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  1. Who knows? Its always a crap shoot. All we can really be sure is there will definitely be a Cap and an IM. The chances that either or any of the 2 comic figues we get per wave is anything we want gets slimmer every year. There are so many Avengers that have yet to be done but we get treated to the same old replays every year.
  2. Ya, they are both littering the shelves where I'm at too. Be that as it may, it's still a damn good figure. Maybe Hasbro knew what they were doing when they decided not to do an entire Ant-Man & the Wasp wave, though I still think those Vintage wave figures along with a comic Ben Foster woulda been a good idea, along with maybe a Yellowjacket update. I'm pretty sure the deciding factor was that there just weren't enough characters in the movie to make as many MCU figures as they usually prefer. Ant-Man, Wasp and Ghost were pretty much it, and though Luis is awesome in the movie i don't really see anyone all that excited about a figure of him. In a perfect world they woulda done a Ant-Man & Wasp wave and the line up would have been as follows: 1. Ant-Man (MCU) 2. Wasp (MCU) 3. Ghost (MCU) 4. Ben Foster Goliath 5. Classic Ant-Man 6. Classic Wasp 7. Comic Yellowjacket (male or female) BAF: Ant-Ton Woulda loved for a real Goliath BAF, but as we all know, the days of really big BAFs is long past us and any attempt at a giant Goliath or Yellowjacket or Giant Man would probably result in the Civil War Giant Man BAF half-assed effort.
  3. monron999

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    I've heard it both ways and anyone who really knows seems to have quit talking a long time ago, tho Jessie Falcon was out front batting for Hasbro from the start. As I remember, I think TB alluded to it at one time but it didn't show up in prototype until Hasbro showed it at Toyfair. There's still a picture out there of someone giving him a kiss, LOL. It actually looked like something TB designed but the articulation was more along the lines of what Hasbro was doing at the time. Mainly that whole rotation ankle thing with no pivot. If you'll remember, Hercules was a similar situation. He looked really good, right in line with what TB had been doing. Then you opened the box. In the end I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Hasbro surely retained the designs with the license and many of the creative team. Those first Hasbro waves were probably mostly a continuation of work started by TB with Hasbro clearly determined to do their own thing eventually.
  4. monron999

    Mafex is killing it

    Its good to get one at least to see if its something you like. Its one of those wierd things. They're awesome to pose, but they're just so delicate they're really easy to break. Pose heavy collectors beware. I would, however suggest finding one on clearance or sale before deciding to start collecting at full price. I've managed to land some pretty cheap opened items on ebay.
  5. monron999

    Mafex is killing it

    True. I would buy a hell a lot of Mafex if they weren't so damn expensive. Then they're brittle and flimsy as hell once you take em outta the box.
  6. Ya, it's really hard trying to figure out where he's gonna turn up. If he's gonna turn up. Logic says, if he wasn't gonna be a Walgreens exclusive, he'd have been in the Captain Marvel wave, maybe even as the BAF. Anything woulda been better than that Sentry. Then again, there's probably a good chance Cap Marvel will get a second wave, similar to BP, if the movie does well enough. It's starting to look better and better.
  7. I think he reported similar news with the Klaw and Shuri figures in the first BP wave. Then they ended up being a TRU exclusive. Maybe since the the Cap Marvel wave is also MCU heavy both the expected comic based figures of classic Ms. Marvel and Mar-Vell figures will be released similarly as a 2 pack.
