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  1. I’ve got a few ideas... - Excalibur (Captain Britain, Meggan, Phoenix, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler) - Warriors Three (comic) - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Toad, Mastermind, Pyro, Avalanche, Blob. I know this was never a roster together, but those are the key characters.) - Iron Man Hall of Armor (first appearance, underwater, Silver Centurion, and Modular)
  2. If I were to put together a “best of” X-Men wave I would think: - Brown costume Wolverine (as much as people don’t want to see Wolverine take up a slot, we know he’d have to be included. The Juggernaut wave figure and even the Retro figure are both expensive on the secondary market) - Cyclops (Jim Lee) - Rogue (Jim Lee) - Magneto (from the Amazon 3-pack) - Iceman (Juggernaut wave) - Psylocke - Gambit, Bishop, Beast, or Cable (Sasquatch wave) The only BAF that really makes sense for just a rerelease is Apocalypse.
  3. Moon Knight is back in stock on Walgreens’ website... I was able to submit an order and got a confirmation e-mail! https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/marvel-legends-series-moon-knight-preorder/ID=300399793-product
  4. So during the Hasbro Pulse Facebook livestream on Friday there was a comment made that they were looking at figures from the House of X / Powers of X / Dawn of X relaunch of the X-Universe. If and when Hasbro gets to the House of X designs, what would be your wishlist? I'd love to see a box set rather than a wave so that the waves can continue to be a mix of 90's and older figures that we still need. A box set featuring the cover of House of X #1 would cover all of the major hitters: - Professor Xavier (easy with the Sunfire buck and a new head) - Magneto (Apocalypse wave head, Moon Knight cape, X-Force Deadpool belt, Bucky Cap buck, new secondaries for gauntlets. In a perfect world it would have swappable bare arms like the Walgreens Reed Richards so that we can get the costume to go along with Cyclops, Magik, and Emma Frost) - Cyclops (Puck Cyclops repaint with the X-Force Deadpool belt) - Wolverine (X-Force repaint) - Marvel Girl (new head and skirt are about the only parts needed. This would also give us the classic Marvel Girl costume.) A lot of characters are just using classic costumes, so the only other characters I can think of that have newer costumes would be Storm and Psylocke (now Captain Britain). -
  5. For anyone who has the Sandman Wave Green Goblin loose... are the gauntlets a secondary piece that’s fitted over the forearms, or are the gauntlets part of the forearm sculpt? Thank you!
  6. So I think we all know that Wolfsbane is the only 90s X-Factor figure that isn’t made or soon to be released (Strong Guy). Thinking about the necessary parts for a figure, the only things that aren’t already sculpted and being used are arms and legs with fur sculpted on them. Hasbro obviously has to get repaints out of new tooling to justify the investment, so what characters could be made utilizing these new parts if they were created? Of the top of my head I’m thinking: - Wolfsbane (90s X-Factor) - Feral - Thorne (Feral’s sister... d-list character, but it gets mileage from the tooling) - Tigra (not that familiar with all her costumes, but I imagine there is more than one Tigra figure that could be made with these new parts) Any other feline or lupine type female characters out there?
  7. I got Leader (the only figure I wanted from the Gamerverse wave) from Hasbro Pulse on Monday and my gray Black Widow delivered from Walmart today... and I don’t think I have anything else on pre-order other than fan-channel exclusives. Is there any news on when the next wave is planned? I think I’ve got the gray Beast due in June, and Retro Mysterio and Kingpin are the only other available pre-orders I can think of that are out there. I know the Deadpool wave with the Strong Guy BAF was originally announced for a May release, but since Hasbro hasn’t even confirmed the final figures that original release date is clearly not going to happen. I mean, given the relentless pile up of waves right on top of each other over the last few years I’m ok with a bit of a break to catch my breath. This week’s “Fan First Friday” on Hasbro Pulse is Marvel, so hopefully we’ll get some info then.
  8. Got my gray Black Widow from Walmart today. I’m really kind of surprised I didn’t get cancelled or delayed like others have.
  9. Marvel NOW Thor... his costume up until he became a herald of Galactus was the same except for the Uru metal arm and head. If Hasbro included swappable left arms and two different heads (long hair, no beard and short hair, beard) then it could be both versions. Anything is better than the half-@$$ed version they did retooling the Return of Marvel Legends Thor.
  10. A lot of the same ideas but maybe one or two twists... 1. Modular Armor Iron Man 2. James Rhodes Iron Man (80th Anniversary body with a flatter red and yellow paint deco; regular helmet, horned helmet, and James Rhodes head) 3. Mandarin (with alternate green skin head and hands) 4. Crimson Dynamo (the one we all want) 5. Blacklash (it is inspired by the Toy Biz figure line) 6. Director Maria Hill (add in the jet pack from the gray Black Widow and give us a new female S.H.I.E.L.D. figure that doesn’t reuse a Black Widow body) Fan Channel Exclusive - Stealth Iron Man (80th Anniversary repaint)
  11. I got the rest of my Age of Apocalypse wave piecemeal over the weekend from Amazon. Sunfife arrived Friday afternoon, and then a box with Jean Grey, X-Man, and Morph arrived yesterday ahead of the scheduled delivery date showing on Amazon’s tracking. Finally, Wild Child arrived today to complete the wave. Sugar Man is freaking huge! I haven’t read any comics with him in them for years, so I didn’t have a good mental picture of how big he was compared to “regular” size characters. Also, Wild Child’s chain is totally shaped to wrap around a large size forearm... come on AoA Sabretooth!
