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  1. This is what Captain Marvel shoulda been. A bad ass woman with some serious ayass kicking abilities that doesn't have to remind you she's a woman every time she opens her mouth. Right about the time Fox gets their act together, big bad Disney comes to pull the rug out from under them. On the flip side I'm sure Marvel will do a great job folding them into the MCU, and who knows, maybe they'll actually get some damn costumes this go 'round.
  2. 1. Classic Herc - Like the MU version and in scale with the upcoming Thor figure 2. Tigra - Bikini version would be preferred but it would drive the political police crazy. Just paint a black bodysuit underneath and do the full bikini version as an exclusive variant. 3. Falcon - so ridiculous this hasn't been done yet. 4. War Machine - All we want is one, just one comic version of WM. Classic or modern, it doesn't matter. One is all we ask. 5. Firestar - Now that the X-Men are back where they belong there's no more BS excuses why this one can't be done. For some reason they found a way to make it happen in the MU hotline. I'll even spring for a damn 3 pack with another Spider-Man and Iceman. These are only the 5 biggest blaring ommisions that make my collection seem incomplete but there are a ton of others I could go with like Winter Soldier, Robbie Reyes, Stingray, Jocasta (who could serve double duty as Lilandra), Quake, Goliath, etc.......
  3. I'm not keen on the whole idea of this "Johnny Come Lately" character coming in to pull the characters that have been developing for ten years ayasses outta the fire either, so I sure wish that was true, but I don't think there's much a chance of her being killed off this soon after her introduction. The Captain Marvel movie was conceived at a time when Fox still had X-Men and FF and it was unknown if Marvel was ever going to acquire them again (yeah right, since when has Disney never got their way?) so they were looking to push a character, along with Black Panther, to hold the torch for the future of the MCU. But, in my opinion the whole introduction of Cap Marvel into the MCU seemed like a forced ill conceived project from the start. Aside from my personal feelings about the actor and the way the movie was directed, the character is just not that appealing. The same goes with her comics. From the start they tried to make her Marvel's version of Wonder Woman, but she's never been able to helm the Avengers or even hold her own solo book for too long. True, now that they have reacquired both X-Men and FF she's not quite as important to their future plans, but I think they'll give the franchise at least one more movie before giving up on her. Of course, the second movie won't have the benefit from being sandwitched between the two biggest movies in MCU history.
  4. It's the same buck they used on the Psylocke figure. It's legs are much more "shapely" than the Kate Bishop buck, but it does indeed suffer from that gap issue. From the looks of it this buck is meant to be the new "thicker" buck to replace the terribly offensive Moonstone buck with all it's curves and angles and stuff sticking out and such. Eeewh! As far as the wave, it is by far the best X-Wave ever, with representations from several eras, different incarnations of the teams and some lesser utilized, yet awesome villains. Caliban being the only let down, but only because it was the BAF. If it had been a single card it wouldn'ta been such a hard pill to swallow, but just seems like the BAF coulda/shoulda been so much better, and not necessarily a large one like Nimrod, Strong Guy or Warpath, but maybe even just a standard sized one that required a specific sculpt like Wolfsbane or Feral. Either way, the weakness of the BAF is negated by the fact that I woulda purchased the entire wave anyway regardless of the BAF. Now, if we can just figure out where that damn Wendigo figure is gonna land. My guess is it's gonna end up as some Fans Club exclusive packed with the repainted/redeco versions of the same Hulk and Wolverine that they'll be releasing in the 80 years line.
  5. Nope, not feeling this one. I'm getting that whole Inhumans vibe off this one. I know their hoping to reproduce some kinda GOTG phenomenon here but it just isn't gonna happen. I think Marvel's best bet is to hand the torch to X-Men and FF ASAP and then reboot the entire Avengers franchise as soon as possible.
