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  1. Da Top Cat

    Iron Man 2 Toys

    If we can get another blue Iron Man, I hope they sneak a gold version of the 1st Appearance Iron Man in there somewhere.
  2. Da Top Cat

    Pic from UK Toyfaire

    I would still like to see a classic bug-eyed Hydra trooper(though the one in the 3-pack is cool). And does Jamie Madrox count as an army builder? Anyways, how do Archangel's wings attach? Does it clip around the waist or what?
  3. Da Top Cat

    Mrvel Universe Spidey line 4"

    No prob. And to erikyurk, if you just meant you didn't like the way the figures look, I apologize for getting on you. I just took it as the kind of attack on the concept/scale of MU that's been done to death here. And yes, that Doc Ock sucks and if Venom has no knee articulation(and I'll be surprised if he doesn't), he'll suck too. Which would be a shame because I love that headsculpt.
  4. Da Top Cat

    Mrvel Universe Spidey line 4"

    Most of them have more than three versions released. There were multiple Rhinos and Doc Ocks released in 5-inch scale. Then there were the Spider-Man Classics Rhinos and Doc Ocks in 6-inch scale(that first Doc Ock being a particularly bad figure), and then the Marvel Legends Ock and Rhino later on. Green Goblin I had at least one 5-inch figure of, not sure if there were more, then the Ramos 6-inch Goblin, then the Sinister Six box set version, then the ML version(two actually, with different heads). And Venom had lots of 5-inch scale figures, then the Classics transforming Venom with the weird mouth, then the blue-ish one that came with the ooze, then the Sabretooth retool, then the one that came out in the Man Wolf wave. And Spidey himself has been made lots of times, but we know that. So were all those remakes lame? Should Toybiz have just made one Venom and left it at that? Whether you like the figures or not isn't my point, a point which I thought was fairly easy to understand: If Toy Biz had just stuck to making new figures in one scale rather than remaking old figures in a new scale, we wouldn't have had Marvel Legends. That's all I was trying to say.
  5. Da Top Cat

    Mrvel Universe Spidey line 4"

    Are you talking about my post? I'll try to walk you through it. The person I was quoting says these are "lame" because they've been done before in a different scale(that being 6-inch). So by that person's logic, those 6-inch figures were lame too because the characters had been done before in 5-inch scale. Do I need to explain it further?
  6. Da Top Cat

    SDCC: New Marvel Legends Pics!!

    I'm not saying people are wrong for wanting the obscure figures shown, but while you won't pretend you don't want figures I won't pretend that I do. I have zero interest in 6 of those 18 characters, so I won't be buying them if they come out. But I can almost guarantee you they won't come out anyway, because there's no chance in hell that Nuke is going to win over characters like Deadpool or Multiple Man or Black Widow, but in all honesty I think Hasbro knows that fact and that's part of the reason why we're seeing those characters in the selection: they were easy to put together yet obscure enough to seem like they are trying to cater to collectors. Also, I understand that not everyone wants the same figures made, but that's not really the point I'm making. I'm not saying Hasbro has to make everyone happy, but it's absolutely baffling that they wouldn't include a single figure that many, many collectors have been asking for. And I'm not just speaking personally: take a look at top 10 polls all over the place. I guarantee you that you won't see Nuke, Fantomex, Lady Bullseye, or Terror Inc. on any of them. Yet all the ones that do show up on the Top 10 polls showed up in MU. Strange, isn't it? I'm not saying you should buy them or pretend to want them, I just don't see why making a character is bad just because you're not a fan of the character. One of the earliest MU figures made was Maverick, I character I've never cared about. But I wasn't mad that they made him over Beast or Nightcrawler. I just didn't buy him. And, I dunno, I just think "no obscure characters" is a bad message to send. Personally, my two most-wanted characters are Baron Zemo Jr. and Songbird, so I obviously don't want Hasbro to ignore the obscure characters. By your logic, we would have missed out on a lot of great figures...Man-Thing, Deathlok, Sasquatch, Maestro, Werewolf by Night and the other monsters, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan the Accuser, etc. Were those figures a slap in the face?
  7. Thor, Cage and Iron Man are all amazing, even if I would've preferred a classic Luke. Cap and Bucky look good, they'll go well with the Invaders set. Widow is pretty good.
  8. Da Top Cat

    Mrvel Universe Spidey line 4"

    All of these characters were made in 5-inch scale in the 90s, so by your logic, they never should have been made in Marve Legends scale.
  9. Da Top Cat

    SDCC: New Marvel Legends Pics!!

