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  1. Here's the question i'm asking: Do I buy the re-do's of figures I already have? I'm thinking of some of the more HTF figures in my ccollection such as Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Juggernaut, FO Cap, and more..Do I sell them now in the hopes of Hasbro making new ones? Do I update to the new ones when they come out? Will that make selling the old ones harder? I guess it comes down to whether or not the Hasbro version ends up being superior. If it is, I'll get it. If not, I'll stick with my ToyBiz collection and just augment it with new characters.
  2. shipping can be costly too. If you buy multiple figures from the same seller, you can usually get combined shipping rates that will save you money. Buy loose, look for lots, and buy from the same seller. That's gonna be the best way to go on ebay. Be patient and you'll find some good deals.
  3. I've built my legends collection through ebay over the past year. You need to look for figures in lots to get the best prices. If a seller is charging $30-$40 dollars for a single figure (usually Hawkeye, Crossbones, Face-off Captain America), it's because he/she is trying to find one person who needs that one figure and will pay the price. Look for people who are getting rid of their collection and selling figures with low start prices. Buying loose is also a lot cheaper than in the package. You might want to check out your local comic shops in your area as they will sometimes sell
  4. I'm planning on buying all of these two-packs, but I'm especially excited for the classic Warpath and Valkyrie figures. I'm also really digging the Deadpool logo on the rifle. I'm a bit disappointed there's no Captain America Variant for Bucky. Other than that, these look great. Also, the ne Lizard figure looks like it was based of the design from the "Shed" arc, which was pretty cool.
  5. OH SNAP!! I don't ship outside the US either, but for much less noble reasons than Scotty. I'm just lazy.
  6. Hey all. This is my favorite custom I've ever done. Base is a ML series 8 ultimate cap. Boots were switched out with series 1 cap. Gloves sculpted with epoxy putty. Whole thing painted with Testors glossy acryllics. Wings from series 1 cap were glued to the head and ears removed. Added the working holster (from a ML Domino) and gun to the utility belt. Please let me know what you think! Edit: After looking at close up photos, I see that I need to touch up some spots, but nothing too major.
  7. There's also a "Stealth Venom" from the SMC line that could pass for Anti-Venom in a pinch.
  8. One of my favorites! How could I have left it out?
  9. I have what I consider to be the complete Spider-Man villians. Here's what I got (I'll try to post a pic later). Spiderman - McFarlane Version-originally released in some two-packs in the SMC line Dr. Octopus - ML Series 8 Carnage - ML Fearsome Foes box set or SMC Venom - Recent SMC line with jaw thrashing action, also the one w/ the scorpion tail is good Lizard - Sinister 6 Box Set Sandman - SMC line, or the SM3 BAF is pretty cool Electro - Sinister 6 Box Set (looks like the SMC version but has better articulation) Green Goblin - ML Onslaught Series Mysterio - SMC line
  10. If you're looking to sell it on ebay, I would suggest placing it as an auction with a buy it now option. Set the Auction starting price at the absolute lowest you'd be willing to sell it for. Then set the Buy it now price at what you would like to get for it. Of course, you'll need to pay a percentage of your earnings to ebay. You could also try listing it in the classifieds on here.
  11. I was watching an auction on ebay a few weeks ago and it ended up selling for about $80.00 on 13 or so bids. That was loose btw.
  12. Yea, I noticed that too..sounds suspicious. I'm guessing we'll have to hold out until ComicCon, but it would be nice to get clarification on this.
  13. I'm really excited about the new Secret Avengers comic so I'm working on some custom figures of the team. So far, I'm almost done with Steve Rogers and am finished with Moon Knight. I'm also working on Beast and Nova. I'll post pics when everything is done. The Cap figure is a Hasbro Nick Fury base with Hasbro Ultimate WWII Cap head. Moon Knight is just the regular figure painted white. Looking at the pictures full-sized, I realized some of the paint apps are a bit sloppy. I'll be cleaning those up as well. Let me know what you think!
  14. For painting Moon Knight white, are you going to use the silver moon knight or the black one? I want to customize Moon Knight into the 80's look of the Iron Man villian The Ghost. I actually did this last night. I'll post pics in the customs forum at some point in the near-ish future. I used the black version. First I took the cape off, then sprayed the whole thing with games workshop white paint. To smooth it out, I then painted over the body with Citadel Skull White and added some silver accents. Hand-painted the moon logo and painted the head black.
  15. Picked up a War Machine the other day for my Secret Avengers team I'm putting together. This is a bit of topic but I'm going to share it anyways because I'm excited. I'm working on a custom Secret Avengers Marvel Legends team. I'm going to use the WM from the IM2 line, a 2-pack shield agent with Steve Rogers head (from the ultimate 2 pack), Stealth Beast from the X-Men Classics line, ML Ant-Man with custom head (red hair for Eric O'Grady instead of Scott Lang), Moon Knight painted white to match his current look, and lastly Valkyrie from the 2 packs that are coming out this fall. I'll
  16. Wow Hasbro, you could have gotten a lot more of my money by making these as opposed to the $0 you've gotten from me with your 3 3/4" line. This is depressing.
  17. Yea man, definitely sell less "wanted" figures as a group. I'm starting to sell a few of my figures that I have doubles of or no space for, so I listed them on ebay. I didn't expect them to go for much, but when they each sold for 1.80, I knew I could have made more by selling all 3 for 5.00. I'd say if you have anything rare, sell it individually. Otherwise, selling in lots is the best way to go. And if you do decide to sell individually, let me know what you've got as I might be interested in a few figures.
  18. No, theres no Scarlet Witch involved. Not sure why he put that in there..
  19. The best ebay seller ever just retracted my bid, but because of this gracious offer, I am going to continue encouraging people to BID ON THIS FIGURE!!!
  20. Well, I emailed the seller and asked to have my bid retracted. The ball's in his court now. Hopefully he'll be generous since I've already bought stuff from him before. If anyone still wants it feel free to bid. My max is currently $10.
  21. So I have a $10.00 bid on a Spider-Man Classics Hydro Man over on eBay, but I just found one for less. Any chance someone would be willing to outbid me in the next 4 days so I don't get stuck with two of these figures? Thanks! Hydro Man Auction
  22. Looking at the listing, it doesn't seem like the seller really expects someone to buy the set for $900. He just set the price high enough to be sure no one would use the Buy it Now feature, thus guaranteeing that he will be able to accept/reject any offers made on it. If you're interested in the item, I would suggest making an offer for however much you're willing to pay for it. I remember seeing all of these figures at retail and not being interested in any of them. I recently purchased johnny and ben together loose for $10.00 including shipping for customizing purposes. I also purc
  23. It's a pack-in exclusive with this race car from the x-men classics line. It pops up on here from time to time. http://www.tons-of-toys.com/x-men-classics...wolverine_i7099
  24. Bear, Clor is the name they've been using for the Thor Clone who killed Bill Foster in Civil War.
  25. Totally. Not only are there more big Hank Pyms we need (12" yellow jacket, Ultimate Giant Man), but also other Marvel giants Bill Foster (Goliath with Clor included would be awesome!), Atlas, and Stature. Also would be cool to have a frost giant or two and a new sentinel.
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