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  1. Spang- I cannot find for the life of me that Spiderman figure you recommended. If it is super rare, I am not interested in paying $100+ for a figure.


    Any thoughts? Options?


    Hasbro released the same sculpt only with all the blue parts of the costume painted black. I forgetwhat it was called, but it came with a street light accessory. You should be able to find it for $10-$15 i would think.


    Edit: here you go. http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=1309

  2. Yeah, character selection is something that ML definitely has going for it. But as with anything, buy what you like and skip what you don't. I had a bad habit once of feeling like I *had* to get figures I didn't even like or want just to complete a display or a team. I've since gotten better about it and gotten rid of those figures, but every once in a while I'll go to buy a figure and have to ask myself, "Do I really want this?"


    Youre fortunate that you have just begun, so you can really make your collection whatever you want it to be.

  3. I only like movie versions for certain characters...Iron Man in particular. Captain America looks pretty good from the movies, but I also love his Ultimate outfit.


    I am not a fan of the Xmen movie versions, as a I grew up on their classic looks.


    As for the MS line being too big, I compiled some heights from Marvel's official wiki and my cyclops and colossus are both to scale. Cyclops is 6' tall and Colossus is 7'5'' transformed. My MS Colossus is about 2'' taller than Cyclops so that seems to make sense. Also my ML Modern Thor for whatever reason fits in scale with the MS line I have displayed (has he is 6'6'' and is about 3/4 of an inch taller than cyclops). The only thing that kind of bugs me is how tall Thing is. He has been listed as 6' forever, but I guess more recent illustrations make him much bigger and out of proportion (which I am OK with).


    I guess my question is...are ML to scale with each other, or are they just all an arbitrary 6''?



    It all depends. Most of the ToyBiz figures are in scale with each other, and most of the Hasbro figures are in scale with each other, but the Hasbro figures tend to run a little small when compared to the ToyBiz versions. The best example I can think of is with Vision since he's a character both Hasbro and ToyBiz made. If you compare the two, you'll see that the Hasbro version is less bulky.



    As to your point about MS Cyclops and Colossus, they will be the proper ratio to each other since theyre both MS. But, if you compared the MS Cyclops to an ML Cyclops, you would see the difference.



    However, the difference in scale is less noticable with the bigger characters such as Colossus and Juggernaut. These guys are so massive in the comics that they look fine standing with smaller ML figures.


    Ultimately, I don't get hung up on specifics because no matter what Marvelpedia or whatever lists the heights at, different artists are always going to scale the characters a little differently. I think with collecting, you'll be much better off getting figures you like and think look good together than spending too much time worrying about the height ratios between individual characters.


    See the attached pics for what I mean. As you can see, Juggernaut and Colossus both look to scale with all the other ML figures in there. But, say you replaced the Cyclops in the X-Men pic with the MS version, he would look too big compared to Wolverine, Phoenix, etc.



  4. I agree with pretty much everything Spang said except for the Namor figure. That Hasbro Namor is one of the worst action figures ever produced, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The ML2 Namor is actually pretty decent, it just lacks a little bit of the articulation that some of the others have.


    I also wouldn't recommend movie figures to be your definitive version of anyone, but it seems that you like movie figures better than classic figures.



    And finally, Marvel Select figures do not mix with Marvel Legends, like Spang said. Marvel Select figures are way too tall. They are 7 inch-scale, while ML figures are 6 inches of course. And if you are going to be displaying them on the same shelf, it won't work. So like your Cyclops is going to look like he is 7 feet tall, and tower over the other Xmen. Also, your Green Goblin is too tall, and IMO inferior to the ML13 version anyways.


    You know Clam, I've always wondered if your signature was supposed to be sarcastic. Guess I got my answer!


    Of course, I disagree, but to each their own. I also like the original version and have both in my collection. I like the Hasbro Namor displayed with my classic Cap and Bucky as part of an Invaders team.

