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  1. Yup, my comments won't add much, buuuut.... 1. Angel (pass) - He has that weird massive shoulder thing going with his arms pushed way out to his sides. It's the same body mold as the Hasbro Wal-Mart exclusive Silver Surfer. A victim of trying to pack in too much articulation. 2. X-23 (pass+) Ughhh, an abominatiin of a figure. Head is massive, limbs are sickly skinny. She's supposed to be young, but they made this one look like a pedophiles prepubescent fantasy. The only redeeming characteristic is the fold away toe claws. 3. Xorn (fair) - He was a diamond in the rough in the Blob wave. Second only to She-Hulk. Excellent sculpt and detail, but very stiff and very small, even as compared to TB's smaller scale. Looks good but won't fit in with the modern figs. 4. Danger (fair+) - Looks really good, very well sculpted, but even stiffer than Xorn and as brittle as an SH Figuarts figure. Hips are all but impossible to pose. Luckily she's usually only ever shown in a standing prone position. If you're looking for static posed figure she's the best at it. 5. Spiral (good+) - Hands down the best figure from the Rulk wave. The only new, even good sculpt of the bunch and an innovative way to do multi-arms. Makes one wonder WTF happened with those two deuces they laid in the recent Spider-Man waves. Still had those stupid rotating ankles and still undersized for today's scale. 6. Fantomex (must) - Decent representation of a figure that may never get a reboot. Pretty spot on with the sleeveless duster (it's not a trench coat, guys) on an existing, yet under utilized and unappreciated buck. If it didn't have those ball hips it would hold up under today's standards. 7. Daken (bad+) - Head sculpt was good but the rest was done on the absolute most dated and overused buck at the time. Not sure how they did it but Hasbro retooled the Bullsey mold and made it look even more rudimentary. Saddest thing is we will probably never see him again in this suit. 8 Cyclops (must) - It's the Bucky Cap mold which was the best at the time and still one of the best all purpose molds in circulation (IMO). It fits right in with modern figures and pretty much everything from the Puck wave is HTF. Get it if the price is right. Added note: Fantomex is almost worth getting for the guns alone. Back then they had quite a selection of pistols that were a hella lot better than those stupid looking Luger type pistols they use for every character who carries.
  2. SCORE! Patients is a virtue my friends. But in this case it was blind luck. Almost walked right past this ripe old beauty in the clearance aisle.
  3. I'm gonna take it from the perspective that a box set would most likely consist of 90 percent reused parts, aside from New head sculpts, of course. So my list will be based more on probability than what my nerd fanboy brain really wants. 1. Falcon & Redwing (classic or modern) - though Sam is much larger than Vulture, we now know Hasbro has cracked the formula that has so long evaded them 2. Winter Soldier (classic or modern) - this could most likely be done on the Paladin buck 3. Diamondback - though she is athletic, she's still quite leggy. I would suggest the Dark Phoenix buck over the Kate Bishop. 4. US Agent (on a larger buck) - this is just begging for a redo. Many think the reaper buck would do. I think even the Odinson woukd work as his official stats are closer to Thor rather than Cap. 5. Crossbones (on a smaller buck) - this one needs to be brought down a little from the old Hulkling buck. Again, his stats show him to be more in line with a Thor dimensions. 6. Black Mamba or Black Racer - just cuz I know Hasbro would love to use the Kate Bishop buck in this set.
  4. Flop is an interpretive word. Ones definition can vastly differ from another. For my part it was an excellent figure, much better than the box set exclusive. I simply judge by the fact that I can walk in any Walgreens (in my town) and find at least 3 in every store. It's even worse with FA Daredevil and (Black) Ant-Man. Yet figures like Silver Surfer, Reed Richards, Mystique, even Infamous Iron Man are nowhere to be found. I too wonder why Medusa was not quite as well recieved as others, but maybe it was ultimately the victim of over saturation, or maybe it's just the lesser appeal of characters like the Inhumans as apparent by the failure of the TV show/movie/whateverTF, but do hope we continue to see some Inhumans in maybe the Avengers or FF waves. As @bashpics99 said, maybe slipping them into a wave and including a BAF with them would ensure healthier sales.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Aside from Marrow I suppose she is the most recognizable Morlock. They could pretty much reuse the "Punk Storm" body mold and I think they could include her "beautiful" head swap and also her tentacle arms. Wow, I forgot just how much crap she's been through. Sounds like a perfect recipe for a Walgreens exclusive, but I think it's been reported that the Cuckoos would be the last X-Men based exclusives, and it was up in the air if they would keep doing exclusives at all as the exec that oversees the exclusives is leaving the company. Still, I can't imagine they'd opt out. Sure, there are a few flops like Black Ant and Medusa, but they've done pretty well for the most part.
