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  1. Actually, rather than the classic Sentry 459 this figures design looks more like Sentry 571, who fought with and was defeated by Iron Man. I'm probably way off but I'm hoping between this guy, Living Laser and Nighthawk (who was a member of Stark's Initiative), these reveals are eluding to a comic based Iron Man wave. Aside from the BAF, the other 2 figs are reused bucks which leaves plenty of funding for a new Iron Man and/or War Machine sculpts. Just a thought, or a pipe dream.
  2. Lol. Yes I do buy the MCU figures. The ones I want and the ones that should been done a looooong time ago. I bought the second as a give away and this is just as good a place to do it as any. It's a damn shame the Yellowjacket wasn't sold as a single card.
  3. Exactly, no one does, which is precisely the reason I don't believe WMart or any other store will be able to determine to only carry only movie based waves, even if they wanted to. And for the record, once again, I'm not a hater of movie product I'm just a hater of the redundancy of the characters that are chosen, especially ones who've seen multiple figs over ones that haven't even been produced or received a second figure. Now they dominate most waves and very rarely do they contain anything new other than cosplay changes & not much else. I mean, the last version of Cap didn't even have 2 of those weirdo wacky shields like in the movie. So no, I don't have the actual numbers to back up my claims and I doubt they even exist on an entire scale in regards to the overall numbers of ML, but what I do have is some level of product management & purchasing (tho my area of expertise was in shoe buying), and my eyes, and a camera, and dozens (if not hundreds) of photos from stores all throughout the Midwest and East Coast to back up my claim. Admittedly, unlike most of my tax dollars, I do not make it to the West Coast very often and I've even conceded to most of the "that's not what I see in my area" guys that it may very well not be the case where they live. I can only attest to where I live and the places I travel to, which I will assume is more than most due to the nature of my work. I have posted those pictures time and again in response to everyone whose calling me out about it right now. What I haven't seen is any response to my challenge to those same people to post their own picks to dispute mine. Nothing but crickets till the next time I have something remotely negative to say about the beloved MCU. What I'm saying is not some random BS. I'm not just a fan, I'm also a fairly successful businessman and I've pulled a sample base from a large area that would make most scientists and researchers envious and posted them ad nauseam, again only to crickets from everyone telling me I'M WRONG. See, I've put my evidence where my mouth is & now I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is cuz nobody to this point has been willing or able to dispute me yet. I happen to have an extra MCU Ronan figure MIB on hand and will reward it to ANYONE who can post pictures of at least 3 or more stores from their area clearly showing that the MCU are figures outselling comic figures in any wave. We'll let the forum community make the decision. Five "yays" wins it, five "nays" douses it. And I'm not opposed to more than one winner. I do have a few stipulations, though. There must be 10 or more figures on the shelf. The area cannot be staged but the figures can be rearranged on the shelves where all figures are identifiable on the pegs. It must be clear that these pictures are taken in at least 3 different stores whether it shows different media on the walls or shelves or the ML are next to different displays in different stores. I know that sounds kinda restrictive, but if you refer to any of the pictures I've posted in the past, that's the way I do it myself as to ensure authenticity. But hey, from what I've been told, this should be easy, right. Way I hear there's just tons of comic based product clogging up the shelves while MCU is just flying off the shelves. The gauntlet has been cast. Any takers? BTW, If you're not in the market for that Ronan figure maybe we can work out a deal for a product of equal value. I've got tons of product. If you're able to actually pull this off I just might be impressed enough to let go of something even more valuable. At the very least you get to prove me wrong, instead of just telling me I'm wrong. What harm can it do? Everyone's got a phone right? Also, one last restriction. I must limit the participants to the America's. I'm sorry, but I've been through the entire shipping ringer enough to know better. Besides, from what I'm able to ascertain, most of the people calling me out are here in the states anyway. PS. Tarot, I hope you don't take this as another MCU vs Comic debate, cuz it's not. It's a challenge to all those who continually dismiss my observations with nothing more than words, personal opinions, and personal preferences. Now's the chance to put up or....well you know the rest.
