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  1. I am surprised, but I don’t have Wolverine fatigue yet myself. I was never a Toy Biz Legends collector... I picked up a few here and there but at the time was really only collecting X-Men figures. I started expanding into the full Marvel Universe with the 3 3/4” Universe line, and was buying 90% of each wave. I started picking up the 6” Legends just for the MCU figures, but then dove in headfirst when the Infinite series started with Odin. All that set up is to say... I don’t have the full Toy Biz roster of Wolverines. With the X-Men waves that have come out starting with Juggernaut I think the Wolverine per wave have been intelligent choices. I won’t add the upcoming X-Men retro Patch to my collection because it doesn’t interest me, but I know others are excited for it. If X-Force Wolverine really is the final slot for the upcoming X-Force wave then I’m ok with it if it matches the colors of the X-Force Deadpool and X-23. It would also be a great way to fill the Wolverine slot in another X-Men or Retro wave to do the blue and yellow X-Men uniform. If they included alternate hands without the claw ports it would then be an awesome idea to include an alternate head with each figure in the wave - Banshee, Morph, evil Morph, Joseph, etc. So, short story long, I don’t have Wolverine fatigue yet.
  2. I didn’t think to post this... I saw Professor X and Deadpool riders at Target in Southern Indiana last weekend. I already had them from an e-tailer that got them back in March.
  3. I got my Caliban wave from Dorkside Toys last week. I pre-ordered a full case of 8 when it first went live, so I don’t know if either of those factors contributed to when my order shipped.
  4. Ok... now that “Endgame” has been released let’s talk about what Marvel Legends are “must-haves” from the film. SPOILER ALERT Without a doubt, I need a new Captain America with the updated suit, Mjolnir and an alternate hand to hold it, regular shield and the shattered shield. It could be single carded. It could be a 2-pack with Thor and Stormbreaker as “The Worthy”. It could be a 3-pack with Thor and Iron Man Mk. 85. It could be a 4-pack with Thor, Iron Man Mk. 85 and a repack of the armored Thanos BAF without the Infinity Gauntlet. It could be a 6-pack with all 6 original Avengers - Cap, Iron Man Mk. 85, Thor, Hulk in his gray and purple suit, Hawkeye (only need new lower arms and a quiver), and Black Widow in her final black suit. I could definitely see the Big 3 as an 80th Anniversary set since there are slots that have not been announced and nothing Endgame related in the 80th Anniversary series yet. If Iron Man Mk. 85 and Rescue aren’t offered as single carded figures that’s an obvious choice for a 2-pack. I’m really hoping for a War Machine MK. IV, and would be totally OK if MK. V was the BAF with the Loki, Shuri, Union Jack wave. An updated Rocket and Nebula would be nice to round things out, but they’d be a lower priority than getting the OG 6 as described above.
  5. Have there been any further developments on upcoming Endgame figures? I don’t remember how far in advance we knew about the Cull Obsidian wave and the different two-packs and three-packs in relation to the release of Infinity War in theaters. I ask because there’s usually a lot of “another Captain America and Iron Man” complaints, and I’m really surprised that there’s been no hint of an Endgame Iron Man figure. From what I’ve gathered, the armor seen in some of the trailers and commercials is being labeled as the Mark 85. It seems to share the same design and contours of the Mark 50 from Infinity War, but with more gold sections that evoke the classic comic Mark 3 armor. That being said, I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t revealed a repaint of the Infinity War Mark 50 figure. The only thing I can figure is that Marvel Studios has a gag order on Hasbro and others to not reveal anything more until after Endgame premiers next week. I’m really hoping for: - Hulk (BAF again?) in his tech suit - War Machine Mark IV or V - Rocket in his Endgame costume with goggles - Ronin/Hawkeye hybrid costume (all we need is new lower arms and a quiver) - Black Widow (the black costume is different from previous iterations) - Captain America (new costume has scale texture in places) - Rescue (if we really see it on screen) I’d even be ok with a repack of the Cull Obsidian wave Thor in a two-pack with any of the above. I hope this doesn’t turn into another MCU versus comic thread... I’m just really surprised at what seems like a smaller push for Legends figures given all the hype that Endgame has right now.
  6. I kept the faith and my two-pack actually arrived today!
  7. My order status now says “shipped” and I have a FedEx tracking number. FedEx says it will be delivered Monday, but I won’t trust it until it’s in hand.
  8. Well my order status page has changed from “preparing order” to “preparing to ship”. I’m hoping that SammyWolf is right...
  9. If you’re able to find another one I’ll take you up on that. I display my ML loose, so they could just be shipped in a bubble mailer for cheap.
