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  1. Still looks like the same 6'4" Silver Surfer on a 5'10" buck. What's the point of another SS if they aren't going to correct the scale issue? I must say I saw Frankie Raye coming a mile away. Sux that the only way we may ever get her is to pay $400 for it, but nothing here is doing anything to convince me one way or another. Try again, Hasbro. I'm assuming they're putting these images out because the backers have been at a practical stall for the last 2 days. Not sure if the overseas numbers have been configured yet, but I sincerely doubt they're going to move the needle all that much. Is it panic time yet?
  2. Pass. Another cheap way to reuse the Hulk buck. If they'd given a little extra effort and done a realy Half & Half head sculpt I'd consider it, but this, naaaah. Also, what a ridiculous name. Compound Hulk? What is this, Dragon Ball Z?
  3. Been there bro, they are quite quick to fall apart and actually really brittle. They look beautiful, to be sure, but they are 100% collector intended. There is no "playing" with these figures. I like em, I understand why people prefer them, but they are just a little too pricey and a little bit too delicate for my taste. As much as I love to #$## and complain about ML, they are about the right balance of form and function for me.
  4. I know Yellowjacket is mostly seen as a shrinker rather than grower (heh!), but I'm positive there was a time when Hank Pym took on the role and he grew in both directions. I really think the MCU version of Ant-Man, though he's Scott Lang, is based on Pym's time as YJ, but at this point it's all semantics. In all honesty, if and when they do get around to (re)doing YJ, it would be best to do it as normal sized with a miniature version included and when they get around doing a Giant Man they do it in a two pack that would include a normal sized version. I would pay around $100 for a GM two pack similar to what they did with the Sentinel/Logan DOFP two pack.
  5. I guess a lot of it depends on how the entire Phase 4 starts to lay out. If Eternals hits good I can see them trying to push some kind of Celestial through. Of all the iffy stuff we're seeing about the movie, at least the Celestial designs are cool. I can also almost guarantee the next call will be for The Watcher, but I just don't think it'll have the "Pop" of either Sentinel or Galactus. Maybe Ice Giants or Mangog if they wanna give Thor some love. I could see maybe Mole Man's Giganto or some other Kirby style monsters getting some pretty good turn out. Who knows. Maybe they'll move to vehicles like the Hellcharger or Punisher's War Wagon (?). Of course, they'd have to put a lot of bells and whistles on both of those to justify anything more than $100. As far as playsets, I know a lot of people are in for that, but to me those kinds of set ups are better done as dioramas, plus they take up a lot less space. Oh space, valuable space, how I long for more, but it is actually the single thing that keeps me from buying everything I want and putting me in the poor house.
  6. So let's look at the landscape. MODOK, a redo of a Toybiz BAF, $50. Sentinel, another redo from TB, $350. Galactus, yet another TB redo, $400. I think it's obvious they're trying to get the biggest TB redos out of the way now so they can get them off their plate. I think it's a pretty good bet that Giant Man is next. The thing is, what will it be? I doubt it will be a Haslab, cuz even at say 24" it's still going to be little more than paint on a naked buck that they can't really justify charging all that much for. Will people be willing to pay maybe $100 for that, maybe $150 in a Deluxe format? What is our threshold for paying a premium price for something we got as a "bonus" not so long ago? We know for sure it won't be a BAF, but it is a buck that they can use for any number of characters or costumes like Goliath or Yellowjacket or Atlas.
  7. That was my point in another thread. With the Sentinel, I personally know several people that bought multiples. I myself bought 2, but I really don't get the buzz that many people are planning on buying more than one of these. I think the 14,000 is a bit of a reach. And if they do make it what exactly can we expect on the stretch rewards? Do they do one at every thousand they go over? Two thousand? They could literally barely reach the mark and leave the awards on the table. Will Hasbro do the stand up thing and throw in the awards anyway?
  8. Dan Yun doin' his thang. His Twitter game isn't as strong as it used to be even a year ago, but he knows where to pick his spots. Masterfull Fire Stoker. I hope it's one of the lesser known Heralds and not a "Must Have" character that needs to be done in the main line. Someone like Morg or Red Shift would be great, but it would suck if some people had to miss out on characters like Firelord, or Airwalker or Nova because they didn't or couldn't swing a $400 splurge. Maybe they'll do the Hasbro thing and just redo Dazzler with some slight modification.
  9. I dunno, 14,000 backers is a big order. It's a really big jump from any Haslab to date. I think the Jabba's Barge was 8,000, but then again, it was $700. I guess the higher production goal is to insure the "lower" pricing of $400, and I do think they will get there. Personally, I wasn't that interested till I saw the size and now I'm actually more interested in this that the Sentinel, and I got 2 of those. I just don't see them getting much past that mark though, so exactly how many stretch awards can we expect to see? Remember, the Sentinel barely made it to 16,000 units and it was of a character that many people bought multiples of as an army builder. How many people are really planning to buy 3 of these just to display with all 3 faceplate? I'll be satisfied with one with this one. I guess I'm just at the wait and see phase, which I'm betting a lot of us will be. I'm just glad they extended the funding deadline on this one.
  10. Wow, $400. Not quite as steep as I thought, but still, there goes Christmas.
  11. Whelp!!! We asked for it. Now get ready to pay out the ayass. I been saving my pennies, but I never thought this day would come. Anybody wanna buy a nice set of left handed Ping golf clubs? Asking price is $499 but you can probably talk me down to $498.
  12. Holy Hell, that's a big foot. I'm starting to feel better and better about this project. My biggest concern now is the price point. I'm gonna predict right now for it to be about $699.99. Final answer.
  13. That's funny, that was my initial thought when they first announced a second ML Haslab Project months ago, especially with all the FF hype and the upcoming vintage wave, but the Galactus talk kinda reeled me in. I guess it depends if Hasbro wants to go the route to try and out do Toybiz (at a huge price tag) or do something Toybiz never did. Galactus may look like perfect sense off the heels of the undeniable success of the Sentinel project, but in terms of gambling, what would make more sense? Would more people want a re-do of an already flawed and honestly impossible to do accurate Galactus or something completely new that no one has ever seen like the Fantasticar? For me, my money's on the Fantasticar. The unlockable rewards could be figures that would be cool to have for most fans, yet not seen as necessary for all fans, like Valeria, Franklin or She-Thing. I wasn't thinking about the tier awards, but now that its been pointed out, having to buy a $300+ re-do of something we initially got as a "bonus" at one time, to get characters like Frankie Ray Nova, or Firelord, or Airwalker would be a massive foot to the junk for a lot of fans.
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