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  1. Target pre-order is live, but still getting a page error for the Walmart listing.
  2. I’ve got one pre-ordered from Hasbro Pulse... once I have it in hand I’ll see if it will work the way I think it will to make a more accurate “Endgame” costume figure than using the “Infinity War” body. The head with the “Infinity War“ body will be a perfect “Civil War” figure because the suits are the same between the two movies and her hairstyle matches what it looked like in “Civil War” where it was longer than “Avengers” but not as long as “Winter Soldier”. To put together a mostly accurate “Endgame” figure I’m looking at: - Head and batons from Target “Endgame” two-pack - Torso (painted black) waist, belt, and gauntlets from white deluxe figure. It looks to have the same ribbing and texture as the “Endgame” suit - Arms and legs from single card movie Black Widow - Fingerless gloved hands from “Winter Soldier” figure (luckily I already have a set of these) It looks like the white suit in the movIe includes the backpack/shoulder harness for the batons from “Endgame”. The white deluxe figure has shoulder straps visible, so it remains to be seen what the back looks like.
  3. I know that Fire-Star is on a lot of folks’ wishlists for 2020. My toddler has been inexplicably drawn to “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” on Disney+, and Marvel.com even had an article about why people should watch the series. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marvel.com/amp/articles/tv-shows/spider-man-amazing-friends-disney-plus-watch-first All this is to say - Fire-Star seems to be in the zeitgeist now more than ever. I seem to remember that there was some weirdness with rights and ownership of the Fire-Star character and that was the major reason she has not been made in the Marvel Legends line. Am I making this up? I know she was made in the Marvel Universe line as part of a 3-pack with Spider-Man and Iceman, and I can’t remember if that was one of those things where a character could be part of a set but couldn’t be released individually. I wouldn’t put it past Hasbro to put Fire-Star in a 3-pack with another Spider-Man and Iceman reissue. Another release of Pizza Spider-Man wouldn’t be terrible as both the original and Retro aren’t available anymore. Iceman wouldn’t be terrible if he was done as the Retro version with the bluish tint of the Juggernaut BAF version, or if they included the power regulator belt to make him an X-Factor version. If Hasbro were to release Fire-Star would she be in a Spider-Man wave, or an X-Men wave? Given the lineup of the Demogoblin wave it would seem like a future Spider-Man wave would need some more characters to fill it out. But, I say that as someone who isn’t as nuanced in all the layers of Spider-Man’s various solo books over the years. Of course, a standalone “Fan Channel Exclusive” single card release would eliminate the problem of fitting it in to a wave.
  4. For anyone who’s got this figure in hand... can you confirm that the pocket-watch and chain are molded as part of the abdomen piece? It would be epic if it’s a separate molded piece that could be removed, but I know we’re not that lucky.
  5. The Watcher will feature prominently in the Disney + “What If...” series set to debut in 2021. If we don’t get him in 2020 then I would hope that exposure on Disney + would prompt Hasbro to show him some love.
  6. Uatu the Watcher. Neither Toy Biz nor Hasbro has done any version of the character despite being a long standing classic fixture of the Marvel Universe. He transcends any specific affiliation so he could be attached to any series of figures. Diamond Select did a figure long ago but has never re-released it, so it’s expensive on the secondary market. If not a BAF then hopefully we can get him as a deluxe figure or online exclusive.
  7. Hasbro did a Mark V in 6” scale that was a Walmart exclusive. It fills in the slot for that armor, but it’s not great. The color on it is kind of an orangey red, it’s got the outdated ball joint hips, and it’s on the smaller side compared to the other armors around it.
  8. Does anyone know how single figure re-orders for retailers are determined? The one that comes to mind is the comic-style Mysterio... people couldn’t find it when the wave was released but then every online retailer got it available as a single figure to order months later. I know there have been some others like this but I can’t remember off hand. Is this a decision made by Hasbro based on sales? Do retailers have the opportunity to request additional production of an individual figure? If this isn’t actually a thing that happens and I’m totally remembering incorrectly then let me know!
  9. The "deluxe" Archangel is $29.99 on Amazon right now. If you're a Prime member and can get it shipped for free that's the best price I've seen on it in a while. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G2S3M1Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. It can’t be a coincidence that the package art for Storm now has a corner box with character portraits of Storm, Iceman, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Beast. Is the reintroduction of the corner box on the packaging indicative of a new lineup of figures? On the original Toy Biz packages the portraits on the corner box changed to reflect the figures in that wave. It may not be a fully new wave... maybe a wave 1.5. Cyclops features his blue and white X-Factor costume just like the figure from the Uncanny X-Men retro wave. I wouldn’t be mad at all if they changed him to his original blue and yellow X-Factor costume. Iceman could be a straight carry forward, or maybe he’d be done with a blue tint just like later versions of the original Toy Biz figure did. A carry forward of the tiger stripe Wolverine from the Apocalypse BAF wave seems unnecessary since the Love Triangle figure is pretty much already a repack with some added accessories... but Wolverine is one of those anchor characters for Hasbro. If they used the belt from the Hulk 2-pack then it would represent Wolverine from Giant Size X-Men #1 until he changed to the brown costume, and save me the hassle of putting that together myself. I’d love to see Beast re-released in any format. I was lucky to find a second one in the wild to go along with my classic Avengers, and now I’m looking for a third to make a classic X-Factor team. Since the Caliban wave figure only came with an open mouth head, a re-release in a retro wave would be a great time to add a new closed mouth head. If this isn’t an actual wave that’s released all at once I would also be cool with some repaints and re-releases continuing to launch via Hasbro Pulse as standalone figures like gray hulk and first appearance Deadpool.
  11. Hey all... does anyone have any ideas on where to get a good armored left arm for Magik in her X-Men / New Mutants costume? I’ve seen a lot of customs that use a Spiral arm, but I’m not paying $60 - $75 on eBay for a figure to use as fodder. I’m going for the look in the attached image. I have the Magik head and Dani Moonstar body, I just need the left arm.
  12. Dani Moonstar is back up for sale on Walgreens' website!!! https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/marvel-legends-series-dani-moonstar-exclusive-figure-6-inches/ID=prod6408860-product
  13. I got my Alpha Flight set today... and Amazon sent me 2 of them! Best Buy also had a special one day deal for 25% off one toy so I took the already on sale Power Gauntlet, redeemed $30 worth of rewards, and got it for $23. Finally a good toy karma day! Maybe I should go hit up all my local Walgreens to see if I can finally find a few Dani Moonstars...
  14. Or Hasbro could blow everyone’s mind and do Sugar Man as the Build-a-Figure!
  15. So all the characters they’ve chosen so far have been from Rogue’s team in the Astonishing X-Men title or acted independently in the original Age of Apocalypse event (X-Man, Weapon X, and Jean Grey). The remaining members of the Astonishing X-Men team are Rogue, Magneto, and Sabertooth. Given the number of 2 and 3 packs that we’ve seen in the last few years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see either Sabertooth or Apocalypse as the BAF and then a 3 pack with the other, Rogue, and Magneto. If not then a second wave would have to include those characters. Is Age of Apocalypse getting this huge because 2020 is the 25th anniversary of the event?
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