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  1. It's been shown that it can be done in SW Black line and other companies like DC Collectables, so its totally possible. The creative team has made it clear that it's mostly based on aesthetics that it isn't being done. I might be in the minority but I 100% agree. I think double jointed elbows make the female arms too bulky. Not having double jointed elbows really doesn't bother me that much. That being said, I also agree we need more female bucks, particularly the legs. They have made several variations of the torso, but most of the lower bodies are using those flimsy Kate Bishop legs. They need to either beef them things up a little more or redesign them altogether. The Dark Phoenix/Psylocke buck seems to be the atempt to do this, plus add some range of motion, but people AR complaining about the gap in the hinge joint. While I enjoy the buck myself, I can't say that the complaints are unfounded. Females are a tough design to get right. Hell, TB never was able to. What sucks is when they finally get it right there's gonna be a ton of people demanding that they go back and redo previous figures. All that being said, the fact is, they just need to treat the female bucks like the male bucks. Females come in all shapes and sizes and since now it seems like they're intent on phasing out the Moonstone buck they need to get some more molds onto rotation.
  2. No, they don't suck at it. It's just hit or miss and it always will be. Logic says the most recognizable figure in the wave should be in highest demand so, naturally the customer wants more of that product, but that's rarely the case, cuz I see MCU Captain America and Iron Man and Wolverine littering the toy isles almost everywhere I go, but I'll be damned if a Mysterio or Kane SS or Infinity War Thor can be found within a 200 mile radius. It's imperfect science (though I probably coulda told them the FA Deadpool was gonna be a floater), but it is what it is and we just get used to it.
  3. I'm with @tarot with this one. I like the variation of molds Hasbro has at this time and there are certain characters I associate with each mold. For instance, the Bucky mold, or any small variation of it, is the only one used for characters like Daredevil and Hawkeye which fits as they are supposed to be these super fit superior athletes. It has been misused in the past with figures like Blizzard and Eel, but that was for sheer lack of other molds at the time. It was overused for a time, but let's not penalize a perfectly good sculpt for lack of resources while ML was gaining steam. Now that there are a number of mold's available there is less chance of constant reuse. The Spider UK buck has already moved to be the standard for Black Panther and now it's hard to picture him on another buck as well. The last Vintage wave, which is all about only reused molds only used it once. As far as articulation of the Bucky Cap mold goes, for not having butterfly joints it's still quite posable, even more so than some of the butterfly jointed molds, and that's a pretty widely shared sentiment in the ML community. Something about the shoulder ball joint's design just makes it work better than most. That mold is of superior design, plain and simple. To get rid of it would be a shame. I think a simple reduction in how often it's used would be fair enough. As far as the Hyperion buck goes, I can take it or leave it. I don't think the Omega Red mold was meant to be its replacement as it's a bit bigger. I think the Odinson buck (which is different) was actually made to correct some of the weird proportions of the Hyperion mold, and I believe that's the mold that will be used for future Thor figures. If they wanna retire the Hyperion buck for thar one it would be fine with me but to completely abandon it altogether seems like a waste. So to answer the question, no I don't think they should be retired outright but maybe used less frequently.
  4. Ya, I know the creative team uses whatever sneaky, sly, or even underhanded trick (I'm sure simple name recognition is one of them), to slide another character in under the radar and they've been pretty successful whenever possible, but do you really think they went about it by tricking the "bean counters" into thinking Pimp Cottonmouth (lol, thanks for that one) and SS Cottonmouth were somehow the same guy, or is it not more likely that they just said, "Hey here's another character from the Serpent Society which is a pretty significant, albeit a little silly, criminal organizaton in Captain America/Avengers history, plus he'll be super easy to make using existing design and will require ZERO accessories"? It just seems like a pretty thin and very long stretch to me, and that it's it's being discussed like it's fact that the Netflix character had any bearing on the release of the figure almost an entire year in advance seems really strange. Maybe it's just me. But hell, who knows what goes on in all those pitch meetings anyway? All we can pretty much be sure of is if it has anything to do with the MCU franchises it's almost definitely going to get the automatic green light, so maybe. I guess. But not really, cuz that would bring us right back around to the major question at hand. Even if they were somehow able to convince the suits at Hasbro that the two were the same character, and then they were somehow able to sell them on a comic based figure on a "B Lister" like Cottonmouth due to his totally dissimilar appearance on a Netflix series, why the hell haven't they been able to get them on board for a comic based Falcon or WinSol from directly related characters from the far more successful movie franchises?
