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  1. Amen to that, brother. If they'r gonna do that kinda crap it should be done as a dual pack of smaller figures and even exclude the BAF part it they have to. That Spider-Ham was a deuce to be sure. I hope we never see anything like that again, but I'm sure GOTG has a Rocket on deck.
  2. That's the Titanium Man I think everyone wants, so of course, they'll totally pic some short lived one-off type appearance version and leave us here with nothing but this picture to salivate over.
  3. Wave 1 1. Modern Cap 2. Classic Falcon 3. Diamondback 4. Classic Bucky 5. Maria Hill / Sharon Carter 6. Classic Red Skull 7. Super Patriot BAF - M.O.D.O.K. Wave 2 1. Classic Cap (classic colors on 80th Anniversary buck) 2. Modern US Agent 3. Classic Nomad 4. Black Mamba 5. Quake / Slingshot (swap parts) 6. Commander Rogers (SHIELD) / Nick Fury, Jr. (swap parts) 7. Modern Falcon BAF - Armadillo
  4. Completely unimpressive. Still it seems like this is the only version of a Quantum Suit Hulk we're gonna be getting any time soon, and he actually does measure up well size wise with the Hulk BAF. Too bad his colors don't match our ML Endgame Avengers.
  5. Already done. Once I had time to really look over the Crimson Dynamo and realize it wasn't just an Iron Monger repaint I pulled the trigger. I just hope the Yelena figure turn out a whole lot better in person.
  6. Aaahh, I thought of that too. What if Clint assumed Natasha had been blipped instead of captured and he thought there was better good in Yelena carrying on in her stead and they would decide later when to reveal the secret, but she ultimately died and if they succeeded in their mission Natasha would be blipped back and no harm, no foul. Ultimately though, that would leave Clint wondering where Nat turned up at the end of Endgame. It's all convoluted and only that last part is my personal theory as I had the same drawback that you do. It's just one of those things that could totally blow your mind. I just think it might depend on the success of the movie. If it does well I'm sure they'd find a way to bring her back for a full arc, but they could go the other way and take Yelena into the future of the MCU. I find it hard that they would create just a 1-off for the MCU's most popular female character.
  7. I agree. This is the image that comes to mind when I think of Winter Guard. That is the quintessential CD and Ursa Major shoulda been the BAF but we're left to have to share a wave with the obligatory movie figs and I'm pretty excited for the comic figures they did at all. At least the BAF wasn't another M'Baku or Okoye situation. I think our best case scenario for ever getting these versions of CD or Titanium Man is to keep pushing for an Iron Man specific wave.
  8. This has something to do with the online rumor that Natasha from IW and Endgame was actually Yelena in disguise so if you haven't heard or read it, maybe look it up cuz there is validity to it. It basically says this movie takes place between Civil War and IW and Natasha had been captured by Thunderbolt Ross and Yelena was sent in to infiltrate the outlaw Avengers masquerading as Natasha, similar to how Natasha disguised herself as Councilwoman Hawley in Winter Soldier. They are siting 5 items of proof for this: 1. Natasha and Bruce's once igniting romance was a no-show in either movie, and she was maybe even a bit cold to him as the Merged Banner. 2. She returned in IW inexplicably blonde, to many of our surprise. Not that it mattered all that much at the time but it was a spark of discussion for a bit around the comic and movie community 3. If you look at the comparisons between the green vest Natasha's wearing in IW and the one Yelena is wearing Black Widow, they are identical. Now these could simply be standard issue for the Red Room in which they both were given one so they may not be the exact same one, but you could see how this might have been something Feige left out there so he could go in several directions. 4. In the "death" scene between Clint and "Natasha" there seemed to be some underlying and maybe romantic history they were speaking of that wasn't really there between the usually very close, yet platonic feel of interactions between the two before. That would mean Clint was aware of who she really was, but as the world was being turned upside down, could Yelena have not had a change of heart and abandoned her mission in order to save the world at which point Clint would have decided to keep her secret for a later time? 5. In the new movie trailer they are very close in size and height and the trailer actually makes it a point to make them seem like mirror images of each other during their fight. It's very interesting at the least. All that was said to make this point though: Why wasn't the Yelena figure made in the same way the IW Black Widow was done, which was an actual overlay that you could remove and it maybe looked a little skinny, but still worked out well. Had they done it that way they could have given us both black and white suits that the vests could have been used with and the various head sculpts could have been used with them as we please? Then again, would that have made it too obvious if they had just re-used the IW Black Widow figure in white cast plastic? Just something to roll around in your brains, there.