  5. Ok, here you go. My definitive list with links to each in the database.


    I want to let you know, that MS figures are great for larger characters like Juggernaut, Colossus, Sabretooth, etc.. but "normal" characters, like Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, will all be too big if you're mixing them with Marvel Legends. My advice as a fellow displayer is to keep MS and ML separate. For example, MS has been releasing a lot of classic X-Men lately (Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler as you mentioned). While these figures will all look great together, they will not (except Colossus) fit into your Marvel Legends collection.


    For that reason, I've recommended Marvel Legends for each of your wants, but I've indicated which I think MS would be a reasonable substitution.


    Welcome and enjoy!

    -Venom (marvel select has an ultimate version, but very expensive) http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=549

    -Spiderman (big spidy fan, 616 or ultimate)




    -Iron Man (Mark IV, VI, or VII movie)


    -Captain America (modern/movie style suit)


    Modern: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=435

    -Black Widow (MS has a black widow but she has no accessories...no guns...)


    -Hawkeye (I like the MS movie version- good, bad?)

    MS version won’t be to scale with Marvel Legends. http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=1926

    -Doc Ock


    -Lizard (may just wait for MS movie version)





    Brown Costume: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=335

    Modern Costume: http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=259

    -Juggernaut (HUGE fan of the MS version)

    Go with the MS version. To scale with ML and definitive. It’s awesome.



    -Phoenix/Jean Grey




    -Abomination (MS has awesome version no?)

    I like the MS version, but as with the MS Hulk, I think it’s just a little too big.


    -Professor Xavier


    -Storm (upcoming MS version...any pics?)

    As usual, MS won’t be to scale. There is currently no classic first appearance Storm in the ML line.




    Not comics accurate, but I think this is the best Rogue: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=799



    -Human Torch

    Flame on: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=1207

    Flame off: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=1482

    -Black Panther







    No action figure of Odin that I’m aware of.



    -Silver Surfer



    -Moon Knight (I know there is a MS, but cannot find ANYWHERE for sale...HELP)!

    There was a MS. My local comic shop has one. I’ll check to see if its still there and PM you the price if you want me to pick it up.

    Heres the ML version: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=214

    -Winter Soldier


    -Red Skull (like the movie version from MS/ML, thoughts?)

    Too big. I like this one best: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=341

    -War Machine (friend stated there is a armored avenger legend series 6'')




    -Ant Man/Giant Man

    Ant-Man: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=247

    Giant Man: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=257

    Goliath: http://marvelousnews.com/database/search.php?itemid=1408



    -Beast (newer Xmen incarnation)






    *new comics version coming in August/September

    -Dr Doom


    -Dr Strange


    -Emma Frost

    Seriously, not worth it. A new one should be coming soon.

    -Iron Fist








    -Nightcrawler (upcoming MS version...any pics?)


    -Rhino (upcoming MS version looks great)




    -Scarlet Witch












  6. Eh i'll get them if i see them. I'm not going through this crap again searching every single walmart like i did the avengers.


    EXACTLY! I still havent found Hulk, but I'm done hunting exclusives. None of these wow me enough to go out of my way to find them. I usually end up at Wal-Mart about once a week, but I'm done with the daily trips.

  7. If anyone is still looking for a Hawkeye, I just saw one on eBay with a Buy it Now for $38 including shipping. Seems like a good deal since all the other auctions are going for $30+. It was just listed at about midnight and is still there.


    Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the auction, just came across it in a search and figured I'd let you all know about it.


  8. The fact that you say you feel some guilt tells you your answer.

    The argument that you are just "helping distribution" is absolute BS of the lowest order. If you want to help people get the goods (and even make some money at it) then become a retailer and open your own store - even online. Buy it at wholesale and then resell it at whatever price you can get for them. Not a problem with that.

    The problem with scalper $#!theads is that they aren't HELPING the distribution but rather hindering it by intercepting items that someone else could have bought at retail. Instead they are faced with the jacked up price they become when dip$#!t buy up all the retail stock.


