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  1. I couldn't care less about offending Hasbro. But I would gladly buy every single figure shown except Hulk and Bagman. I'm not going to pretend I don't want figures that I like just because somebody else doesn't like them.


    Some people are going to want figures you don't want. We've already seen in this thread that some people don't want Ultron. Does that mean they shouldn't make him either?


    Anyways, we got Deathlok, Vengeance and Maestro before Loki and Kingpin, so I don't see why we can't get Bi-Beast and Terror Inc.



    I'm not saying people are wrong for wanting the obscure figures shown, but while you won't pretend you don't want figures I won't pretend that I do. I have zero interest in 6 of those 18 characters, so I won't be buying them if they come out. But I can almost guarantee you they won't come out anyway, because there's no chance in hell that Nuke is going to win over characters like Deadpool or Multiple Man or Black Widow, but in all honesty I think Hasbro knows that fact and that's part of the reason why we're seeing those characters in the selection: they were easy to put together yet obscure enough to seem like they are trying to cater to collectors.


    Also, I understand that not everyone wants the same figures made, but that's not really the point I'm making. I'm not saying Hasbro has to make everyone happy, but it's absolutely baffling that they wouldn't include a single figure that many, many collectors have been asking for. And I'm not just speaking personally: take a look at top 10 polls all over the place. I guarantee you that you won't see Nuke, Fantomex, Lady Bullseye, or Terror Inc. on any of them.


    Yet all the ones that do show up on the Top 10 polls showed up in MU. Strange, isn't it?


    I'm not saying you should buy them or pretend to want them, I just don't see why making a character is bad just because you're not a fan of the character. One of the earliest MU figures made was Maverick, I character I've never cared about. But I wasn't mad that they made him over Beast or Nightcrawler. I just didn't buy him.


    And, I dunno, I just think "no obscure characters" is a bad message to send. Personally, my two most-wanted characters are Baron Zemo Jr. and Songbird, so I obviously don't want Hasbro to ignore the obscure characters.


    By your logic, we would have missed out on a lot of great figures...Man-Thing, Deathlok, Sasquatch, Maestro, Werewolf by Night and the other monsters, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan the Accuser, etc. Were those figures a slap in the face?

  2. The majority of those selections they show us really sucked donkey nutz. Yea sure it was exciting to see characters that should never be made into plastic. However the reality of it is once again Hasbro told us to take our ideas for the figures we want & our money and go spend them somewhere else. The list of characters we have been asking for would easily have filled up their 20 figures to show, instead we get the reject bunch to choose from.


    Way to go Hasblo, once again you proved your ignorance & stupidity!



    Really? You're going to complain about new figures? Because they didn't make the ones you want them to make? Really? Seriously this is a time to rejoice not fuss & complain. If people keep complaining about new figures Hasbro will say "See, we were right! No one wants 6 inch figures!" It's all the excuse they need. Please don't give them that!



    Are you kidding me? "Uh oh, better not let Hasbro know they are doing something wrong or they might refuse us their products!" Give me a break. Sure, be happy that ML isn't dead, that's great news, but that doesn't mean people can't criticize.


    I think all the figures look great, but their figure selection is a kick to the face in some cases. Even if you don't want them, figures like Ultron, Enchantress, Gladiator, Jim Lee Jean, Bucky/Winter Soldier, etc. have been clamored for since ML was in metaphorical diapers. I haven't heard a single person ever once mention Terror Inc or Nuke or Lady Bullseye. And the fact that Marvel Universe got pretty much every single character that we've been begging for and we basically got not a single one (other than Deadpool) is obviously not going to sit well with many people.


    Unless they have an ace in the hole, I think some of their character selections for the "return" of ML were just plain poor. When people have to wikipedia who a character is, that's an indicator that it was a bad choice.


    I couldn't care less about offending Hasbro. But I would gladly buy every single figure shown except Hulk and Bagman. I'm not going to pretend I don't want figures that I like just because somebody else doesn't like them.


