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  1. monron999


    @Gmen4ever and @Rukkdeez I'm totally with you about the size of Thor. From initial looks he is exactly what we wanted from Hasbro and then apon closer examination he's exactly what we've come to expect from Hasbro. Yet another victim of Hasbro's inability to maintain scale accuracy. Though it doesn't bother me quite as much as the whole Sasquatch fiasco it is pretty damn frustrating. I just don't understand how they keep fumbling the ball on this one. In one regard at times it seems like they listen to all he criticisms of the fans, such as what they did with the Outback Dazzler, then they do something like this that makes it seem like everything we say falls on deaf ears. Here's another thing that's really gonna bother me on this one. From early looks and some reviews online it is clear that the new Hercules we've all been waiting for for sooooo long is way too small. Now the new Thor is way too big. So now when we put these two long awaited figures, who are pretty much portrayed in equal size in the comics, together they are gonna be so outta scale with each other it won't be funny. But it will be funny in the way that somehow we always knew they were gonna manage to screw one (or in this case, both) of these up. Which gets the storage bin treatment, cuz they obviously cannot share the same display space. Guess I'll just have to decide once I see them together, but right from the outset it's not looking too good for Herc. Oh well, maybe they'll get it right when (or if) they do a classic Herc. Or at least get him closer in scale to Thor, anyway.
  2. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    I don't recognize that Scorpion buck. I can't even remember the last non MCU "normal" sized buck with a diaphragm joint since the Dark Days of ML. It looks like an upscaled version of the MU fit buck, which is fine cuz it's a good one. I'm glad they finally bit the bullet and gave us a bendy tail. Now it's really gonna bother me that Doc Ock doesn't have bendy tentacles. I'm glad they gave Scarlet Witch a new head sculpt so she doesn't look exactly like Polaris anymore. Kinda bummed they used the Kate Bishop buck so much, especially on Dazzler. The Psylocke/Blink buck's legs are just much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, as I predicted, no sign of the Moonstone buck at all, even though it woulda totally have been appropriate for Emma. I think we can al agree it is gone forever. A moment of silence please.
  3. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    Is that moonboots IM from the Epic Heroes wave? There has to have been some kinda running change cuz the one I have has that metallic color scheme but with the dame legs as the vintage. I'm sure of it. I took it out to compare them after the first vintage wave. I'll have to dig it outta storage (cuz its much too short to be in my display.) Am I just completely losing my mind?
  4. monron999


    The X-Men presence was awesome. I think they might be trying to tie up a lot of loose ends before they weave them into the MCU and the waves get movie heavy. Similarly as the Avengers arches start to wrap up I move they start to get some more comic representation. There's still a ton of back log characters waiting in the wings (literally, where is Falcon?). I personally was hoping for some more representation from the New Warriors or maybe some Runaways. Maybe some characters from the FF a little. I understand it may take some time and space to slip these characters in, but guys like Bobby Baldwin or Karolina Dean should be easy enough to do as space fillers for some of the smaller waves. I know I keep harping how weak the Captain Marvel wave was but there's no reason America Chavez or Blue Marvel couldnta made it in there.
  5. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    Lol. It was bothering me so I looked it up and though Rektangular said that was no indication that it may be a classic wave or modern wave or maybe a mixture of the two, it was actually our very own JC that wondered if it might be a vintage style wave as the listings seemed to indicate no BAF. It just kinda grew legs from there and almost became a foregone conclusion. If he ever doubted his word has power in the ML community here's the proof otherwise. I personally hold out the hope that the BAF is just top secret for now only to be revealed with much fanfare sometime in the near future.
  6. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    I had heard they were a bit slimmer from some collectors but side by side mine are indistinguishable. I wonder if there was some kinda running change or possibly a change in materials. The older one seems to be a bit more rigid. At least mine does.
  7. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    I had heard they were a bit slimmer from some collectors but side by side mine are indistinguishable. I wonder if there was some kinda running change or possibly a change in materials. The older one seems to be a bit more rigid. At least mine does.
  8. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    No sir, I have them both. Aside from the color scheme they are identical. Some prelim pics looked like they mighta retooled the legs to make him taller but it must have been an optical illusion. I've been unable to locate that pic on line as well.
  9. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    Nope. He's gonna be the BAF. Just kidding, he's gotta have legs, right. To be honest that Cannonball for looks really preliminary at this point. Little more than a statue. I don't even see any an crunch or diaphragm from those pics.
  10. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    I suppose no one in particular ever said it, but like @tarot said, it's just a conclusion we all drew with the first 2 waves. There's Nothing new in either of them yet there were quite a few characters they coulda done in those Vintage lines had they decided to use new sculpts. On the flip side, who ever confirmed that the X-Force wave was a vintage wave in the first place? From what I can ascertain that was just an assumption made because the rumor was that it wouldn't have a BAF, which coincidently was a symptom of the first two vintage waves. I found that assumption to be GOOFY from the jump. Did you see some vintage style cards behind Boom Boom, Cannonball, Nightcrawler or Mister Sinister? Cuz I sure the hell didn't.
  11. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    Wow you're right. I guess I'm the one losing it. I swear Hasbro had already done one. I'm suffering from some serious Mandella effect right now.
  12. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    Dude, you're losing it. That's the same Silver Samurai from the TRU exclusive wave.
  13. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    I can't be vintage. Per your own explanation, vintage waves are all repaints. All the reveals are new.
  14. monron999

    Toy Fair 2019 Official discussion

    Dude, now that we know X-Force is not a vintage wave he's gotta be the BAF.
  15. monron999

    #NYTF19 - Hasbro Marvel Legends Panel

    Roger, please disregard my other posts asking. Did you catch that @mako?

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