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  1. monron999

    Ideal Wolverine Wave

    I'm sure a lot of us have Wolverine fatigue syndrome at this point, but the sad truth is there's still a ton of source material to work with. The even sadder thing is I dought, if there ever is a Wolverine wave, that it would only contain 1 Wolverine. Similar to Deadpool waves I think there would be at least 2 cuz they figure they can get at least one version of the keystone character in the line up without including a BAF piece. That being said I'll give MY ideal wave and then point out what's more likely to happen. 1. Wolverine Returns (modern) - he's back and I'm sure he's due for a wardrobe change. 2. Maverick - it's never been done before. Hasbro should kill it. 3. Kane - another that's never been done & his look has gone kinda weirdo but it's another Weapon X'er that would be cool to have. 4. Lady Deathstrike - you know how much Hasbro likes to outdo the original. The bars not very high. 5. Viper - I know the crossover with the Avengers makes this unlikely but it would be easy & the last one was butt, ayass U-G-L-Y and it truly had no alibi. 6. Bonebreaker - this is just a cool one that's just gotta be done. Skullbuster is on its way. Gotta get him in there. 7. Nightcrawler - gotta get the bestie in there. Plus he's long overdue for a makeover. 8. Warpath - as they showed us with Colossus, not all oversized characters need to be BAFs. This one would be original colors. They could simply repaint it if an X-Force wave ever happens. BAF: Silver Samurai - not my favorite character but it has to be done. Not a large figure but his look is just complicated enough to warrant an original sculpt or at least a tone of new parts. Now, more than likely on of the figures in the lineup would hafta take a back seat to a 2nd Wolverine. Logic tells me it would be an AOA. I'll restate how Hasbro loves to outdo TB. Also, figuring out exactly what female figs to place is tricky. Deathstrike is a gimme, of course, but I could see a late 80's/early 90's Rogue in her black leotard or Copycat with a few swap heads instead of Viper. I could also see Nightcrawler and Warpath giving up their spots to maybe an updated Daken and/or Mr. Sinister, cuz they could easily be placed in X-Men or X-Force waves in the future. So many possibilities.
  2. Anyone taking bets that the last reveal will be a rerelease of the Monica Rambeau from the TRU exclusive rather than a Classic Mar-Vell or Classic Ms. Marvel with Moonstone headswap, like it should be?
  3. Well maybe I wasn't so clear, but that's more or less what I was eluding to. I think there will be two full waves dedicated to the movie. I dont think Hasbro, knowing everyone is expecting them to finish out the Black Order, is going to miss the chance to double their sales and expect they will put Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw in 2 different waves. And if you think about it, there are plenty of options for 2 movie based BAFs, whether it be the long awaited Hulk, the new Hulkbuster, or armored Thanos. I do believe the Avengers will continue in comic based form, but I also believe they will focus in on the specific mainliners instead of the team. Each of the Avengers separately have a larger source material solo than they do as a whole. For instance, it's a lot easier imagine a Crimson Dynamo, Mandarin and a Titanium Man BAF in an Iron Man wave, or Baldar and Beta Ray Bill and comic Destroyer in a Thor wave, or Nomad, Diamondback and an improved US Agent in a Captain America wave rather than awkwardly placing the characters in an Avengers wave. So yes, I agree with Rektangular (and he is almost always spot on) that Avengers comic figures are coming, but believe it could be interpreted in this way as well. To me it just makes sense to maximize the characters from this point as their movie arcs have come to the end. Of course, I could be wrong. But we are thinking along the same lines. MCU fans and comic fan's alike will be happy this way.
