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  1. That's right guys, this is the SENTRYproductions and he does great legends reviews. Now it's offical!!
  2. Hello everyone!! Just wanted you guys and gals that there is a whole bunch of us ML collectors over on youtube. You can post videos of your collection and fight scenes and what not. We also trade and there is a lot contests that people do when they reach a certain number of subscribers. There has been some nice prizes given away. Like one was the young avengers box set and another guy took donations and gave the winner the money to buy any figure he wanted on ebay. I think it got up to like $100. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that there was antother place to talk MLs. Also, we get on skype and shoot the breeze. Me, boxintypex, redhulk are on there. Here's the unoffical main channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MLcommunity . Just thought yaw might want to check it out.
  3. i got the skrull one. its nice. good paint apps. i too want the yellow and blue goliath ,but they only go the red one here. i'm gonna pass on him since i've already got the BAF GM. i'll be unloading the small figs for sure.
  4. i would like to see it happen. of course i am a little bias. a red king and the warbound would be awesome to see.
  5. glad to someone being proactive on the legends front. yes for me!!!
  6. Not doubting your word brother, but but seriously that's just BS talk for "we'll get to it.....someday", or Hasbro has got to be the largest company in the world with the worst luck when it comes to these tiny "technical difficulties". How hard is it? The box is already on the site. Not like they're gonna tally any votes or anything. The line up was decided back at SDCC or earlier. Keep your freakin word for once. As for the poll that's up now, I'll pass. Not interested in voting for the next MU. They're gonna get everything ML never got anyway. no kidding!! just like the nemesis wave huh? hasbro is like the current us administration, pretend to give you a choice and just railroad through what they want anyway. lol
  7. oh yeah i forgot about dum dum. so we will see both of those variants, thats cool. Skrull electra is a variant, a different veriation of regular electra. As far as rare there is no such thing as that any more at least not with Hasbro. Remember that kaza box set, when it was 29.99 retail. they only sold them on there site, and then a month later the jack it up to 79.99. Wtf they werent rare they still have them on there site. yeah i remember that. i got mine for the $30 and then like the next week it went up. i think they were saying that they were "graded". they went up to like $120 for the higher "graded" ones if i remember correctly. crazy!!
  8. got em in southeast texas, orange, tx to be exact. got 3 sets. one for me and one each for 2 of my friends!! btw, the total with tax for the set of 6 is $67.80. so, congrats to all of us who waited!!!
  9. sasquatch came with an arm and a cable. maestro was supposed to be the same , but the first ones shipped didnt have the tube. the sent out some more that had the tube. i only have the one tube too. the answer is : ebay or try a local comic shop or the trade posts.
  10. I hope they stay that low as well, means that wont be as expensive for us none US citizens, who dont have wal-marts, good to hear though will be able to get a few now, with beter price ranges. Whatever the price, don't sit around on your hands waiting for a better deal. You see em you better jump on em. A lot of us who waited and put our faith in Hasbro are about to be rewarded and you better believe I'll be checking the stores every day until I get a complete set. that's what i'm gonna do. went looking today at 3 local walmarts here in southeast texas and nothing. i've seen 2 posts claiming they got them in el paso and dallas, tx. i getting at least 3 sets. one for me, one for my friend here and another for a friend i know on youtube in new york.
  11. well , the only hasblow BAF that had any size to it was fin fang foom and we had to pay $15 a figure x 8 for it. all the others where just large legends. i mean crossbones is as big as ares. i'm so over hasblow and their excuses for why the ML line is declining. i'll buy the nemisis wave and the 2-packs for the shield agents, hand ninjas and the kree and skrull. i won't be keeping the classic ironman (maybe the stark head). not sure about the stealth variant . just depends if i actually see it or not. as far as the "giant" MU figures, they look ok. i'll probably pick up the goliath and get rid of the little IM that comes with him. i agree that the MU line is improving, but i will never buy them. i have no interest in small figures.
  12. The thing is, I have Juggernaut, Apocalypse, Onslaught and Rhino. Sure there is always room for improving figures, but I'd really rather have a brand new character, like Odin, who has yet to see the light of plastic. That said, I do have a couple of exceptions like Ultron, who was totally f'd up. Amen. Who are you people that can't go find the ones that have already been made? I mean, how many Rhino's (3), Juggernauts (3), and Apocalypses (2) do you need made before those of us that do have those, and already purchased them, have to endure repeating before we get 'never released characters'. I'm tired of buying repeated figures in slightly different costumes as it is. How lazy are you people. Get online, go to ebay, toy sellers, toy resellers, collectors sites and just buy them! They've all been made already!!! Uh...It's not that people are "lazy." They don't want to dish out all the money for those figures derr. BTW 2 of the 3 Juggernauts and Rhinos are craaaaaap. And this is a whole different line and scale. So technically they haven't been made. A Marvel Select Rhino, Juggernaut, Rhino and Apocalypse will be awesome. And I do believe Odin will be made. yeah, but the series 6 juggy and fearsome foes rhino are terrific!!! so is the series 7 apocalypse and the BAF of him. i mean i like the select abomination coming out, but we've already got one. can't understand why they're doing a thing and spiderman. got enough of those. i love my select hulk ,but would have loved to have seen odin in his place.
  13. i voted valkyrie, bi-beast and constrictor. i can't understand why people want the same characters that there is already figures of. i mean i love hulk, but i'm not voting for him when we don't have a constrictor or fantomex. i know some of the orginal figures could use an upgrade, but come on. if that x-force wolvie makes it i'm gonna scream. damn it, the puniverse got the jim lee jean grey and classic sunfire, WTF!!!!!
  14. man he looks good. it looks like they reused the old TB war hulk body. the same one they used for the king hulk. i think the flag face maybe sabertooth. i remember a cover of wolverine origins with wolverine's face painted like that. no idea who the skull guy is.
  15. same reason we have every single iron man armor and like 6 wolverines, because they will sell.
  16. some great choices. love the hood , constrictor and bi-beast. is that sabertooth with the flag painted on his face from the origins book. and i don't know who the skull guy is. is that a ghost rider? http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/index.php?mod...600&start=0
  17. patience grasshopper. i've waited this long, what's a little longer. i'll do without before a pay some scalpers inflated 4x as much as retail price.
  18. i hoping for a polaris and some more inhumans. i modern luke cage would be nice. we need some more cosmic characters as well. terrax, blastarr, starlord, vulcan, etc....
  19. good stuff tyhi. got the variant ironfist today. traded a guy the modok wasp for it.
  20. i like them both. the select is gonna be huge and thats good because he is a real powerhouse.
  21. hard to say. talk to this guy, aaozz9. he just sold like his whole collection.
  22. Nice !! Lucky guy, I'm still looking for this guy. How much ??? well, i got him , juggy(tb), phoenix, storm(series 8), mr sinister, rogue(boxset), baf apocalypse, and a baf sentinel for $120!!!! and the guy threw in danger, cyclops, pyro, weapon x, blackheart, banshee and ironfist!!! Hey did you happen to get all those from a guy on tfieds.com? There was a listing very similar to this on there & if i wasn't so broke I would have gone for! yeah, that's where i got em. couldn't pass em up
  23. Nice !! Lucky guy, I'm still looking for this guy. How much ??? well, i got him , juggy(tb), phoenix, storm(series 8), mr sinister, rogue(boxset), baf apocalypse, and a baf sentinel for $120!!!! and the guy threw in danger, cyclops, pyro, weapon x, blackheart, banshee and ironfist!!!
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