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  1. yea, good call on the deadpool. I still don't have one, and I refuse to pay the outlandish prices online for it. I'm hoping Hasbro will make one just as good or better so I don't have to sulk around thinking about how much I wish I had an ML deadpool. I guess if i did, it would probably trump giant man, but not by much. Also, the more I think about it the more I'm inclined to say I'd go for my face-off cap. Not only is this a tough figure to find, I think I improved it by doing a head swap with a series 8 ultimate cap and super-gluing the wings of an extra series 1 cap on it, thus
  2. Thanks for the props BigBear. I thought we could use some freshness around here. So, to everyone who is saying they would save their skin, I say "duh." Just humor me! Of course I wouldn't expect anyone to put themselves in danger. So Shokker, get your mind right! Can no one make the tough decisions? I too thought that I might be more tempted to take my customs first, since they have a lot of time and sentimental value, but when its go-time I just don't think I like them as much. I know there are ways to get comics collections insured, and that kind of falls in this same c
  3. I had this morbid thought tonight that if my apartment were on fire, which one figure would I want to save. I guess it's a way of choosing a favorite figure, but just more dramatic. I figured (no pun intended) that I would have to choose giant man not only because of value but just because it's an awesome piece of plastic. Now I realize the scenario isn't likely as figures would not really be a top priority, and even if they were you'd be able to grab a handful as easily as one. That aside and for the sake of conversation, what is the one figure you grab while everything is going to
  4. Finally found the second wave of new 2-packs today. Picked up the F4 but passed on the iron man and dum dum variants.
  5. I remember these were supposed to be distributed by Diamond as well, and one of the first people to find these did so at a comic shop. My LCS gets in all the new Marvel Select, but I've yet to see any of them carrying these two packs. Is anyone finding these at their comic shops, or is it all at TRU? By the way, I found a ton of these at my TRU yesterday. At least 6 alien packs, two IM/MH, and two NF/HN. I already have the iron man pack and decided to wait for stealth armor to get another. I decided to pass on the nick fury one because I have zero interest in the hand figure. I'll j
  6. Barack Obama Norman Osborn in suit with swappable heads, one serious and one crazily laughing.
  7. I think one that would make a lot of sense would be the Yellowjacket body, since Hank Pym turned out to be a pretty high-profile Skrull in SI.
  8. I've found a handful of sellers on ebay that have reasonably priced ML figures, and I go to those same sellers time and time again to fill in gaps in my collection. For anyone worried about Scalpers, I would suggest doing the same as me. Find some place that has fairly-priced items and be loyal to them. It might it even work out, as one seller gave me a "bonus" the second time I purchased from him. Also, there's tons of posts in this forum for people with items for sale/trade. Anyways, I know I wouldn't pay that much for a BAF Sentinel, but thats only because I think its a matter of t
  9. that's reassuring. My entire collection has been bought loose, a few figures at atime for an average of about 7-8 dollars per figure. Recently though, I've started buying fewer figures but spending more money to complete my collection. The giant man is the most I've ever paid for a figure, but I think it's worth it. I used to say i'd never go over $15 for a single figure, but I broke down and bought a loose giant manseries Thor for $25.99, ronan namor for $20, and loose kitty pryde and spider woman variant for $17 each. I guess when it cones down to it, completing my collection is worth
  10. I just bought a giant man for $72 on eBay with free shipping. Seemed fair to me since the parts all retail for $10.00 initially. With the post about the $162 sentinel got me wondering how much anyone would pay for any given baf to try and figure out what the value of any given baf would be. And I'm also trying to guage if I overpaid. I doubt it because it really seems like an awesome figure and I cant wait to get it in the mail.
  11. That storm needs to be made. It's the only figure missing from my john byrne era x-men display.
  12. I'm so glad I was able to find the iron man pack at tru, and that was almost a month ago! I haven't seen any since that day, but all I really want is nick fury. I could care less about the ninja. If I ever find one, I'll be sure to post it for trade in the classifieds thread. Also looking forward to the new f4 two pack so I can finally complete the team I started about a year and a half ago.
