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  1. Decided to use a coupon from TRU to pick up Light up base classic cap because I had nothing else better to do. It's actually a really nice cap figure. Also saw the Premiere of "Toy Hunter" on the Travel Channel. Awesome show. Nice to know I'm not the only one with a house full of toys.
  2. I thought I was right when I saw articulation in the picture. I thought maybe people weren't forcing the parts enough. Still wouldn't interest me even if it had more though.
  3. Can anyone confirm seeing the Beast wave in New York/Long Island area?
  4. Just got back out of a drenching rain from hunting. Finally found the TRU X-Men box set I passed on the first time I saw it. Sucks balls that I didn't get it for $44.99 when I first saw it and now paid $51.99 today. Something is really up with TRU prices. I went to get my extra figure from purchasing the Helicarrier a few weeks ago since they have a promo going on now. I originally purchased it from one TRU who charged $76.99 when all the others were charging $69.99 but I had already gotten a price adjustment for that. However when I went to get my free Thor figure (got an Odin since thats all they had) the Helicarrier was scanning for $80.99. Luckily I go in there so often they just charged me back my original price. Back on topic. I also found a king Loki at TJ Maxx. Thats up for trade along with She Hulk, Bag Spidey, and Punisher from Wave 19. I'm looking for Beast, Kraven, Professor X, Jubilee, Beta Ray Bill, or in a long shot asking a reg colored vision, black suited Marvel girl or reg suited Havoc.
  5. Im going to say not US, or maybe with reports that i am seeing now. My LCS literally got them in this morning. Had to buy the whole box which of course came with the old crap but I just took those back to Walmart. The Punisher and She Hulk are definite gems. I can part with my duplicates if anyone has anything good. I'd really like a Maria Hill if anyone got the Super Heli and wants to part with her. I live in Long Island NY by the way and since it seems like we're always late to thr party the wave should be hitting soon.
  6. Ohhhh Yeaahhhh!!!! A great end to a great hauling couple or days. Also got the I'M/Mandarin pack, the Avengers 4 pack with Hulk and Hawkeye, The Avengers Helicarrier and a comic colored Sentinel from TJ Maxx.
  7. Ok. Hit TRU today and found a buttload of IM2 Crimson Dynamos and a Comic Series War Machine. Did they re-release those or did the TRU just find a case in the back because I sure as hell never saw those in my neck of the woods before. Didn't like the $11 price but I always wanted CD.
  8. Still no word on when the Helicarrier will release? Have a couple of 10 dollar coupons at TRU to burn before they expire.
  9. After getting burned with the 8 inch line I couldn't risk the 6 inch. If I run across the clearanced then maybe. Can't help thinking if they had just stayed true to the original cartoon more it could have been better. I myself did not like the look of the new Lion-O hence why I didn't get the new figures. Only the 2 classics 8 inch which I thought were outstanding. Same thing kind of happened with that new Voltron show. With Transformers Prime being the best case of the exception, changing too much of a classic series doesn't usually work. Updated animation, visual effects, and great writing is usually all you need when you already have a winning formula.
  10. Used my sister's Amazon Prime account to get 2 more Skrull Soldiers which brings my total to 3. Now I have to pick up that SuperSkrull Kree Soldier 2 pack sitting at my LCS to add to my Skrull army. While in Target ran across a whole bunch of Redakai Bruticons who have a good likeness to Skrull Soldiers. I may go back and pick them up. Picked up 2 more Justice Jets and the other Jeep with the missle launchers from the CA line sice they were clearanced as well. Also add 2 Sentinels that I finally found at a far off Walmart that were 30 each. Really in amy builder mode lately. For Transformers fans also got most of the Prime line. Only missing Wheeljack Bulkhead, Starscream and Soundwave. This line is awesome. Haven't enjoyed TF this much since the Classics Generations line. On a side note the Thundercat show and toys sure did tank didn't they? Target is notorious for clearancing items but these were clearanced and TRU now as well. That was really short lived. So much for that 8 inch classic Panthro I was hoping for.
  11. Due to the fact they were from an older wave I don't see them around anymore but they severely peg warmed in my area when they were out. I wasn't collecting MU back then but I saw them everywhere. I also believe the 3 pack version is the preferred version of him. The single pack one had the giraffe head long neck thing if I'm not mistaken. Did a quick check on ebay and don't see anyone getting alot for it. Side note, did see someone spend 159 dollars on ML Daken Why is he going for so much? Edit: Ok seems to be the masked version of Dark Wolverine that is getting all the money.
  12. I found this Storm Shadow that everyone is whooping about at Target today. Only after reading this did I realize it was so sought after. I bought it because the thing had hella weapons to give my hand ninjas some variety. The storm shadow figure itself is pretty damn sweet too with alot of possibility. I also have been cleaning out all the local Targets of Captain America vehicles that are on clearance right now.
  13. NY is a big place! 10 hours north to south. I live in Orange County NY and got at least 5 Sentinels on clearance at Walmart. That was 1-2 months ago already though. Got you. I should have said NYC area. I live in Long Island and based on the website the nearest store that has them in stock is in Centereach which is over an hour from where I live. Also Walmart's clearance policy is so crazy I could get over there and they end up regular price like my Mother found in Oklahoma when checking for me. The online price with Walmart says 39.00.
  14. Can anyone in NY area verify a Walmart that carries Sentinels? All the one's around me never carried them. Only TRU at the 50 dollar price.
  15. Finally scored anElectro from TRU. Got a Guardian there about a month ago so it seems like TRU is stocking that case now which I had only heard about in Targets. Left one Electro, a Constrictor and 2 Guardians.
  16. Only in the UK trailer for the Avengers movie. They're onscreen for about a full second longer than the one shown at the Superbowl. Seriously those things hung around on the pegs for a while, but those sales and clearances a few months ago made sure that every last one near here was purchased by a team builder. Darn. Never wanted more than one until all the Avenger stuff started coming out. They need to throw the Skrulls in a Rev case. On a seperate note why is the only Avengers line villain so far Loki?
  17. Finally found myself a Loki at Target. I was getting nervous for second that I would keep missing him. Saw two more there plus they said more in the stockroom on the scanner so your best chance is your local Target.
  18. Much better. That black mark on the chest was just throwing off what was otherwise a very beautiful custom figure. Now it's flawless. Oh and I like the lava. What is that? Have the figure inside one of those fake fireplace cabinets. LoL. Be amazed what you can make a backdrop out of.
  19. Tried the acetone trick and it worked like a charm.
  20. Not bad, but you didn't need to paint over the DD. You just need to get some nail polish remover, and some Q tips. Simply dip the Q tips in the acetone (nail polish remover), and rub the letters away. It'll also remove the paint you put on. Yeah. The black on his chest blends in with the blue alot better in person. You see alot under the flash like how SL DD has such a big difference in color on his chest and arms from his mid section. I never really noticed when I first looked at the figure. Gotta try the acetone trick though. Thanks.
  21. Well, looking at all the customs inspired me to post one of mine I just did. Got tired of waiting on a good Black Panther so I did this. Really simple. Shadowland Daredevil body with Target 2 pack head and cape.
  22. That Sci-Fi is awesome. I never see any Joes around me except for Cobra Commander but I would so Army Build Sci-Fi if I found enough of them. He just looks like a futuristic soldier.
  23. I'm pretty sure the bogo at TRU is only for 3.75 figures but can anybody verify if they have been able to get the legends on that deal as well?
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