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  1. I think it would be great to get Shaman on a single card and then an online 3-pack for Northstar, Aurora, and Puck. Even if Puck was a repack of the BAF with a new head that would be better than trying to get the BAF now.
  2. I got both 80th Iron Man and Thor from Amazon delivered on Thursday. I pre-ordered them on July 29.
  3. I ended up at two Meijer stores in Southern Indiana (Kentuckiana - right across the river from Louisville, KY). The Meijer in New Albany had just put out a full case of Retro X-Men (all 6) and a full case of X-Force. The other Meijer in Jeffersonville had nothing newer than Endgame Wave 1.
  4. My pre-order of 80th Iron Man and Thor shipped from Amazon today.
  5. I was just at one of the Targets in my area... Clarksville, Indiana (Kentuckiana). They had no 80th singles or sets, but they had put out about 10 of the Spider-Man and MJ two-packs from "Homecoming". So, if you haven't seen them yet they appear to be restocking.
  6. Ok... story time. This is is the utterly ridiculous, unbelievably frustrating, but overall happy ending true story of what it took to get my 80th Anniversary Captain America. So I’ve been watching on Brickseek and the Walmart website for any movement of Cap to “in stock” and available for ship or in store pickup status. On Tuesday I see that my closest Walmart is listing the figure as “in stock” and available for in store purchase with 5 quantity in stock. I rush to Walmart on my way home from work and arrive to the same worthless toy aisle full of Wasps, Gwenpools, and Captain Marvels. I see a few remnants of the Caliban wave that weren’t there the last time I was in, so it’s clear that they do, in fact, stock new figures at some point. I see stock carts and boxes in other departments around toys and find an employee. I ask him if he can help me find an item that their website says is in stock in the store, and when I tell him that there are none in the toy aisle he says it must be in the clearance aisle. I tell him that it’s a brand new product and there’s no way it’s on clearance, so he pulls out his iPhone/scanner combo and looks up the item with the UPC I provide. He he tells me that it’s in the stock room but not on the floor, so that’s why the system shows it in stock. This employee works in lawn and garden and is the only one there for his department, so he can’t go back and check. I tell him I understand, and he says that the toy department is coming in from midnight to 7 AM to do a reset of the department for Christmas. Wednesday morning I get up and move through my morning routine so that I’m ready to leave the house at 7:00 AM with enough time to hit Walmart and then go to work. I get to Walmart at 7:20 and the toy aisle is the same worthless stock. Disappointed but not surprised, I go to work. Around 11:00 I take advantage of a need to run out for an errand to pick up something for one of my employees, and head back to Walmart. The toy aisle hasn’t changed, but I see an employee with a stock cart and some toys a few aisles over. I explain things to him, and he agrees to go check the stock room. The employee comes back a few minutes later and tells me that the toy shipment is between a whole bunch of pallets that are still shrink wrapped and double stacked and that there’s no way for him to find it. I work in a warehouse, so I know what new product pallets are like when they come off the truck. I thank him for checking, and resolve myself to trying to acquire the figure through 3rd party means. I haven’t seen a Walmart exclusive Marvel Legend in the store since Falcon and Winter Soldier from “Civil War”. I have no faith in my local store to ever have the figure available, so when another board member puts it out there that his area has extra Caps I sent a message that I was interested. Messages back and forth during the day result in no extra Caps for me (Thanks again for trying!). So, I resign myself to a long hunt ahead of me. I keep checking the Walmart website and it still shows 5 in stock which means that it hasn’t hit the floor to be consumed by scalpers. This evening I’m at home with my son just checking things on my iPad while he watches a movie on Netflix. I refresh the Walmart page, and the in stock quantity has changed to 4. My wife is away until tomorrow morning on a staff retreat. I have a two year old who I can smell needs a diaper change contently watching a movie on Netflix. I need a plan. I open the Netflix app and look for the “Next Avengers” animated movie that my son is watching. It’s available to download and watch offline. I start downloading the movie and getting my shoes and keys together. Once it’s downloaded I queue it up to where he’s at on the TV and make the switch to hand him the iPad. i let him keep watching the movie on the iPad as I change his diaper and I tell him that it’s time to go on an adventure with daddy. I refresh the Walmart page on my phone and the in stock quantity has dropped to 2. I get my son strapped in to his car seat and give him the iPad and I race to Walmart. I get stuck at a red light and refresh the page on my phone again. 1 left in stock. I make it Walmart, transfer my son and the iPad to a cart, and power walk inside. I bob and weave around the people of Walmart and make it to the toy aisle. Four trips to the same Walmart in as many days, and I finally have it. Hasbro, if you’re reading... please stop giving exclusives to Walmart. Collectors will buy your product without the need to create artificial scarcity. I know you’re not trying to make these figures so difficult to acquire, but Walmart doesn’t understand distribution. They have a store in every town in America but don’t know how to turn this physical network in to a virtual one. Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, Game Stop, Target, Best Buy, and many others sell plenty of Marvel Legends that can support exclusives. I wish this were the end... but we all know there will be another Walmart exclusive 6 months from now.
