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  1. Took a few tabs open, a lot of refreshing, and about 20 minutes of fighting the system.... but i have an order confirmation!
  2. BradMan

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Since I started the thread I guess I should add my own thoughts to the mix... 1. Jim Lee Gambit I may be in a minority, but I would prefer a molded trench coat over a soft goods coat. That being said, in a perfect world Gambit would have arms that pop out at the shoulder like the upcoming Mr. Fantastic, and would include a set of arms without the coat sleeves. Also, I would love the regular head sculpt with the classic messy shorter hair style and then another headsculpts with the longer hair style Gambit sometimes sported in the late 90s and early 2000s. Classic shorter hair: https://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=347 Longer hair: https://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=1944 2. Unbeatable Squirel Girl I also cant believe, especially since we have Spider-Gwen and are getting Gwenpool, that we havent seen Squirrel Girl yet. 3. Occupy Avengers Hawkeye Since we got the retro Toy Biz Black Widow and are getting the one with her motorcycle soon I have been able to stop looking for the one from the Winter Soldier two Pack. Now that leaves Hawkeye as my only main avenger that Im missing. I just cant justify spending $40 - $60 on the Rocket Raccoon series version when I really dont think its a well done figure. The Occupy Avengers costume is more or less the same and would give collectors like me a chance to pick up a modern Hawkeye. 4. Warpath Im still hoping that a 90s X-Force Warpath is part of the Deadpool series and just hasnt been announced. But, if not, hes toward the top of the list for my X-Men related characters. 5. Beast Like everyone else, Im hoping for a new Jim Lee style Beast to complete my Blue Team. I think an alternate new ape style head and gauntlet could be included so that he would also be able to create his current Uncanny Inhumans look. 6. Secret Empire Captain America We got the figure in the (dead?) 3 3/4 Universe scale, so it only makes sense to get a Legends version too. 7. Kingpin I know this has been on everyones list for years. 8. Doctor Strange (Last Days of Magic) I know we got a pretty lame repack in the Doctor Strange wave, but I would love just one more Doctor Strange figure that represents his current look. The rolled up sleeves, cool facial hair bros looking head, and medival weapons are something we havent seen. Plus, add in some alternate lower arms with gloves and an alternate head and you have a classic Doctor Strange that Hasbro has never done. 9. Totally Awesome Hulk 10. Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Pym)
  3. Without rehashing any of the comic vs MCU debates, what comic style figures are at the top of peoples wishlists? Assuming that Spider-Man, X-Men, and Avengers characters remain separated in respective waves, are there characters within each group that are glaring omissions? I know I have my opinions and my favorites, but I am curious as to what other people are hoping to see.
  4. Glad I went on my rant... the universe sensed it and put the items up. I was able to complete my order for a Battle of Asgard set.... we'll see if anything funky happens between now and when it is supposed to ship.
  5. They don't know... they'll sell all their inventory of these items no matter what time they are posted so they don't want to know. Having seen other corporate IT departments I can guarantee that they have one guy assigned to write the code or flip the line on the website to make the items available today. But, they have also assigned that same guy to some project related to HasCon, and his manager has told him that anything related to HasCon take higher priority. So, after he finishes the HasCon stuff... and has a lunch break.... and a coffee break... he'll eventually look at his ticket queue and resolve the assignment to make items available for sale on Hasbro Toy Shop on 8/14.
  6. I know it was as late as 2:00 PM EST one year.... looks like it might be that way again this year.
  7. They released Thunderbird (John Proudstar) in that costume with the Marvel Universe Giant Size X-Men #1 box set.... Toy Biz released a version of the 2nd Warpath costume back in the day that was spot on to the look in the comic... I think it's a fine line since the character of James Proudstar is so deeply connected to his Apache heritage and wanted to show that through his costume design. So, it is not someone who is not a member of the Apache people appropriating imagery or other cultural clothing items for their own purposes. It's not Johnny Depp dressing up like a Native American with a crow on his head... But, at the same time, it is a fictional character intentionally created to portray a member of a Native American tribe in a very deliberate way. I don't know if Marvel got a lot of backlash from the cultural stereotypes of the team introduced in Giant Size X-Men #1... it was obviously supposed to be an international team that highlighted the parts of the world each was from, but every character is full of stereotypes for a particular group. Impact versus intent.... I don't think that Warpath's costume is intended to be racist but I don't know the impact that is has on Native American readers/ toy consumers.
  8. @Heisenberg - I'm not speaking with any inside knowledge or authority.... just my own anecdotal experience of hitting HTS for the SDCC exclusives over the past however many years we've been celebrating F5 Day. I do know that I have seen other users post that they had tried to order multiple units of an item that was limited to one per household... even with having a family member create a new account and place the order Hasbro has been strict to the "One Per Household" policy and cancelled the whole order. The Battle for Asgard set specifically says it is a limit of 2 per Household, so it won't be an automatic cancel like more restricted items. I think as you said the likelihood of your one additional unit being the one to clear the stock down to 0 is very slim... but there is some risk.
  9. I hope the BAF is Warpath.... he's always been one of my favorite X-Force characters. With Shatterstar from the most recent X-Men wave, and Cable & Domino as part of the Deadpool wave we could get a good little 90's X-Force group going. If they do go with Warpath I hope that they go with his early X-Force costume to match the same era as the released Shatterstar. As much as I love the more streamlined later costume with the red stripes at the shoulders and ribs that was used in black and grey for the X-Force costume on Wolverine's team, the Thunderbird style costume would be a better fit for this wave. I would also be OK with the slightly updated version of the costume he sported following X-Cutioner's song when the whole team got new costumes.
  10. Right.... I didn't see the fine print on the coupons information page.
  11. If you don't see it on the front page, the 15% off with Free Shipping code is SHIPAUG17
  12. At least in my experience on F5 day in the past... quantity in stock changes so quickly that 2 available units may drop to 1 left in the time it takes your browser to complete checkout. If that happens I don't believe it will just process the order for one item instead of 2 - you'll get an error message and will have to try again for just 1 unit. And in the time it takes to do that, someone else with only 1 unit in their cart will check out.
  13. BradMan

    A-force boxset / dark pheonix 2 pk

    The set is available for order on the website as of this morning... https://www.toysrus.com/product?_br_psugg_q=marvel+legends+exclusive&productId=119480626 I received an order confirmation... now we just have to see if they actually honor it and ship it to me or if they cancel my order again.
  14. BradMan

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    I found the Thor/Hulk and Exectuioner/Enchantress 2-Packs at Target this morning.
  15. I know that the Walmart exclusive Black Panther was available on Walmart's website, but has anyone physically found it in stores yet? I haven't seen any discussion about this figure since the post that announced it was available online.

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