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  1. Lol. I knew someone was gonna take that literally. By the by, I really don't expect a Harvesters box set. Some people's kids. Hilarious!
  2. Ya, I'm having trouble understanding what exactly makes Fishburne a good choice for this. I mean what kinda pulse does a 60+ year old guy have on today's youth which is where to show is clearly aimed? That's the equivalent of the creepy old man on the corner lot giving out candy and inviting the young neighborhood kids to pet his Chihuahua. On the surface it seems sweet and innocent, but deep inside it just feels wrong.
  3. I'm with you on that. The Wreckers looked really good but it seemed like scale was no consideration. IMO the whole crew and others like that huge Modern Thor need to be scrapped. Technically they shoulda been somewhere in the Hyperion or Odinson buck range. I think Hasbro is FINALLY starting to reign in the scale rollercoaster. Some think the new Thor/Cap/IM 80 years figures are still too big but I think it's much better than they have been so far. And it's something I can personally deal with. They at least match the other figures based on most artists interpretations lately. As for Jefferies Box it seems like some people's concern is that if it's ever made it will be another 'mailed in' effort done on an existing buck. I personally don't share that concern cuz historically they've never really been too squemish about creating all new bucks for BAFs, and to my recollection very few BAFs have been reuses. There are a few that could easily be re-used such as the Titus/Space Venom or Caliban buck but the cases are few. On the flip side, I have no issue if they would retool and repaint the Kree Sentry BAF to represent Box II. If you woulda put a Box head sculpt on that thing and repaint it maroon & silver one would have a hard time convincing me that it wasn't specifically made to be him. I mean, that whole Kree Sentry thing was so random and far stretching in the first place. Is there anyone that wasn't scratching their head when that thing popped up. We couldn't get a Mar-Vell or classic Ms. Marvel in that wave yet they pulled this thing out of their ayasses? As is the case with the MCU Giant Man, that Sentry doesn't even exist in my collection. Ultimately I think he will be done and it will be an all new buck. We just gotta keep on them about it.
  4. Good work, man. At first I though it was a reveal from the D23 this weekend. Way to show them how it's done.
  5. Dude, have you gone totally mental? You're usually one of the most knowledgeable people on this forum when it comes to 80's - 90's Marvel history. True, I did assume we were talking about original Box, and for the record, Box II is my personal too, but never has he been portrayed Hulkbuster size. I'll entertain maybe he could be the same height, but he is much thinner in his non-transformed state. Using te Sasquatch BAF is pointless as we all know he's way too small. Sure, Box can grow to Buster size (and far beyond) as Jefferies is a technomorph, but are you actually suggesting a BAF of a character in mid transformation? And for the record I'm not totally pleased with the size of Galactus or Giant Man, particularly. Both are too small but those are just victims of circumstance. An actual in scale Giant Man would be human size and Galactus would be as big as your house. Those are just scales you have to deal with based on pure restriction. It's not perfect but it's some kinda representation. And don't even get me started on the MCU Giant Man. He doesn't exist outside the storage bin in my house. I'll always just display Scott as Ant-Man. Moral: scale is super important and Hulk and Thor being too big is really inconsequential. By official Marvel data they are a bit large, but making a character like Box way too big is not the answer. The answer is to get as many figures in proper scale (to each other) as often as you can and whenever at all possible, and deal with outliers like Galactus, Sentinels and Giant Man as just that, outliers. Now you're gonna make me be "picture uploaded guy"
  6. Agreed, he should be around the size of the Rhino BAF, nowhere near the size of Hulkbuster. I was an avid reader of that version of AF and even just looking at the source material he is substantially smaller than Sasquatch, Hulk or Juggernaut. Him standing behind and towering above the scrawny, hunching Wild Child is just a trick of the eyes. I'm usually right in line with my boy @makobut he's totally outta scale on this one. He's just not that big.
  7. We can make this happen. Much like (I like to think) we made Strong Guy happen I'm sure they've also heard the calls for Nimrod, Box and others. I mean even in this own set it's pretty clear they heard, loud and clear, the complaints about Puck's pea head. If we keep pushing for Box it will happen. Before, with very few Alpha Flight characters altogether, there was really no reason to call for him, but now that we have a large part of the team together we pretty much need him, and Marina as well. So as long as waves need BAFs and the bullpin of eligible characters gets smaller and smaller and if we can keep making it a point to request him I think we can make it happen. Me personally, I plan to blast that horn every chance I get, right after Nimrod, of course.
