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  1. Uhhhm....do you mean like none of the First 10 Years exclusives never went on clearance or do you mean how none of the Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary WM exclusives went on clearance, or how the Target Gwen and Miles Spiderverse sets never went on clearance. Oh, that's right, you couldn't throw a rock at Target without hitting a Hulk/Hulkbuster set, Cap and Iron Man exclusives went on clearance almost immediately after they hit the shelf, and Gwen and MIles didn't even start to leave the shelves till after they got marked down to $14 or beyond. I'm not a fan of the availability issues with Targ
  2. Bought that Hulk on sale too. Not sure how much, but it was on the cheap. The body mold is great and I think it's actually well suited for comic and MCU figures. I wish they would use it more oftern. Another buck that's very good and I thought would have been converted for bigger figure use was the Ragnarok Hulk figure. Of course, they would have had to retool the feet and one of the arms, but otherwise the sculpt and size was spot on for Hulk sized characters. It woulda certainly been perfect for Skaar, if it ever gets done.
  3. I don't know who was in charge of that thing, but that movie/series took a mighty deuce all over the MCU. I understand it was more based in the ABC Marvel Universe, but it left a baaaaad taste in everyone's mouth. While I didn't like the way Disney......errrrr.....I mean Marvel tried to use the Inhumans to usurp the X-Men oven their petty (billion dollar) squabbles with Fox, I still do like some inhuman characters. They'll in no way ever be as dynamic and exciting as the X-Men, but they were solid support characters and another different, if a bit silly, way of introducing and explaining super
  4. Which begs the question, what's the point of time travel if not to go back to make changes to the past, which would render the act of doing so pointless if it has no effect to the reality that you're trying to alter. At that point an organization like the TVA would make sense as it would constantly be cleaning up the messes as all these alternate timelines are being created by people attempting to change the past. As you said, there's no way for any of us to know and from our perspective it's still only theoretical, so the storyline potentials are literally endless and boundless. That's why I
  5. Ya, it's gone back and forth, just with no consistency. I know the rules they wanted to set up, but they rarely stuck by them, and certainly not 100% of the time. How many times have time traveling character's plans been based on "undoing" something in the past to "fix" the future? Bishop, Cable, Kang? That's comics. My point is that I don't think the MCU is gonna be able to just ignore the rules they set up like the comics do. Now here's the fix. What if the MCU version of the TVA has always been behind the scenes "cleaning up" or "removing" all the alternate time streams that are created whe
  6. Well, just because the TVA was established in the comics many years ago does not mean that the production of this show based on the TVA, which started production a few years after Umbrella Academy and many years after Quantum Leap, could not have ripped off elements from both those shows. One major differences in the TVA is that in the comics, changing something in the past does change the present, but the Infinity Saga blasted that out of the water in the MCU, so technically the comics version and the MCU version are completely different. I'm also of the opinion that the show looks to have st
  7. I'm right here too. Initially I was against the Deluxe system, but I've come around. Especially knowing that some of the more well received BAFs would come available to people who didn't get the first one or those who wanted some sort of variant but didn't want to go through the process of purchasing an entire wave for what is mostly a repaint. Figures like Grey Hulk, Classic Kingpin and Maestro (though I think he deserved a new sculpt, or at least boots) may not have been done without the Deluxe format. As far as the BAF, I'm still on board all the way. To me it is an incentive. Sure we
  8. It's not just that. He was created to be a villain. His character history and development was as a villain. He works best as a villain. The problem is when a different writer comes along (new or old) and they like a character they start to try and change him/her to their idealism of what they want them to be. In Magneto's case, inevitably a writer comes along and wants him to be good, then either that writer realizes he doesn't work out quite as well as a good guy as he does a bad guy or a new creative team comes along that understands he's better as a bad guy and everything gets changed back.
  9. Well, the first movie only resembled the comic book character in pretty much name only, so I'm not gonna make too much of what Kasady looks like. I'm not quite as critical about the first movie as many people. It had cool design, decent effects, decent action, and minimal Disney-style politics. I'm not looking for some deep, thoughtful, meaningful, "responsible" story. If I want that, there's plenty of critically, acclaimed, Rotten Tomatoes driven indie poof films to pick from. There's a time and place for that kinda thing, but it ain't in comic book movies. I know if Serkis is involved, there
  10. Hasn't he been on "trial" like a thousand times already? Whoever his lawyer is, he deserves a raise.
  11. Makes sense, but it even kinda enforces my argument. It's like they tried to pack too many pertinent scenes into one box, yet didn't do a sufficient job completing one. Still, I guess it's better than them repacking this Thanos with the "dusting away" head and selling it as a single. So there's that.
  12. I dunno it's just something in the details. The Nano Glove looks cool, but what's with the Thanos head sculpt with the burn on his left side? That didn't even happen in the same movie and the chances are that if you tried to use that head sculpt on a previous Thanos figure the colors wouldn't even match up. It just seems like random filler to try to reach a price point. Speaking of points, what's the point of giving Tony the snapping fingers and not including a head sculpt with the corresponding facial burn? Really looking at this set, it's a freaking mess. It looks like some weird mish-mash o
  13. They need to do that for the Silver Centurion armor so we can use the Tony and Rhodie head sculpts. As far as these two figures.......eh. Not interested in Odin in the least. I'll bank on him going on clearance. I've officially surpassed MCU Iron Man and Thanos overload. And don't even come at me with one more damn Iron Man at a premium price without including some decent attachments. Nobody's asking for SHF level inclusions but damn, lets get a few more option (at least more than one) options for a figure based on an armor with endless options. Nothing in these Infinity Saga reveals
  14. As a whole, this wave is pretty OK. It just has a few design flaws that bother me. Red Skiull's elbows do look weird which is troubling considering how well they did the sleeved arms used on the Netflix Punisher and Gambit and Maddrox figures. And by no angle does the Hood's hood look natural. I know its a magical cloak but its not supposed to be floating like 6 inches above and around his head. This is also troubling because someone at Hasbro on another team figured out how to do a snug fitting hood while still making it fairly functional.
  15. This is really not my type of review. Different, yes I supposeb but just too quirky for my taste. Good on her that she's getting better though. As far as the figure, its a massive let down. Just got mine in the mail and all the complaints are fair and valid. There's really not anything I can add that hasn't been said. They screwed up the most interesting design in this wave and though I was hoping it would be better in hand, that's not the case. Strictly storage bin worthy. Death Dealer, meet Iron Skull and Cottonmouth. You'll be spending eternity together, double bagged and locked away f
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