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  1. I'm really jealous you guys are all finding tons of these. I just found my first 3 figures last week - Spider-Man, Union Jack and the Surfer. Union Jack was the one I wanted most so I'm glad I have him, but I also really want the Red Hulk. Hopefully Target will keep getting these in.
  2. I'm really glad Hasbro is saying they are going to be putting out 6 inch figures, even if they're exclusives or 2-packs or whatever. I agree that the 3 3/4 line is going to have limitations. I like the Joes alot but have you compared one to the DC line? The DC line are shrimpy. The pics I've seen of the Marvel 3 3/4 don't look quite as detailed as the Joes, which means I may pass. I'll have to see them in the store.
  3. If there is customer demand, retailers will buy. I have rarely seen any Red Hulk wave figures or 2-packs in stores, so I'd imagine customer demand is good, which means retailers will keep carrying the line. There are a ton of ML's I still want so i'm glad Hasbro plans to keep them coming, even if they're in 2-packs or regular wave store exclusives. Doesn't really seem to make sense to stop the BAF's since those help sell through less popular characters but whatever, as long as I keep getting new 6 inchers. If Hasbro stops selling 6 inch ML's, I am definitely going to pass on the 3 3/4 line.
  4. I'm also on Long Island and I have yet to see the Red Hulk wave. I found 3 of the 4 1st wave 2-packs at a Walmart, no Fury/Cap, and that's it. I've seen 2 Green Lanterns, a damaged regular Sinestro and the variants from DCUC wave 3 at a Target. I appreciate that the middle of August was a little early to find things supposedly shipping September, but now it's the middle of Sepetember. In the immortal words of our leader - Bring It On!
  5. What, did someone hack Jin's account? I've never heard such a rave from him. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. ;-)
  6. I'm loving the FFF and most of the figures in the line. Planet Hulk and Wendigo are probably my favorite. End Hulk is great too. Samson could be better but he's still pretty good. I'm liking where Hasbro is going with ML. I hope the improvements continue and they stick with the line. I am going to mighty pissed at Hasbro if they pull the plug on the 6 inch line.
  7. I shelled out $40 for that mini-Abomination Toy Biz did in the Hulk waves before giving us a far superior Abomination in the Bring on the Bad Guys wave.
  8. I'm betting this guy is the Red Hulk. He "died" in an exploding volcano. He was hooked up to all sorts of electronic weaponary. He's been exposed to gamma radiation of the years.
  9. Worst Toy Biz articulated ML: Toad Worst Toy Biz female ML: Mystique Worst Toy Biz male ML: Power Man Worst Toy Biz non-human ML: Ultron Worst Toy Biz BAF: Onslaught Worst Hasbro articulated ML: Namor Worst Hasbro male ML: Banshee Worst Hasbro female ML: Emma Frost Worst Hasbro BAF: Sandman
  10. Dormammu Sauron Titanium Man Frost Giant Lockjaw Kree Supreme Intelligence Spider-Slayer
  11. I was really hoping Hasbro would give us a BAF of Sauron, just to ensure a decent wing-span. I guess my best shot now is to hope he's an exclusive at SDCC next year. Other BAF's I want definitely include Lockjaw, Frost Giant, Mole Man's monster, Kree supreme Intelligence, Titanium Man, Dormammu, Shadow King, Goliath, Spider-Slayer, Kree Sentry, Master Mold, Silver Samurai. etc. I love the BAF's, not only to have the larger scale figures but also as an element of collecting. It's kind of like baseball cards. You have to hunt and trade to complete your team/figure. I don't mind the smaller sized BAF's or the increse in price. That's life. Bring Back BAF's!!
  12. Actually, the Spider-Man 3 BAF, Sandman, was a movie line BAF...right? I guess that's true. I passed on that line and apparently tried to block it from mind. I would love Hasbro to do a 6 inch Thor line for the movie, similar to the recent Hulk wave, and I would love them to include that Frost Giant as a BAF. You figure the Thor movie has to have a frost giant or two in it, right?
  13. What Jesse said was that Marvel gave the Frost Giant BAF mold to Hasbro and said they could use it since the design is very similar to the generic Frost Giants that Thor has fought periodically. Jesse didn't say Hasbro had any plans to use it. Hasbro said they were discontinuing BAF's for now. I don't think there has ever been a BAF in a movie line.
  14. The new 6 inch figures at the Con looked great. I can't wait to get all of them and multiples of the SHIELD agents and Skrull/Kree packs. Hasbro really seems to be getting the 6 inch line right. If they suspend the 6 inch line in 2009 in favor of the 3 3/4 line, I am boycotting all of Hasbro products for all time. I will not buy any 3 3/4 Marvel figures in protest if Hasbro pulls 6 inch Marvel Legends.
  15. If they make them, I'll buy them but there's a lot of stuff above it on my list of wants. The rest of Alpha Flight, the rest of the Masters of Evil, Wrecking Crew, FA X-Men, Ultron etc.
  16. I really, really want a large Sauron too. Even if it's a Comic Con exclusive. I was really hoping we'd get a BAF of him in a 2009 wave. I'm totally bummed Hasbro has scrapped the BAFs. They were a great inovation and lead me to buy a lot of figures I wouldn't have otherwise. Their figure quality has improved recently and I've been looking forward to Marvel Legends. I hope Hasbro rethinks the BAF thing. I might have to go back to calling them Has-blo.
  17. I want the rest of Alpha Flight and the New Mutants, as well as FA X-Men and X-Force. If this means 3-packs to get them, so be it.
  18. I'll get at least one 3 3/4 figure to see how well it's made. I tried Showdown and those POS's fell apart just standing there. We'll see how well constructed the new line is. I am going to be really disappointed if Hasbro stops with the 6 inch line though. I'm glad for what I have but there is still plenty I want. And I think the 5 inch line had a lot more characters released.
  19. Now that I've got Ka-Zar, I really, really want a Sauron. But I want him big, BAF size. I'm very disappointed Hasbro stopped the BAF's before I got this one. Two X-Men I really want are Blink and a decent Rogue. Also AOA Apocalypse. And all the FA X-Men.
  20. At the panel, the Hasbro rep said the green/purple Hulk is a variant and that there may actually be a third variant coming with darker green and darker purple colors.
  21. There was no X-Men wave shown, unless maybe Ares is really a mutant in which case that might be considered an X-Men wave. But I doubt it.
  22. They said last night at the panel that there would be no more BAF's, but they didn't say there would no more 6 inch Legends. They seemed to suggest that 6 inch 2 packs would be replacing 6 to 8 single figure waves. I'm going to try and confirm that again with the Hasbro rep on the floor.
  23. The new 3 3/4 figures will be on the floor this morning. Pictures will be up soon.
  24. I'll ask the Hasbro rep today about BAF's being cancelled, but I can't imagine they are. It's a brilliant marketing idea to make sure a lot of people buy all the figures, even ones they would otherwise pass on. BAFs make people completists. Production may cost a little more, but Hasbro sells a lot more figures. There's no reason to abandon the BAF. And back OT, I would like a big monster BAF. I'd even be cool with Hasbro spreading it over two FF waves. That last FF wave was pretty weak and I'm not happy with the FF 2-packs that are coming out. They are using those lame cartoony heads for Reed and Sue. Ben has a pin head and Johnny has that lame hip articulation.
  25. Hasbro said the exclusive wave should be available on the Walmart website.
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