    Furthermore, scalper @$holes aren't taking the risks that retailers are. They keep receipts and return stuff that ended up not being profitable - thereby causing major clog-ups of total garbage that keeps newer stuff from getting ordered and filling shelves. So you can also blame them for junk suddenly reappearing in stores (often in much less sellable shape too) when Ebay doesn't pan out. All that returned inventory will keep most retailers from getting in newer stuff for a much longer period. In fact, all told scalpers might be a large part of the reason that some local retailers stopped selling certain lines.


    Don't give me your excuses. College schmollege. I've got 6 kids myself. And before my wife or I finished college we already had 3 of them. By the time I finished my Masters degree we were expecting #5. I managed to work to keep them fed and still get an award for the highest GPA in one of my undergrad programs. There are people out there much worse off than you that are busting their butts to be able to attend college.


    Lastly, thanks for you honesty. I know that wasn't easy to admit, especially when some of us will get on here and blast you (like I have done). But seriously, I would say all this to a friend too. Losers give excuses, winners give results.



    Good screen name. I almost feel like I just got b!tched out by Captain America himself especially with the little catchphrase there at the end.

  9. Here goes my two cents for what it's worth. I don't respect scalpers who have no interest in action figures, or any other collectible and do it just to make money. I feel like you need to get a more respectable hustle or a job. That's just me as a man, I feel like anyone who is willing to rely on reselling as a viable means of income only hurts the economy. But that's a political thing so let me leave it alone.


    Now on the flip side I feel like 90% of collectors are wayyy to impatient, collectors will #$@# their pants if they don't walk into Wal-Mart the same day they see a haul picture on the internet and don't get said figure. SCALPERS love this, they create false supply and demand by saying "Oh I talked to a Wal-Mart manager and they said these Avengers figures would only be shipped once per store and never again". Bull crap... I've NEVER seen a wal-mart figure that was once per store and that was it.


    Collecting figures are getting wack man, too many politics.


    I'd actually be pretty interested in hearing your thoughts on how resale hurts "the Economy." I'm not so sure I buy that. The only way I can see it being harmful is if the seller isn't paying taxes on his/her income, but even then, that's got to be a small drop in the bucket, right?

  10. So good story. I got a scalper that comes to my store(Target) and he takes the monster high and hot wheels and MU figures. He kept asking me for the legends and I told him were dry and a small store so chances are we won't get them. So the 1 wave we got 3 cases and I baught them and 4 of the 2nd wave baught them. I am a overnight manager and see them fresh off the trailer. So this why I did this, this past Xmas we got some monster high dolls and he came running in and had all of them in his hands and a little girl and her dad were in there and she was begging for them and this guy had no remorse to even hand one over. I knew what he was doing and I was so mad. So when I know there's something he wants I act them same way he does. I have two little girls and would hate to see my daughters heart broken because some chump came in and did this. Yes I am still sitting on all seven cases and no I dont scalp I keep all my stuff unless I need to trade for something I don't have.


    I dont see how what you did is any better than the scalper. Granted, hes a jerk for not giving the kid the doll, but at least he provides those who are willing to pay an opportunity. Youre basically hoarding 7 cases of figures that you got bc of your position. At least the scalper has the same chance as everyone else.

  11. People know my stance on Scalping in my previous posts.....Don't care for them much.


    The assholes I'm hating at the moment are the ones buying all the Avengers Wal-Mart 6 inch figures and selling them 50 bucks a piece when they paid 15 bucks a pop. They're the reason real collectors like myself can't find a single one besides Iron Man. Wouldn't bother me if real collectors were beating me to them but just the idea that my local Scalper that used to run a comic shop got them all makes me red in the face.


