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  1. Wow come on who let the iron commie out? come on man if you owned hasbro you would want to make as much money as possible also, and as far as basshing one party you must have a lot to learn about our country. First off all elits are out for themselves. and if you didnt know 5% of are country is in the elit catagory. which leaves the rest of us, and the bank owners run the country the president is their puppet regardless what party he is. Partys are a show for the people, people like you. Maybe you should read my post again. It was meant to be facetious. Bank owners running the country? That is a new one to me. Let me guess you subscribe to the belief we should punish those guys for getting bonuses they worked for regardless of bail outs? Do you feel in your current job that any compensation you were to receive should be taken away from you just because the government saved your company from bankruptcy? Now who would be calling who an iron commie at that point? Parties are NOT a show for the people. Obviously you need to be educated on how the party system works because you don't have a clue about it or what they stand for. You sound like a student and a possible Socialist. You sound like you believe in the re-distribution of our wealth so we don't have a top 5% but rather have EVERYONE working side by side in the rice fields. Well that belief totally sucks and it isn't my AMERICA. Socialism is NOT not what this country was founded on. Do you REALLY want to have this discussion because I can go on for days about it. Feel free to message me and discuss it so we don't bog down this board with this tangent. I have to agree somewhat with Thedevilsdue. Hasbro is slowing screwing people and most of the people act like Hasbro is doing them a favor with these re-dos. My point of posting in this topic was to point out that if we as a community are only going to receive 6 Marvel Legends for a year, then why the hell are we wasting them on re-dos? That means only 3 truly new figures. It has nothing to do if the re-dos look better or if the old toy is deserving of a re-do. By pointing out alternatives like customizing yourself or hiring someone it gives us ALL a better chance of getting new figures for our collections instead of just replacing old figures with newer versions. Apparently some people on this board think that is a terrible idea and that we should vote for re-dos. I get blasted for suggesting it like I am some pariah. Not my fault if people can't grasp the understanding behind it. If you, as a community think we should get re-dos, then why stop at only 3, just let Hasbro re-do everything that Toybiz made. Obviously the lemmings will buy it all thinking or hoping it will be better. But we all know that Hasbro has a history of screwing up just about everything they put out for ML. Watch Deadpool will NOT be better then the Toybiz one but it will placate people with no money, lazy, to cheap, or whatever to buy the Toybiz one. SO yeah, I gotta agree with Thedevilsdue and this line just needs to somewhat go away or just become ALL re-dos so those of us who do look forward to NEW figures won't have to pay attention. In the meantime, however I will support this line with ANY & ALL new figures they put out in hopes that it will once again blossom into a thing of beauty. Maybe you should think about what this was country was founded on. Freedom of speech and freedom of CHOICE. Not to be persecuted for it. The people spoke in their voting and got their choices whether you agree with them or not. Just because they didn't vote for what you wanted doesn't mean they're lower than you or can't comprehend on such a high level as you. Like you just said if we all voted the same way and did the same in this country wouldn't that be kinda like socialism. There would be no need for two parties let alone an INDEPENDENT one would there? We the people are truly sorry if we misunderstood the voting process and have offended thee o'mighty one.
  2. Ditto! The screwdriver thing happened to me alot and I never thought much about it. Then last month my finger got infected and was swollen like a sausage and the pain was incredible. It was my right middle finger at that. So imagine when I held it up to be treated. lol. The doctor at the ER was going to drain it with a needle after numbing it with another needle. He told me that it was either that or take antibiotics with pain medicine and try to force it open myself like a pimple. And maybe it'll be okay. I hate needles so you know which option I took. I wear work gloves every time now with the sharp tools. But that pain medicinefeels so goood!
  3. At first I wasn't sold on these guys. I thought they were just nice looking semi articulated statues for extreme collectors. After noticing some customs with the ultimate Thor I looked closer but stillwasn't convinced. But I read your reviews on Sabretooth, looked at one in the store close up and went with it. When I opened it up and carefully posed it ,(heard abput the broken arm someone on here got)I was hooked. Well worth the $20 bucks. To each his own but don't knock this line until you try it. It is separate to its ownand shouldn't be classed with ML though some figs can work with them. I wouldn't mind seeing an Iceman or a Storm next. I am in agreement on Wolverine though. He is taking over almost every respectable line. I still like the guy but you can only take so much. I will continue to support bot ML and MS. I only buy the figs I like anyway.