  5. Not to point out the obvious, but you guys do understand the Cottonmouth from Serpent Society and the one from the Power Man and Iron Fist corner of the Marvel Universe are two totally different people that have absolutely no correlation to each other after the names, don't you? The figure that came out on the Avengers wave is not in any way associated to the Luke Cage Netflix series. Do Hasbrouck take advantage of a very small possibility of name recognition with the character? Maybe, but I tend to think he was a very easy figure to make and another Serpent Society figure as always an easy filler.
  6. Yes, a Stan Lee figure is almost a sure thing, but there's absolutely no way it's gonna be a general release, unless they redo the BAF attempt. It just wouldn't fly as a standard release. I'm with you in hoping it's not a SDCC exclusive, but it will most certainly be an exclusive. Maybe with one of the e-tailers or, better yet, Hasbro Toy Shop. A four founding fathers set would also be cool, but once again, it'll only be in exclusive format.
  7. That's 100% the case. Any doubters need only look at the Black Dwarf (you can't make me call him Cull Obsidian) BAF. He was designed, produced and released based on original design over a year old and when the movie came out he looked almost nothing like the character in the movie. Even the weapon was different. Hasbro knew so long before anyone else and had gotten so far into production, it was actually easier to redesign the character in the multimillion dollar movie than the toy production. Not that I'm complaining. That movie character has goofy looking skinny legs with Frankenstein feet while the BAF looks a lot more menacing and powerful. It's actually being speculated that Black Dwarf will actually appear in the Captain Marvel in a form more resembling the BAF as in Infinity War he seams to be wearing a belt incorporating Captain Marvel's scarf that he or the Order altogether has taken from her. If that's the case and the character in the movie ends up looking like the BAF then that even accentuates the point that Hasbro had a glimpse much farther into the future than anyone.
  8. I must admit, for a second I also thought the Darkhawk wings might work, but like Tarot says, they're just a bit off. Then again, if they wanna use em to pump out a classic version of Falcon right away and do a modern one sometime in the future, I'm all on board. The point I was making was that regardless of what body mold(s) or combination of parts they use, it still doesn't account for the head sculpt they would need for it. Aside from the wings issue I really can't think of an existing head sculpt that would work for his classic look. And honestly, if they're doing a classic comic Falcon for the first time, I sure don't want some recycled, reused, repainted head sculpt anyway. Now, if you wanna argue that the Sam Cap from the 3 pack will work for his modern look I'll concede, but as far as his classic look he would need a new sculpt which would disqualify him from being in the Vintage line, in particular. Also, nobody ever said we can only get classic versions of the characters in the Vintage line only. They make plenty of classic characters in the main line still and I'm sure it will continue, and should. But don't expect to see any character in the Vintage line unless the character or the parts that make up the character have been used before. More than a sub line, the Vintage line is a cheap way for Hasbro to capitalize on the perception of new figures without actually doing anything new except maybe in regards to plastic colors & paint application. I really do hate the premise but even I must admit I prefer all the figures in the latest Vintage wave to the previous releases. They are just better. Especially the Scarlet Spider and Black Panther. Hasbro got me again.
  9. True, but Hasbro has never done one themselves which means they would need to do a new sculpt for the wings (I can't think of any previous wings that would work) and hopefully a new face sculpt. The one major rule that seems to apply to characters that appear in the Vintage waves is that they can be made 100% out of existing parts, so that would disqualify a Classic (or any) Sam Wison at this point.
  10. Mine is a similar situation. All Walgreens in my area got 5 Things on the exact same day (again, according to the computers) and scalpers snatched em up immediately. I found a single one someone had stashed in a kiosk display. Magiks started popping up sporadically all over town, but they were hitting the shelves about a dozen at a time. Now they're just littering the entire toy isles.
  11. Well according to websites like Moviefone, IMDB and Variety it's already in the works so, if there's any faith that these are reputable websites it looks like it's pretty much a done deal. Latest rumors are that it's supposed to be some kinda buddy cop thing like Leathal Weapon, according to Sebastian Stan. Of course, and again the SJW community is out in full force making their demands about gender & sexuality changes they want, but if they can avoid caving in and rewriting the characters' entire histories and back stories, it's starting to look better and better. Maybe the buddy cop format means they'll be chasing down more than one single "criminal" during the entire duration of the show. Fingers crossed, but I won't hold my breath.