  8. Lol. That was what I was about to say. Isn't this pretty much a forgone conclusion by now?
  9. So your defenition of a conspiracy theorist is anyone who questions the official narrative? Didn't mean to offend you by not blindly believing like the rest of the flock, but I'm sure you're familiar with all nearby safe spaces. It's better to actually have independent thought and question agendas and risk triggering the lemings than to pretend they don't exist just because you happen to agree with them. I'm not sure how long you've been a collector, but I've been at it for quite a while. It's not like Hasbro has never lied to us, whether intentionally or by honest mistake. And don't act like Disney has never had an agenda to push. They were 100 percent behind the entire Marvel gender/race/sexuality/religious idiology fiasco that blew up in their face. Yes, projects like Ms. Marvel and Champions were good and successful but those are the exception, not the rule. And for the record I do agree with many of these issues but don't outright agree with everything they stand for. Just like every other aspect in life there are both good and bad sides to everything. To flatly agree with something's base fundamentalism is not only ignorant, but its dangerous, cuz most people love to listen when it's things they like but tend to turn a deaf ear when the stark realism of the things they don't like start to come out. You go ahead and follow the world wide cult. I'll think for myself and form my own oponions, thank you. If it makes you feel better to call any thoughts outside of you or your group's own thoughts and opinions conspiracy, then by all means, feel free. Sheep are a dime a dozen, my friend. As far as your vast knowledge about the industry and the people who work in it, just try and imagine my surprise at a certain amount of misinformation you managed to mix in with some of your admittedly factual information. Keep in mind that I have worked in a similar industry (young girls toys, dolls to be exact) in the art department, meaning digital and hard sculpting and everything you just said about character likenesses and production and storage of such is just inaccurate. And moreover, any and all production of new or amended design takes TIME. Even in a field where I worked where we used as many reusable parts as possible, up to 90% in most cases, a year is entirely feasable, but anywhere between 4 - 6 months is not, no matter how compressed the schedule is. Do you know why? Because of factory schedules. In order for a factory to be successful it has to constantly run products for several franchises and properties, all waiting in line to have those products finished ASAP. No one is stopping production and waiting on ML to decide what they are doing next. All product lines have their own independent management and their own deadlines and no one gets to cut in line. The people from My Little Pony division couldn't care less about ML's woes, deadlines or commitments. They have their own issues to deal with. This is just the way manufacturing works, from glass production to airplane parts (2 other fields I have experience in), that's just the way it goes. Anyone who has worked in an industry that regularly use the dreaded terms "lead time" or "set up time" can attest to this. Every production time gets reserved and is subject to pre-approval, meaning you would have to show that you would have final product design ready to go into final production in time for your reserve. Something that most "emergencies" cannot guarantee. There is no such thing as an EMERGENCY WAVE. Consequently this also sheds some light on the constantly asked question of why many ML waves seem to hit at exactly the same time. The simple fact is that orders are put in just as fast as humanly possible to whichever facility can get them into schedule the quickest and as a result some waves get produced consecutively one after another or perhaps even simultaneously if done in different facilities. After that the the priority is to fill the retailer's order as quickly as possible in order to secure payment. Many times the retailer will take the product and store it in their own warehousing facilities to be shipped out at the time of their chosing. That's why sometimes products get released by some store chains earlier than others. Most of the time the reasons Target sees products hit the shelves before Walmart, or vice versa, has nothing to do with Hasbro. Now, I know you're super smart, cuz you've let us all know repeatedly on several occasions but maybe just try and stay in your own lane on this one, just this once and allow me to re-educate. Free of charge. There are contractual obligations involved in using the likenesses of specific actors on both sides, but no matter what those negotiations on the movie side are, they are a different set of negotiations altogether on the toys and product side, meaning, there is some sort of negotiated compensation for both. Actors don't sit for free for the product manufacturers, regardless of how big their overall involvement was in the movie. Why do you think the 10 years products were more expensive than standard ML? The little bit of extra plastic and paint did not account for an added 25%. And yes, if they planned on using Temura Morrison's digitally mapped likeness in the SW Black