  4. I think he looks cool and he only looks to be lacking articulation in the are above the bicep if you look closely. I don't worry about fingers and toes too much on guys with weapons as long as the weapons fit. his ankles bend and his wrists might also. Same or better than what Hasbro offered up until recently. Only with better sculpts. I'll get this one and Hasbro's when we finally get it.
  5. They look great. If you do decide to change his head, try the 5 inch northstar one from toybiz. It's large enough to work with the 6 inch scale with a little dremeling to the neck. As soon as I get another one that's what I'm using. With a wash of course.
  6. doDo you have the name of the seller on ebay or an item number for the auction. I'd like to get some myself.
  7. There is a place on ebay called "superseller_supreme". They've got a couple of the left legs and feet that you're looking for. Here's one of the item numbers. 270409927713 I've dealt with them before and they're pretty reasonable. Good luck with the rest!
  8. The ML series 5 is the more classic looking version where as the other one is a more recent look with a different face sculpt and brighter colors. Also notice the knees and shoulders. While I'm at it, the Apocalypse series Wolverine is the one you want. It even comes with an Astonishing Xmen issue. If you need any other help, the database here has great archive photos also.
  9. Got my FF 2pack. That Sue is the best we've had in my opinion. The Ronan series face looked like one of my old teachers. Not the hot one either. lol. This one does need a right hand swap though. It looks like she's about to pull a Reed. I'm going to replace it with an extra Torch hand from the Ronan series and paint it since it's the same size and basic pose.
  10. WOW! Did you like build an extra room for this stuff? You've got all those freakin Hydras and Doombots. I love the sentinel dioramas which look really intense. Brings me to my next question(s). Just how many do you have and how did you afford them. I have one complete, a second minus the upper body and part of a third. I only want three but completing them is costing. If you want to sell any parts or whatever let me know.
  11. When it comes to MLs. As Michael Jackson once said, " All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!" lol
  12. Yeah that's a very good deal. I paid about $20 per figure in the package except for the 3 AoA ones which were under $15. The Thor ran me $35 and I had bought Kitty when she was released before I started collecting MLs. Only reason I got them this way is because the loose pieces run about the same price. So you really did well.
  13. I know right. This one is going into the custom bin now. Maybe I can make Patrick Swayze from To Wong Foo!
  14. Hey believe it or not, people voted. Just because your choice didn't make the cut doesn't mean it didn't matter. Hard as it may be to be to stomach, everyone doesn't think the same way. A lot of people on here will tell you they voted for at least 2 of these figs. I voted for Deadpool and Widow. Why? ToyBiz's Deadpool can run $60 to $100 now. I'm damn happy I won't have to pay that for one now. Besides if you think all of their movie figs except IM are going to the MU scale. Deadpool would probably be a repaint of the one from the Wolverine line. ToyBiz's Black Widow is just butt ugly and you know it. My kid asked me if she was supposed to be a transvestite hero. lol. Besides I'd be suprised if she does make it into the movie line. You forget no one else made it into the last one except IM, the Iron Monger and every armor that wasn't in the movie. Honestly I would've love to have seen that Havok and all of them really. But at least some of our bitching helped. The line is still being produced. Slowly. Put a little bitching with continued support of the line, who knows.
  15. Tired as hell! Good story or not he looks more grotesque than beastly with each new artist and this fig doesn't help the case. All in all I like most of this line. My only problems are this figure, Nova's helmet(could've been removable) and Tigra's skinny legs. Her torso is curvy enough and I can deal with the face. But they have got to go. I'm thinking of getting another one just to customize that problem.
  16. Got mine tonight! Well worth the wait. Best bet is to let someone in toys look up the ML product number and they can tell you if they are getting them soon. I had found a Guardian and Vision and asked about it on Wed. He scanned the product code with his gun and it said "in warehouse" which he told me it meant that it would be on the 2morrow's truck and would be put out that night. He even gave me a specific time frame. I got there just as it was and there were like 4 cases. However I went back to get the last figures I needed a few hours later and the rest of the cases were gone! I got the ones I needed from what was left of the case from earlier in the night. Good luck! These guys are short packed.