    Really? You're going to complain about new figures? Because they didn't make the ones you want them to make? Really? Seriously this is a time to rejoice not fuss & complain. If people keep complaining about new figures Hasbro will say "See, we were right! No one wants 6 inch figures!" It's all the excuse they need. Please don't give them that! Are you kidding me? "Uh oh, better not let Hasbro know they are doing something wrong or they might refuse us their products!" Give me a break. Sure, be happy that ML isn't dead, that's great news, but that doesn't mean people can't criticize. I think all the figures look great, but their figure selection is a kick to the face in some cases. Even if you don't want them, figures like Ultron, Enchantress, Gladiator, Jim Lee Jean, Bucky/Winter Soldier, etc. have been clamored for since ML was in metaphorical diapers. I haven't heard a single person ever once mention Terror Inc or Nuke or Lady Bullseye. And the fact that Marvel Universe got pretty much every single character that we've been begging for and we basically got not a single one (other than Deadpool) is obviously not going to sit well with many people. Unless they have an ace in the hole, I think some of their character selections for the "return" of ML were just plain poor. When people have to wikipedia who a character is, that's an indicator that it was a bad choice. I couldn't care less about offending Hasbro. But I would gladly buy every single figure shown except Hulk and Bagman. I'm not going to pretend I don't want figures that I like just because somebody else doesn't like them. Some people are going to want figures you don't want. We've already seen in this thread that some people don't want Ultron. Does that mean they shouldn't make him either? Anyways, we got Deathlok, Vengeance and Maestro before Loki and Kingpin, so I don't see why we can't get Bi-Beast and Terror Inc.
  10. Da Top Cat

    SDCC: New Marvel Legends Pics!!

    If this is a slap in the face, please slap me again and again Hasbro. It hurts so good!
  11. I would definitely like to see a She-Hulk and Titania two-pack, but unless they do a pack with two villains, I think the last two Wrecking Crew members and Doom are more likely. I dunno about Storm...I think if they were gonna make her, it would be in the Jim Lee outfit or the classic Dave Cockrum outfit. I think Nightcrawler would be more likely. Thing would be a disappointment because there's nothing about the single-carded figure that needs improvement, but I could see them sneaking him in there.
  12. These both look awesome, I really hope we get more. Has the price on these ever been announced?
  13. Love it. The only ones I don't care about are the Spider-Men and Iron Man. I love Klaw, Enchantress, and the Wrecking Crew! Great to see lesser-known villains getting some love. Cyke, Magneto, Ultron and Hawkeye all look great too. The rest are good...Hulk's headsculpt is a huge improvement and the Human Torch is way better than that hideous translucent version. I even like that Thor to be honest. I hope the comics packs continue, either with other events(Infinity Guantlet for example has a great selection of characters to use), or just whatever comics Hasbro feels like making figures from. Oh, and it'll be crime if we don't get a Doc Doom figure in this line.
  14. Da Top Cat

    SDCC: New Marvel Legends Pics!!

    They look great, I hate that we have to choose...I would honestly buy all of them but Hulk and Bag Man. Madrox and Constrictor are perfect, hope those two make it for sure. And there's nothing wrong with remaking characters if they're better than the old ones. Deadpool and especially Black Widow both look like improvements on the ToyBiz versions.
  15. Da Top Cat

    Mrvel Universe Spidey line 4"

    Looks good overall. The Spider-Men I don't care about, but I'm glad to see more villains. Goblin looks great, the MU version was very good but this one's headsculpt is perfect. Rhino is badass. I love that Venom, great Mark Bagley-esque headsculpt with no slobbering or giant tongue. Wonderful! Doc Ock sucks, though. His tentacles are way too short and don't look articulated, and I don't recognize the outfit from any comic I've seen. Hopefully we'll get a better one in the MU line or the Secret Wars comic packs.

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