  9. Seriously man, I think you're giving the BAF an early bad rap. I've looked the images over extensively. Quite literally, the only straight re-use from the Iron Monger are the legs. I initially thought maybe the hands were the same, but even they are different. If you look at the individual parts in the packaging shots you will see the arms are new the shoulder pads are new (of course) and the chest and torso are new. They're even articulated different and if you look hard enough you'll even notice the chest is wider and the neck pin sits higher than Iron Monger. This figure is actually gonna stand a bit higher than Iron Monger, which will probably bug some people, but I think Iron Monger was undersized to begin with. As a fellow Comic figure lover I'd hope you give it a shot. I agree the Movie figures seem of a bit lower quality than the most recent bunch, but it's better to at least get a figure for you money than pay a gouging price for the BAF single on Evilbay.
  10. If she can rehab some of these Champions characters in a similar way she did Riri I'm all in to give it a shot. With the whole outlaw thing I think they're trying to do revival of the 70's/80's X-Men vibe, which was good and entertaining. Back then they had a message but it was all done through allegory, not just a slap in the face. If they could pull that off it would be yet another move in the right direction for Marvel.
  11. That would entail that Hasbro get off their hands and do an actual IM based line that wasn't involved with the MCU, and I thought that was the next best bet after his particular movie arc and the current Avengers arc ended, but with the rumored return of Tony Stark (through AI or hologram and flashbacks, I assume) it looks like Hasbro has been set up to have he and the similarly returning Steve Rogers anchor yet more movie based waves. I think our hopes of getting all those comic based IM characters, much less redos of previous out of scale ML versions and versions done in the 4" line, are getting dashed more and more by the day
  12. I think i can answer both of these. I removed the vest from Jumbo Crossbones and tried it on Nuke, who uses the Hyperion upper body, cuz I was trying to do a scaled down Crossbones custom, and thought it will fit it's large and loose without some minor surgery, which I wasn't keen on doing. The vest on the white suit seems to be sculpted. If you look around there are some higher resolution pics in a couple of places online (which really makes Yelena's head sculpt look much worse), and it's also articulated which is not typical of an overlay (see IW Black Widow). I know what you're thinking. Natasha wears a white suit in the movie but it doesn't look like she's wearing a vest so you were wondering if you could imitate that. So was I, but sadly I found pretty quickly that's probably not gonna be possible.
  13. I'm hoping the most recent images of Squirrel Girl was a victim of a bad last minute show time primping. I can't imagine they'd go with the Golden Girls' Blanche look over the cool, confident, defiant look of the original images.
  14. And that is the biggest drawback of both those figures. They were under scale as it was and it's even more so now. In fact it's noticeable even in poses and separation. If they could upscale that version of Dynamo and do a Titanium Man in the scale of this Dynamo BAF it would kill. Still, I'm not gonna not pick too much. It's new, it's in scale and it's big (always a plus), and it's already on pre-order. And for all you worried that is just a repaint of the Iron Monger BAF, don't worry too much. From what I can tell it's mostly just the legs and hands. Even the chest plate and codpiece are different or at least retooled.
  15. As far as the whole price per product issue, Big Bad Hasbro better watch their six. Jazwares is gaining momentum in the action figure field and not only do they include accessories (look it up Hasbro), but almost all sculpts are unique, they all have additional face portraits and the price point is under $18. If they'd have gotten the DC license they woulda given ML a run for their money. And they're the kinda hungry where they woulda met Hasbro at 6.5" scale and tried to do it better, instead of doing the McFarlane "I just got good at 7 in. so that's what we're doing" thing. But truthfully, in the end if they start making too many waves, the big boys like Hasbro and Mattel will gang up on them, sue the pants off them and the then up in court so long that they have no choice but to crumble, just like they did with Toybiz.
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