  17. That was me, but I was mistaken. I know I saw a WM but as excited as I was to find Nemesis wave I just filed past it cause it sucked the first time they released it and I really didn't give a sh!t about it this time either. It wasn't until later that I realized if I had seen what I thought I saw, it would have been as big a find as the Nemesis Wave. I later found the wave at a Walmart closer to home and realized that I probably just caught a quick glimpse of the Ares BAF head that comes packaged with WM and mistook it for the mask. For some reason, in my head, I thought I remembered WM having a maskless variant. I also thought I saw a Kang, but it turns out that it must have been Scarlet Spider. Sorry for the confusion. True. It's not a variant, the helmet is removable. I noticed the same thing when I got mine first time around. A little heat from the hair dryer and it comes right off to reveal an unpainted afro american version of the Tony Stark head that was used with the Ultimate Iron Man. Same figure. I painted the eyes and took a sharpie to the hair. It doesn't damage the figure at all and youcan take it on and off just like Iron Man's.
  18. I agree with him both as a buyer and seller on ebay. He basically is just flipping the finger at all those who started their bidding at about $30 bucks with $10 or more shipping. Knowing that some, well alot of desperate fools were going to pay 2 or 3x as much to get one. That's why it pays to have patience. Before it was announced at SDCC some bids started at $299 a set and people still bought them. Personally I couldn't see doing it when sets from Canada were going for $120 back in January.
  19. I just saw that too. This really sucks. They don't exactly give us what we want and expect the waves to sell out? Then at about $24 a pop because they'll be in two packs only? If it doesn't we won't get anymore period? It's like a catch 22. They don't check forums like these or custom sites to see what we're really interested in seeing produced. They could even take a fan poll at least every 3 or 4 months. But they don't really care about the line anyway. Even less what we think. I like these figs they are showing at SDCC and I'm going to tap dance for now. Only because I want to see more legends and I know Marvel f#@$ed up and gave them an extended license on their characters. Should have given it to Sota or Jakks. If I ever hit the lottery big time, I would damn sure start my own toy company and try for a license. Just save us all some grief.
  20. Yeah. Just look at the Juggernaut over the years. He was originally CLOSE to 7 feet and freakishly massive as it says in most of his bios. Just look at some of his appearances in both the old and new Excalibur comics. Now he looks like a huge wide load truck and about 10 feet.
  21. Oh hell yeah. I want them all myself. Except Bag Man and the Terror Inc. I agree that more effort could have been put into that Warpath. But I'm going to get him anyway just because it's him. The white Phoenix looks great but still could have given us the Jim Lee version. They are doing her in the universe line though and she looks good. I will stoop low and get her anyway. But hey the legends live and that's great news to me. Man I hope they release all of these guys individually and in 2 packs in the next year. I know it's probably too much to ask for though. But why show us all these excellent prototypes and not release them? New versions of Deadpool, Black Widow and Havok are much needed. ToyBiz's Widow is ugly. I was going to return some figs I bought or dip into some bill money while in a convention this year to get a loose Deadpool for $60 bucks. Glad I didn't. For you guys who claim that a new one is a waste of space, you must have some money to kick out, got him when he first came out or just don't like him period. Us common villagers need him. Cheap and great looking. Hasbro, the people have spoken. Give them all to us.
  22. Definitely: Bucky Thing/Reed box set Every Spider Man outside of his own line WWll Cap from the box set X3 Jean Grey (custom fodder) X3 Colussus (fodder) The End Hulk ( even more fodder) Ultimate Wolverine (see above) Beta Ray Bill Purple X23 AoA Wolverine Everyone in the Xmen box set except Rogue which could've used some improvements. Why not a Jubilee and some other characters? Limited Edition Surfer 25th Silver Wolverine. You know he was also Galactus' herald in addition to every team he's on. lol
  23. I know this topic might be dead but this is really the outrageous current selling custom on ebay with 3 days left to go. I'm by no way hating. He's always been good at what he does. But man. People actually still have money like this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120440812907
  24. I have to agree with EldestSon. It didn.t start out all that great with the first couple of waves. But since then the last 3 that we've gotten have been great. Especially the Rulk and FFF. Of course the use of some of the old ToyBiz molds have helped. If they can keep this up and shorten the release time (yeah right) they'd be okay. Us TF fans waited almost 20 years to get a Unicron and even longer for a half way G1 accurate Arcee. And it's in the Animated line. Just pray guys.
  25. Got these this past weekend at the HeroesCon here in Charlotte. Got the Iron Man, Bullseye variant and Deathlok at 3 for $24, Nightcrawler and Dr. Strange for $10 each. Storm and Gambit (misplaced his staff) both for $20. Phoenix for $15 and the Hush Catwoman for $8. There were other great deals including a Deadpool for $60. I cried because I didn't see him till I was on my way out and was broke. Anyway I guess I still came out pretty good with these. Especially with Nightcrawler and Catwoman. Wish i could have some more of that guys 3 for $24 figures too.
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