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  1. Now that it's been announced that one of the first three Marvel/MCU based shows that will appear on the Disney streaming service will be one revolving around Falcon & Winter Soldier (SW&Vision and Loki being the other two shows), will we FINALLY see Hasbro give us their comic interpretations of both characters, in a 2 pack or otherwise? I mean really, is it not ridiculous and unfathomable that that they haven't, at the very least, done a Falcon by now. Along with Mar-Vell it's totally baffling as to why Hasbro hasn't tried to improve apon either of the figures from the Toybiz days. To top it off, they both pretty much used the same buck back then. It shouldn't be too hard for Hasbro to outdo the previous versions. From what I've read about the premise of the show it doesn't really look too promising to me, but I'm keeping an open mind. After all, the only steaming heaps that Marvel has laid out to us so far are Iron Fist and the 2nd season of Luke Cage (don't worry Jessica Jones, your 2nd season is right up there too), but it really was more Netflix fault than Marvel's. These shows seem to have a lot more involvement by Kevin Feige himself, which has served the MCU well to this point. Either way, I do have high hopes for this show more than the other two. I hope they take some cues from the various DC shows based in the Arrowverse and use it to grow the MCU and introduce a lot more characters that Marvel has at their disposal. I'm tired of seeing full seasons based around a single antagonist, especially when they're usually just a cheap clone of the main protagonist. At the very least I hope it lasts long enough to warrant ML comic versions of both characters (we already have MCU versions of both and they're actually done very well), or possibly even a wave or two, but come on guys, it's time to correct the injustice of these figures not having been done to this point.
  2. monron999

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    I'm partial to Marc Silvestri & Chris Claremont's time doing X-Men so I may be biased, but I honestly think the modern portrayal of the Blob extends from one iconic story line from the late 80's. While Silvestri didn't exactly "redisign" characters as drastically as Jim Lee he did have a particular ability to make them more dynamic. As far as I can remember Blob had been portrayed as much smaller and more in line with his official stats until the "Fall of the Mutants" crossover event where he was drawn by Silvestri as this towering mass of meat and flab, basically a mountain with a cherry on top. I seriously believe this is the point where the Blob started to resemble the form he was in before his depowerment. He was made out to be the main nemesis for the returning Colossus and though the BAF doesn't perfectly line up with Silvestri's art it matches more closely with his art than most previous interpretations, especially in regards to size.
  3. For me the biggest surprise of the year was definitely the MCU Wasp. Similar to your experience I really couldn't get all that excited till I held it. Not only is it the best MCU figure of the wave, it's the best one to date. I challenge anyone to find any other MCU based figure with a more spot on face sculpt, even in this day of facial scan technology. It can't be done. Don't believe me, check it out for yourselves.
  4. Uuuuumm, yeah I'm pretty sure different branches of the military services have different gear and attire, even within the same branch of military. Army infantry dress and are equipped differently than the Army Rangers, Army Paratroopers use different gear as well, National Guard dress differently than the standard army attire, communication specialist carry different gear than snipers. Higher ranking officers dress differently than their troops, especially on base. True, your not gonna see a desert camo next to jungle camo in the field, but there are different specified looks for different specialties in the field. That's a really inaccurate argument and identical 2 packs are just never gonna happen. The closest thing that'll ever happen in that regard would most likely be something like the Hand Ninja & SHIELD agent 2 pack they did back during the Dark Days of ML. What would be a really good idea is if Hasbro did a whole online order option through HTS where they could open a pre-order option and then produce the products to be shipped out once a certain number of orders have been secured. Kinda like what they're proposing with the HasLab projects. This is the way Super7 has been doing MOTUC and it seems to be working for them, and they have a lot fewer resources than Big Daddy Hasbro. Additionally, Hasbro could save on packaging by not having to box them to be displayed and sold on store floors. They can just send one info sheet and pack however many figures were ordered with only bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
  5. monron999

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    Eh, I'm a recovering "Bigger Is Better" guy. I don't much care how large the BAF is anymore as long as it's done right. Usually it falls into one of three criteria: 1) the character is too big to be a single carded figure. 2) the figure requires a new or very specific scupt. Or 3) the figure more obscure and wouldn't necessarily be done otherwise. In the case of Mantis, it was a very specific sculpt plus there were already 2 females in the assortment. In the case of Okoye I just don't think they thought they could get away with putting 2 females that were almost identical in the same line up. In the end I think they took the gamble that the actress' popularity would push the collectors desire to finish the BAF. Also, something tells me the real BAF was supposed to be Man-Ape but pulled the idea cuz, as we know, in today's environment that could me misconstrued as offensive. Either way, though there are plenty of larger characters in the Marvel Universe that would qualify as BAF worthy, they have to weight a level of recognizabilty, demand and relation the the wave in its entirety. We're gonna get dome big hits and we're gonna get some that may not be everyone's cup of tea. It's up to the customer to decide if they wanna pay for it or not.
  6. monron999

