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  1. That explains a lot. They should never let Harding sculpt for Marvel Legends again. Maybe he can sculpt statues, bobbleheads, etc. that are his takes on Marvel characters, but Legends is not the place for his inaccurate, exaggerated sculpting. Marvel Legends should be the place for two kinds of sculpts: -More realistic versions of characters, in a fairly unified style, that all look like they belong in the same "universe," and -Figures based on specific Marvel media that are exacting representations of the style of that media (Like the "What If?" and "In to The Spiderverse" figures.). That's it. If it doesn't fit in to one of those two categories, it doesn't belong in Marvel Legends, unless they do some kind of a "side series" of specific artist's interpretations of characters. That being the case, that should be reserved for legendary artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Jim Lee. Again, Harding has some talent, Marvel Legends just isn't the place for it. The Hulk is an easy pass, unless I find it cheap (mainly for the Mandroid head), bit it's unfortunate that a figure like Sabertooth, in an outfit that a lot of collectors want, is saddled with a fugly, cartoonish head sculpt. I don't have a better option for Sabertooth in that outfit, unlike Hulk.
  2. He should definitely be proud that his work got mass-produced, I'll give you that. To me, though, it's like a surgeon who does a great job amputating someone's right leg, and is proud of the job he did... but he was supposed to amputate the left leg. If he was just supposed to be sculpting an original character of some kind- great job! There's obviously time and detail work here. As a semi-realistic representation of The Incredible Hulk, though, it's bad. In school, if I was supposed to write an essay about World War 1, and wrote an AMAZING essay about World War 2, I'd still fail the assignment. He has some skill, but he failed the assignment,
  3. ..and thinking about it more, I think what really bugs me is that it looks... exaggerated. Like, this headsculpt might work for something like a bobblehead, something where a stylized, caricature-like likeness would work. Marvel Legends just isn't the place for that. Same goes for the upcoming Sabertooth figure- it looks like a caricature of Sabertooth. Did Harding sculpt that one?
  4. The coloration DOES hurt it, especially the dark lips, I will agree with that. I still would not like it, but it would look better in lighter green with lighter lips.
  5. OK, that was a bit of a sassy way for me to state it, but I really think this figure is a complete miss. He clearly has sculpting talent, and the detail work is good, but it doesn't really represent any version of the character well. I'm not saying that I could do better, but there are other toy sculptors who can, and have, done much better. Heck, the original ML ToyBiz Hulk's head sculpt wasn't amazing, but it was better than these. Marvel Legends has randomly had some bad head sculpts mixed in lately, and I think Hasbro needs to pay more attention to the source material, and fans should be loud when figures miss the mark. In my opinion, this figure missed the mark terribly, and they could have just reissued the 80th. Anniversary Hulk figure, and it would be 100 times better.
  6. Yep. I thought the army builders were supposed to be "evergreen" items, regularly stocked. My premium membership gets me free shipping, but what about the other benefits they've been talking about- rewards points, etc.? And they NEVER have any promo codes. With HasbroToyShop, they'd have a promo code 4 times a year, which was, I think, 25% off AND free shipping on almost everything on the site. I would buy bunches of stuff. They don't really mark stuff down, either- I've gotten items in the Hasbro ebay store for less than they are on Pulse. The site isn't organized very well, either, and it's hard to find specific orders without clicking on a bunch of orders- there's no search function like Amazon has. Overall, they're a decent option, but they could be so much better.
  7. Does that mean he's proud of this sculpt? It's weird, because the detail is there, but it's not a good representation of Hulk. Again, it looks more like gamma-powered Mick Jagger.
  8. Some decent reveals. I really wish that USAgent had a head without an "I just smelled a fart" facial expression.
  9. It's a nice figure- I hope Pulse consistently restocks this, and the other "army builder" figures, once Covid-related supply chain issues are ironed out.
  10. Yeah, I don't know what's up with that gap. Hopefully that's something they can tweak before the figure is manufactured, unless the top half of the figure wasn't pushed-down all of the way on this prototype, or something goofy.
  11. Hasbro has been offering some of the Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon exclusive items on Hasbro Pulse- maybe it's something in their agreement with Walgreen's, but I don't know why they can't do the same with the Walgreen's exclusives- they have been some of the toughest to consistently get, and the release dates have been all over the place, impossible to predict. There's also a 6" Star Wars Clone Trooper figure that was supposed to be available many months ago that still hasn't shown up. I think that Zemo and Jigsaw are going to be high-demand figures- I'm really hoping they can do SOMETHING to improve the situation before they are released.
