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  1. Yeah. It seems weird that they'd do that, and not have Wanda and Vision together in a wave, or Jean and Scott. Especially with the Disney+ exposure of the characters, you'd think Wanda, Vision, Falcon, and Baron Zemo would all be in the first handful of waves. Still, it's a fun line, and its affordable enough that if they do characters like Wanda, Firestar and classic Spider-Woman (All characters who she knows from watching animated shows on Disney+), I can guiltlessly buy them for my 4-year-old daughter. I know they were only supposed to be Target exclusives for a month, but I don't know when that month "officially" started- they've been in Targets for more than a month, so it'd be nice to be able to get them online. I'm fortunate to have a bunch of Targets in my area, but, like you said, pandemic (I'm only going to stores when I actually need stuff- no "toy runs.")- why wouldn't Target have them available, in quantity, online during their "exclusivity window?"
  2. I collect them, too- odd that no one has pre-orders up for wave 3- I would have, at least, pre-ordered Vision and Ant Man. So far, the only "regular" retailer I've seen with them online is Amazon, and they have JUST Carol Danvers up for pre-order, which is odd. Disappointed to see that they're already doing an obligatory Hulk repaint. It's a great line, but some odd choices- Elektra before Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Storm, or Phoenix? Bullseye before Dr. Doom, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Ultron...
  3. It's about time - Odin is a pretty glaring omissions. Hopefully we'll get more Asgardian supporting characters soon.
  4. These look good, but not super-exciting. I'm guessing this will be $40.00, not $50.00? Have any of the comic-based 2-packs been $50.00?
  5. I like the single, $10 mechs- I think mechs are something that's actually cool that they can execute well at a low price point, I wish they'd just keep them to the single ones, and not put them in as part of bigger sets (unless it's something like The Hulkbuster, that is actually in the films and/or comics), because then we end up with way too many mechs. The Doc Ock mech is pretty cool, but I don't really need another Spidey mech- maybe if I can snag the set for $15.99, I'll pick it up.
  6. For a second I thought I was looking at The Great Magini, from the old Spider-Woman cartoon...
  7. Yeah... I'm hoping there is a second head somewhere... are we sure this is just a 6 figure wave? Maybe Hasbro could include it with another figure, if need be? Crazy hair is a much better, scarier look for Mr. Hyde than a whimsically tiny hat.
  8. This wave is odd, but I like it. Its popularity will depend largely on the movie, but the 4 movie figures look to be well-done, and the AI Iron Man is nice. Civil Warrior is cool enough, though I've never played the game. I am really hoping that Mr. Hyde has a removable hat, though it doesn't look like it.
  9. Yeah, good point about the Legos. The Endgame sets were full of random stuff. I know it isn't the 3-pack, but $150.00 for a 5-pack is a lot, when thet cost US consumers $100.00; unless the USA MSRP is higher for this set, too?
  10. They've been spreading the reveals out more and more in recent years, to coincide with different events, so even if this is kind of a "replacement Toy Fair," they've been revealing a lot less at Toy Fair than they used to. I think we'll see revealed: -Most or all of the Iron Man wave -The rest of the Disney+ wave -The MCU releases, including a few exclusives -Maybe an official reveal or tease for Eternals and Shang-Chi -Reveals for a few more random figures, and a few teases -Reveals of the next wave or 2 of 3.75" Retro -1-3 different role play items Still, it will be nice to see. I collect a few other Hasbro lines that I'm sure will have reveals that day, so I'm prepared to do a whole bunch of pre-ordering...
  11. Yeah- they would lose a lot of revenue by doing that. I think this is a smart release date- things are on the upswing, and I think most people will be comfortable going to theaters by September.
  12. Isn't there, based on the leaked Lego photos, a dragon in the Shang-Chi movie? The BAF for that wave could always be a dragon... that could be the tail figure. Have they said for sure that we are JUST getting Cannonball's legs? I would love it if they were a "bonus" with a multi-pack, but I wouldn't put it past Hasbro to just give us a legged Cannonball, and make us buy him twice to get the two bottom halves. I'd love it, if it happens, if the X-Force 3-pack is Feral, Siryn, and Rictor, with Cannonball's legs. So, the MSRP for this set is consistent with what previous Amazon boxed sets cost in Europe- about $150.00 USD? That's rough.
