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  1. Clearly, the new title will be "Spider-Man: PhoneWrecker." Chameleon will frame Spider-Man for robbing and trashing a Cricket Wireless store.
  2. Oh, I'm talking about the new 3.75" "Retro" figures (which have "Marvel Legends" branding.). As for the 6" ones, I'm not super-enthused about the FF one, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised, especially by an unexpected villain. An Iron Man wave would be excellent, in 90s style packaging (though I'm guessing we won't get any clip-on rectangular badges...).
  3. That Iceman is so frustrating. Having no open hands is like making Banshee, and not including a "yelling" head. I think Iceman is a good candidate, and popular enough, for a deluxe release- give him a few sets of hands, and an interchangeable smiling head. He should also have a bigger, better ice slide, with some swiveling joints, and/or interchangeable pieces for different display options. Cannonball is a big one. Besides the lack of legs, the "blasting off" bottom half we got is too small, in my opinion, and just looks weird. I think retro Hawkeye and SC Iron Man are both what I'd
  4. Yes! And sculpt some new power effects, too- we've been getting those same flat, circular ones with way too many figures. Sets with guns should include some of those bullets with the clear "trails" behind them that attach to the gun barrels, too. These sets would also sell well to collectors of the 6" GI Joe line- most of the accessories for that line look like some kind of funky Nerf guns, and the bladed weapons are always unpainted. Some better options would be nice. Hasbro seems like it wants to have fewer real-looking guns with figures- they could always make some of the sets "fan channel"
  5. Is this figure to-scale? I have zero familiarity with this storyline/alt universe, and am used to Tri-Sentinel being giant. Despite my lack of familiarity, I dig it- it's a cool-looking figure, with an Evangelion-meets-Transformers Prime vibe. I wasn't super-enthused about this wave, besides Moira, since I've never read this storyline, but the more I see of the figures (Despite Jean and Charles having some big flaws- that alt head saves Charles), the more I dig it.
  6. This! It's so frustrating to get what would be a great figure, but it has a super-specific facial expression, which really limits display options. Hasbro does this way too often. Thunderstrike is the most recent example that I can think of- It's a well-done figure, and the head sculpt is well done, and detailed, but it is way too specific to be his only head. There shouldn't be aby character, even Banshee, who ONLY has a "yelling" head sculpt. Especially with the price increase, I feel like Hasbro needs to include more interchangeable parts, accessories, etc.. They're raising the price 1
  7. I would say that I'm a completionist- while I don't buy every single Legends figure, I probably buy at least 90-95% of them. There will be some sub-categories where I decide I'll only, or mostly, buy them if I find them ay a decent discount (like the X-Men movie Legends), or an occasional exclusive, or slight repaint, that I pass on, but I buy almost everything, eventually.
  8. Now that the first 2 general-release waves of 3.75" Retro figures have been revealed, I'm excited for what this fun, low-cost line might bring us. They may be simple, but they're really represent the look of Marvel comics from the mid-70s to mid-80s very well. I thought it would be fun to list what our "dream waves" of figures might be. So, what would you like to see in the next 3 waves of figures (6 figures each)? If you want, as well, list a couple of "deluxe" items (Vehicles, etc.) that you'd like to see. Mine would be.. ---Wave 3--- -Firestar -Dr. Doom -The Thing -Tho
  9. I don't know if it has been found at brick-and-mortar retail in The USA at all, yet. I'm in Illinois, where Walgreen's is based (and have managed to find every Walgreen's exclusive in stores at least once), and I haven't seen any sign of this Surfer yet. Walgreen's seems to be kind of slow on their rollouts for figure releases.
  10. Also- does anyone know if these are "street dated?" I've had some frustrating experiences with Target in the past couple of years putting out items (particularly Star Wars exclusives.), only to have them "register-locked" against selling, due to Target having their own (non-Hasbro-imposed) street date. Also- does anybody know Target's DPCI number for these?
  11. The MCU is well-regarded, so it definitely wouldn't shock me if they could get Pacino. He would be an amazing Mephisto. There's definitely much more going on than "Agatha did it-" we already know Heyward has his own agenda, and most likely wanted Wanda to take Vision's body, so that's two people manipulating Wanda to their own agendas (besides Wanda having her own motives). Agatha acting on behalf of Mephisto, and/or making some kind of "deal with The Devil" would make sense.
  12. They're doing a Hulk in the first wave, so Colossus would definitely be an option. Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, and Beast all seem like strong possibilities, and maybe a Kitty, Firestar, and Angel. I would think Juggernaut would be high on the list of villains for them to do in this line, too. So far, they have done one X-Men character per wave, so as long as the line is popular enough, I think they'll do a good amount of X-Men characters. I'm assuming the Hasbro Pulse Cyclops figure will see general release in the next wave, too.
