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  1. Has anyone's 5 below restocked? I'm sad to miss out on the custom potential of some of the characters I didn't see.
  2. I have terrible news for you: they got full cases, but someone has already grabbed the "good" stuff. have you been wiping out an entire retail chain? I have 2 on my way home from work and both only ever had the Antman/Ares. 1 of which is wiped out already and reset with those playmotion things.
  3. I've only seen Ant man and Ares at 5 below so far. They are getting full cases of single characters. Ant man I can kinda understand.....but who's idea was it to pack a character like Ares 12 per case?
  4. AA wave 2 hit 5 below in PA, too. I picked up an extra hawkeye to use on a hawkguy custom.
  5. Sorry to hear that! Hopefully everyone is ok and repairs don't keep you down too long.
  6. That's fantastic stuff! Did you sculpt those scales on? If so, you did a great job! Regardless, you did a great job.
  7. Save up some extra cash. I was pumped when Stan came to the Pittsburgh Comic Con this spring. I went up to the counter and paid $40 bucks to have my picture taken with him. I asked if he was autographing stuff, and they said yes, for $50 more. That would have left me with about 10 bucks to shop with at the con, so I went with the pic only. Some of the proceeds went to charities and I don't begrudge folks for charging what they think is reasonable (It is Stan-freaking-Lee), but I figured I could always get a signature off of ebay instead. Anyway, the moral is save up and be ready!
  8. I'm loving that classic Misty, USAg..I mean lo wan!
  9. I drew them on file folder stickers and colored them with Sharpies.
  10. Superman: Wonderman head, Cyclops body, Daredevil boots, Star Wars Crimson Empire figure cape Batman: Movie Batman head, Bullseye body, Cyclops belt, Star Wars cape Flash: Bullseye head, DD body, Cyclops boots Green Lantern: Han Solo Head, Bullseye body Now maybe the DCU can stand toe to toe with the Marvel Universe But we all know Marvel's cooler in the long run. Other Crossover Potential
  11. Hey folks, I've been picking up extra new sculpt MU bodies so I can undo the injustice that was DCIH. Here's what I've got so far: Superman: Wonderman head, Cyclops body, Daredevil boots, Star Wars Crimson Empire figure cape Batman: Movie Batman head, Bullseye body, Cyclops belt, Star Wars cape Flash: Bullseye head, DD body, Cyclops boots Green Lantern: Han Solo Head, Bullseye body Now maybe the DCU can stand toe to toe with the Marvel Universe But we all know Marvel's cooler in the long run. Other Crossover Potential
  12. Good! Joes are slow movers in my area, so I'm not sure if that gives me a better or worse shot of finding one. I did stumble across a variant Electro today at a Target. I bought one for 15 bucks at a con recently, and kicked myself for it almost immediately thereafter. Today, because it was the hoi polloi Target, it cost me 10.60 after tax. I shouldn't have been so hard on myself earlier.
  13. I haven't heard about the Bridge Direct or whoever is making these. Have they made anything else?
  14. Thanks for the link. I found it interesting. I missed the first McFarlane version in blue, but I've always thought about painting my Hasbro version to the appropriate colors. I have the fearsome foes set, and I'm a fan of that Spidey even moreso, I think. It might just be because that's the version I have.
  15. If you're not asking for a ridiculous price, I'd be all for a shocker. Otherwise, I'll wait to spin the wheel of Ross.
  16. Thanks for this. I haven't seen Ock before. He doesn't look absolutely terrible! Woo hoo!
  17. Everybody likes Galaxy Quest...just not enough to actually care.
  18. There's an idea though. If you could do celebrity likenesses like the Hef, you'd open yourself to a whole new market.
  19. Glad to hear that, geo. I'm more than a bit jealous of the zombie viper. I had a shot at most of that wave on Christmas Eve at a local TRU, but the ZV was already gone. None of my local stores have had anything new Joe/MU/ or SW related since. Well, one walmart did put out the white carded SW figures, but those were all re-issues anyway.
  20. I love it! I'm assuming that's one of the Harry Potter characters as a base. Are they worth picking up at all? I recently got the NECA HP figs (harry, voldemort, ron, hermoine, and draco), but they didn't make Snape. I thought about getting the british ones, but wasn't sure if it's worth the trouble.