  6. I'm right there with you my friend. I quit right about the time it started getting all political, specifically when they took the lazy route and instead creating new characters and stories that had all the qualifications for the social issues they were trying to address, they just ousted characters we loved (Thor, Cap, Wolverine, etc.) and replaced them, basically forcing us to love them. I'm not saying these issues aren't relevant, but being force fed and preached to was not what I signed up for and I sure wasn't gonna shell out $5 a pop. I've often been accused of getting too political, but I'm actually advocating for less politics in out entertainment, but I got "the talking to" from the big man in charge so I must censor myself from now on. That being said, I never just quite cold turkey. I still picked up some comics and stories and just avoided the ones I knew were gonna be all in your face, then I just joined Marvel Unlimited and though they're a few months behind I could study up on a book before buying it and getting blindsided. Plus you get in on those exclusives, as lame as they are. As far as the vintage waves I'm really hoping, with the specific aim the X-Men vintage wave took, that they are gonna become more character or team specific. Something like Iron Man vintage wave with Mandarin, War Machine, Blacklash, Crimson Dynamo, Silver Centurion IM and Stealth IM and such would be a great way to fill some holes, and though some people aren't keen on the whole attachments gimmick, I'm all for it. Throw in some clip on parts that are compatible with several Iron Man figs, I pledge my dollars now. I could see an Avengers wave with Modern Thor, Modern Cap, Falcon, Classic Herc, Freakin' Tigra (yes, it will be the toned down version, but whatever). That would be the best way I could see for them to fill a lot of these needs that have had to take back seat to the fulfillment of the MCU commitments. Hulk vintage wave would be awesome but as I've said many times, the sheer size that most figures would require would make this line as a single card figure only line virtually impossible. Still, there needs to be space found for characters like Doc Sampson, Leader, a "better" She-Hulk and Joe Fixit. I think the vintage line was made primarily as some kinda non specific, undefined wild card, specifically so they don't have to stick to a particular criteria and address some outstanding wants and needs from ML. Whatever the case, it has so much potential.
  7. Red Goblin is pretty much the definition of "flavor of the month" material. Wanna make a new character, sure! Infect an old character with a symbiote, make a new original character and then infect him with a symbiote, throw some other crap in there. Hell, mix up several characters, call them a different name and then........(drum roll please!) infect them with a symbiote. It's not that we're not up to snuff with the current storylines in Marvel, it's just that it's so unoriginal and predictable. Not saying the current writers aren't good, some are and some are not so much. You can still tell a good story using a bad character. Also predictable, someone will take the easy jab and call me "some old guy". Admittedly, I'm probably a bit more seasoned than most people here, but judging by how many people reference the 90's, 80's and even 70's era characters as ones they want made, I wouldn't say by much. The point he was making is basically these Red Goblin type "new" characters will make a splash at first, but eventually will fall by the wayside and we won't even remember them in a few years. I can imagine my kid or grandkids going through my collection after I'm gone and saying "Who the hell is this guy?", but I guarantee the classics like Doc Ock, Scorpion and even Venom will still be around. As good and creative as the new crop of storytellers try to be, most of them and their creations are just sad imitations of the solid fundamental storytellers that innovated the industry long ago. Those older stories and characters are just the ones that still resonate with the fans young and old.
  8. ML is what I consider to be the "economical" collector line. They are the best balance of cheap without actually being "cheap". Also with the way they are produced and distributed they are able to produce many more figures and characters than one might see in a Mafex or One:12 Collective line. Yes, they do use a lot of reused parts, but that's just par with the course that most comic characters are naked bodies with lines drawn on them. I really don't so much care that Daredevil and Cyclops share the same base cuz they are pretty much drawn the same way in the comics. In the end this game could be play from both sides. All the people that complained that they wanted a Classic Moon Knight would also be the ones to complain about the figure because it would almost certainly reuse the Bucky Cap mold. To me, as long as they get the head sculpt correct so that its clear who that character is, it's a win. We all know the majority of the ML budget goes to the MCU figures. That's just the way it's gonna be and that's the sword Hasbro has to live by in order to please Big Daddy Disney and, in turn, get to retain the Marvel License, that's something I hate but have learned to come to terms with. The budget for the comic based figures is basically enough for 3-4 new male of female single card size bucks a year, mostly new head sculpts for any non repeated (and most repeated) characters and several "specialty" or "larger" sculpts, most of which end up being the BAF in any particular wave. Looking at it this way, it's clear to understand that, though they are perceived as the "free" figure the BAF is often the most expensive piece to produce. There is no set of rules that dictates what size a BAF has to be and though it is quite often used to do some of the larger figures that cannot be done as a single card, that's just one of it's several possibilities. What happens when all the bigger figures are done? Would you rather they start doing all these weirdo insignificant characters (cough, cough.....Caliban, cough!) or would you rather them do a more complicated, more prevalent character that requires a specialty sculpt? Either way it's completely up to the customer whether they wanna buy it or not. If you don't care for a particular BAF, pass it up. I have this year and last, for the first time in ages as an ML collector. No one holding a gun to anyone's head. As far as the entire Okoye BAF, I personally think it was an emergency running change. If you think about it, it could easily have been done as the Dora Milaje (they still coulda called it Okoye) army builder and included all the heads like the one in the 2nd BP wave. I seriously think Man-Ape was supposed to be they BAF (and it seemed like many of us were thinking the same thing) but was changed at the last minute. For reasoning that seems foolish to me, but might not seem so much so to others.