  12. I got my Dark Beast from Amazon yesterday... Wolverine is supposed to be delivered today. My Amazon account shows Wildchild scheduled for delivery on May 6, with the remaining 4 (X-Man, Jean Grey, Sunfire, and Morph) scheduled to deliver on May 11. I’m more hopeful that they will actually deliver since when my Taskmaster missed its planned delivery I immediately got a cancellation notice and these notices were for delays with specific dates. I had gone with Amazon over Hasbro Pulse because I had one wave of figures (I think it was the first wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 with the Titus) that I ended up getting $2-$3 back for each figure because the price dropped between pre-order and release. But now after two waves with cancelations and delays, I’m sticking with Hasbro Pulse. I paid my $50 and have gotten good use of the membership for buying single figures at a time with free shipping. I know that Amazon is prioritizing receipt of food, cleaning, and health care products to its fulfillment centers, so their deliveries from Hasbro to fulfill pre-orders are probably waiting in ports and truck yards to get a delivery appointment. And then once Amazon does have the products the shipping times are delayed as they again prioritize customer shipments of food, cleaning, and health care products. The 3rd party sellers that are selling the figures for higher prices were able to get their stock from whatever distributors they order from and then do fulfillment by Amazon to use Amazon’s network for warehousing and delivery. Short story long... not going to pre-order from Amazon anymore unless it’s an Amazon exclusive.
  13. I always forget that some of those Walmart exclusive waves were done at the beginning of the Hasbro era... in my mind they were all the last of of the Toy Biz line. I don’t really care about the figure itself... I’m just looking for the vest. It’s a different design than the one that came with Nuke and was later repainted for the Hydra goon. eBay has some Chinese knock-offs available, so I just wanted to see if they would meet my need. Thanks!
  14. Question for anyone out there with the old Toy Biz Crossbones figure from Ares wave... Is the vest a removable piece or is it part of the torso sculpt? Even if it’s not easily removable, as long as it’s a separate piece from the body that’s all I need to know. Thank you!
  15. I put together a Black Widow figure in her Endgame costume since it doesn’t look like Hasbro is revisiting Endgame to fill in some of the gaps. The head and batons are from the Target quantum suit figure. The upper torso and belt are from the white deluxe figure with the backpack from the single carded release added on. The arms, legs, wrist blasters, and abdomen are also from the single carded release. The hands are from the Winter Soldier Black Widow figure. I took a picture next to a bootleg SH Figuarts Endgame Black Widow to show the comparison. I also stole the Glock 26 pistols from that figure and they fit in the holsters on the Hasbro belt. The last picture shows the figure next to the Infinity War figure minus the vest. With the new Black Widow hair I also now have an accurate Civil War costume Black Widow.
  16. They could also do these to go along with Magneto from that run of Uncanny X-Men...
  17. I’d be totally fine with the Apocalypse wave Psylocke repainted in black and gray and Fantomex in his X-Force costume on a new buck. I know some people just want Nimrod and hate paying more to get a 3-pack than for just the deluxe figure, but it’s potentially two additional figures we didn’t know we were getting without having to worry about “taking a slot” in a future wave.
  18. The costume differences are more than just his long hair. The AOA costume has shoulder armor and bulkier gauntlets and boots. Also, the cape is red instead of purple. Magneto is a central character to the Age of Apocalypse story, so whether as a single carded figure or part of a two/multi-pack he needs to be made. I know Hasbro could save some tooling dollars by reusing the Apocalypse wave cape since that has shoulder armor attached, but I’m hoping for a new cape with more volume.
  19. I think in terms of which characters have the most visually interesting design (I.e. the most “toyetic” as the old Mego designer would say) or are the more important to the story: - Magneto (regular helmeted head, head without helmet, and helmet with black shadow and only eyes showing) - Rogue - Iceman (if not a single carded then as a deluxe with swappable legs and ice slide lower, swappable clawed arms) - Cyclops - Mr. Sinister - Bishop - Nightcrawler BAF - Sabretooth
  20. Since buying the membership to Hasbro Pulse I buy most of my figures through them at this point. Their prices are the same as every other e-tailer and shipping is free. Especially if I’m just cherry picking a wave it’s easier to just pre-order from them as soon as they list it. I have done a lot of pre-ordering from Amazon as well since they have the price guarantee if the price lowers by the time the figure is released. Again, free shipping since I’ve already paid for Prime every year.
  21. I got my Taskmaster from Hasbro Pulse today... ordered on 4/3 after Amazon cancelled my pre-order. I stopped by Target in New Albany, IN to pick up some essentials and saw Yelena, Crossbones, and two Deadly Origins Black Widows.
  22. Do you think Hasbro has considered selling the new modular display stand that comes with the deluxe Black Widow figure as a stand-alone item via Hasbro Pulse? With the launch of the single boxed Hydra army builder I’m hoping that Hasbro sees the value of doing these collector focused items through its self-contained sales channel. Would $9.99 be a reasonable price for the display stand? Would it include the explosion effects? If the deluxe figure is $29.99 and a regular Marvel Legends figure is $19.99 then $9.99 would seem to be a fair price for a display stand. I know I’d buy a few of them to use with my various flying and floating characters.
  23. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got more Uncanny X-Force figures either as retro figures or Fan Channel exclusives. Even though the black and gray/silver uniform team hasn’t been in the comics for a few years, Hasbro seems to have a thing for them. We’ve gotten: - Deadpool - X-23 - Wolverine - Deathlock Some quick and easy repaints with no new sculpting required would be: - Psylocke - Nightcrawler - Archangel (I’d be totally fine with a straight up repaint and re-release of the deluxe figure)
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