    Some people are going to want figures you don't want. We've already seen in this thread that some people don't want Ultron. Does that mean they shouldn't make him either?


    Anyways, we got Deathlok, Vengeance and Maestro before Loki and Kingpin, so I don't see why we can't get Bi-Beast and Terror Inc.

  3. That guy is full of crap. Read this site:


    Being a fan of Star Wars since the time it first graced the screen, once in a while things get so ridiculous out there in the online fandom world that I feel a compelling need to speak out and just let loose. This is one of those times.


    The general public might not be aware of this but those harbingers of every rumor known to man, TheForce.Net LLC (look it up) under the ownership of Sir Philip "I'm getting too old for this" Wise and the soon-to-be-resigned (whatever that means) Pastor Joshua "King of all Fanboys" Griffin, decided that since news was slow, they'd resort to basically posting any single rumor that comes in, regardless of how silly it may be and without really checking it out. See, basically, if you post everything possible at the wall and then something sticks, you get bragging rights and can say, "You saw it here first." We're all guilty of it to a degree but they seem to really take it to the limit. I try to make sure anything I say or post is at least somewhat legit before letting it fly. I use every resource I can to try and verify things and if I can't I'll fully disclose that it's just rumor and not to be taken seriously.


    Anyhow, the folks over at that site love to post just about anything that makes Lucasfilm look silly, anything that will cause controversy, and anything that they think will make fans freak out. You see, negativity drums up more publicity. Take this scenario: It's a full seven months or so until the release of EPISODE III. If I were to post a review today and say I saw the film and it's great, without giving away anything, it might make a few headlines and then it'll go away. If I were to post a scathing review saying EPISODE III is going to be crap, the acting is terrible, Jar Jar is annoying, the plot leaves you unsatisfied, Vader sucks, etc., then you'll see that spread around the net, and probably into magazines and TV, like wildfire and fans will go berserk resulting in weeks and weeks of debates and deliberations on message boards about how Lucas sucks and how he's screwed up the franchise.


    So that being said, they decided to post this on 8/26: http://cgi.theforce.net/theforce/tfn.cgi?storyID=24672


    Basically it's a report of a rumor they were sent, posted verbatim, stating that there's a scene in EPISODE III where Yoda cuts the cheese, farts, breaks wind, lets one rip or whatever colloquialism you want to use. Ridiculous, you say? Wait, it doesn't stop there.


    Of course they posted this completely baseless rumor to stir up the fanboy pot, ruffle the fanboy feathers, and in the process make Lucas look like an ass without saying as much. So, the fanboys took it and ran and it escalated to conspiracy theory proportions. It's so out of hand now that people are worshipping the ground that Griffin walks on, holding him high on some sort of fanboy pedestal. All hail king of the fanboys! He can have that title, actually.


    The only good thing about it is that it's mostly contained, like a bad virus, over at their message boards but it's starting to leak out. You see, Griffin is getting off on leaking little bits of spoilerish items via the boards there. In the process, fanboys are coming up with theories of their own saying things like Josh has seen the rough cut of the film, Josh has the script, Josh is secretly working in conjunction with Lucas HIMSELF: no I'm not making any of this up. Only deluded fanboys could think up this kind of stuff and spread it around. And Josh is eating it all up. Will he come out and say he saw the film? Will he say he has the script?


    The answer is no he won't. Why? Because he has NOT seen the film and he does NOT have the script. I can tell you this with certainty so you'll just have to take my word on it. Will any of us get the script? Probably. Will any of us get to see the film early? It's possible but not likely. But as of NOW, he has nothing but rumors and some stuff from licensees. Let me say it again so that the fanboys can really hear me: Josh has not seen EPISODE III. Get it through your heads.