  4. You can't really believe that's true. Mixing the waves has been a dirty trick the MCU pushers have been using for years. How many of us have had to buy a buncha BS MCU Caps and Iron Man repeats in the past to get the BAFs that we want. It's a process they've made you make yourself accustomed to. Everyone knows (you included) the MCU figures sell almost as well as the comic figures right outta the gate, but as soon as the new wears out they sour like grapes on a vine. Why not flip the script every once in a while. Throw a few MCU into a wave with Avengers & X-Men & Fantastic Four, let's see what happens. We all know what will happen. All the new, fresh, unseen characters will fly off the shelves & Cap will collect dust until he gets thrown into Bottom Bin Hell at clearance price where some customizer will buy him for fodder or some last minute cheapskate birthday buyer throws down $5 for a toy and a card for his 2nd cousins friends 3rd nephew where his hot aunt will be waiting to get hit on. Similarly, you know the big box stores will not pass on the comic waves in favor of the movie waves for two reasons, and they're both based on pure numbers. First, they will look at the sales numbers of ML as a whole versus other top toy lines and see they have a winner and second, if they're good business people, they can see that ALL (let's not fool ourselves) comic based waves outsell Movie based waves. No one in their right mind would sacrifice overall sales for the simple factor of movie product.
  5. The Hit Monkey wave was during the "Return of Marvel Legends" phase where all the franchises were still mixed up, before MCU figures took the forefront. All waves during that time were characters from every corner and every alternate universe in the Marvel Universe, so it's really irrelevant to today's ML and most of the figures in those waves are already in need of an update. Most of me would like to see that format come back, but in all honesty the biggest driving force behind the continuation of ML is for the movie tie-in product, so it's a necessary evil we have to deal with. That's why I'm such a huge proponent of making all movie based waves all MCU figures and all in between waves all comic based. Nine waves a year could result in possibly 4 Movie waves a year and 5 comic waves. Personally I would skip the MCU waves altogether as I'm sure all the actor figure collectors would do the exact opposite. That being said, I'm hoping Nighthawk is leading to a Defenders wave as that yearly outlier wave (ala the Venom wave & the Netflix wave before that) and we maf finally get that updated Hulk figure we most desperately need (meaning freakin' ankle pivot) and the Living Lazer indictates an all comic Iron Man wave as his movie arc has ended but he's still very relevant in the overall Marvel Universe. Additionally I also believe the Kree sentry will be the BAF for the Captain Marvel wave for the sheer limited availability of MCU characters to that new movie franchise. And just as a side note, I must disagree with my brother Rukdeez in another post where he misidentified this Sentry as 459. This Sentry is clearly 571 who was ultimately defeated by who (drumroll please).........Iron Man. Could this possibly be a curve ball and this is the BAF for the afore mentioned Iron Man wave. Time will tell, people. This next year looks to be a doozy for us ML collectors.
  6. Way I see it is we get at least one good version, any version of any character first & then we start focusing on specific time reference. Most of these characters change their looks as often as the books they belong to change their production teams, which as we know, is A LOT. Every artist or writer wants their own take on each character. Getting all the characters during a specific era would be damn near impossible. Trying to get everyone's favorite version of each character is like herding cats. At the end of the day you just gotta pick one and make it happen. Example: I'd been wanting a Dazzler figure for so long ever since my introduction to her during the Silvestry period in X-Men, so naturally my most iconic view of her is in her blue leotard, with or without the crop top and/or leather bomber jacket, so that's immediately the figure I assumed we'd be getting. But after the initial elation I actually came to the realization that she'd been out of the spotlight for a while and the last time I saw her she'd been on A-Force and reverted back to her disco costume. Of course this is the version we got, most probably because it encapsulated both her most recent and classic appearances. Ultimately I was happy just to have one and as a bonus it was at least a partially new sculpt. So now we have a face sculpt and any number of existing body sculpts available to do that much coveted blue leotard version, jacket or sans jacket, in the future. Take it for what it's worth. A new figure is a new figure and we can worry about specific design later. It's been hinted hard lately that we are getting a Strong Guy BAF next year, and though I would love it to be the most recent orange costume version I'm certain it will be the classic X-Factor version, which is all good. Either way, we get a damn Strong Guy.
  7. monron999

    Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

    I share your opinion. The current price point limits the options for vehicles to motorcycles or motorcycle sized product, but there is a demand for larger vehicles like the Battle Van or the Hell Charger or even Devil Dino. I'm assuming the price point for those options would be over $60 and I think the success or failure of the Riders products in its current format will ultimately determine whether we get these larger vehicles or not. Let's support these Riders products guys. It's the best way to assure we get future product of any type. I will say the possibility of having F4 in their upcoming "return" costumes or Future Foundation costumes each coming with their own portion of the Fantasticar, essentially creating a vehicular version of the BAF, is very intriguing.
  8. Let me take a shot at this. Could it be that this BAF is not a movie based figure? Lol, easy points for me as i'm grateful in the exact same way. For the record, the only Nimrod this mold would be good for is a version least wanted by anyone. Buuuut, at the end of the day, at least we get one. Ultimately, I think if and when we do finally get a Nimrod, it will most definitely be worthy of an original buck, and if Hasbro history shows us anything, those long waited for figures, especially BAF's usually get knocked outta the park. No sir, Nimrod will not receive the reuse treatment.
  9. I myself was a bit underwhelmed by the entire showing. True I did not expect an actual Beast or Strong Guy sighting, but like JC, I did expect the ML panel to be the highlight of the event, which if was far from being. Gambit looks amazing, but I expected at least a Nightcrawler or Mystique or Emma Frost to be somewhere in the mix. Reissues of Majik & Archangle, tho probably appreciated by some, are far from blockbuster announcements. I do have many complements for what was shown though. 1. Kingpin - finally, been waiting for Hasbro's take on him and tho I woulda preferred it more resembled JR,jr's version, this one is not bad at all. But, as he seems to be just about the same size as the Thing figure, I don't believe it was necessary to do this as a BAF. 2. Gambit - loved this reveal and so happy they finally pulled the trigger on it now instead of waiting for some unverifiable movie that's supposed to come out sometime before Channing Tatum's pushing up dasies. They'll probably have to do some stupid "Old Man Gambit" storyline just to finish out the trilogy. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I'm a big observer on some of the smaller details and it looks like they stuck with the Maddrox trench coat formula and ditched the skinny Fury arms for the thicker Netflix Punisher arms. Nice attention to detail Hasbro. Also, I'm not so much against the coat itself which a lot of people are claiming to be outdated, but maybe a small modification could be made to have different collars to distinguish some figures from others. It's like everyone shops at the same Hero Uniform Store. 3. Blink - I loved this character from the jump and unlike many characters her look has been distinct & consistent. Again, noticing details, this is the same body mold used for Psylocke, which many are mistakenly identifying as the Scarlet Witch mold. This is a new buck or actually a modification of several bucks made up mainly of the Kate Bishop upper torso and Scarlet Witch lowe torso with higher hip joints. It was first used on the Dark Phoenix TRU exclusive & it's amazing for those athletic characters with thicker thighs. It shoulda actually been used for Elektra instead of the straight Kate Bishop mold. Hopefully Emma Frost gets this Buck. 4. Black Panther Wave 2 - Again, not my cup of tea, but I'm actually not against the idea of an entire movie wave. Mattel has been doing this for quite some time. To me that just means it's easier for me to pick and choose rather than get the entire wave to complete a BAF, and I'm sure there's plenty of MCU figure fans that are happy to have more movie figs. Win, win. 5. Vintage Wave - Still, excessively repetitive but they look better than I though. Ant-Man & Wasp (love that blue costume) are definite gets. I'll play the others by ear. 6. Prof. X - Not much to say here. Spot on and long overdue. I still can't believe the put it in a set called Riders though. Lol. Whatever, it doesn't so much bother me other than I'm sure some overly sensitive PC Rangers are gonna have some things to say about it. 7. Deadpool/Vespa - It is what it is. Not totally necessary but DP is the hot property right now & at least there's a thousand different uniforms to choose from. Now, just make us a Massacre. Of course, they'll have to alter his name as to not offend the softies. 8. Genis-Vell - Not the version I would chose but it's somthing new. I'll get one. 9. Hercules - Finally and very well done. Head & shoulders above the last one. Hopefully the final product turns out this good. Super excited for this one. Let's get busy one a new Tigra now, Hasbro. 10. Silver Sable - I was hoping this one would come out through the Riders line but I'll take it. Love that face sculpt. I look forward to future reveals during the upcoming conventions. Come on Strong Guy! I'm feeling good about this. BTW, I think that third unidentified accessory beside the Magneto helmet and Cap shield may be the tank Pyro carries on his back with nozzles on either side for the tubes that run down his arms.
  10. I sure hope so. Wanted one go a long time. We did have one of the Reavers at reveal night. It looks awesome too.
  11. monron999

