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  1. i stopped with movie figs because -marvel changes there actors all the time -have you seen the actors likeness from hasbro? no? well me neither -then the scales are so weird again. look at hulk and ironman. i ordered that movie wolverine from marvel select because with all the crazy scales toybiz did on wolverine, it doesnt matter. he will look amazing on my wolverine shelf and the figure looks amazing.
  2. just like in rocky 4 when rocky said "i see 3 of them" " hit the one in the middle" i got all 3 of them and the are all good in there own way but the fearsome foe rhino is just the best there ever was and even will be.
  3. havent you readed the q&a? they are all big marvel fans. hasbro loves marvel and every guy reads the spiderman comics. i mean with all the comics they are reading, it is hard to know who venom actualy is. isnt it. why do a good paintjob when they know that we hate that. why have a good symbol when you can have a different one? i know why. i know the answer and dont wait for an answer from hasbro because you wont get any. here is the truth, so they can RERERERERERERErelease that damn figure and try to do it right. hasbro: "whats a mc gargan? we never heard of it. is that a new burger? oh, you fans and teasing with us poor hasbro employees." :laugh:
  4. Marvel Select is good, but they're not mass-retail. If Marvel gave them the Legends license, they'd have to expand to become mass retail, and then Marvel's in the exact same situation they were in with Toy Biz, basically...actually even worse because Marvel would basically be paying out of their own pockets to expand Marvel Select (So massive up-front costs). Plus, I guarantee the quality would go down, because once you start going into the mass retail arena, you've got to start thinking about the exact same kinds of cost-saving measures that Toy Biz and Hasbro implemented over the life of the line to try to keep things down. Unless you're suggesting they just shift MLs to a purely "collectors only" line that only pops up in specialty shops and puts out one figure every couple of months. I wouldn't have a problem with that, really, but I suspect some other people would, particularly since they'd likely bump up to $15-$20 dollars a figure (direct market/specialty item markup). The crux of the matter is, Marvel wants the mass retail money from the marvel-based toys...they just don't want to have to do all the dirty work themselves. So they license it to Hasbro, who's pretty much the number one "boys toy" maker on the planet. i would love that, that they are just focused to collectors. i would not have to buy so many paint. i look at the motuc figures. i got them and i love them. the funny thing is that when i order from marvel select threw previews, i get my figure with no problems and sometimes even cheaper then the legendsand with just a delay of 3 weeks after the us release. i dont buy entire waves of legends figures anymore because well, they dont look good. now the only way to get some exclusive figures is ebay for me. i get figs like crossbones, warlock, skaar the ones that hasnt a figure yet. ebay is scalper heaven but hell. i love marvel and since i repaint my figs, i order them and do them better. now doesnt marvel select has a deal with toysrus? i know that recently they did a deal toysrus. toysrus is a little for the masses no? but you are absolutly right about the license, i mean action figures come and go and collectors too. as long as hasbro promesses millions then marvel will go along sadly. i guess i would do the same anyway :tongue:
  5. now jesse also said a year back that the legends will be bettter, no? there will be more waves, no? more washpaintings, no? he also said that they listen to the fans, no? jesse hasnt anything much to say, now that he is with hasbro. just look at the figs. hasbro always brings jesse to talk when a lot of peaple begin to wake up and smel the crap hasbro delivers. everytime when the complainometer grows higher "boum" here comes jesse with the voice of reason. funny no? jesse was the voice of toybiz and i believed everything he said. he was just as the fans and he talked to us all. now that he is with hasbro and seeing how they use him is just below everything. sorry jesse but i dont trust your words that much lately. thats how i see it. as always, i hope i am wrong about this but hasbro let me down more then ones, so why should i trust those words now? oh and i got the new hasbro listings today and guess what? not one legend wave is listed for europe. last year we got half of a marvel legends hulk wave and this year, we cant even build that damn dragon because they dont deliver the rest of the wave. great no?