  7. Not to be a nay-sayer or invite any doom and gloom, but Marvel Legends did crash and burn at the end of the ToyBiz run. Impossible to find variants, store exclusive waves, rising costs, and other frustrations plagued the last releases. I never really got in to the ToyBiz Marvel Legends, and was drawn in to the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe line. I started picking up the MCU Legends figures in 6" scale in parallel to the 3 3/4" releases, and then started really picking up whole waves when the line re-branded as Marvel Legends Infinite with the King Thor / Odin wave. Since the "current" line has been running I think that Hasbro is achieving a close to perfect balance of collector quality and kid-accessible (not kid-friendly since that leads to the pandering of spring-fired missiles and all that nonsense) appeal. With the exception of Walmart exclusives (I know they're part of the strategy to get more figures to market, but there's a reason Walmart will never beat Amazon in the distribution game) the retailer incentives add further depth to the line beyond the waves that big boxes stock. As long as Hasbro doesn't backslide the way they have with the 5 POA Star Wars figures, kill the line the way they did with G.I. Joe, or reach ToyBiz's levels of impossible to find figures then they are doing everything right as far as I can see. Funko POPs are the only other thing on the market right now that I think has a comparable level of interest from both collectors and kids. I'm just guessing on that, really, since I don't understand them or their appeal really. But, from what I see at various comic shops, other kitschy retailers, and big box stores there seems to be a huge following for them.
  8. Only tangentially related, but the breakage on Dime Novel Legends figures isn't a Quality Control issue. The parts fit together with incredibly tight tolerances and people were using brute force to move factory tightened joints for the first time. The creators put out a lot of info to advise people on how to loosen up the joints when they were fresh out of the package, and set up a replacement program for anyone who did break a figure. To me those aren't Quality Control issues the same way that sloppy paint apps, missing parts, or broken joints on a sealed figure have been seen from other Kickstarter lines and even mass-market lines.
  9. I saw 4/6 of the X-Men Retro Wave at Target in New Albany, Indiana. They had already sold Storm and Silver Samurai. I got the full set from Dork Side Toys a few weeks ago, but it was nice to see new product in the wild.
  10. I never looked in to the actual "official" Marvel Universe height for either... I just always assumed they were the same size but Warpath looked bigger because like other characters mentioned (Beast, Thing, Hulk, etc.) he was drawn larger and larger as time went on. Regardless... I would be fine with either Thunderbird or Warpath done on the Omega Red buck.
  11. I would say that Warpath / Thunderbird is a pretty major player without a modern Hasbro figure. James Proudstar wore the same costume as John Proudstar when he first joined X-Force, so so get a two-for-one with one figure.
  12. I’ll hop on board with a lot of other people’s ideas... 1. MCU Black Widow (Romanoff) 2. MCU Black Widow (Belova) 3. MCU Taskmaster 4. MCU Red Guardian 5. Comic Crimson Dynamo 6. Comic Darkstar 7. Comic Winter Soldier (long hair and short hair portraits; swappable left arm with Soviet Star and Captain America star; removable chest rig from post “Fear Itself” Solo series, new Druganov sniper rifle) 8. BAF Ursa Major Target 2-Pack - “Endgame” Black Widow (Black costume) and Hawkeye (Ronin with new lower arms, Quantum Suit head and quiver) Anywhere But Walmart exclusive - Iron Man 2 SHIELD uniform Agent Romanoff
  13. I also wouldn't be mad about a 4 pack or single carded releases of the neo-classic costumes from the 80s and early 90s. I think this set would be the perfect opportunity for a Kirby style Human Torch with the black lines and no "4" logo.
  14. It'd be great to get Franklin and Valeria as a two-pack priced the same as a regular 6" figure since they're smaller.
  15. If not as individual carded figures then I would love to see an Amazon 4-Pack with Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben in their current costumes.