line now or in the future they had to bring him in at least once (and probably even arranged for several different scans to avoid future travel facilitations), as I believe all previous versions of figures based on his likeness did not employ the current technology. Those images would then be stored for future use. The implication of the suggestion that he be brought in any time they wanted to do a new figure or product based on his likeness is both exaggerated and misleading in your attempts to back your point. Again, imagine my surprise. Now the compensation and further royalties to use and store the likeness of a relative unknown such as Morrison versus the one of an up and coming hot commodity such as Jordan are vastly different, meaning if it was not intended to do a figure of Jordan as Killmonger, then why would they have paid to have scans of him to be stored? Your arguments essentially cancel themselves out. Either they had his likeness in store with the intent of using it or they truly created a new wave which required at least some form of prototype, approval, tooling and mold fabrication, even with the amount of existing parts used. Like I said, no shortcuts. The only way to avert the long path was maybe if a wave, possibly the Kingpin wave, had a scheduled commencement date and they switched it out to do the BP 2nd wave in the end. It still lends to the question, why did they have Jordan's scan if not to be used. I've been on this forum for a long time and I've gone into extended diatribes on what I know about the industry before and maybe a few of the mainstays here even remember and I'll probably get repremanded by Tarot for getting a little political and calling you out for your misinformation, and for that I will apologize to the community in advance, but you are by far the most.....let's just say..."self assured" person I've seen on this forum in a long time and for the most part I've defended your opinions to some other members, but when I see someone pushing straight garbage as fact without providing any verifiable facts to substantiate it, while also labeling other people's thoughts as conspiracy I'm gonna call you, or anyone, out every time. So you go ahead and keep on keeping on with that overinflated sense of superiority and self worth and I'll go ahead and keep bringing you back down to solid ground when necessary. I just provided you with more real world knowledge than what you probably got out of that Liberal Arts degree you put yourself into $100k worth of debt into for and all from the comfort of your smart phone screen. Consider it a gift. But don't you worry, I'm sure you are well on your way to Junior Senior Co-Shift Leader at the Starbucks Customer Support department still Keep at it, buddy. Also, judging by your interactions in the past I know you love to argue a point to death more than my OCD lawyer cousin, but I'm letting you know in advance that I refuse to be dragged any further into this discussion that you clearly have no idea what you're attempting to speak to. Any further enlightenment will not be provided free of cost.
  10. Yeah, I know what they "said" and though it provides for good optics, anyone who believes they were able to to concieve, design, and produce an "emergency" wave, complete with arranging at least 5 new facial scans with some actors who have very busy schedules, unless they'd already been done (which, why would they have been if a 2nd wave wasn't already planned?), and get it out by years end certainly only buys into what Hasbro wants you to believe. Because anyone whose ever paid attention to the creative team's conferences knows it goes against everything they've ever said about how long it takes to plan and produce a wave from inception to final delivery, even under emergency circumstances. Also note that, unlike most waves, the final line up or product images have not changed or been tinkered with or been improved apon in any way since the start, which is to be expected even more so when something is done in a rushed and expedited time frame as they'd have us believe. Those things were locked and loaded from the jump and if anything, ready to possibly be scrapped if the movie and/or first wave was a bust. As we know, the movie was good (no IM2 or Winter Soldier, by any means, IMO) and not too preachy and I was pleasantly surprised, so it was an easy call for the so called "shot callers" to give the green light. Believe me, if it hadn't been in a second wave, those 4 new figures (Klau, Ayo, M'Baku & Killmonger) woulda seen the light of day somewhere else as 2 packs or some kind of exclusive. If Captain Marvel sees anything approaching the success that BP did (which I predict it will), there will indeed be a second wave. All I'm saying is if & when it happens (it will), I just hope they take that opportunity to give us the likes of those comic figure's that everyone assumed were gonna be part of this wave. I wouldn't even mind if the BAF is the Ronan from the First 10 years wave with a slightly altered paint scheme. In all honesty, I woulda rather had that than that weirdo, wrong size, blocky Sentry anyway. I woulda actually bought the full wave to complete the BAF rather than cherry pick the wave as I have and it looks like pretty much most everyone else will. BTW, Dead on, bro (or sis, I guess). Laughin' my ayass off!