  6. I'm only interested in this one because of the Dani and Mirage figures that may never get done otherwise. If they wanted to they could include a Magma head sculpt in some single packed character in the future. I'm sure some kind of male New Mutants uniform character will be coming out eventually, but non of the male characters were the same height. You make due where you can, I guess. Great list @Benn. That's quite a project. I do think after AOA, the outback era is the most logical way to go. Longshot, Rogue in her Green Bustier outfit, maybe even Psylocke in her purple armor. There's a lot of good material there. Personally, I don't really see Generation X figures. Those characters, aside from Husk, were probably the worst conceptualized characters in X-History. Still if any of them do come out I'm getting them, but will lose no sleep if they don't. I forsee a Excalibur press in the near future and then I think they are just gonna go all over the place snatching looks and characters from all over the mutant spectrum. I would love some representation from the Morlocks, but I doubt it. I'm a big fan of Sunder and the way he went out, fighting as one of the X-Men who put it all on the line to rescue the original team. I think it was said somewhere that the plan was at one time to have Guido join the Blue Team and Sunder was to join X-Factor, but they ultimately decided they looked too much alike and killed Sunder off while he was in a training uniform. There's even an old 90's trading card with random representations of the X-Men where it clearly depicts Guido, yet they list him as Sunder. It was a whole weird thing they retconed as Marvel was making their big re-branding effort to accommodate Jim Lee and his merry band and Rob Liefeld before they ultimately stabbed them in the back (not bitter at all). Long story even longer, Sunder almost made it into the team, but Lee didn't want him.
  7. It looks exactly outside the package as it does inside the package. Al fluff and retread. Meh doesn't even begin to describe it enough. This only relies purely on the peak of popularity DP is at right now. No way would this have been approved for distribution had it been any other character. But I guess business is business. You go with what's hot and capitalize as much as you can with it. Be that as it may, I predict to be the stinker of this years Fan Channel crop.
  8. That's amazingly beautiful work, my friend. I'm loving this two pack. Polaris' hair has a life of it's own, almost like Merida from Brave. I know everyone else is so hyped about the Jim Lee style Jean Grey, but for me this is the multi-pack set of the year.
  9. Power loading any Marvel movie done by Sony with obscure yet cool characters can only be a good thing. Venom was not a bad movie, but by no means was it good. Woody Harrelson plays a magnificent badass and he immediately makes any actors around him better by osmosis, so I'm liking the prospects of this movie more and more every day.
  10. All these are excellent and have would have a legitimate chance of being done. My picks are very similar. Two/three packs are the perfect way to correct mistakes from the past while doing a character never done before (by Hasbro) and making it feel all new. Classic Captain Marvel & Classic Ms. Marvel - seriously, my personal feelings about the whole Captain Marvel situation aside, this needs to be done. We need a new Mar-Vell done the way only Hasbro can do it, and though Disney would like us to forget about the original Ms. Marvel she is a part of her actual history and she needs some recognition & respect. Of course they could include an alternate Karla Sofen head sculpt to do Dark Ms. Marvel. Banshee & Siryn - Hasbro needs to wipe the taste of all the figures they did during the Dark Days of ML out of our mouths. Hasbro has all the parts to do both of these (besides new head sculpts) and do them both right. Spiral & Longshot - Again, a redo and a never done. Hasbro actually did a multi-arm character the right way with the first Spiral, but her rigid remaining articulation and those stupid rotating ankles make her ripe for the redo. And, of course Longshot's never been done by Hasbro, but I have no doubt they can easily out do Toybiz's excellent version. Nick Fury, Jr. & Maria Hill - Fury would basically serve as a Shield Agents army builder on the Reaper mold. It could include swap head sculpts for Commander (Old Steve) Rogers and Masked Agent. Similarly, Hill would have swap head sculpts for Sharon Carter and a Masked Agent. Falcon & Winter Soldier - The Disney+ show is on it's way and it will set pace for reception of all Disney+ offerings in the future, so expect them to put the best effort forward. Hasbro should do the same. We've had some decent MCU versions of both but we've been begging for good comic versions of them for many moons now. If they really need to they can include some newer, better MCU head sculpts to be used with these figures or their previous MCU figures. Modern Strong Guy & Monet (M) - I know Strong guy is just getting his first 6" figure EVER (thank you, Hasbro), but I distinctly remember many people being upset it wasn't his more modern X-Factor Investigations version with the black shirt and jeans. Assuming the big puffy jacket on the upcoming figure is an overlay, then the base figure should already be done and some simple alterations to that buck should do.