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    Ya. It's most likely gonna be too tall. I think JayC said he measured it and it was right at 7.5 inches. It still looks pretty awesome though. For some reason a too tall Kingpin doesn't bother me near as much as a too short Sasquatch. Don't ask me to explain it cuz I can't.
  7. I don't see what the problem would be. You're only gonna get 2 figs in the box either way. If you don't want the characters just put the generic heads on them. Hell, throw the character sculpts away if you want. I guarantee, from a merchandising standpoint, the inclusion of characters would boost sales many times over cuz most collectors would be more interested in getting the characters rather than the generics. In all honesty, aside from what your personal feelings are, generic army builders only appeal to a small portion of the ML collecting community. This way you hit both the character driven collectors and the army builder collectors. Character collectors would be sure to buy at least 2 sets to be able to get all 4 and army builders could buy as many as they want. It DOES make more sense. Not including a recognizable character in any product whenever possible would be more foolish. I think your biggest issue with it is that you're afraid with the added appeal to the character collectors, the sets would be harder to find for the army collectors cuz right now I could go outside and throw a rock and hit a Hydra or AIM set but a SHIELD set including those characters, who are already in demand, would be a lot harder to find. That's just the way things work. Hasbro's gonna always cater to the larger majority.
  8. I'm all for a SHIELD agents pack. A female uniform buck with Quake, Maria Hill and helmeted agent swap heads, and a male agent on the Reaper buck with Captain Rogers, Nick Fury, Jr. and helmeted agent swap heads. If the AIM and Hydra packs were as well received as they say this would be a surefire hit. This would give us a total of 4 actual characters and endless army building options. I don't know why they haven't thought of this yet. Quake alone has been on a lot of people's most wanted list and I constantly see requests for an updated Captain Rogers. Personally, this would break my wallet but it's something that would be a smash hit with collectors all around.
  9. monron999

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Uuuch! Every time I see those things I'm so glad Hasbro never pulled the trigger on any damn one of those things. Those were back in the day before they subbed their sculpting out to Gentle Giant Studios and we're trying to do it internally. At that time they were basically showcasing a buncha crappy protos just to shut up all the fans while they were trying to force MU to catch on. I'm sure a Northstar/Aurora 2-pack is coming some time in the not to distant future, a much improved FA Storm is a must, and hopefully a classic Magneto will come in short order in the hinted Brotherhood box set. Remember these guys?
  10. monron999

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Yes guys, I'm fully aware he had his trench coat when he met Storm because, of course, he was in his thieves costume, but my entire premise was pointing out that when he first wore the X-Men blue & gold uniform (as did the rest of the team for a while) he did not initially wear the coat on top of it, which made that version of him in that version of the uniform the perfect figure for multi-use as an army builder . That's where I pointed you in the direction of Uncanny X-Men 275. I looked back on my original post. I couldn't make it any more clear than I just did. Now I think I'm starting to understand why Tarot gets so frustrated on these forums sometimes. Here it is. Gambit. Blue & Gold. No coat. That's all I was getting at.
  11. monron999

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Now, I will concede to you on DC lore every time, but this is not even a point of discussion. He did eventually integrate the trench coat with the uniform but originally he did not. If there was any accessory he wore when he first donned the X-Uniform it was a pouch (or man purse, if you prefer). I'll direct you to the fold-out cover of Uncanny X-Men 275 and pretty much everywhere in the interior.
  12. monron999

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Yep, I predict (now everyone write this down) if/when Banshee finally gets (re)done it will be his classic look and it will 100 percent for certain, be on the New Spidey 2099 buck. On the other hand we know Hasbro isn't all that fond of straight redos and they tend to go with different eras or costumes when they "re-visit" a character, and there's only really two looks of Banshee that were ever that memorable, so the X-uniform is a strong possibility. Either way, a new one is certain to be well recieved. That brings us to one of my personal wants, the X-Men blue and gold uniform. I believe it's on it''s way, but I think when it does get done it will be a Gambit (who originally didn't wear a trench coat) and Storm (growing out her hair), based on the story line where Gambit met Storm and helped her return to the X-Men where shortly thereafter they began using the uniforms. Those two wore the most generic versions of the uniform (no capes, coats, wings, etc.) and would be the easiest to be head swapped. That's all pure theory, but it makes the most sense.
  13. monron999

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    Out of all the rumors, I find the X-Men Vintage wave the hardest to believe. True, there are tons of characters that could easily fill several waves and The X-Men are about 3 years behind the Avengers and Spider-Man lines but the simple fact that all the waves have been 100 percent comic waves while the Avengers waves have all been at least 50 percent MCU lately, the X-Men have made up some major ground. Hell, we still don't have any decent comic versions of modern Captain America (c'mon, that Marvel Now Cap was super lame & flimsy) Thor (how long has ML been using ankle pivot, now?) or the Hulk, but we have more than enough of Wolverine, Cyclops and Deadpool. Not complaining, I'll take as much mutant goodness as possible before those lines start to become MCU dominated, which we all know they will, but I think any mutants that show up in a vintage wave will show up in the standard wave.
  14. Yes, it's becoming pretty clear that some sculptors should be relegated to specific areas of expertise (ie. females, males, monster type faces, mechanical faces, etc.) The person who did the Logan sculpts gave it the good ol' college try but it just didn't work out. Everything they do seems to be way too expressive and over exaggerated. It's clear the person(s) who did Logan also did the new Kraven head sculpt. On the othe side of the coin, it looks like the same person who did the deadpan, expressionless Psylocke head sculpt also did the Forge sculpt. I think it's just a matter of them figuring out which artist is capable of properly doing the character at hand. Guess there's still a few kinks to iron out.

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