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  1. I thought they'd at least be going "moderately out...." So far, they've all been pretty darn lazy, and at a jacked-up price. Substituting the silly postcard for the uniquely sculpted ToyBiz display stands really hammers home the lack of value for the price. They're acting like these are a big deal, but they just aren't. I think Hasbro has said they're releasing at least a dozen "Anniversary" figures this year, so it's not like they're only re-doing the first ToyBiz wave, and I'm guessing they're not going in chronological order, because wave 2 was mainly Fantastic Four characters. I'm really hoping they saved more of their tooling budget for this line for some of the other figures, to redeem this. We know that Toad will have to be mostly, or completely, new tooling. I'm hoping we get some other more unique figures, like a deluxe Danny Ketch Ghost Rider with cycle, and maybe some less-obvious choices, like Angel, or classic Ant Man.
  2. Yeah, your review/evaluation is spot-on. These figures should be something special, but so far Cap is the best one, and he is just OK. This Iron Man is odd, and the Hulk is hideous, and not in a good way. The cardboard backdrops are a big disappointment, too. The biggest thing thing these figures do is make me think about how much we got for just $7.99 20 years ago.
  3. It's... just OK. It looks a bit off. The two new heads are nice, but don't really work with this body. Then 1980s Tony head is cool- wonder if it works on any existing suited bodies?
  4. Yeah, quality has gone down. I'm not super-optimistic, though, as the quality of Hasbro products has been steadily decreasing, across the board, for years. I collect a bunch of Hasbro lines, and plastic quality and quality control have been in decline for at least a decade, while prices continue to climb. I first noticed them using thinner, lower-quality plastic with the Wal-Mart exclusive Legends from the first Avengers movie, and it has slowly gotten worse since. "Frozen" joints have become a huge issue- the number of Hasbro figures I've gotten with joints that need to be put in the freezer and/or put in very hot water before they'll move has gone up dramatically.
  5. I collect many different toy lines, with Marvel Legends and 3.75" Star Wars being two of the highest priorities. That being said, it will definitely impact how much I buy. If anything, I should be spending less than I am right now on toys. I will definitely have more of a "hierarchy" of how I prioritize things- I will pre-order the high priority figures, but I will take a "wait and see" attitude with more figures, and see if I can get them below MSRP at some point. I'll also continue to cut down on how many Star Wars Black Series figures I buy, and cut down on Transformers, etc.. The biggest issue is that Hasbro keeps lowering plastic quality and having quality control issues. I am getting more Hasbro figures with "frozen" joints, for example. The fact that Hasbro can't even replace defective figures with the exact figure adds to the issues. Call me crazy, but maybe Hasbro just has to consider making a LOWER PROFIT MARGIN on each figure. That's one of the issues with being a publicly traded company- anything that isn't growth in profit is considered bad.
  6. -Man-Spider: The ToyBiz "Classics" one was not very poseable, despite having a pretty solid sculpt. A fully posable one is necessary, probably as a BAF or deluxe release. -Banshee: This time, in his blue and yellow uniform. -Baron Strucker -Dan Ketch Ghost Rider (with cycle, as a "Riders" set) -The Blob: They could even use the same tooling as the original BAF, just make it out of a better-looking, non-speckled plastic. -Dracula: I'd prefer a modern, armored version, but a re-do of the 70s one would also be cool. -The Mandarin: Green and yellow robe -Classic Hydra Soldier -Classic Ant Man: The retro one was on that TERRIBLE giraffe-necked body- we need a completely new one. -Classic Power Man and Iron Fist
  7. In no particular order: -Lockjaw -Blastaar (classic outfit) -Annihilus (classic, comic accurate- unlike the weird BAF we got) -Stegron -Awesome Android -Ch'od -Warstar -Zzaxx -A-Bomb -Spider Slayer (as pictured) I would really like Giganto and Shuma Gorath, but I think they are both too large and complex for Hasbro to release as BAFs, and would probably need to be done as deluxe figures, sold on their own. -
  8. The detail on this is nice, but everything just looks a bit too soft... he needs bigger, rockier "brows," etc.. Is he drawn like this in the more modern comics at all?
  9. Yeah... in the past few years, the quality of the paint jobs on the faces/heads of Marvel Select figureshas really gone downhill- I'm not sure what's up with that.