  21. Welcome to all the new folks! I'm still waiting for the Target endcap to find its way into my neighborhood. I think after this wave, I'm going to have to start ordering figures on BBTS again. This waiting and not knowing if I'll be able to get my favorite figures (even if they're mostly repaints and kitbashes recently) is killing me.
  22. I've never been against lines reusing molds as long as they do it well. I recently had a friend point out that Stinkor was a Merman repaint. It blew my mind! Moss Man was Beast Man covered in fuzz! The same happens all the time in MU, too. We'll see one new mold introduced every wave or so, but for the most part they reuse a lot of parts with new heads or gloves, etc. For every World War Hulk, we get five or six characters built off the Juggernaut mold (Juggy, Apocalypse, Thanos, Metallic paint Thanos, etc). As long as it works for the character, I'll take it. Some folks get bent out of shape that Adam Warlock, Daredevil, Bullseye, and Cyclops all share the same sculpt, but it works. Not every character is like Beast who would require his own sculpt. Now when you get to the Sinister/Colossus repaint, things start to get stretched, and the AIM/Starlord/Ghost Rider sculpt definitely was a stretch on Magneto--and even then it was primarily because of the colors they used. I would gladly take multiple new characters on a similar sculpt to control costs than to have to pay out the nose for newly sculpted figures each time. ML is definitely taking advantage of this idea with their running change swapping out similar sculpted characters thang they've got going on. It's a 'work smarter, not harder' ideal, which I'm for as long as the decisions are smart ones.
  23. Sorry I have to point out a huge flaw in that reasoning, if that were true then Hasbro wouldn't use the same model for movie lines that they did with Indy and failed. Hasbro comes accross as not haveing a clue what is actually selling all the time (As in all the MU Iron Mans pegwarming and then putting the same pegwarmer into a revision case. Zed, don't you think that Hasbro has already make their money on the Iron Man/Indy lines? If the plan didn't work, you wouldn't see it repeated so often. All of the Darkhawks in the world aren't going to attract new customers to the line; those pegwarming Wolvies and Iron Mans will. Why do you think the MU gift pack featured all of those pegwarming figures? Even if Hasbro takes a loss on those packs, they will make up for it in future Darkhawk sales. So you are just saying they are perfectly justified in overpriceing, OK. Sorry I just disagree [\quote] Agree to disagree. I can deal with that. I'm not happy about inflation, but the world does seem to work that way. Actually you are dead wrong there, Comic book sales accross the board have been dropping like crazy. The price increase was, in fact, NOT negilgible. One just needs to look at the sales charts from Diamond to figure that out. You have access to the same sales statistics as one of the top folks at Marvel? Impressive. There's a legitimate danger in comic shops going away, for sure. Even if the comics themselves are loss leaders, they'll still be r&d for future movie projects. I'm comfortable in thinking they'll find a way to stick around. And statements like that I have to chuckle at, support something or you lose it arguements were worn out with Star Wars EP 2 toys and Spy Troop GI Joes. and in both cases Hasbro took the money, ran and didn't listen to fans for another 5 years. You can chuckle all you want. If a line sells, it continues. If it doesn't sell, it doesn't continue. You are not obligated to buy a line under any circumstances. But if you don't support it, you can't be too sad when it goes away. Besides, most of hte toy industry goes in cycles anyway. GI Joe, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc. have all come and gone multiple times over the past 25 years, and odds are good they will continue to do so. It's ok if you want to sit a round or two out. It's downright reasonable.
  24. I've been buying Marvel Legends since the line was called Spider-Man Classics, thank you very much. I find your tone presumptuous and pompous. You have an attitude like Hasbro/Marvel owes you something, when in reality, they don't. You can gripe and whine or pick and choose, but the bottom line is that arguing with you is pointless. You keep wanting to be "blamed" for something so you can feel justified in your old-timey woes. If you approached the situation like an adult, you would realize that companies are not built around your individual needs. They market materials and goods to the masses at prices they think they can get for those goods/materials. If you can take what they offer the masses and enjoy it, more power to you. If it's too expensive, that's a harsh reality, too. It's something the rest of us deal with as well. My advice is to seek out fewer reasons to blame or be blamed, and deal with the situation as it stands. It'll make life a lot easier.
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