  12. Lol. I feel your pain, bro. I stopped chasing TB figures a few years ago for that very reason. And for the record, yes it helps. And to your points the answers to all the questions are "YES". At this point I really don't care. Do I want a modern or classic Falcon? Yes, either one will suffice at this time, cuz as we know, once Hasbro gets a character into the rotation it gets put on the map and other versions of that character get explored. I'm more partial to the modern "returned" version, but yes a classic will do just fine for now. Doesn't Winter Soldier look pretty much the same in the comics as he does in the MCU? Yes, but much in the same way as Black Widow, and Iron Man, and War Machine, and Black Panther, yet there are clear visable differences (see: the 3.75 figure comparison between the comic and MCU versions of Winter Soldier) and regardless of the similarities it hasn't stopped people wanting comic versions of those other characters either. And Hasbro has delivered on most of them. It's an argument I've heard several times, and from many of my collector friends as well. Many of them just use the MCU version as their default and there's nothing wrong with it, but what's the harm in giving us both options? To me it seems it would be as easy as reusing the Blade buck with some chest holsters and some belts and the left arm from the Giant-Man wave Winter Soldier. Like I said, it's a wonder why it hadn't been done yet. Regardless of how happy most people may or may not be with the MCU WinSol (I just trademarked that), I predict at least 80 percent of collectors would buy a legitimate licensed comic version for their collection.
  13. Now that it's been announced that one of the first three Marvel/MCU based shows that will appear on the Disney streaming service will be one revolving around Falcon & Winter Soldier (SW&Vision and Loki being the other two shows), will we FINALLY see Hasbro give us their comic interpretations of both characters, in a 2 pack or otherwise? I mean really, is it not ridiculous and unfathomable that that they haven't, at the very least, done a Falcon by now. Along with Mar-Vell it's totally baffling as to why Hasbro hasn't tried to improve apon either of the figures from the Toybiz days. To top it off, they both pretty much used the same buck back then. It shouldn't be too hard for Hasbro to outdo the previous versions. From what I've read about the premise of the show it doesn't really look too promising to me, but I'm keeping an open mind. After all, the only steaming heaps that Marvel has laid out to us so far are Iron Fist and the 2nd season of Luke Cage (don't worry Jessica Jones, your 2nd season is right up there too), but it really was more Netflix fault than Marvel's. These shows seem to have a lot more involvement by Kevin Feige himself, which has served the MCU well to this point. Either way, I do have high hopes for this show more than the other two. I hope they take some cues from the various DC shows based in the Arrowverse and use it to grow the MCU and introduce a lot more characters that Marvel has at their disposal. I'm tired of seeing full seasons based around a single antagonist, especially when they're usually just a cheap clone of the main protagonist. At the very least I hope it lasts long enough to warrant ML comic versions of both characters (we already have MCU versions of both and they're actually done very well), or possibly even a wave or two, but come on guys, it's time to correct the injustice of these figures not having been done to this point.
  14. monron999

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    I'm partial to Marc Silvestri & Chris Claremont's time doing X-Men so I may be biased, but I honestly think the modern portrayal of the Blob extends from one iconic story line from the late 80's. While Silvestri didn't exactly "redisign" characters as drastically as Jim Lee he did have a particular ability to make them more dynamic. As far as I can remember Blob had been portrayed as much smaller and more in line with his official stats until the "Fall of the Mutants" crossover event where he was drawn by Silvestri as this towering mass of meat and flab, basically a mountain with a cherry on top. I seriously believe this is the point where the Blob started to resemble the form he was in before his depowerment. He was made out to be the main nemesis for the returning Colossus and though the BAF doesn't perfectly line up with Silvestri's art it matches more closely with his art than most previous interpretations, especially in regards to size.
  15. For me the biggest surprise of the year was definitely the MCU Wasp. Similar to your experience I really couldn't get all that excited till I held it. Not only is it the best MCU figure of the wave, it's the best one to date. I challenge anyone to find any other MCU based figure with a more spot on face sculpt, even in this day of facial scan technology. It can't be done. Don't believe me, check it out for yourselves.

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