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  1. In the last Q&A Hasbro compared the 2-pack variants to the last Icons series, saying that they will come out eventually, but they have no time table for their release. TRU still lists the regular packs as coming at the end of August, so July would be great.
  2. Mecha-Hulk from the Toybiz Hulk Classics line.
  3. Uh... I'm not saying he's right or anything... but the link you gave goes to a page that says "Your search: 0 of 0 items displayed"
  4. I think if you ask Hasbro about ML at SDCC they push a button and you drop through a trap door, where you ae not dead, but very badly burned. Then a random henchman comes in and shoots you. In the arm. Then they kill you.
  5. Uh... what? These aren't at Canada Wal-Marts, these aren't in Wal-Marts anywhere. These are being sold in comic book shops. Hasbro said they shipped these to Wal-Mart a couple of months ago, which is seeming more and more unlikely as multiple Wal-Mart employees, on multiple sites have reported that these are nowhere to be found in their system. Wal-Mart doesn't dump overstock on comic shop distributers. If these were popping up at discount stores like T.J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning, ect, instead of comic shops, then I would believe Hasbro's claim to having shipped them already, and maybe "chill on the Hasbro hate". But they're not - so I don't, and I won't. Hasbro is doing everyhing they can to manipulate the toy buying market away from 6", and toward 3 3/4". They're far cheaper to produce (not only because of their smaller size, but also the absence of a BAF or diorama piece that Toybiz had made the standard for ML), sell for nearly the same price, and take up less shelf space. They have no intention of letting the consumer decide which line they prefer, so don't look to see MU and ML next to each other on retail shelves anytime soon. The Hasbro apologists say that's just how business is done... except Mattel is producing DC figures in both scales at the same time, on the same shelves. I don't like or collect DC Infinite Heroes, but you don't see Mattel sabotaging DC Universe Classics in response to a selective buyer. Wal-Mart carries both DCIH and DCUC, but is supposedly refusing to stock ML because of the scale. Are we really supposed to believe that? Is Hasbro actually trying to make us believe that ML are being phased out because retailers just don't like them? This is a ridiculously transparent attempt to place the blame for ML's demise on somebody else, because they don't want to be the bad guy. The result is that whether you prefer 6" or 3 3/4", you're set with DC figures because of the way Mattel does business. Quite simply - you, the buyer, gets to choose. On the Marvel side it's what Hasbro chooses - you want new figures? You buy 3 3/4". Fan polls for new, and highly demanded characters? You buy 3 3/4". You want BAF's? Eh, we'll throw in a repainted Icon figure for the 3 3/4" crowd. As for 6" collectors? The last two years worth of scraps of unreleased figures, and repainted movie figures nobody bought the first time around. Yeah, we should really lay off Hasbro. :hulk:
  6. Who is the guy on the end? thats the prison guard from fist of the north star. Revoltech figure That figure is screaming to be made into an Odin custom. What scale is he in?
  7. So the news on the home page says Sue & Johnny aren't part of this wave. So in a later wave? Who knows. BTW, does anybody remember if Dum Dum was a variant to Nick Fury, or just a packed in seperate head? And what about generic SHIELD agents? I know they told us this stuff at SDCC, but I can't remember the details. I remember it was Maria Hill with classic IM, and Sharon Carter with stealth IM... man I hope that's still the case.
  8. $52 for 4 figures shipped is pretty good. You're going to have a hard time beating $13 a figure when retail is like $11-$12 before tax.
  9. My guess would be that toyglobe doesn't actually have the figs in stock, but they didn't want to put "pre-order" on the listing seeing as how other (Canada based) sites have them ready to go now. If I was you I'd call my credit card company to cancel the authorization on the order.
  10. I haven't had one in my hands, so I can't be sure, but I think the upcoming (someday) ML 2-pack classic version might be it.
  11. The owner has detailed his ongoing problems with the site here - Fwoosh He's in the process of finding a new web host, so the site will be back eventually.
  12. I don't think he's aware of the dates on these topics, hence saying "thanks for the info", nine months after the fact.
  13. That may be the case for some, but not me. I just don't like 3 3/4" scale figures. It's really that simple. I loved G.I.Joe when I was a kid, and I'm a huge Star Wars geek, but I don't collect either line of actin figures. Haven't since the originals were out and I was in elementary school. Maybe I'm in the minority on this, but that's my taste. I've fallen into the "I'll just buy a couple charaters I like" trap with Mighty Muggs (my desk is currently being over-run by a Sith/Cobra joint invasion, not to mention Lando, Biggs, Galactus...), and I ended up buying all the Mego-style Famous Cover Legends a few years ago despite my intention to only get Dr. Doom. But I can confidently say it's not even a possibility with 3 3/4". They just look so puny next to everything I own. If I was going to go small I would have done it with DCIH already. Somebody actually gave me a couple of DCIH 3-packs for a birhday present, and I sold them on ebay for barely above retail(shhh). Basically what I'm saying is that when toy companies come out with a product I like, but decide not to get because of space or price... I usually end up buying it anyway. They come out with something I don't like, takes up more space than I want to commit, and is ridiculously over-priced? That I can resist.
  14. Not in this life. If I cared what the "new fashion" was, I probably wouldn't be collecting super hero action figures. I collect what I like.
  15. Right. Because size and color make no difference on an action figure.
  16. Oh man, I forgot all about the other Tarantula. Why would they go with that design? Why not stick with the classic - Speaking of classic looks, has anybody tried any head swaps with the new Spidey? I've seen some pics where that body looks half way decent, it's just the head that looks goofy. I recently picked up a loose Snap-shot Spider-Man and was wondering if the Snap-shot head (my personal favorite head sculpt) would match the new release body. I might have to bite the bullet and buy one to find out.
  17. The blue Wasp variant is the only one I want and don't have. Not ML, but I want more movie doombots, but man they don't come cheap.
  18. hasbro: "whats a mc gargan? we never heard of it. is that a new burger? LOL, that quote is screaming to be put in somebody's sig.
  19. Finally a re-release of Frasier-Beast! If only they could have done a 3-pack with Banshee and Emma Frost instead - you know, the Three Amigos of really hard to find figures.
  20. Ok, I'll only post two pics this time... ok, maybe three... or more... This is the classic Juggernaut - This is first appearance Juggs - Which doesn't really help, except look at the size of those hands! I don't see how the new fig relates to either. It looks like power-drained Excalibur Juggy to me - One more, "by the way, whats up with that wrestling mask on the new juggernaut? was that in the comics someday? i cant remember." I want to say that pic is from Uncanny 208 or 209 (so...1986 or so), fighting against Nimrod, but I'm not positive.
  21. "Jugs is based on classic Jugs so he should be shorter then the ML6 figure." Maybe I'm mixed up here, but I thought this sculpt was supposed to be in the visual style of heroic Juggs. The one that joined Excalibur is the weakened Juggernaut, "Classic" Juggernaut was the most powerful. Going back to the early 80's Juggy was supposed to be 6'10" 900lbs, before that this is about the smallest you'd see him drawn - Maybe you could argue he was shorter, but as you can see in the very next issue, he's always been thick - This figure, if anything, is thinned out. And why would a Spider-Man based line go this direction anyway? Shouldn't they be basing him on how he looked when he faced Spidey in the classic Amazing 2-parter? BTW, all this just turned into a shameless opportunity to post pics from old comics. Awesome old comics.
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