  16. I was able to pick up the Iron Man & Spider-Man two-pack from "Infinity War" at Target, but not as smoothly as I hoped. I was at the same Target on Tuesday night last week and there just happened to be an employee in the to section as I was checking to see if they had anything new. He asked me what I was looking for, and I told him I was looking for the "Infinity War" two-pack. He went to the back to check and then told me they had the 80th sets, but that he couldn't release the "Infinity War" set because of the July 28 street date. I told him I already had all the rest on pre-order but thanked him for checking for me. He told me to go on to Target's website after 8:00 AM on Sunday, July 28 and I would be able to order the "Infinity War" set for pickup. I happened to still be up after 12:00 on Saturday night/ Sunday morning so I checked and it still wasn't available for shipping or pickup. I got up at 8:04 on Sunday and checked Target's site again, and the listing had obviously gone live for purchase. But, it was out of stock for shipping and even stores that showed it "in stock" didn't allow for purchase with the in-store pick-up option. I was out of town this weekend so visited a Target Sunday morning, but they didn't have any on the shelves and the Target website did not show them having it in stock. When I got home yesterday my local Target still showed them as having the set in stock, so I went there and nothing was out on the shelves. I used the help phone and got an employee who was able to go to the back and grab one for me. She told me they had 3 in stock, but only brought the one out for me. So, I was able to get it last night but they still haven't "officially" stocked it on the shelves.
  17. Even if there isn’t a full Thor wave, there are a few crucial Thor related gaps that could be filled as part of other waves: - Thor from “The Avengers” (a proper MCU version of this look, not just a new head on the original MCU Thor body) - Comic Skurge - SDCC Hela rerelease - “Endgame” Thor from the final battle - Modern Thor (as pictured above) with alternate head and left arm to do a proper “God of Thunder” costume from the Marvel NOW era - Comic Warriors 3 as an Amazon set - Comic Balder - Comic Heimdall
  18. Is there a single, cohesive list out there that shows everything that's coming out under the 80th Anniversary line? As far as I can tell there are 3 main groups of sets: MCU - Collector and Korg - Hela and Skurge - Captain America and Peggy Carter - Ghost and Luis - Iron Man and Spider-Man Alex Ross - Captain America - Iron Man - Thor Comic - Wolverine and Hulk - Colossus and Juggernaut - Deadpool and Hit Monkey - Logan - Big Time Spider-Man - X-Force Deathlock - Jungle Punisher Did I miss any? I'm not counting the Jean Grey / Cyclops / Wolverine or the Havok / Polaris set as they aren't in the same black and red packaging which makes me think they are part of their own X-Men subgroup.
  19. If there really is another Deadpool wave I wouldn't be surprised if they added a Championpool since they made a 3.75" version as part of the Taco Truck SDCC set. With the Age of Apocalypse push it would also be a logical spot to put a Dead Man Wade (AoA version of Deadpool). All that being said, I don't care if it's in a Deadpool wave or the X-Men wave but I really hope we get an X-Force #1 Domino and Warpath to mostly finish the X-Force #1 team. Feral would be awesome as it would finish the team and give a base for a proper Wolfsbane. The logic of how the various X-Men, X-Force, Alpha Flight, and Deadpool characters were chosen for the Deadpool waves and X-Force wave doesn't make any sense, though. So, it's hard to gauge the chances for Feral.
  20. Hasbro's Marvel Panel is at 4:30 (PST) today... the Endgame Wave 3 was just a sneak preview reveal.
  21. I would even take Mark 85 as a "deluxe" figure (like Archangel) so that it could include: - energy shield - lightning collection dish (when Thor supercharged him) - regular helmet head - regular Tony Stark head - "I am Iron Man" injured head - alternate right arm with Infinity Stones - other alternate weapon arms (I can't remember what he used in Endgame versus Infinity War)
  22. I know a lot of folks would like to see the Jim Lee Cyclops re-released, even if it is with a slight deco change like the change between the Juggernaut wave Wolverine and the Retro wave Wolverine. I wouldn't mind a combination of the Old Man Logan jacket and arms with the Legendary Riders Wolverine...
  23. I really hope that is the Jean from the rumored 3-pack. It looks like in addition to the sculpt differences (new head, torso/hips and upper legs) they have muted the paint and lost the metallic finish to the blue parts of the costume. I haven't been able to bring myself to spend the $75 - $100 to get the figure from the Rocket Raccoon wave, and I prefer the non-metallic paint finish. Come on Hasbro don't let us down!
  24. During another futile attempt to find Worthy Captain America at Walmart I was at least able to pick up another Beast figure from the Caliban wave. The aisle only had the Beast I grabbed plus Forge remaining, but it shows that they have stocked something new. I got the full case a while ago from Dork Side Toys, but I told myself if I saw Beast in the wild I’d pick up a second one to go along with my classic Avengers display.
  25. These are the biggest glaring omissions I can see... 1. Doctor Doom 2. Kang the Conqueror 3. Ultron (classic) 4. Red Skull (classic green Kirby jumpsuit) 5. Baron Zemo (classic) 6. Skurge the Executioner I went without any X-Men or Spider-Man villains because there are always X themed and Spider themed waves planned that could contain any needed villains.
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