  8. Three of my favorite less exposed characters getting some love with this line up. Moon Knight was long rumored to be the next to enter the Netflixverse till the dumpster fire after season 2 of Daredevil. Glad Marvel took those back. She-Hulk has long been one of my faves since way back when she was actually a fun and interesting (and less abrasive) character. The questions is are they gonna do her earlier cool, funny, upbeat persona or are they gonna do her current persona? US Agent (rumored to be played by John Cena) has been a long awaited entry into the MCU. As he's going to be playing (I assume) the new government sanctioned Super Soldier since Rogers went rogue and got old, is there gonna be some throwback to the storyline where US Agent tries to take down and arrest Captain America? It would be a little twist on the old storyline as Sam is now Cap (sorry Bucky), but still a fugitive. It would be a cool little way of playing out a classic storyline while also folding the whole Sam as Cap story. I wouldn't be totally against that. Totally over Loki. Kamala Kahn is the best thing, besides Champions, to come out of the whole "let's change everything to be progressive" time frame so I'm actually pretty interested to see it. Plus we may get a little insight to the effects they'll most likely be developing for Mister Fantastic. Wanda/Vision....eh, I would love to see a little more into that relationship, but I'm a little skeptical (who, me?!). I really love Olsen as SW and Vision is almost perfect, so I do hope for the best. The wildest card of the bunch is What If..... I gotta say I'm intrigued. Hopefully this is the way they will be able to put out a buncha lesser know or off the wall characters Marvel has, and either have an affect on the MCU or have no effect at all. That one is the one with the most possibility. Either way Disney+ is looking better and better by the day, and with the bundle I guess we'll be able to get Hulu and ESPN for a single price. I'll give it a shot.
  9. They coulda even done it in a little tongue-in-cheeck way by including a few of Snowbird's favorite Avatar animals, one of which is literally a wolverine. Kinda bummed they didn't include a few critters in white for a little Snowbird transformation action but I guess we can always just pop over to TRU and rummage the little zoo toy bins aaaannnndd.....errrr, oh yeah. Sad again. Guess I'll just open my MOC Tobiz Snowbird figure after all.
  10. Also, I found something amusing about the price. Has anyone else noticed that at the price of $110.00 they are literally charging the price for five and a half figures? edit: Never mind. My man @bashpics99beat me to the punch.
  11. As stellar as this set is and I know for most of us any Alpha Flight is good Alpha Flight, but I do feel its my duty, as it is also my custom, to have to throw in a few 'BUT's. I understand this set is mostly based on the old Toybiz 5" line 2 packs (which I happen to still all have MOC), but I think this set has a bit of an identity problem. I gotta wonder exactly what time period they're going for. If they're going for the version where James (Guardian) was in charge then they should have actually included Marina rather than Heather (Vindicator). If it's supposed to be the version where Heather wore the Vindicator suit and was in charge after James died then it shoulda had a white Sasquatch rather than Snowbird and also included Box in the line up. I know there's some overlap of all these characters at various periods of fluctuation of the team and I'm sure someone can dig up a picture of them together in this configuration but if they ever were it was for a very short and insignificant time at best. Little details, I know, and believe me, I'm happy with what we got and I'll be first in line to pre-order, and I also know several people were rooting for a Vindicator and congratulations to those people, but I'm wondering if anyone else is a little confused that Marina didn't make the cut?
  12. If that's the case I can't wait till they get to the 'H's. The freakin' Harvesters would be so awesome!
  13. Finally!!!! I've been predicting this damn thing for the last 4 years or so at every damn Con where it seemed like it could be even moderately feasible. I finally became submissive to the system of only getting one or 2 figures revealed at one time and then Hasbro goes and does THIS! Totally outta the blue, totally unexpected, total home freakin' run. I will be on Amazon first thing manana trying to lock this down. I can't believe how much doubt they had that this thing would work. It's gonna be a blazing hit. I can't guarantee exactly how big a hit it will be but if I can guarantee anything it's that this thing will outsell that Netflix Daredevil and 4 weirdo civilians on a Reynold's Wrap train set many times over. Hell maybe Hasbro would be nice enough to send us one of those sets for free with proof of purchase (remember those days, anyone?) just to get the things off the damn floor. On a side note I would like to point out that I did correctly predict which bucks Shaman and North Star and Aurora would be done on, though. Not much of a stretch I know, but 3 for 3 ain't bad.
  14. Eh.....With the amount of cash I've already shelled out so far this year and the amount it looks like I'll be shelling out next year, this figure, Camo "Huge Head" Punisher and the Agent Anti-Venom are only a tiny bit of "hard pass" that will give me just a tiny bit of breathing room at the end of the year.
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