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  1. From what I've read on other sites, the team is Nightcrawler, Pixie, Dr. Nemesis, Juggernaut, Blindfold, and Black Tom Cassidy. I haven't heard Forget Me Not as one of the team, but that DEFINITELY is Forget Me Not in the photo and not Black Tom. Plus, Black Tom is a regular in X-Force (not that they utilize him enough there to warrant not putting him on another team). I was hopeful that Black Tom would be on this team so he could be partnered back up with Juggernaut. Oh well...
  2. Yes! This is exactly what I'm hoping for. Though, I'd like her yellow costume underneath the jacket, lol. Like on this cover...(though, I'd honestly take a Crystal no matter what costume they chose)
  3. I absolutely love the way you think. I'd definitely be down for that 3-pack!
  4. I just realized my wish from my last post of Rachel or M has already been dashed because Maggot is the last spot of this wave. Would help if I read all the posts prior, lol. Well, I'm extremely excited for Maggot! I was kinda hoping we'd get a box set of him with Marrow and Cecilia Reyes from the cover of X-Men when they joined the team. However, I'll take Maggot however I can get him.
  5. Really bummed this is the last issue of Hellions. I didn't think I'd like the book, but it's become one of my favorites. Also, based on the December solits, it appears that maybe Marauders is also ending? And possibly Excalibur, too? I hope not, as I enjoy both those books, too.
  6. Really excited about Siryn, Darwin, Havok, and Vulcan. I'm wondering if this is Logan Wolverine or if possibly it's Laura in her current Wolverine costume (which is just a bit different than the Laura Wolverine we already have). Maybe they'll put her on a taller buck since she's aged a bit? If that's the case, I'll be pretty happy with Wolverine. I don't need another Logan or short Laura. If it is indeed Logan, then I'm leaning towards the 7th figure being a female (since many waves consist of 2 women), and then I'm hoping for Rachel or M.
  7. I may be in the minority on this one, but I'd love to see Crystal finally get a figure and she'd fit in nicely in a FF retro wave. I know Marvel is pretending the Inhumans don't exist after they tried to ram them down our throats in an attempt to have them become the next X-Men, but prior to that mess, I really loved the Inhumans, and I want more than just Black Bolt and Medusa in my collection. All of this said, I'm 99.9% sure Crystal won't be one of the figures in this wave. But, a guy can dream...
  8. I hope he's not on one of the books I read. I've actually dropped titles in the past that were well written because I couldn't get past JRJR's artwork.
  9. WOW! I absolutely LOVE these!!! It's awesome to see the characters will get dressed up for this one event. I love every single look (though I'm not really digging Rachel's...except her boots are pretty cool). And how fitting that Emma will apparently have costume changes throughout the gala. All her looks are perfect for her.
  10. Great figure, but it's not only the Moonstone body being reused, but also the head/hair. So, it's literally Moonstone/Ms. Marvel (Carole)/comic Gamora repainted, right? I have no problem with that, but if she at least had a new head, I might be tempted. However, I'm quite happy with my fur-collared one, so I'll be passing on this one.
  11. LMAO!!! This literally made me laugh out loud...it's exactly what I was thinking, too, just put much more eloquently than I could have put it. I'll buy the first 4 or 5 issues (I pretty much do that with all new Marvel books) and see if I get hooked. I'm betting I won't, as I've never been a fan of these characters. However, I'm like a nosy busy body in the Marvel Universe, and always have to know what's going on in each corner of the universe, lol. That's really the only reason I'll buy the first few issues.
  12. And now that we kind of have Lilandra, Deathbird would be great! I'd also love to see the Starjammers make it into the Legends line. They might be a good box set offering.
  13. Oh, that was a simple question that wasn't leading to anything? OK, then I apologize for "misreading" or actually just thinking you were leading your comment in a direction that was negative. As I said, I'm usually just a reader of these boards, and I see where questions like that usually go. However, guess that wasn't your intent.
  14. Firelord would be AWESOME!!!!!! Also, totally agree with you...but as someone who usually just views the boards w/o posting, I've noticed that there's always at least one person trying to rain on everyone's parade.
  15. It's not that I'm stuck on these hints needing to be X-related, however, they did mention on a previous Fan First day that they were going to do figures based on House of X / Powers of X looks. So, if these are hinting at an X Wave, then my guesses would be Updated Toy Biz: Toad, Angel, Longshot, Avalanche, or Blob, Never had a figure: Destiny, Captain Britain Betsy, Cerebro Helmet Xavier, Moira, or Exodus, Updated early Hasbro: Banshee or Rachel, fig from 3.75 could be Angel, Longshot, Blob, Banshee, Firestar, etc. If it's not X-Related, then there are so many options...Updated Toy Biz: Falcon, Maestro, Mandarin, Wiccan, Hulkling (maybe it's an Empyre wave?), Never had a figure: Mantis, Swordsman (thinking Empyre tie-in), Crystal, Updated early Hasbro: Tigra, Classic She-Hulk, Madame Masque, Viper, fig from 3.75 could be Falcon, Mandarin, Firestar, etc We know House of X / Powers of X are coming and Empyre was supposed to launch earlier this year, but due to Covid is out now. So, Hasbro may have planned for these to be themes towards the end of 2020.
  16. I think this is awesome news. I kind of knew something was on the horizon since Blue/Gold/Red all ended. The way editorial stepped in and changed the plans that the writers of those books had at the end, said they had a certain direction they were heading in. Then Disassembled happened, which was leading the X-Men to their darkest days (as seen in Uncanny now) and Age of X-Man. So, POX and HOX must spin right out of how Age of X-Man and Uncanny end and then give us a new direction for the line. I'm really hopeful it'll be good. I didn't read Hickman's Fantastic Four (though I know it's seen as a great run on the book), but I did read his Avengers run and I really had a hard time reading that book when he was on it. I found it very confusing and I couldn't understand a lot of what was going on, plus there were SOOOO many characters in the book, so I'm hoping I don't feel the same way about his X-Men.
  17. Definitely getting Hydro-Man, Scorpion, and Spider-Woman. I don't really collect movie figs, but I think they all look great! Also, I'm with Monster Chris on the subject of the alternate arms for Hydro-Man. I would never display him without the water arms, so I don't need regular arms for him. However, I can't say the same for the upcoming Cannonball. I REALLY hope that Hasbro decides to give us some legs for him before he's released.
  18. I’m happy with all this news, but I’m scratching my head about a few things... 1) Why are they releasing Emma in her horrible black costume before they do a proper one in white? I’m still going to get her, but I hope a white version is coming soon. 2) Why on earth are Mr. Sinister, Nightcrawler, and Guardian in the X-Force vintage wave? I want all of them, but X-Force Vintage should have been Boom Boom (they got that right), Cannonball (got that right, too), Sunspot, Rictor, Warpath, and Feral or Moonstar. 3) X-Men Vintage would have been the perfect place for Jim Lee versions of Storm and Jean (on a current Hasbro buck), but I’m still happy with that lineup. Im not complaining, I’m very happy, but just found those things to be a bit odd.
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