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  1. I feel your pain -- i've resorted to (most of the time) buying mine over amazon or big bad toys. I usually find them on amazon for the same price as in store and since i have prime i dont pay extra for shipping (apart from the 12 bucks a month that prime costs) -- hope you have better luck.
  2. Thing found in Austin Tx this morn!! love this one - the toy biz legends wave 1 thing was my first action figure - there were 4 on the shelf this morn nice.........
  3. Picked up Iron Man mk VII at best buy saturday. IMO this is the best hasbro iron man yet -- Theres so many nice things about this figure -- Im very happy with it ---- oh they didnt have them out - one of the guys pulled it from the back. as far as i can tell this is a completely new figure. i compared it to my other iron man figures and nothing is repeated. oh and found silver surfer friday at walgreens - verrry happy to have him - cant wait for the thing
  4. Will There be more Silver Surfers?? Walgreens says they have no more.. please tell me there will be more
  5. Definitely worth checking out. There's 2 eps left to go in S1,. Very Good show - very glad it will be continuing
  6. same here in austin -- boy i got lucky. one of the 3 stores here had 2 sitting on the shelf today - got one! awesome set -eronel55
  7. if anyone here is in the austin Tx area and is still looking for the scarlet witch vision set the south austin toys r us had a case (6) of them today. i picked up one. now im hoping they get the antman set.
  8. This was my exact experience with Wal-Mart as well. Apparently their system will tell them something is in stock but sometimes not give a location. I was able to use Wal-Mart's own site the same night and the aisle was shown which let me know the item was put out. Crazy thing is which butthole worker is picking the box up and taking 1 or 2 out but leaving them back on the palletts? Exactly!!
  9. crazy about the upcoming walgreens thing - i cant wait to get him
  10. on the Thanos Walmart exclusive hunt....... had to rant a little after today.... today about noon, 6 stores in my area (north austin) update on brickseek showing 6 Thanos in stock in all but one store that showed 4. I go to store 1 right after work - brickseek says 6 - none on shelf. I show an employee my phone and the brickseek info, she goes to another employee who says 'you'll have to check later...' i kindly explain that the brick seek info changed earlier today from '0' to '6' so maaaaaybe theseare sitting on a pallet??? No - he did not lift a finger to go check ..... 'you should check around 12....' *sigh* on to the next store...... Brick seek says '4'... none on shelf. i ask employee again showing brickseek info and kindly asking if he could please just look - i just want one puny Thanos before the scalpers come in and buy up the entire case!!!! he says he will look. Disappears to the back. over 30 min later he is nowhere to be found. another employee asks if she can help me. I hand her the freakin shelf tag , she scans it and says 'nope we didnt get any' i look at her phone (scanner) and it reads '4 ON HAND'. i say - so what does '4 on hand ' mean??' 'um well... we're supposed to have them in the store but.......' followed by silence. she is not about to walk to the back and look i realize and turn and walk away. It is 11:30 and im about to go to bed. I check brickseek and ANOTHER store has updated from '0' to '6 on hand'... ok - these stores MUST have these - this makes no sense. the last 2 weeks have shown '0' at every store in my area and today almost all show 4-6 on hand???? hmmmm either brickseek is waaaay off or INCREDIBLY LACKLUSTER EMPLOYEES....... hmmmm I decided to go back to the store showing 4 on hand since it is open 24hrs. Theres a pallet of stock sitting in the aisle where i had sat waiting, waiting waiting just 5 hours earlier. on the top is an open Hasbro case of Thanos with ............. can you guess how many?? yep - 4 spanking new Thanos exclusives inside. I took one and the box and put the remaining 3 on the shelf so some poor bastard like me might have a chance of finding him tonight or in the morning. What have i learned? Well - brickseek does appear to be correct and employees just dont care and in the future i will not trust ANY employee. If brickseek shows in stock - chances are very good that the item is there. I'm exhausted - been driving around looking for this guy for a few weeks. Now i am vindicated!!
  11. Thats funny -- you know those are the only 2 i've found here in Austin Tx! both at walgreens really want the jessica drew but no dice so far.
  12. Thank you for the info -- especially the locations! it's frustrating to see a report for something new that you are looking for with no indication of where it was found so -- thanks again
  13. well i would not try to separate the torso halves personally. obvously when you pulled on the head to get it off the ball, the disc part (or wheel) came out of the neck joint because the neck joint was not sealed well at the factory. so since the halves of the neck are already split open - i would attempt to get the disc b;ack in there by working it into the neck -- carefully mind you but , again, i would definitely NOT try separating the torso halves. more work than its worth and it may cause more problems. It isnt going to be easy and may take many attempts. you also might try putting the torso into near boiling water as i described above. that 'might' make the neck halves a little more pliable. the torso and pelvis are not made with pvc , they are made with a type of plastic that is closer to styrene - stiffer and more brittle - so ultimately it is not as flexible as the arms legs and head - which are made of pvc. anyways -- its just something you are gonna have to try, or just break down and get another figure. good luck -eronel55
  14. well you need to first pull the peg out of the head. if you cant get it out as is - imo the easiest way is get yourself a coffee mug fill about half with plain water, put in the microwave for a couple minutes - just until it is about to boil. put the head in the near boiling water - let it sit for about a minute or so. by then the head should be soft enough to pull the peg out easily. obviously its gonna vbe really hot so - i use a spoon to get it out of the water and i then handle it with a towel. you can let the head sit in the water longer than a minute if it is still too hard to pull the peg out. you are not going to damage the head. i've been doing this for years no problem - just dont microwave the water with the head in the cup! after you get the peg out you will put the disc side back into the neck of the torso. i would then recommend very carefully using some superglue to keep the torso halves togetherwith the disc/peg in place. just be careful - don';t use a bunch of superglue. if you use too much it may seep into the part where the disc sits and glue it in place keeping you from being able to move it. thats what i would do then i would either use the boiling water trick to soften the head before you pull it off the peg next time orsqueeze the neck together when you try to remove the head next time to keep the disc from coming out. dont worry you havent done anything permanent. i have a couple of figures that are like this - the neck joint didnt seal very well. -eronel55
  15. found in austin texas at target - one case of the new avengers odin wave. i picked up the ladies and left the rest. visited 2 other targets but only found at one.

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