    Comic-con Correspondence

    Ya, that's what I mean. Give us some indication, any indication of what's in store for those franchises, cuz if they leave them as is there's so much wasted potential left on the table. Even just 2 Avengers waves a year could get a lot accomplished.
  12. I agree and disagree at the same time. I honestly don't see dressing a black man as a white ape any more (or less) offensive than a black man dressing in white furs & whooping and "barking" like apes and worshipping a White Ape as their deity. For that matter, couldn't dressing a black man in a black suit and calling him Black Panther instead of just Panther (cuz ALL panthers are black, fact) be construed as offensive to just the right person(s)? Anyone can twist anything to be offensive. For example, I'm surprised no one has had issue with a white man named Dane Whitman, which literally means White Man in old english, has taken the moniker of Black Knight. On the flip side, were he to have been a black man or be changed to a black man, I guarantee there would be an argument that THAT name is derogatory or that it insinuates that ALL black men are villains. Truth is anything can be corrupted to seem racist or offensive, but if you can make it look cool or funny to the clueless masses they will love it, but one simple misstep in the way something is portrayed or interpreted, you can be sure to bring the wrath of the Social Justice Rangers. Personally, I can see how the way the Jabari tribe was portrayed in the movie could be called racist, but Disney brilliantly made them look like the good hearted rebel anti-establishment bad ayasses who save the day in the end. Yaaaay, and the crowd goes crazy!
  13. Just had another thought. Cameron Hodge?
  14. Judging by the size it could be one of the bundle of components hanging from Mojo's body. Some drawings have tubes and hoses running from behind his back to over his shoulders. They seem to small to even be Whiplash, tho he could be the previously mentioned villain that they've never done before.
  15. monron999

    Comic-con Correspondence

    Dayam! We expected a certain amount of vagueness (new buzzword), actually a lot of vagueness, but this "We follow Disney's lead" BS is wearing me out. How many times have Dwight or Tony been called out in the past about why Disney/Marvel does not allow certain figures or franchises to be produced only for them to snap back "We have rights to ALL Marvel's properties & do what we see fit." So what is it? Did Hasbro pay damn good money for the rights to produce toys from ALL and ANY Marvel properties they choose or are they Disney's #$## and only allowed to do as they're told? You can't have it both ways guys. Vagueness, we all understand & expect. All that freaking double speak, tho. How bout someone at Hasbro grow a pair & pick a freaking side already. Someone with free reign woulda already done a Firestar and Quicksilver and a hundred other figures, cuz they would be sure fire moneymakers. What a buncha Owned Chumps.

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