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  1. What happened....? Is there any chance this is a high-quality bootleg or something? Those head sculpts look MUCH worse than the prototype... like, completely different.
  2. This sounds like par for the course for most X-Men waves- a few new versions of major characters, a couple of never-made characters... we'll probably get one more major character, like a Storm, Beast, Cyclops, etc., and one more new or obscure character, in the last slot, or as the BAF. I'm hoping for original costume Sabertooth, like many others. They make a lot of Wolverines, but he has had a ton of different "looks," and he never pegwarms. Hopefully this will be a never-made-before outfit of Wolverine.
  3. Fingers crossed- having both her and Siryn next year to complete that X-Force roster would be great.
  4. Yeah, I thought that, too, The only other thing the drum/barrel made me think of was the barrels of chemicals on the truck from the accident that gave young Matt Murdock his power, but we've had plenty of Daredevil figures, and I don't think they're making a young Matt Murdock with chemical barrel...
  5. Feral is on the X-Force team card. My guess is that we will, at least get Feral and Speedball, but we'll see.
  6. Death's Head also has a card in the set, and has never been made as a Marvel Legends figure. We got Death's Head 2, but not the original Death's Head.
  7. This is actually a really, really good opening for this movie. Labor Day weekend is usually terrible for movies, because people are out enjoying "the last weekend of Summer." Shang-Chi is going to more than double the previous record for movie gross on Labor Day weekend, this during a pandemic, for a character that most of the general public has never even heard of. This is awesome! The buzz for it is extremely positive, too, from both audiences and critics, which means it should have longer legs in theaters than the average blockbuster. It is exceeding expectations in every way- nothing negative about any of this.
  8. Did the Wal-Mart exclusive Spidey go up for order/pre-order today? If not, any word on when?
  9. Same. It was a popular film- I haven't heard many people complain about it. The Target-exclusive Spidey and MJ 2-pack seemed to sell pretty well, too.
  10. Are we sure that all of the revealed figures are from the regular wave, as opposed to any of them (maybe Jonah) being store exclusives?
  11. My guess is we will see F4 retro wave in full, and one or two F4 fan channel retro figures, if we're lucky. We'll probably see the Excalibur set. They may "officially" reveal the Eternals wave, as well.
  12. Would The Starjammers, and Shi'ar characters, fall udner this, or would they not, due to the X-Men connection?
  13. That's what I was thinking- this is a great "gift set" for kids. 7-year-old me would have been extremely excited to get something like this as a Christmas or birthday gift
  14. $52.99 is really pushing it for The Hydra Stomper, price-wise. Sounds like it's about the same size as the Iron Monger, but with less detail and small parts. To me, it should be $59.99, with a scrawny Steve Rogers figure.
  15. These are cool. I wish that Zemo and Agatha (in particular) were in here, but these are a lot of fun. I wonder if Agatha was kept under wraps, and that's why there has been so little merchandise of her so far? I reeeeeeeeeeally want a Legends figure of her.
  16. Walgreen's has been very inconsistent. ONE of the many Walgreen's stores near me got in a few figures from the House of X wave. That wave had the Back Widow movie Legends at $14.99 each (this was a couple of months ago). No other stores me have figures from either of those waves. A couple of Walgreen's got in the Venom movie wave late last year, including one that got in a bunch of them. That store randomly restocked with Age of Apocalypse figures a few months ago. I think individual store managers have some amount of input over what their stores get in and restock, which could have something to do with it, but overall, for the past many months, Walgreen's has really been slow in restocking toys, Legends and otherwise. I enjoy them as a store, but they shouldn't have exclusives if there's no consistency or uniformity. Hoping the few announced Legends and Star Wars figures are "brick and mortar" exclusives for Walgreen's. and get heavy availability on Pulse, and/or with some other e-tailers.
  17. We could get more details about the Spidey wave for late this year, including revealing some additional (comic based?) figures, and details about if anything we've seen will be store exclusives, etc..
  18. I mean, 20 feet is more than 3 times the height of an average human, and closer to 4 times the height of Wolverine, so it's not exactly short. It's tricky when artists are so inconsistent, though. I feel like Juggernaut, for example, has varied from "a really big guy" in size to about 12 feet tall, depending on the artist.
  19. I miss the days when reveals were less spread-out. I'd rather have a huge deluge of reveals a few times a year at big events like Toy Fair and SDCC, and fewer random online PR let's-take-45-minutes-to-reveal-6-items livestream thingies (Granted I don't watch those, and just wait for the info to be posted online, but still...). Toy Fair used to be kind of like the Christmas Morning of annual toy reveals, and it was glorious.
  20. Not bad. Reminds me of a cross between one of Giant Man's old costumes, and Nighthawk. If I actually saw a well-painted one at Target, I might consider it, but I'll probably just wait for a Legend.
  21. I just don't understand why you keep calling it "HasScam"- I know being a bit grumpy is kind of your schtick (which is fine- one of my best friends is a goodhearted grump), but HasLab is much more transparent than a lot of the things that big toy companies do. You seem to have a limit, where you don't buy items above a certain price point. I totally respect that, and it is a wise person who can set and stick to limits for themselves. These HasLab projects are not for you- they are for people who want a giant Galactus, and/or are fine spending $400.00 on an item for their collection. There are some companies that make really cool statues that are many hundreds, even thousands, of dollars- those aren't for me, but this is. It's not a scam, you're just not the kind of consumer that this is aimed at. We have seen about the limits of what Hasbro will do for Deluxe figures and BAFs, I think. I have no interest in a 12" Galactus, and it would be a wasted spot for a more in-scale large character to be done as a deluxe release or BAF. 9 or 10 inches seems to be about the limit for BAFs these recent years, and 12" or so the limit for deluxe releases. I think it's great to have 6" figures as stretch goals for these projects. I also think those figures should all be very niche/obscure. I don't think Firelord, updated Terrax, Frankie-Nova, or even Morg should be stretch goals, unless they are, say, paint variants of an upcoming general-release version. I think that Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal would be great choices, because they are figures that Hasbro would most likely not make otherwise. I think having this big Galactus get made actually improves our chances of getting more general-release figures of Galactus-related characters. If Hasbro sees that they can sell 21,000 units of a $400.00 Galactus, they might feel more comfortable with the demand for, say, Airwalker in a F4 Legends wave.
  22. We simply would not get figures of this magnitude in todays retail environment were it not for HasLab. We would get much smaller figures of these big characters, or not at all. The last SEVERAL bigger transformers, in the $150.00 area each, were essentially online-only items, because no retailer was willing to carry them in-store at that size and price point. They sold well online, too- it's just a big price tag and a lot of shelf space for brick and mortar. We are talking about items at more than twice that price point now. It's nice to wish these figures could have lower prices and wider availability, but the fact is that they just wouldn't exist otherwise.
  23. Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal would be really, really cool stretch goal figures. I think some of Galactus' heralds, like Frankie-Nova, should see wider release than this, but I could still see Hasbro making them stretch goals. I'd prefer an obscure herald or two if Norrin and Shalla aren't stretch goals.
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