  12. ...and thanks so much to this site for finding it, and posting this link! Walgreen's site is so weird and inefficient, thanks for monitoring it.
  13. I do wish it was limited to 2, so then I could get free shipping, and then have 2 chances to get one with a decent paint job. Still, better to limit to 1 than to NOT limit it at all. I got some Legos and toilet paper to bring it up above the free shipping limit, though, so that's cool- fingers crossed I don't get a cross-eyed Quasar.
  14. Yeah, I agree. The designs are really fun, especially the villains. The Hasbro Mech Heroes are a bit blah, partly because of the lack of paint deco, but the monster Thanos is fun, and I'll probably buy it if it's inexpensive (that'll be a toy that I can play with with my 5-year-old daughter, too, which will be fun.). If Hasbro makes figures of the other "monsterized" villains, I'll probably buy those, too, and I'll DEFINITELY buy my daughter a Ghost Spider mech if they make one. I can always appreciate when toy and/or entertainment companies make something fun, that kids will think is cool- we collectors aren't the only audience for Marvel toys, after all.
  15. This is an excellent figure- I really hope the distribution issues with Walgreen's can be sorted out, so this figure isn't impossible to find, Have either Quasar or Binary been found at any Walgreen's in The USA yet?
  16. Yeah... I'm 99% sure I'm going to want Toad, but I don't want to pre-order any Hasbro product without at least seeing a good-quality digital "sculpt."
  17. Firelord is a VERY welcome addition to the line- it just seems odd that he would be in the 20th. anniversary line, since there has never been a Legends Firelord figure, by either company, and I thought the anniversary line was supposed to be all updates of previously-released figures...? He would seem to be a good choice for a Fan Channel retro card release, but hopefully being in the anniversary line means we will get a bunch of firey accessories and/or a cool display stand. Disappointed to not see a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider listed, as that is the ToyBiz figure I would MOST like to see updated by Hasbro. For Cap, Bucky Cap would be a GREAT choice. Bucky Cap and Golden Age Cap are the two previous Caps most in need of updates, IMO. Of course, if they update GA Cap, an updated GA Bucky would be necessary (and maybe a Hammond Human Torch... please, Hasbro...?).
  18. If they're going to raise prices, a simple, generic display stand with every figure would be a nice addition that would cost Hasbro very little to add.
  19. This is a great looking figure- I really hope it isn't difficult to find. Have Quasar or Binary even shown up in U.S. Walgreen's stores at all? I feel like Hasbro needs to try to exercise some control over how and when these Walgreen's exclusives are released.
  20. Yeah, the Iron Man is really pointless. I'm hoping the new "horn head" sculpt might mean we get an accurate figure somewhere down the line. If I end up finding him for 20 bucks or less, maybe, but not at the inflated retail. I have the classic Ghost Rider, and the ToyBiz Ghost Riders, but my top pick for this line would be Danny Ketch GR; I would also buy a rerealese/repaint of the OG Ghost Rider rider set, since I missed out on that one. It's really tough to call who else they'll release- people have wanted a new Toad for years, it was smart of them to save that for the anniversary, but I wonder if most or all of the other figures will be A-listers like Thor, Deadpool, and Wolverine?
  21. It makes sense- The Avengers have a changing roster in the films, not shocking that The Guardians would do the same. I could see, say, Rocket, Groot, and Mantis sticking around, and the rest of the team leaving. We'll see what happens with Gamora, and Chris Pratt has gotten to be a bigger, more expensive star as the movies have gone on- I could see him wanting to leave, and/or wanting a HUGE paycheck. I know Dave Bautista was also very unhappy with them firing James Gunn, and I don't think he's interested in being Drax unless Gunn is involved.
  22. -A better focus on quality control, and plastic quality. Frozen joints seem to be getting more and more common, and the durability and weight of the plastic has been decreasing on all Hasbro products for the past decade or so. I'm fine paying more for the same thing due to inflation, but I'm not fine with paying more for consistently lowering quality. -More accessories. Again, if you raise prices, don't give us less. Also, as has been mentioned in this thread, occasionally sculpt some new accessories that accurately depict characters' powers. -At least one MCU "army builder." It's weird that, after all of these years, we haven't gotten a Chitauri, Iron Legion, Ultron drone, or Outrider. These are figures that would take some new tooling, but some people would buy a bunch of them.
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