  13. I'm glad that they're re-releasing the figures that were offered on Hasbro Pulse- especially with simple figures like this, I'd really like to check out the paint jobs, since one crooked line, etc., can really make a difference on a figure this simple in deco. Daredevil looks excellent. Elektra looks slightly off, but not too bad. Iceman, like Torch, is frustrating- he is an iced-up opaque human, he really shouldn't bee completely translucent like this. They're going for a "retro" look, too, and Kenner would never have made it like this. Iceman was always depicted in comics, and on "Spid
  14. Toy companies seem to have an oddly tough time making Human Torch figures that look right. They always want to make him clear, when he is is an opaque guy that is on fire. Whenever he is in his blue F4 uniform, they tend to want to make him look like he is just starting to "flame on," which really limits his display options. This figure looks like he's fully flamed-on, so the uniform should be flamed-on with him.
  15. Yeah, Sue looks like she's mildly disgusted by something. Reed and Ben look excellent. What's the deal with flamed-on Johnny being in the blue uniform? Has there ever been a time when his uniform didn't "Flame on" with him?
  16. I feel like any non-Thor Asgardian figures they have in the works will probably be held back for release when the next Thor movie comes out. I'm hoping we get at least one of The Warriors Three, a properly huge Destroyer as a deluxe or BAF, and an MCU Odin, at the very least. The Warriors Three and Balder are such essential characters, they NEED to be made. Surtur also needs to be made sooner than later, but I'm hoping, since he was in Ragnarok, that one of the upcoming pricey deluxe MCU figures will be him.
  17. I would definitely be open to any and all Hulk versions and outfits on appropriately-large bucks, including some obscure but cool ones like Carnage-Hulk from the Ultimate Spidey cartoon. I definitely think a bigger, badder comic-based Abomination is necessary, I just wouldn't put him in the first couple of waves, since we just had a BAF of him. I would also like a new Wendigo, eventually- the BAF is awesome from the neck down, but I am not a fan of the head sculpt and would love a repaint with an all-new, classic comic head. There are so many big Hulk-related characters, and I feel like Hasbro
  18. It's just sooooooooo bland... the blue, as seen in the art, would make such a huge difference. This Spidey buck seems a bit too lanky, too, but it's not too bad. The second head is great, and I'll buy this figure, but it is one of the least-interesting ones of this wave. Adding a whole bunch of additional deco is probably not something we'd see as a running change, I'm guessing, but it would make this figure so much better.
  19. Yeah... she looks stoned and/or exhausted. Overall, this is just a disappointing figure- it isn't awful, but it is very mediocre. For the lack of new tooling (Including using the too-short) body, they could have at least salvaged it by giving us some good accessories or interchangeable parts.
  20. Fan channel: Thunderbolt Ross and Betty Ross 2-pack Rick Jones Bruce Banner's Hulkbuster (from "Avengers Assemble") Super-deluxe: King Hulk with throne
  21. I like this idea, but, other than maybe a few Fan Channel figures, I'd like them to be kept to all-deluxe waves- that would make them something really special. I would prefer large BAFS. Some waves... Wave 1: Skaar Bi Beast Professor Hulk A-Bomb Dr. Bruce Banner (With a TON of interchangeable parts- a few different heads, hands, etc.) Xenmu Hulk 2099 BAF: Devil Dinosaur Wave 2: Red Hulk (In pants and shirt, with big guns) Shield armor Hulk Ultimate Hulk Ironclad Nul Red King Zzzax BAF: Maestro (a
  22. They did a really, really great job on this figure. Definitely the standout from this wave. With this and the Gwen/Mary Jane, hopefully Hasbro is beginning to realize that well-done "civilian" figures will sell well. Can we finally have a ML Happy Hogan?
  23. ...except that The Black Panther is a mantle, not a single individual. I, obviously, wish that Chadwick Boseman could keep starring as T’Challa for as many excellent films as he wanted, but given the circumstances, I think making Shuri the next Black Panther could lead to some amazing movies, and interesting stories, while respecting the work and memory of Chadwick Boseman.
  24. The thing is, while there is nostalgia for those lines, they are not in scale with anything else, whereas there is a lot of love for 3.75"-4" figures. While there's less nostalgia for Marvel figures in this scale, specifically (Mego made a handful of 3.75" Marvel figures in the late 1970s.), They are also basing these very specifically on comic art from the 70s and early 80s, which is cool. As long as they keep a steady supply of interesting character/outfit choices, I can definitely see this line developing a following, especially at a $9.99 price point. I think they should include at least 1
  25. Cool! I have held off ordering any of the figures from Hasbro Pulse, because, especially with figures this simplistic, I really want to check out the paint jobs if at all possible- I was surprised to see Pulse later say that all of them were "Pulse exclusives," when I thought it was just the 2 metallic figures. Hopefully the other 4 figures will pop up in upcoming regular waves.
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