  13. today at my lcs for $4 each in package: ML bullseye variant Xmen classics Logan Xmen classics wolverine Xmen classics gambit (black outfit) Did a head swap with the wolverines to make an unmasked wolverine then gave the Logan jacket to xmc cyclops. Now that I have the variant bullseye, I'm turning my regular one into a us agent. I want to paint gambit in his classic colors, but finding metallic pink paint won't be easy.
  14. sorry about the lack of pics, but I usually post from my iPhone so I can't attach them. If you look it up online, others have done the same. Just google "emma frost Sharon carter head" andsome should come up. I did another head swap today by taking an x-men classics Logan and x-men classics wolverine and giving wolverine the Logan head to create an unmasked figure. Then I cut the claws off so he looks really laid back. Then I took the Logan jacket and put it on the x-men classics jim lee cyclops. It all looks pretty cool, and very easy to do. Lastly, I took an x-men classics gambit
  15. Yea, I would post pics but I haven't gotten a chance. Guess I should give you a shout out though since it's the emma frost you sent me. I had planned on doing it all along, but I wasn't sure how it would work out. Fortunately, it turned out great.
  16. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but i was pretty proud of myself for thinking of it. I popped off the crummy old head and cut off the peg. Then, I took my useless Sharon Carter head from the two pack and presto! Nice-looking emma. Best part is how easy it was. The neck stump fit right into the head socket. Also reamed out the socket on the peter Parker head from my stan lee figure and put it on an extra fa spiderman I had. Now I can have an unmasked spidey and stan at the same time!
  17. nice. My tru has buy 1 get 2 free on moviemasters batmen, but all they have is the normal tdk version
  18. yea, that is the regular price. They just have red stickers now with that price.
  19. went into a new comic shop today ( new to me anyway) and found a galactus series war machine mip for $4.00. Also snagged an x-men classics jim lee cyclops for $3.00, and I must say, I think that it is the best action feature I've ever seen on a toy. Period. The visor lights up and that robot explodes like nobody's business. How someone hasn't lost an eye is beyond me. There was also a bullseye variant for $4.00, but I passed on it since I already have the regular version. Might decide to pick it up if it's still there next week. It would be nice with a thunderbolts display, but I don't think t
  20. My wal-mart has already moved the ares remnants of the wave to the clearance aisle. They're red-tagged at $10.44 with a tigra and cammo punisher still there. If tigra sticks around long enough to drop in price, I might consider getting it. As for now, it looks like the nemesis wave has gone as suddenly as it came.
  21. "people can show-off anything that they buy. it's been like that, and if people choose to share their newest finds, weather it be marvel or not....so be it." I went into subway this afternoon and I had a good feeling because this subway usually gets all the newest stuff in. Sure enough, they had a footlong cold cut combo on intalian herbs and cheese for only FIVE DOLLARS!!! Seriously, this was a steal, plus the condiments were FREE! I had to pick one up. I was gonna post pics, but I ate it.
  22. Just got series 3 wolverine, fa spider-man, sentinal cyclops and series 6 phoenix loose on eBay for $25 including s&h. I didn't think it was a bad deal. Also just got the stan lee figure for $19.99. Lastly, I won an auction for the 1997 toybiz original xmen box set. I'm anxious to see how the figures look with MLs. Anyone know? I'm thinking they're going to be close but a bit too short.
  23. could the head from ares ultimate war machine work for gabriel jones? I haven't seen it but it could work
  24. From stash crasher to stashee..this past Wednesday I found the nemesis wave for the second time. Since I had passed on yellow daredevil and cammo punisher the first time, I hid one of each behind some snakeeyes role playing masks. I went back this morning (payday) and the whole wave was gone except for a blackbolt, a nova, and some regular punishers. Fortuneately, my stash was safe and sound. I also picked up a fff series doc samson on clearance for $9.00 on a whim.
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