  13. Devil Dinosaur would be amazing! As a BAF, his parts would be hard to fit in the standard-sized figure packaging, so a "super-deluxe" separate release makes sense. I'm guessing Moon Boy would basically be the same tooling as Wild Child, with a new head, so his fur would just be painted-on, but I can live with that.
  14. Ha, that would be awesome- he would add some nice variety, but I'm guessing he's the last one we'd see, with the unique tooling for his bottom half. I'm sure Hasbro will never make all of The Serpent Society, but it would be nice to have 3 or 4 more (especially if they mix in at least one of the bigger ones, like Anaconda or Puff Adder.). While I'm a big fan of The MCU, with all of the DIsney+, the video game figures (which seem to be done, or mostly..?), etc., I really hope Hasbro makes sure they keep making a good amount of comic-based figures.
  15. OOooooh, yeah, how could I forget how much we need an updated Strucker. Such an important villain, and we've only gotten that awkward Toy Biz one. They seemed to be giving us Serpent Society members at a fairly regular rate, but now it has been a while- hopefully they just got a bit sidetracked with the video game figures, etc., and will start do do that again. The thing is, though, Hasbro has no idea how well-received the What If? series will be. There is guaranteed demand for anything that ties in to The MCU, so, to me, it seems an odd choice.
  16. Ha, that is spot-on! These are great. With Hasbro moving away from plastic packaging, I wonder if we'll see fewer/no more retro carded waves. They could always do boxes in the Toy Biz style. Retro is the best Legends packaging, by far.
  17. Yeah. Besides the aforementioned characters, there are a lot I can think of just off of the top of my head- classic Falcon, Bucky Cap, Ultimate Cap (regular outfit), Baron Zemo 1, Baron Zemo 2 in his more classic Bronze Age costume; Golden Age Cap and Bucky need to be re-done, and a Cap wave would be great for a much-needed re-do of the classic Hydra Soldier. Maybe a Sleeper Robot BAF...??
  18. The What If? figures should be visually interesting, since they've all never been done before, but my excitement level for the wave will depend greatly on the quality of the show. My guess is that they had more access to the materials from, and Disney is less spoiler-worried about, the What If? series than the stuff that ties in to the MCU. The Mandalorian was HUGE, but Hasbro semmed to underestimate how popular it would be, and Disney really wanted to keep Grogu/"Baby Yoda" under wraps, so it took them a good 6 or 7 months AFTER the premier to get Grogu toys to market, and they've been playing catch-up with characters from it ever since. My guess/hope is that it's a situation like that, and we will get more figures from the Disney+ series a ways down the line, maybe as 2-packs or single boxed individual releases, or maybe a whole additional wave. It seems odd that they'd devote basically a whole wave to an untested concept like an animated series that's more "grown-up," and doesn't tie in to The MCU, but it's more intriguing than the Avengers video game figures, I suppose.
  19. I like that these evoke the feel of the awesome vintage Marvel blacklight posters, and have been tempted to get oen or two, but there's too much other cool Marvel stuff to spend money on. Now, if Hasbro or Diamond Select did some action figures like this, especially ones of characters in their Silver Age costumes/looks, I would be all over that- Thor, Dr. Strange... those would look slick on display.
  20. The shield is too important, on every level, to NOT include it with those who use it, be it MCU/Disney+, comic-based, any of them. Yeah, this wave does seem a bit underwhelming... I will probably buy all of this wave, but I'll grumble about it. Wanda and Zemo definitely seem to be the winners. I know they have to start off of concept art, etc., but that only forgives little detail inaccuracies, it doesn't forgive lack of accessories, especially when we don't get a true BAF. At least this wave is coming out before the MSRP bump to $22.99 a figure, right?
  21. Well, that's a big disappointment, the "build a wings." Just make Sam a $30.00 figure, sheesh. Does this mean we'll have to wait a year and a half for an Agatha Harkness figure?
  22. I got that e-mail, but about my Star Wars Black Series "Heroes of Endor" set. There are so many factors, and Hasbro uses a bunch of different factories, so who the heck knows. These are a second run, though, it's not like a bunch of inventory disappeared. I'm guessing the lack of having SDCC last year made it a non-issue for them to do a second run of the toys that would have been SDCC exclusives. It looks like the second run of the would-have-been-SDCC-exclusive Transformers set also got pushed back, so it's the second runs of at 3 of those exclusive items being delayed.
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