  9. It's looking more and more like Molten Man is gonna get the call. Next question is: seeing that Hydro Man is a comic version what will Molten Man be, movie or comic?
  10. No, they got rid of the heels. It was an awesome thing they did with that figure that I haven't seen done since and I don't understand why. They basically took a Kat Bishop torso, the Scarlet Witch hips and the Moonstone legs and adjusted them to fit. Together they made this athletic looking leggy female buck that really represented Cochrum's art beautifully. Any customizer that has tried this knows those parts don't exactly fit together without some major retooling, so Hasbro actually did the retooling for this one figure and never used it again, which is a damn shame cuz it woulda been perfect for the Elektra figure that seemed a little too skinny IMO. I initially thought they used it again with Psylocke, but it's different, especially around the hip joints. They're small nuances but they are there. If you have one in hand you can pretty much match up the parts with the figures they came from. Even some of the reviewers have a hard time placing the mold. They often mistake it for the SW mold outright.
  11. According to the creative team, though the figure looked amazing (and it still does) they were not to happy with how tall this SW scaled with the other figures in the line. Since then the legs have been shortened on this buck and Dwight Stall himself hinted at revisiting this character. Of course, Hasbro's not too keen to doing straight redos (especially their own) so they had to change it up a bit. Luckily SW has had quite a few costume changes so they kinda just picked one and gave her a new head sculpt to boot. I'm happy with this cuz now SW and Polaris don't look exactly alike anymore. As far as my favorite female figure, it's a tie between Rogue (I miss the Moonstone buck) and Dark Phoenix which uses a mix between the athletic Kate Bishop buck and the leggy Scarlet Witch buck. I wish they woulda used this formula to make the Elektra figure.
  12. LOL, I had pretty much forgot today was April Fool's day until I saw this. You had me for like 30 seconds, then I realized what was going on and had to check the date on my Fitbit. For that few seconds my heart actually skipped a few beats. Now I'm just waiting for Wmart to email me and say my Loki & Corvus 2 pack has been cancelled.
  13. Yeah, I know all that and yes, they made it clear that the armor fell apart at the "seams" rather than actually shatter, but the overall outward feeling was that the legion was being taken apart almost as easily as IM and WM took out the Hammer drones. Some will argue that was the point and maybe it was but though the story was good all the sequences involving the armies just seemed kinda cheesy to me. The point of the whole story was IM2 was still better, Sam Rockwell as Hammer was a whole hella lot better villain and the Whiplash/Dynamo character was a superior foe and the only character that I can think of from the IM-verse worthy of a figure. Maybe Happy deserves one too seeing as Luis managed to make the cut.
  14. I'll admit I found IM3 to be better than most did and for the same reason you liked it. It delved more into Stark the character rather than all the glitz and animation of the armor, though there was way too much of that as well. The end fight sequence was a lot like a Michael Bay film. So much going on you couldn't focus any one thing in particular. But in the end there were three things that broke it for me. First, Killian was just so lame and the whole set of powers was clearly just an afterthought they threw in to give him some sort of formidabilty. Second, the one villian they did give some kind of thoughtful backstory to made a complete farce out of a character we were all hoping to see. Third, they made the armors seem like some sort of cheap Halloween cosplay. They were shattering when getting hit by a truck, blowing apart or disentigrating with one punch from the Extremis infected people. It made it look unbelievable that the armor was ever able to take heavy gun fire or a hit from Mjolnir or able to withstand the pressures of flying through the gullet of a giant alien bio-mech beast. Forget about getting caught in the rotors of one of the engines on a helicarrier. In the end it just wound up falling victim to an artsy format that just didn't quite seem right in the midst of the flow of how most of the MCU movies were progressing at that point. And yeah, you're right about Dark World. That's the MCU project we all like to deny ever existed.
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