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  1. Oh right; I forgot about Moonstar. So theoretically Wave 3 could be Punisher, Blade, Archangel, Jean, Moonstar, US Agent, Stryfe (Possible BAF) and possible Emma Frost redo. That's 8 regular figures or 7 plus the BAF (Stryfe). Plausible. Not a very strong sounding wave and no A-Listers to "carry" it...but I'd definitely be interested in Blade, Archangel, US Agent & Stryfe. I've not heard anything of a Sasquatch BAF.


    This is the only thing i could find with pics covering a basic assortment of what Hasbro plans to build up for ML in 2012.



    the writer hints at a new Sasquatch BAF, but has no pics as proof.

    Still no word on the rest of the Wrecking Crew, but we can only hope!


    How is Punisher and Blade not A listers? You already had Cap, Spidey, and Iron Man. Aside from Hulk there isn't any "A-listers" left if you don't consider The Punisher or Blade an A lister





    EDIT** Blade isn't an A lister in my eyes but he is at least recognizable to casual fans


    I agree on both sides. As far as the comics crowd goes Blade is far from an A-Lister, but you would be hard pressed to find someone in the general public who doesn't recognize him at least from the movies. As for the Punisher...he was once an A-Lister but right now in the comics world he's kinda in some kind of uninteresting Limbo. Don't think I've even picked up any of the latest stuff on him. Anyway they've put a lot of A-Listers in the first two waves and, in my opinion, some of them need to be redone some time in the future, but as far as I'm concerned, variety is the key to the long standing success of the new ML. Even people who don't recognize a fig will problably still pick it up if they make it look good and interesting enough. Think back to when you were a kid, whenever you saw a completely new figure, that means something original, not the aqua attack or arctic adventure or secret stealth versions of existing figs we are accustomed to seeing lately, we were interested. I think we could say the same here. Give me one of the more obscure figures, such as maybe Paladin or Cardiac anyday over another version of Spidey, Wolvie or Iron Man (unless we're talkin' Bleeding Edge version, of course) anyday man. Give me the ones we ain't seen yet and put the 5th or 10th version of all the ones we already have in a two pack. Use that approach and my wallet would never be safe again.


    Not really on topic, but regarding Punisher's current publishing status, I'd say he's defintely not in Limbo. Jason Aaron's PunisherMAX run just ended and Greg Rucka's ongoing is getting some stellar reviews roughly 10 or so issues in. Also, Punisher is part of the upcoming crossover with Spidey and Daredevil. I'd say he's pretty doing pretty well on the comics front.


    Do we really need another ML, though? I think not.

  2. So I was strolling at the toy section at Ross during lunch break and I saw this....


    Is this of any value whatsoever? It has the Toybiz logo on d packaging....


    Wow. I remember always wanting that one bc of the interchangable heads but could never find it. Its interesting bc that character wasny even from the comics. He was created as a villain for the cartoon. As for the value, I think 7.99 is too much. I've seen those old X-Men figures at comic shops and cons for $4-5 each. No one collects them anymore.

  3. I understand the idea of having multiple of the same figure. It's good for display purposes, like if you want to have a wolverine with you're x-men and another with the Avengers, but The only repeat I have is 4 Hydra Soldiers.


    All my other duplicates are either variants or different versions of the same character.

  4. No, I'm not talking about the Red Skull/Classic version. I just realized that Pildriver came with a robot head with a red dot, but Thunderball came with a yellow Dot. Which goes with which? I'm thinking the red one is supposed to go with the Red Skull, but I like it better with the classic.



    Yeah, Yeah, Guy just wanted an excuse to show off his 2 Completed Zolas. Thanks for throwing that in my Face! Naw I am just messing with you I to want both zola torsos but I could care less about the red or yellow eye I will just use the red one at all times and swap the torsos when I feel like it.



    Busted! Haha. Not really, though. I had already gotten Cap, Drax, Daken, Fantomex, Pildriver, and Hydra from online retailers/wal-mart. I just got my case from HTS in today and had enough pieces to make the red skull zola. I'm not planning on keeping it.

  5. No, I'm not talking about the Red Skull/Classic version. I just realized that Pildriver came with a robot head with a red dot, but Thunderball came with a yellow Dot. Which goes with which? I'm thinking the red one is supposed to go with the Red Skull, but I like it better with the classic.


  6. Getting ready to head to the FedEx (booo!) depot in an hour or so to pick up the case I ordered from HTS.


    Fingers crossed that I'll be getting FF Spider-Man, Madame Masque, and Thunderball.


    That also means I will have the following available for sale or trade this evening:


    2 Bucky Captain America

    1 Fantomex

    1 Drax

    1 Unmasked Daken


    If anyone is needing these, send me a PM and I'll get back to you tonight.

  7. First of all, sorry to the mods. I know this should probably be posted in another thread, such as the TRU one or Sightings and Hauls, but I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read this to know the truth about how Hasbro is giving us all the finger.


    As you may know from my posts, I'm currently desperately hunting Wave 2 figures, especially Spider-Man and Madame Masque, as many of us are.


    I thought I had finally struck gold today when I went to TRU (at this point, I don't even care about the price hike. I just want my figures.) They had three Captain Americas and a Fantomex, so I asked the guy in the department if they had more in back. He said he was pretty sure they did. Awesome, right? The wait is finally over!


    He went into the warehouse and came back with a brand new case, straight from Hasbro. He handed it to me and said, "Take what you need."


    I opened the box and felt sick. Inside were four Captain Americas, two Drax, one Fantomex, and one unmasked Daken. No Thunderball/Piledriver, no Madames, and no Spideys.


    I'm ticked beyond belief. This is absolutely ridiculous that this was put together, and it doesn't benefit anyone.


    First, retailers are getting the shaft because they're going to get stuck with figures they can't sell because collectors don't want them because they already have them. Kids don't want them because they don't know who these characters are, and honestly, if I were aparent, I wouldn't be too keen on dropping $20 on a figure unless it were some special occasion.


    There is no feasible reason I can think of to distribute product like this. Does Hasbro even know their customers? Do they know what they're doing to those of us who really want to collect and buy their figures for a reasonable price? It's like they're playing with us, dangling a string to see how we'll chase after it. I don't get it. At all. And I'm *this close* to just calling it quits.

  8. what i dont understand is why when retail first got wave 2 it was packed with piledriver, ff spider man, madame hydra, unmasked daken, 2 bucky cap, fantomex, drax and then when wave 2 hit again recently it should have been packed with thunderball, big time spider man, madame masque, masked daken, 2 bucky caps, fantomex and drax BUT Noooooooo instead, lets pack madame masque, thunderball, unmasked daken again and ff spiderman again. now that everybody has bucky cap, fantomex and drax which is pegwarming crazy in my neck of the woods it makes me think, when the hell is the NEW case packing coming out with masked daken and big time spiderman? i swear, the way hasbro does thing, and they wonder why product doesnt push when they assume doing it this way and releasing those damn marvel universerevision waves gives people a second chance to get figures they missed out on. hasbro, pack the variants then u schmucks, alot of us missed out on those.. just a heads up ;)


    Shiiiiiiiii.....im not complaining. I hope they pack ff spidey in every case from here on out. I still cant find that sucker. I do want Thunderball though..

  9. Same here, but I'm throwing my hands up in defeat. I check at least two wal-marts daily and have yet to see wave 2 anywhere other than TRU. Yesterday, I didnt go because it was so nice outside. On my lunch today, I hit my usual two stops. Both had remenants of wave 2 (buckys and drax). Must have been put out and picked yesterday. I give up.

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