  11. Of course you mean the original He-Man line, right? Every series had all new characters and maybe every now and then they'd have something like Battle Damage He-Man & Skeletor, but they were short packed rather than double packed. Then if the demand was there they would re-release the original He-Man and Skeletor on their own, not with a series. If they didn't sell, the input was given by the vendor and no more were shipped. On the flip side the 200X line was totally destroyed by the over saturation of at least one He-Man and Skeletor per wave and then double and triple packaging them until nothing populated shelves but He-Man and Skeletor of varying varieties.
  12. It would be beautiful to not have to have a main character, but we all know that isn't gonna happen. 1. Future Foundation Reed - simple repaint 2. Future Foundation Sue - see above 3. Crystal - I think we all agree this is a no-brainer 4. Kang the MF'n Conqueror - we need a good one, already 5. Doombot - for obvious reasons 6. Wizard - as many have stated, we need more villains BAF (though the rules forbade it) Lockjaw PS. - I know not many people are all that thrilled about Future Foundation versions, but it does make sense in that it opens up the avenues to do cheap easy repaints of figures like Spider-Man, She-Hulk and Doom.
  13. Now, now you and I have been over this again and again. You happen to live in this magical little place where MCU figures just fly off the shelves and comic figures linger like Grandma's fruitcake. Where the Care Bears ride unicorns and Captain Marvel was a good movie. That's all good and cool, but me, I live in the real world where I can go to any Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, Gamestop, hell even JC Penny and find pretty much any damn MCU figure I want (save for Infinity War Thor, for some reason), but things like the X-Men/X-Force waves and the Vintage Waves are barely anywhere to be found in the wild (thank you internet). Sure, there are people who want 50 MCU Captain Americas, and sure even those who don't will even buy 50 MCU Captain America's (myself included), but being one of those people who didn't want, yet still bought all the countless boring retreads, there's a reason I've posted several pictures in the past of MCU (including Netflix) figures outnumbering comic figures 5 to 1 on the warmer pegs. I've thrown down the gauntlet to you to show me and everyone else otherwise several times and you've never stepped up to the challenge to back it up. Let's make a little wager. I will put up my MIB Dark Phoenix & Classic Cyclops 2 pack from the late, great TRU if you can post more pics than I can of comic figures clogging the pegs than I can of the MCU figures doing just that, I've got plenty of pics on my global tracking device right now and can probably gather at least a half dozen more today. Let's do it. It's not a factor of who likes what or which figures are better (cough, cough, comic, cough), but it's a matter of how many times you want to buy the same Malibu Captain America "but with a different hat" (credit to the Simpsons). Like I said I buy them all sooner or later, regardless of how much I protest (damn you Captain Marvel Wave), but do I "want" another MCU Captain America that bad or do the Execs want me to feel like I have to buy another MCU Cap? The later waves of DCUC showed that every wave does not need to have a major character to sell well and sell out, and though it will never happen, I venture to say ML would sell as well, or better if waves included some more obscure, lesser known figures instead of a major character.
  14. Not really, but selling you Captain America over and over with slightly different clothing is like KFC selling you the same chicken leg in a different box.
  15. To be honest, I think as well received as the Alpha Flight box set has been so far, I wouldn't be surprised it Hasbro started to do some of these other team rosters in boxed format. Anything within the 5 to 7 character range would well be within the realm of possibility. I could see a Reavers box set (Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Cole, Macon, Donald Pierce). Bonebreaker would count as the typical "larger" figure and pretty much the rest of them could be done with reused bucks and new head sculpts. Of course, Deathstrike would be done as a single pack, I predict if not in this wave, at least in one wave this year, possibly a vintage wave. Teams like Mauraders (or Nasty Boys), UFoes and Winter Guard could fall in short order. Personally I think it would be a good idea and an ingenious way of getting some of these obscure, yet much wanted figures out of the way.
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