  4. I know people must still be either reeling or fuming from the reveals from the Canada Fan Expo, buuuuut NYCC is just around the corner and the following 3 are going to happen in rapid succession closely after. Some will even be happening at the same time. Needless to say October/November will be an exciting and perhaps sometimes frustrating time for us all. I jumped out front with my predictions on Fan Expo, seriously just so I could be that guy who could pop up and say "Ahh, I called it, it was me, this guy right here!" cuz I'm a douche like that, and some things will never change. I am happy to say I was pretty close, aside from the fact that I thought there might be a little more Alpha Flight goodness than we actually got, but not too shabby for random speculations, tho. Some people will probably say those were fairly easy guesses seeing that Canadian themed characters are in a pretty small box and I will agree, but the NYCC, if keeping with the regional themes leaves a lot of possibility, so successful predictions are gonna be a lot harder to come by, but it's sure to be the largest reveal of the remaining Cons so I expect more than 3-4, and I'm gonna give it a shot. NYCC - Oct. 4-7 1. We will see more characters revolving around Netflix shows settings. Whether this will be another Knights wave or possibly done through Spider-Man waves, we shall have to wait to see. I suspect another Knights wave. Jigsaw will get the long awaited Hasbro treatment. I think Hasbro will dust off the Luke Cage mold and finally put out a main line distribution of him with slight variations from the exclusives. I have a feeling a comic Colleen Wing or Shang Chi might show up. No MCU characters will be revealed as to not spoil the upcoming new seasons. 2. There will be a major announcement about the future of the FF. Possibly a wave based on them, though no product will likely be shown. But in the case that one does happen it will most likely be Doom or Kang. Don't think a Dragon Man BAF will be far behind 3. Another major announcement about the Avengers line(s). I'm inclined to think along the lines that all Avengers lines for the next year will be MCU based, a la the 2nd Black Panther wave, just for the sheer fact that the next movie will be jam packed with characters who will need to see plastic form. This means the comics based figures will be split into Iron Man, Captain America and possibly Thor/Hulk waves. Maybe a new Thor or Hulk figure will make an appearance. Still waiting for you to make proper use of that Ragnarok Hulk mold, Hasbro. Awesome feet (ie.ankle pivot) on that one. 4. Captain America riders set. 5. Finally, will we see the Strong Guy BAF? Yes I believe we will. To my most sincere elation. Can't wait. 6. Aaaand, lastly (cue ominous music). We are very sorry to inform our loyal & longstanding customers, but the ML 10 Years line was indeed a test market and the future price point for ML will increase to approximately $25 for single figures with box sets & multi packs to be adjusted accordingly. Sorry folks, just economics. 7. The Magneto, Quicksilver & Scarlet multi pack will be confirmed & possibly shown. MCM Comic Con, Comic Con Paris and Lucca Comics & Games - Oct. 26-Nov. 4 These three particular Cons will be go on pretty much simultaneously and successively in Scotland/London, Paris and Italy so I expect all reveals at this time to encompass pretty much all of the European region. 1. Wolfsbane, Scotland's most prominent character will show up. 2. Legion will find a home the ML line. A year ago I woulda never thought this could happen, but seeing as how the show has been renewed for a 2nd season, it almost has to happen. 3. The long awaited ML debut of Meggan from Excalibur. Just maybe they'll dust off the Moonstone mold for one last hoorah before the SJW community gets so offended by it that it forces it into retirement. 4. And though Zabo is actually American, the legend of Mister Hyde has its roots in London so lets see that BAF for the afore mentioned possible Knights wave. 5. The actual Gambit figure will be shown. 6. A Northstar & Aurora two pack will be revealed. 7. Honestly, the only Italian chatacter I can think of off hand is Silvermane, but we got the head sculpt many moons ago and many of us have been using the Target exclusive Ultron as the body sculpt so I don't think it would be too much a stretch to think Hasbro will just pull the trigger on that one and make a some money on it. 8. As a last big bang for the final reveals of the year I think a new Beast reveal closes out the season. Somewhere in the mix there's sure to be another Deadpool reveal, probably Spider-Man India, Captain Marvel movie product, and probably some curve balls from outta nowhere, but I'm hoping for an awesome 2019.
  5. monron999

    Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

    Fair enough point, but don't they already pretty much do that as it is? How many of us had to buy that Iron Skull or Secret Whateverthehell Captain America or House of M Spidey? They make the most outta the material that they can. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) it means reusing parts and sculpts. The cost to do everything as an original piece would shoot ML prices even higher. That argument started way back in TB days. I don't mind reused as long as there's an attempt to make it look somewhat unique with either paint apps or auxiliary parts and as long as I see a pocession to create new sculpts, though not for every figure, I think it's a fair trade. I think Hasbro has perfected the process of maximizing the amount reused product and new product at this point. As far as character selection and what versions of those they produce? Well that's another story.
  6. I think the Spider UK buck is perfect for Guardian. It's a little bit bigger than the standard dependable athletic build Bucky Cap buck and some of the sculpting details indicated that some type of suit is being worn by the character. They could've used a better buck for Mystique. The Dark Phoenix/Psylocke buck with its thicker thighs woulda made her high leg line more appealing. Even the overall "thicker" Moonstone buck would have been better, but in today's "need something to be offended by" society I think the kabosh has pretty much been put on that one. Speaking of that, how the hell did a naked guy with a patch of technology covering his business get through the censors? Not complaining, it's an awesome figure, it just seems kinda lopsided how they've toned down all the female figures as of late. Like I said, other than Scream we haven't seen hide nor hair of the Monnstone buck in over a year and that one actually more resembles 90% of the female characters as they appear in the comics. I did finally realize what's wrong with the look of the Wendigo figure. The body sculpt is spot on. The new hands & feet are perfect. The problem is his face. The head sculpt in general is the right size but the expression on his face is more "Blah..blah, Blah" Dracula rather than ancient demon in earthly form. Just kinda goofy rather than horrifying.
  7. monron999