  6. You really think Hasbro's going to lose the license at the end of that three years? I think a lot of folks are in for a rude awakening on that score...Marvel's been making far, far more money off of Hasbro than they ever did with Toy Biz. Look at the volume of Marvel-related toys on shelves beyond just Marvel Legends. I don't think anyone has ANY genuine evidence that Marvel is unhappy with Hasbro in any way, shape, or form, regardless of what happens with Marvel Legends. This license is almost certainly going to get extended or re-awarded with Hasbro...unless for some reason Hasbro doesn't want it. I'm betting Marvel sank Toy Biz/Marvel Toys partially because they didn't want to be a mass retail toymaking company anymore. They're letting someone else handle that side of things so that they can concentrate on their shiny new movie studio. Besides, who's going to get the license if Hasbro loses it? Who's the better alternative? Toy Biz? Sorry to hurt peoples' feelings, but they don't really exist in any meaningful form anymore. Mattel? Wee bit of conflict of interest given that they're already in bed with Marvel's corporate rival. Who's left? More importantly, who's left that can still produce a decent level of quality and a strong level of distribution to mass retail outlets? i could not say it better but if some has to get then marvel select. my opinion.
  7. why did i even asked for the pics? :wacko: the worst thing is that if i see it around here, i may pick it up just because i am so happy to finaly get a new spidey figure. so i hope hasbro doesnt deliver to my country. a year ago i cryied to get some figs around here and now ,i hope they never come. how strange this world finaly is.
  8. once this movie hits, all of the wolvy merch is gonna fly off of the shelves. look, who do you think theyre more of....collectors or kids? collectors just dont buy enough toys. after a collector gets the figs he wants, hes ready to move on to the next wave/set. kids buy everything! It's possible. Keep in mind that the crappy Dark Knight figs are still sitting on shelves and that movie came out in July. Same with the Hulk movie figs. Iron Man movie figs took up a lot of pegs for awhile. Only the newer ones are flying off the shelves. Once all the collectors have those, then they'll sit too. and when the kids got a wolverine or two, then the parents say that they have enough of wolverines. so they dont buy that much more then an average collector. a collector gets an entire wave mostly and kids just get one figure once in a while. i work in a toyshop and i see this everyday. the one true fact is, that there are more kids then collectors on this planet and thats why every hasbro toy is oriented to the kiddos.
  9. wolverine crying to sentinal: "look what they did to me. havent i suffered enough in my life?" sentinal: "poor bastard" :laugh:
  10. thanks for the pic but prototypes always look amazing with hasbro. i wanna see a picture of the final product because lets face it, we are talking hasbro here.
  11. hey does someone has pics of the new spidermans? not the villains but spidey himself. i cant find any. i dont even find them on ebay.
  12. maverick, daken and silver samurai would be on top for me too. over at fwoosh they have a pic of a new 4 or 3 3/4 insh comic sabretooth and blob. damn i would have loved this sabretooth in the marvel legends line. he is so big and tall. realy love this sabretooth.
  13. Venom is getting a beatdown, but always with a smile on his face... i would love to get a venom head sculpt like this or a mc farlane head sculpt. wow this is a new idea for hasbro, you can even do a 2-pack and rererelease the mcfarlane spiderman? no? since they love rererereleasing :laugh:
  14. sorry to say guys but hasbro isnt investing any dollar on new sculpting for the 6 insh figs. all they are focused on is the universe 3 3/4 line and that was it. they even screw up scales i think to make the 6insh line stop. so when they show sale results to marvel they dont have to explain themeselves. yes, yes why should they do that? well ask tarantula. maybe he knows. hasbro sucks and marvel select should get the 6 insh license. i would even be happier to just get one figure by month like the masters of the universe, then this. still i wanna see better pics before i realy judge but beast? great figure but why again? i bet they had to much stock of him and thats why they did it. damn the only hasbro line i realy looking forward to, are the super hero squad and the spectacular spiderman lines. how sad is this???
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