    I just want 1 Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Loki and Hulk and I'd be happy. It's hard contending with these scalpers because they have connections with Wal-Mart employees and some don't even have a day job. So they have nothing but free time to find these figures while people like us work 9-5 and don't have much free time to hunt. We end up either paying 50 bucks a pop or don't get them at all.


    Reason enough to despise a damn scalper.


    hell.. if someone wanted to pay me 50 bucks each for those figures.. what's that? 300 bucks for something that costs 90 bucks.. I would sell them without thinking twice.


    Like. Thats what Im saying! As long as people will pay it, who is to say that asking $x for a toy is wrong?


  12. People know my stance on Scalping in my previous posts.....Don't care for them much.


    The assholes I'm hating at the moment are the ones buying all the Avengers Wal-Mart 6 inch figures and selling them 50 bucks a piece when they paid 15 bucks a pop. They're the reason real collectors like myself can't find a single one besides Iron Man. Wouldn't bother me if real collectors were beating me to them but just the idea that my local Scalper that used to run a comic shop got them all makes me red in the face.


    I just want 1 Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Loki and Hulk and I'd be happy. It's hard contending with these scalpers because they have connections with Wal-Mart employees and some don't even have a day job. So they have nothing but free time to find these figures while people like us work 9-5 and don't have much free time to hunt. We end up either paying 50 bucks a pop or don't get them at all.


    Reason enough to despise a damn scalper.


    I understand your frustration, but something you said kind of reinforces my point that for a lot of scalpees, this is their 9-5. They keep up with the market and understand what figures are rare and "worth" more than retail. As long as there is a demand that is greater than supply, its going to make those figures go up in price. As someone with interests in business, i cant jelp but find scalping a perfectly viable and legit business despite how it affects me as a collector.

  13. I have a confession to make. I have scalped figures before. I'm here to come clean and share some of my thoughts on the practice and why I don't think it's morally wrong to do.


    There have been times, mostly as a broke college student, where I've been strapped for cash. It's not easy to make money when you're a full time student, but it's really easy to spend. Sometimes I've sold figures from my personal collection for some quick green. I'm sure this is something we've all done as the money often ends up getting used to buy new figures, and whatever you charge, part of that is going to be what the figure is worth in the market as well as to you sentimentally.



    Other times, though, I've bought figures from the store that I had no interest in keeping for the sole purpose of re-selling on eBay for a profit. This is nothing but scalping, pure and simple.


    As a collector, I have to say, it's actually a lot of fun. You get to basically do your hobby (hunt for and buy figures) and make money doing it. I know there's guys who make a living doing this who probably have no connection whatsoever to the toys, but knowing the feeling of finding a new figure, I can say that the same sort of thing happens when you find a figure you know you could flip for $20, $30, or $40.


    I can say that I feel a little guilty profitting off a figure that a fellow collector would have wanted just as I can also say that I've often cursed scalpers for buying up all the good figures at the crack of dawn. On the other hand, though, if guys like me and you refused to pay the marked up prices, there wouldn't be a business anyway.


    Ultimately, this is why I say that scalping, while an inconvenience to collectors, is not morally wrong nor are scalpers inherently jerks (though a few I've met tend to be.) The value of any item is only what someone is willing to pay, and if there's money to be made, people will capitalize. Plus, there's the whole other side of distribution which often, and especially as of late, is poor on the manufacturer and retail end. At the very least, scalpers provide the benefit of access to items that many of us would not otherwise be able to obtain. If the markup is worth it to you, then by all means, you're not overpaying. You're paying exactly what the figure is worth to you.


    So, that's my story and thoughts, but I'd like to hear from others. Do you think scalping is the bane of collectors? Is it a legitimate way to make a living or even a few bucks? Have you ever done it?

  14. if anyone is within driving distance of the walmart in lorain,ohio they have these. they got in one case a few days ago and when i went back last night they had 3 cases on the pallet. a friend of mine told me they were all put out this morning.


    3 cases? Hmmm..I'm wondering if some stores are getting multiple cases while others are getting none. Interesting.

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