  11. Ya, that 2nd Danvers figure was a total cop out, but with the history of all the previous MCU waves is anyone really that surprised? Mind you, this is the very first wave of a brand new franchise. This shoulda been the wave they coulda got in some comic characters like a Mar-Vell or or a classic Danvers/Sofen swap figure. They coulda got in a few much demanded characters before the franchise (with at least 2 more movies to go) gets so inundated with characters that all future waves almost have to be full MCU figures like the BP 2nd wave. The only good outlook here is that Cap Marvel is the first female lead in a Marvel film so, with Disney's history of pushing (ie. forcing) social issues, it almost guarantees there will be a 2nd wave, again like BP. Hopefully though, unlike BP, the 2nd wave will have more comic figures. After all, how hard would it be to do both a Mar-Vell or Classic Cap/Dark Cap when they can easily use existing bucks and paint? The only added cost would be for the head sculpts. Hell, they could even do a Blue Marvel using the arms and jacket from the Star Lord/Ego 2 pack. Sorry to say, cuz the trailers are making the movie look better and better, but with the lackluster character selection, the MCU overloaded assortment, along with an extremely boring and poorly scaled BAF, this is by far the most snooze inducing wave since the Doctor Strange wave, IMO. But at least the Dormamu BAF was awesome. Especially for those who didn't pick up the exclusive.
  12. Alright guys, let me shoot one past you. I'm seeing a whole Red Skull/Magneto Onslaught or Kingpin/Shadow King cross franchise thing. Follow me now. What if, in one of next year's Avengers waves, there is a forthcoming Jocasta figure? Anyone with me? Yes, like @tarot says, it wouldn't be perfect, but I think it might be close enough. With the recent release of the Classic Ant-Man (strangely packed with an out of place Ultron head, BTW) and Classic Wasp, is it too far out to think that maybe even some kinda Ultron & Jocasta 2-pack or exclusive thing might be in the works in some form next year? Just a thought. Wouldn't be a bad idea. Then again, as far as accuracy goes, the Lilandra sculpt (or Jocasta sculpt, for that matter) could work just as well on the Sable figure too. Minus the belts and holster, of course.
  13. It's being pretty well speculated, tho admittedly unconfirmed, that there will be at least one more X-Men related wave this year whether it be an actual X-Men, Deadpool, X-Force or other remains to be seen. The strangest outlier here is the Wendigo BAF (if it is a BAF). Where the hell is he supposed to fit in? The most logical place for him would be a Wolverine or Hulk wave, but honestly he could fit anywhere. He's been all over the Marvel Universe. He's not widely recognizable outside the Marvel fan base so he'll probably not be a single release, so I've got my hopes it'll be Canadian hero (Alpha Flight?) based wave, and only X-Men in name. Guess we'll have to wait for Toyfair. Just wild speculation at this point.
  14. If it happens it happens. Maybe they do it specifically for those figures that need better range of motion. I'm not gonna be on the boat to "redo nation" if it does happen. I like the way the female arm joints look just fine as it is. I've watched the videos as well and they still look wonky and flimsy. Those pics posted are specifically positioned to make them look less so. It's not a true DHJ, it's more of an extended hinge joint and it looks really awkward in a "relaxed" pose. Any pose that has the figure's arm extended past about 100 degrees looks out of place. You'll see it once you get that figure in hand. It's not good and I really don't wanna see it in ML.
  15. I'll agree with you about BP wave 2 and most of the Captain Marvel wave, but they've only really revealed 4 complete waves and 2 are set to hit late 2018/early 2019. Aside from the obligatory movie waves, which I agree, will probably be cherry pick worthy at best, there's a whole hell a lot of year left, including another X-Men wave, 2 more Spider-Man waves and maybe an X-Force wave, plus a fair number of store and convention exclusives. Isn't assume you, or anybody will get off cheap this year is a little premature at this point?

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