    Predictions for Fan Expo Canada

    Actually, I'm thinking both Wedigo and Guardian are most likely from the next Deadpool wave, which without a movie next year, will probably only get one wave. So Walgreens' exclusives turning to boost up X-Men numbers is a good thing. Of course Wolverine will be the anchor for the next X-Men wave. It strikes me funny how easily they pass a pretty much naked guy with a cell phone covering his junk through the powers that be, yet we can't get female characters with bare legs anymore. As anti-SJW as I am, I could construe that as sexism myself. Mystique looks good, but I woulda preferred the use the little used Dark Phoenix/Psylocke buck rather than the too often used Kate Bishop buck. She's always just seemed to be a bit more "leggy" to me. With the recent reveal of Herc, the redo of Silver Surfer and pretty much every reveal from this Con it seems Hasbro has come full circle and is beginning to right all the horrible wrongs done during the Dark Days. That being said, I hope that means a big future announcement of a Fantastic 4 wave. We did (finally) get a near perfect version of the team, or at least will when the Thing starts to show up in stores, but Doc Doom (not Iron Man), Super Skrull, Kang, Dragon Man, Annihilus, Mole Man, Galactus' Heralds & the rest of the gang are still waiting to be done or improved. And let's not forget about Franklin & Valeria. Needless to say, I don't agree the FF are "done". Despite Marvel's obvious efforts to bury both FF & X-Men with those lame ayass Inhumans, they are both very much alive, and the future for Marvel Studios. One last thing. For God's sake, invest some freaking money for a new pistol sculpt already, Hasbro. That damn Ruger type gun has run its course. No matter how many different colors you do it in its still the same old crap that doesn't even fit in most of the holsters when a figure actually comes with holsters. If anyone from Hasbro sees this, contact me. I'll do it for FREE.
  8. Ya, they're all redos, but not a damn one of them is not in need of or wothy of the Infinite treatment. Very few Toybiz originals still hold up well at all anymore. I'm happy, though I'm sure there's plenty of people that won't be. That's the beauty of a capitalist system. Speak with your dollars. If you like you buy. If not, feel free to pass. I personally will take a pass on the entire 2nd wave of BP and most of the 2nd vintage wave. As far as the height of Wendigo, as a stand alone character I don't think the scale is wrong. He's always been kinda ambiguous in regards to the size he's portrayed in comics. He's just big and regardless of my feelings on how the Sasquatch figure turned out in scale to other BAF's (mostly to Juggernaut), that particular buck is larger than 90% of the others. The only reason I woulda hoped the size/height would be increased a bit is with the possibility of swap parts being included with the Wendigo itself or with future figures, to build a white Sasquatch. Also, I do agree there's something not quite right about that Wendigo. Luckily it's still awaiting final approval. Maybe they'll figure it out.
  9. I knew it, I called it. I'm thinking maybe a box set etailer exclusive with Sasquatch reissue, Snowbird, Guardian, Shaman and Puck reissue and Possibly a Northstar & Aurora two pack Walmart or Target exclusive. Either that or they'll do several 2 packs similar to the way it was done back in the Toybiz 5" scale days. Either way it's Win/Win for us. There goes all the cash I was planning on saving by completely bypassing the 2nd Black Panther wave. Of course, expect to see the Wolverine for next year's X-Men wave. I'm betting on FA Wolvie. Also, I wouldn't be too surprised, or upset if Wendigo showed up in some fashion. Maybe even with swap parts for White (Snowbird) Sasquatch. I will wait with baited breath.
  10. I really do hate questions about specific characters, but if you were to hold a gun to my hear I would just wanna know the chances of getting "perfect comic versions" of some of the flagship characters like Hulk and Thor. The downside of being one of the main characters is that those figures often get made out front before the process is refined and perfected, thus we end up with a Thor that many think is too large and suffer from no ankle pivot and a Hulk that, though done several times, has yet to be done right. The best ones today being the McGuiness Hulk which again, suffers from no ankle pivot and the Doc Green Hulk, which is not a true comic version as the body uses the old MCU buck. Similarly, the most "modern" Captain America was made before the scale issue was stabled so he's much smaller than he should be in comparison to other characters. The Classic Cap scales out perfectly, however. Also, like many others, I would like some kind of output on the possibility of Hulk related products, whether it be an entire wave or possibly box sets. Guys like Doc Sampson & Skaar really need an Update. Zzzaaxxx (or howevery you spell it) & A-Bomb have never been done in ML and Leader is badly in need of the Hasbro treatment. A She-Hulk without stubby baby arms would be nice as well.
  11. What, whaaaaaat!? Looks like we got a convert here, Rukk. Glad to finally have you aboard, Mako.
  12. Lol, the box is the star of the show. That reminds me of so many Chritmas's of the past when the kids open the most expensive gift and then proceed to play with the box. This sucker will not be parted from his cash on this one.
  13. Ya, the guy who got kicked outta the WWE for incessant whining is about to find out how easily crossing Disney can get you blackballed in Hollywood. Just shut the hell up, Dave. The media pretty much whitewashed most of the tweets that were uncovered, but anyone who cares to look into it will find exactly what kind of depraved smut Gunn was really tweeting. It goes waaaaay beyond trying to be "provaocative", it was downright sick, psychotic, narcissistic, sociopathic illness. The next "funny" pedophilia joke will be the first and the day that kinda vile behavior can be brushed off as "all in good fun" is the day I lose hope for this world. It's not all about the movie. Theres a line of common decency that's too far to cross and he did it. I'm all for freedom of speech, but I'm also about consequences for your words. Every part of life has them. Deal with them. There are plenty of great directors who can carry this trilogy into the end zone. Just keep Kevin Smith & effing Brett Ratner as far the hell away from any other Marvel property as possible.
  14. I visit the HTS at least once a day. Imagine my pure SHOCK finding that this is one of the few (2 by my count) SDCC exclusives that haven't shown up at least once as "Out of Stock" since they were posted. Also, I suppose it's just a coincidence, it's the only SDCC ML exclusive in years that didn't sell out the first day. #worstmlexclusiveevaaaah!
  15. monron999

    Silver Surfer

    Not to worry my fellow ML Fanatics. They are indeed showing up at stores as we speak. Three separate stores in my area and probably more. I stopped looking after I found these. Northern Texas Panhandle, BTW.

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