  10. I know I can work with my bank to make sure only the correct amount of money is charged to Walmart... my concern is doing anything to mess with the order until I have the figures in hand. Did anyone pre-order them and actually receive them at this point? I know my Spider-Man and MJ set from Target was also supposed to be released on 3/31 and has also been delayed. Did Hasbro miscommunicate release dates with the retailers on these exclusives?
  11. I haven’t really seen any official threads dedicated to this, so let me ask here... did anyone else pre-order the Corvus Glaive and Loki two-pack from Walmart’s website? The set was supposed to come out on 3/31, and my original order had a scheduled delivery of 4/2. Almost immediately on 3/31 my order status hit “processed” and then “delayed” with a note telling me to check again soon. In the meantime, my card has been charged 8 times for the purchase amount. The charges always show as “pending” in my bank account, and after a few days they disappear without any funds actually leaving my account. But, I get charged 2 or 3 times every day, and the order still hasn’t shipped. I have no faith in my local Walmarts ever stocking these. The last exclusives I was able to buy in hand were the Winter Soldier and Falcon from “Civil War”. And Walmart wonders why it’s losing everything to Amazon..
  12. I think Walgreens shifting from Fantastic Four to X-Men for exclusives is a great opportunity to knock out some X-Men characters. 1. Marvel NOW Magneto (White sleeveless costume to go along with Cyclops, Magik, and the upcoming Emma Frost). With the Apocalypse wave head, Moon Knight cape, and X-Force Deadpool belt it would be a great build with little to no new parts required (just some secondaries for parts of the costume). 2. Modern Rogue (the unreleased version we’ve seen). 3. X-Men Warpath (modern red and blue costume). I’m still hoping a Thunderbird style X-Force costume version is coming in the X-Force wave, and this would be a great way to do the modern variant. 4. Jim Lee style Jean Grey. I’m hoping for a redo with one of the updated female bucks so it doesn’t have the old style hip joint that the Rocket Raccoon wave had. An alternate ponytail head sculpt would help to differentiate it from the original release. 5. Banshee in his blue and gold X-Men uniform. 6. Morph. 7. Longshot. 8. Classic Havok. 9. Utopia costume blue and white Angel. 10. Utopia costume Emma Frost (not likely, I know, given the black costume Emma already planned). Beyond Walgreens, I think other retailers looking to pick up an exclusive might be a good option. - I’d love a 90’s X-Factor box set with Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, and Strong Guy. - One way or another, a Giant Size X-Men Storm and Thunderbird / Warpath. If Giant Size X-Men Storm isn’t part of the Retro wave and Warpath isn’t part of the X-Force wave them put these two together with a green and yellow Banshee for an 80th Anniversary 3 pack. I’d even take an Apocalypse wave Wolverine with the Retro belt to make it a 4 pack, or that plus a Dark Phoenix 2 pack Cyclops re-release to make it a 5 pack.
  13. Has there been any word or rumor on the Toys R Us exclusive Dark Phoenix and Cyclops set being re-released through other online retailers like previous Toys R Us sets? With the “Dark Phoenix” movie coming out in June and no Jean Grey/Phoenix figures in either the Caliban or X-Force wave it would seem like a no-brainer to make these sets more widely available. Of course, a Walgreens Jim Lee Jean Grey rerelease or redo wouldn’t hurt either...
  14. You pretty much just listed all of the Marvel Legends Retro figures... Most e-tailers have the figures readily available. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Marvel+legends+Retro&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 The Retro line Black Panther figure is actually a more modern version, but the Walmart exclusive classic Black Panther is available at a variety of places online. https://www.amazon.com/Marvel-Legends-6-Inch-Panther-Exclusive/dp/B01MSBV3E0/ref=sr_1_13?crid=YW4CYBQ2W0K5&keywords=marvel+legends+black+panther&qid=1551232259&s=gateway&sprefix=Marvel+legends+Bl%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-13 I hope this helps!
  15. Here’s my list: 1. Mr Fantastic with beard (new 2018 black costume) Super Skrull regular right arm and Super Skrull stretching right arm 2. Invisible Woman (new 2018 black costume) Super Skrull regular right leg and Super Skrull clear right leg 3. Thing (new 2018 black costume) Super Skrull regular left arm and Super Skrull Thing left arm 4. Human Torch (translucent orange and red version of Walgreens exclusive) Super Skrull regular left leg and Super Skrull flaming left leg 5. Doctor Doom (classic) Super Skrull head 6. Karnak Super Skrull torso 7. Cosmic Ghost Rider with baby Thanos BAF - Super Skrull Plus an 80th Anniversary 4 pack with: - Mr Fantastic (dark blue and white costume) - Invisible Woman (dark blue and white costume) - Thing (dark blue and white costume) - Human Torch (red and yellow with black lines)
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