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  1. Yeah, you're right, a Banshee (green costume) and Marvel Girl 2-pack would be a good call, and then a single release of Banshee in his yellow and blue uniform. Better to spend less money, I just want a new Banshee.
  2. I'm kind of bummed that Storm is just part of a two-pack, since I was hoping there'd be a bigger "Giant Sized X-Men" set with a new (much-needed) Banshee. Still, if they were going to put her in a 2-pack with somebody, Thunderbird is definitely the best choice, as he is MUCH needed. With all due respect, it isn't "off-topic" to criticize body part choices. Would it be off-topic to criticize the two weirdly-skinny, giraffe-necked comic Ant-Man figures we got as Walgreen's exclusive and "Retro" figures? This Storm just looks odd- the torso looks like it is from a completely different figure than the head and limbs. This torso looks like it belongs to a small, possibly young (teenager?) person. Heck, the top half of this torso doesn't even look much like it goes with the bottom half. As at least one person pointed out, it almost looks like she doesn't have a ribcage. Nothing to do with chest, etc.- it's just weird-looking. She needs a ribcage, and shoulders. It's just a weird upper torso that should never have been approved.
  3. I feel like a lot of people on here have toy MSRPs in their heads from 10-15 years ago, and don't realize how dramatically they have gone up in recent years. The giant Millennium Falcon that came out around 2008 or so was $150-$180. Hasbro has said that if they re-issued it today, they would have to charge $500.00 for it. I'm not faulting people who wouldn't pay Hasbro's MSRP- I'm just saying that people shouldn't have unrealistic expectations. The Slambulance isn't really comparable- it is not fully detailed, not truly to scale, etc.. And, yes, if it was done well, I would pay $300.00 for it. As for your otehr concern, that's why it would likely have to be a HasLab project- money up front, guaranteed sales minimum, etc..
  4. As one or two people have said, this body just doesn't work for grey Hank- it's too bulky. It's still a decent-looking figure, and the new head sculpt is very well done, but grey Beast looked more like a regular, extremely muscular guy, as opposed to the bulkier look of Jim Lee era Hank McCoy. I'll still buy it, but it's just good, not great. As others have said, the accessories are great, so those with the new head in blue would make for a great, definitive X-Men animated Beast. It'd be nice if they re-do grey Beast some year in the future, on a different body.
  5. I mean, I'm reeeeeeeeally hoping we get a proper Giant Sized X-Men set, even if it means I have to buy a couple of slight repaints/reissues. Red Hulk has shown up in stores??? I still keep checking for pre-orders to go live, lol.
  6. I don't think Hasbro has ever gone to C2E2. Mattel used to go, for a few years, but they stopped that a few years back. There is a slight chance that Diamond Select could reveal something, but that would be the only possibility. Marvel themselves wouldn't do the big reveals of Hasbro products. Still, it is a very fun convention.
  7. Is Red Hulk going to be up this weekend? I keep checking, too, but haven’t seen any official word either way.
  8. That’s a bit of a bummer- I guess they’re figuring the X-Men movie figures take the place of the MCU 2-packs, etc.? I’ll get somet or all of them, but I’d rather they gave us more MCU; we need MCU army builders, for one- hard to reenact the epic final battle from Endgame without Outriders or Chitauri, and we need Iron Legion and Ultron drones. We also need a proper final battle Tony Stark. I’m just going to assume we’re getting a Wong with the next Dr. Strange film- he and Quicksilver are probably the biggest heroic omissions from the MCU.
  9. It really grinds my gears that Wal-Mart keeps getting the Captain America exclusives; frankly, I think it's insulting to Cap. Steve Rogers represents the best of this country, and is the ultimate patriot- Wal-Mart has done, and continues to do, more damage to this country than any other retail company. They handle them terribly, but, fine, Wal-Mart orders massive amounts of Hasbro's products, so I get giving them exclusives- just don't give them Cap exclusives. Anyway... fun concept that could get old fast if the whole wave is just "Venomized" characters, but they look cool (especially Gwenom), and are welcome. That Miles looks pretty creepy. Also- I didn't see a thread for it, but the "random Venom merchandise reveal-" the "Titan Heroes" figures keep improving! The Hulk and Gwenom are surprisingly nice.
  10. I think that people have unrealistically low expectations of price. The Imperial Transport from The Mandalorian is coming out soon, made by Hasbro, for 3.75" figures. It has a nice, detailed sculpt, but is fairly light on play features and removable pieces. The paint job is simple but effective, mainly a wash to bring out the sculpted details. It looks like it's about 14 inches long. It doesn't have any electronic features, or even things like firing projectiles (which is fine). It does not include any action figures. The MSRP is $69.99. If we're talking a to-scale, big van, which can seat two figures up front, and has all of the detail and moving parts that it should, has a fully-stocked arsenal, and an exclusive Punsiher figure... I'll be pleasantly surprised if they can do it justice for less than $299.99. Obviously, a lot of people won't buy it at that price (and a lot of people will), but I just think that people should mentally prepare themselves for the sticker shock if Hasbro reveals it this weekend. A huge, expensive item like that simply isn't going to be carried by brick-and-mortar these days- honestly, Haslab is probably their best bet, as they have guaranteed sales of a certain number of units for what would seem liek a risky item for them otherwise.
  11. Oh, I agree- I would love a big, bad Venom that has more function articulation, and looks a bit less exaggerated and monster-ish (and veiny...), and without any colorful highlights. Venom is always popular, so hopefully Hasbro will consider that in the future.
  12. Who wears ripped shorts? Abomination, apparently... is there any precedent for this in recent comics, or is this definitely a video game look for him? I've only seen him in the speedos or none. Either way, kind of a meh choice to me. I seem to be in the minority, but I am fine with the Abominations we've gotten already. Still, a fairly solid wave, and I'm glad it isn't too full of figures from a video game that I will most likely never play (Not hating on it or anything, I just don't have the time). Sugar Man!!!! I'm very pleasantly surprised. I was pretty "meh" about the AOA wave, but having him as the BAF makes me much more interested. It's good to have more funky, monster-y characters in ML, especially big ones!
  13. Cool. This is a welcome, necessary upgrade, and released like this, that’s one more BAF slot that could go to a figure that requires more unique tooling. Also- glad it’s a Target exclusive! Unlike Wal-Mart, they actually have some consistency in how they handle them.
  14. I still wish they would have done a little more to differentiate this from the BAF. The best way would be a new head and/or some interchangeable hands, but I would really have liked it if the single-packed one was molded in all dark black plastic, without any purple-ish-ness to it at all. Still, I'll pick it up (especially if it's at a toy show where I can check out the paint job) for regular price or less, but I wish they would do more to change up every slightly-different re-issue figure like this,
  15. I think that folks are grossly underestimating the cost for this. My guess? This will be elaborate and well-done... and be the first Marvel Legends HasLab project. I am thinking $300-$400.00. Hasbro charges $40.00 for a moped with a figure, so that's my guess. I would love it if it cost less than that, but we'll see...
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