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  1. Your big mistake is thinking that Hasbro is "supporting the fans." Hasbro is there to make money. It's not a toymaking charity for the fanboys of the world. They have people who focus on what products will sell and what they will sell for. That price may fluctuate from store to store. If Hasbro could make enough money by selling their product for 5 dollars less, don't you think they would to undercut the competition? Maybe, but then they'd go right back to charging whatever they can. A few weeks ago, Target was selling $20 DC figures for 10 dollars, 2 packs for 15. Could the great toy charities make and sell their wares for that and still make money? Sure. They're not charities though, and so a week later, prices were back up to 20 and 30. When the 25th GI Joes debuted, Walmart sold them for 4.88. 4 years later, they fluctuate between 7-8 dollars. The same increases hold true all across the toy aisles. Is the rising cost of oil to blame? Sure, partly. Or is the fact that toy companies realized they can raise the prices by 1 dollar a year without causing major backlash to blame? Another analogy comes from Brian Bendis on the Word Balloon podcast when everyone was up in arms about the comic price increase. Marvel's accounting department determined that the difference in people that will pay 2.99 for a book and 3.99 for the same book is negligible. The book is still going to sell in the same ballpark regardless of the price. Do you think Marvel's going to 'hold the line' for less money? They'd be crazy. Several fans (including me) dropped a lot of comic books over the price increases, but Marvel is still pulling in the same if not more money than before. Comics and toy companies are not looking long term. If a toyline lasts more than two years, it's the exception, not the rule. They're going to milk as much out of you as they can.
  2. you don't know the Toy Biz history, do you? Or Avi Arad? Marvel created Toy Biz, Marvel went bankrupt, Toy Biz did so well that they bought Marvel, They were headed by Avi Arad who became a big wig at Marvel and helped spearhead Marvel towards doing movies. When Marvel was in better shape the rights were sold back to Marvel. A few years later the contract with Toy Biz was abruptly canceled and toy biz had no characters to make, they produced some independent figures (Pitt, Savage Dragon) but without a well known franchise behind them they failed. It had nothing to do with cost. For the most part Toy Biz got screwed by a board of directors and Marvel was promised a lot from Hasbro that has been only partially realized but not 100%. My favorite rumor in this regard is that Hasbro wanted Legends off the shelf and not competing with toys made for the G.I. Joe movie and Transformers 2 movie and to a lesser extent Star Wars Clone wars and it was worth a few million in royalty fees to diminish the product, raise prices and go to a release schedule designed to coincide with films and events. Toy Biz got "screwed" because Marvel could make more money by going with Hasbro. That's a cost issue. I'm stating if people are willing to pay it, companies will charge it. You are entitled to not purchase something. You are entitled to complain about it on the internet. But I'm also entitled to argue a realistic point of view. "Things were better ten years ago" is not a valid argument.
  3. Remember, Toy Biz did so well at those prices they're not in business anymore! In 2003, I remember not being willing to pay more than 2 dollars for a box of cereal. Today, the cheapest I can find cereal without using coupons is 2.50. That's a big increase. Plus the amount of cereal in a box has gone down. I know my evidence is totally anecdotal, but I think it's foolish to be surprised by inflationary costs. They are what they are. If Hasbro can sell product at a higher price, they will, just like Kellogs. If they can't, they won't. Maybe they lower the price or maybe they stop making the product altogether. If you want legends to work, pay the premium for them. If not, then don't. It'd be nice if you could get 2012 products for 2003 prices, but it's not realistic.
  4. I like your take on the Lone Ranger. I'm still pumped about the movie--if it ever happens. The Buck Rodgers custom was awesome, too. LR is much more near and dear to me personally tho.
  5. It looks great. I haven't heard/seen Blanks figures since they first came out. You did a great job with the paint here.
  6. That's the thing, most molds in those lines are re-uses. You're paying 2 dollars for new molds, build a figure parts, and more impressive packaging. It's not that I don't think they're worth it compared to what MU figures cost and what other 6 inch figures cost, I just don't know how many folks will pay it.
  7. I was always into the ML line, and I was really excited for the 6 inch DC figures when they first came out. Prices continued to go up while 4 inch figures started actually showing up in stores for me to buy. I hopped on the 4 inch scale and haven't picked up many 6 inch figures since. The movie figures I've seen around me don't seem to move very quicky. Neither do the 4 inch figures at this point, either, but there was at least a time when they did. I don't think any of my local targets have reordered any Spider-man or Armored Iron Man figures since they got them in. Most stores around me aren't stocking the Thor and Cap 6 inchers. I wish the ML line well, but if the hardcore fans who post on message boards aren't going to support it, the mass retailers don't seem to be supporting the scale, and the cheaper 4 inch lines just a few pegs down the aisle seemingly more attractive to parents--I don't know if I have a lot of faith in the success of the line.
  8. I would definitely be buying a pair of Archangel wings if there wasn't a 20 dollar shipping charge. Any chance of you moving to the states so I can get cheaper shipping?`
  9. are the variant stranges still abundant? I haven't seen any around here, and would be happy to trade for one, cough, cough, if anybody had an extra.
  10. I neglected to mention I was in Pittsburgh this weekend, and a cd exchange store on about 17th street and Carson had the colossus/magneto Showdown 2 pack as well as the Mr. Fantastic/Mole Man 2 pack for around 9 dollars apiece. Showdown Magneto > MU Magneto and who knows when Hasbro will make Mole Man
  11. Bogo was done in my area but they were still on sale for 6.99. I found all of wave 14 except for astral strange. Picked up the regular one tho. Also, I left 2 lizards hanging at the tarentum kmart.
  12. I wonder how many variants/running changes you are going to need to complete the BAF.
  13. When Galactus first hit, they were selling him for 95 dollars at NDC. They're crazy with their mark-ups.
  14. The art is definitely part of it, but the figures are where it's at :). That was the nice thing about the Fury File cards--you had the artwork preserved, but you could still open and enjoy your figure, too.
  15. Here's my Cannonball, who's mainly Cyclops with a Generator Rex head. Uploading pics here is not so easy (I magically got one to load!), so here's a link to a few other pics on the 'tank if you're curious: http://www.hisstank.com/forum/g-i-joe-cust...cannonball.html
  16. Saw the deluxe Hydra troopers at Target today, but I think I'm going to hold off for the single pack versions.
  17. As cool as the new Galactus was, I still prefer the ML version. He just seemed less gimmicky to me without the clunky voice activated stuff. Even though he's smaller, that's ok by me, too. I only have so much space in my house. I'm wondering if it will be the same for the Sentinel.
  18. I'm very impressed with the flaming cards. I recently picked up a dremel at a yard sale this summer, now you're going to make me add a hot glue gun to my list of customizing tool wants.
  19. I'm still dumbfounded at the choice to make the silver the mass retail version. I'll probably pick one up, unless I can get my hands on a SDCC version. The Toybiz one is pretty cool, though, so it'll be tough to decide which will get more love. I'll have to wait until I have the new one in hand.
  20. I love this! I've been thinking of a movie Goblin ever since I got the POC Firefly with the extra head, but I couldn't figure out a decent base body for it. I'm definitely not wasting my SHS goblin, which is the best version IMO. I digress, your custom looks great and the Iron Man body is one I can easily get ahold of. Thanks!
  21. Additional sculpting can only improve that Punisher head. Good work!
  22. In other news, there's a target at the waterfront with an apocalypse, gladiator, wwhulk, and spider-woman.
  23. Here's my contribution to the bad trade offers. I've got a hopeful cable I'll trade for an im2 mandarin
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