    While I'm at it - let me clear up another misconception once and for all so this thing will die as it should. Listen carefully, fanboys. Yoda does NOT fart in this film. Yoda NEVER farted in this film. This was NEVER, EVER in the script nor was it in any rough cut as Griffin so confidently says on his boards. Now look, ILM has played jokes and done funny things from time to time so I'm not saying the rumor is totally unfounded and no one ever made Yoda fart as a joke on the set, BUT I can tell you with absolute certainty (and you'll just have to trust me on this - it's not speculation) that Yoda farting was NEVER in the film or script - ever. Not in a rough cut, not in an old draft. IT WAS NEVER THERE. OK? There ya go. So stop worrying all about it. Stop picking it apart - it's not real.


    The sick part of all this is that Josh is letting this stuff fester over there and grow like a dark mold all over the fan base. Enthusiasm is one thing but the conversations over there are simply mind-numbing and completely sickening, to be honest. You would think that Josh Griffin was C-3PO in the middle of a tribe of Ewoks.


    But to make things worse - it's now making headlines on web sites all over and I'm sure some of the actual legit media will pick up on this as well. When they hear someone has seen a screening of the film, they get excited and run stories..and that's what these guys love: to see their names in the papers. It's fun to be recognized once in a while and be in the media but this is just ridiculous. Letting people believe you saw a rough cut to get some publicity is right up there on par with supershadow.com and his stories about being personal friends with Lucas. Even Aint-It-Cool-News picked up on the story and ran with it, stating that Josh has seen a rough cut. They talk about the Yoda fart and all that stuff too. I can't believe for a minute that you guys would really believe all this stuff.


    If Josh wants to be a man and prove himself, I call on him on behalf of all fans who are actually semi-normal and have lives to admit that he hasn't seen the film and has no script, therefore ending this silly dog and pony show once and for all. He should correct these stories and stop leading on fans who are just trying to enjoy the time until the film is released, because when you think about it, it's kind of cruel in a way, what he's doing. It's like taking quarters off of old men in Florida. Wise up, fanboys. You're being played. Online fandom has hit an all-time low.


    And here's one more before I go - because I love debunking more than I love posting spoilers. Josh Griffin has mentioned a list of three things on his boards from EPISODE III. They are, in his words:


      1. Odd Ball - a clone pilot that defends Obi-Wan's crippled ship after he is hit by flak.

      2. Order 66 - the directive Palpatine gives to wipe out the Jedi. The Clones turn at this point.

      3. Delegation of 2000 - the united Senators and politicians against Palpatine. They are concerned about his powers. This is the start of the Rebellion, before the Empire even takes shape.


    All I can tell you here is that only ONE Of these is in the final film. You'll have to figure that one out though as I can't tell ya.


    Josh Griffin - you are a sick little monkey. In your "review of sorts" you're posting soon, say you saw the film. I dare you.


    And with that, I'm outta here. Make sure you vote, people. Don't believe everything you read on those TFN LLC message boards. Josh is just a man, not some sort of god. Stop kissing his ass. The trailer comes out next week and you're going to be happy. HAPPY. EPISODE III is going to rock and rock hard. Be positive about the film and remember... just like women, Yoda never farts.


    Until next time,

    Blog on.


    Happy Halloween.


    Amazingly enough, the guy has now admitted that he didn't really see a cut of the movie. He now claims he never said he did, even though he said things like "I shows part of Episode III to my wife last night" and "The Barg looked odd", etc. What a loser.

  4. I was visiting our local anime shop and saw that they had ROD TV figures. However, all they had was Michelle and Anita. Does anybody here know if there'll be any more waves after this? I'd love to see toys of Maggie, Nenene, Yomiko, Nancy, Drake, and Junior.

  5. My favorite recent anime has been Maria Sama Ga Miteru(translates to "The Virgin Mary is Watching"). Lesbian Catholic schoolgirls, what's not to love? ;D


    ROD TV was also a lot of fun. Midori no Hibi is cute, and Narutaru is cool in a dark, mysterious way.

  6. Xenosaga figures would be damned cool. KOS-MOS, Lt. Virgil, Albedo, Jin, lots of cool characters to make.


    And I agree that we need more Love Hina figures, especially Keitaro.


    As for what anime I'd like to see action figures from, I'd go with Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness. Muraki is awesome. ^_^

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