  10. Yes! I would definitely buy THIS Hulk (without a terrible head sculpt). And I agree- Hasbro probably won't do a completely unique body just for early-Silver-Age Hulk, but re-using it and having it be slightly too big is good enough for me.
  11. Yeah. The figure just doesn't resemble any version of Hulk from any form of media. It's not good. These are supposed to be "special" figures, but the 80th. Anniversary one is 100 times better. I could maybe be suckered in to buying a cool-looking repaint of it, but this fugly one, I'll only buy at steep discount, as kind of a joke, an example of a terrible figure to chuckle at. Hasbro needs some consistency- their head sculpts have been getting more inconsistent in quality lately. Sue Storm is not great, this Hulk is awful, and the upcoming Sabertooth is cartoonish and terrible.
  12. I’m sorry, but I have to politely disagree with you here. The Paul Harding head sculpt looks a lot less like Bronze Age comic Hulk, and a lot more like Mick Jagger. Heck, the old Mego Hulk’s head sculpt was much better than the weird Harding one.
  13. The torso seems a bit narrow compared to the limbs, especially the beefy legs, but overall, it’s still a really nice, must-buy figure.
  14. X-Men wave: -Banshee (blue and yellow) -Wolverine (Fang outfit) -Deathbird -Corsair -Mimic -Morph (X-Men animated, but without the cel-shading paint of the upcoming animated figures) -Lilandra BAF: Ch'od
  15. Yeah, at the very least. I feel like for the MSRP, and as a better tribute, we should get a hole-less shield, and at least a simple sculpted display base of some terrain, or something. When a regular figure with a BAF piece is $22.99, this without a BAF piece isn't worth 10 bucks more.
  16. It's a nice figure, but it doesn't feel $32.00+ nice to me. Maybe I'm a bit biased, because I'm disappointed by the lack of an actual sculpted display stand for the figures in this line, but these don't feel "ultra-premium" to me. I'll probably buy it, but I think the 80th. Anniversary Cap will still be the "definitive" classic Cap figure for me.
  17. This is what I would like. I don't want to see general-release waves being done with artist-specific themes, but I think it would be great to see one-off figures or two-packs based on specific artists, particularly classic ones like Ditko and Kirby.
  18. The Marvel Minimates line seems to be running on fumes- it's harder and harder to find them anywhere other than at a few online retailers (other than the Walgreen's exclusive ones), there are only 3 2-packs per wave, fewer waves per year, and now this... I'm sure the Marvel license is expensive, but this isn't the way to go. I want to support this line, but this is almost $10.00 a figure, and I don't care about the "deluxe packaging." I don't know what the rules are with the license, but you'd think they could find another retail partner to carry the regular waves- Target, Meijer, and Wal-Mart are all carrying more "collector-targeted" toys right now, from companies like Mego and Neca.
  19. So, has the 2-pack release of these figures been cancelled? If so, it's a big jump to $49.99 from 3 $9.99 2-packs.
  20. Some of us have strong nostalgia for the animated series- I would gladly buy figures of any of the villains in their looks specific to that series- Chameleon, Doc Ock, Morbius, and Vulture being the ones I'd want most. Personally, I would, eventually, like every unique look for every halfway-prominent character. Silver Age ones (Like Doc Ock in the purple outfit, and Chameleon in the smoking jacket) would be high on my list.
  21. I would buy all of these, but I think some of them (Judas Traveler, Carrion, possibly Moondragon) would be better suited for a wave with a BAF, as I don't think they would sell well enough overall without a BAF piece as incentive.
  22. I don't think that Sabertooth is ever going to grow on me- absolutely terrible head sculpt. This is a decent wave, and I'll buy them all eventually, but I think that Siryn and Maggot are the only two I'm going to bother pre-ordering.
  23. Oh lord, you're right... "Meesa gonna smash you bombad, Abomination!!!" Yeah- Sue, this Hulk, the upcoming Sabertooth... I really hope this isn't a trend of fuglier head sculpts...
  24. Who is approving these terrible head sculpts? This does not look like any previous Hulks- no other Hulk figure has looked like Mick Jagger. It's 2021- the Mego head sculpt from the 1970s looked much better than this. Then, they taunt us by showing us that cool old comic cover, with a Hulk that looks nothing like this figure.
  25. Hulk looks like Mick Jagger. Sabertooth looks like Impossible Man pretending to be Sabertooth. How could anyone at Hasbro NOT think these are terrible, fugly head sculpts? Bonebreaker and Maggot look particularly great, though.
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