't realy human nor alien, and they don't think they are evil or have emotions, but they are seriously bad ass! I mean, in-slaving a alternate reality, killing msot heros and villains?! You can't say they aren't evil.)
  9. We need: Galactus Heralds Excalubar Astonishing X-Men (#25+) Skrull Heros (with swapable heads morphing to skrulls, and variant human form) Double Date : Hawkeye & Mocking bird (with variant of skrulls) Phoenix and Cyclops (either 90's, classic or First Class) Ant-Man & Wasp Spider-Man & Mary Jane (spidey with removable mask and mary jane with windswept hair and a...gun or bamboo stick?) X-Force
  10. We need: Galactus Heralds Excalubar Astonishing X-Men (#25+) Skrull Heros (with swapable heads morphing to skrulls, and variant human form) Double Date : Hawkeye & Mocking bird (with variant of skrulls) Phoenix and Cyclops (either 90's, classic or First Class) Ant-Man & Wasp Spider-Man & Mary Jane (spidey with removable mask and mary jane with windswept hair and a...gun or bamboo stick?) X-Force
  11. Amen to the Torture Room! Until they make any small playsets, i'll just have to use Castle Grey Skull as Castle Doom
  12. Or Galdiator and Lilandra Blackcat (new sculpt obviously, with swappable un-masked head) and Gwen Stacey (Spidey is realy popular, but gwen needs a figure) Crystal and Medusa -------------- Crystal with swapable hands, like water beam, wind blast, flame thrower thing and rock base. Medusa with swapable head with elasticy-rubbery hair (I know, crap idea, but i want the effect) I think im beginning to be more interested in playsets for the new small figures, so here are some ideas: X-Mansion , sub-basment, a small cerebro & Danger Room (seperate peices) Baxter Building & Reed's lab (separte peices) Avengers Mansion (not stark tower, as too many floors) Genosha (just the main tower and some room around it, just bit enough for a small fight. Either new one or destroyed) Castle Doom (just a few floors, with throne room) Please tell me how crap those ideas are.
  13. Your not the only one! Sorry I havn't posted lately, Internets been going realy slow and I have a TON of homework to do. You'd think that i'm a nerd doing loads and laods and loads of extra credit. If they do make a lilandra, they have to get rid of that HML 1 Emma Frost cape. If i see that on a new figure one more time, im goiing to blame and kill my sister (somthing i've been meaning to do for a long time). Lilandra must be with a re-movable helmet and variant is modern lilandra. with someone else i can't think off.
  14. Well they better make a x-mansion playset and quinjet and baxter building
  15. Moira & Banshee (updated, better one, or atleast i repaint on a good figure with his cape added) Queen Verakni & Spider-Woman with swap skrull head, or BlackWidow with short hair swap. and either: Classic Shadowcat & Colossus Variant: Half clear Shadowcat & Human form Colossus X3 Shadowcat & X3 Angel (or leech) I am not realy happy about the realy small figures. Sure they probly will get playsets like a open-up Baxter Building, or a Quinjet, but why is hasbro going back to small figures? Are they the only type of figures they can do?
  16. x-menstorm1, you got any good ones? I can only think of a playset of the Danger Room, but that is completly unrelated.
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