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  1. Wow, I heard from some of the online etailers that the purple haired psylocke would be the standard here in the States and the black haired one would be in the early pre orders and will actually be the more HTF as the lines starts to saturate the US market. I'm keeping faith that this is true cuz I've already pre ordered & assume that will be the black hair one, but hopefully the purple hair won't be to hard to find. Honestly I had no trouble locating the two versions of Mysterio. From what I could see it was about a 50/50 ratio. At least in my area. Ya, I never understood the whole "gotta have it now" mentality. Just be a little patient. No extra points for being first to get it. Unless, of course, you're one of the reviewers.
  2. monron999

    Comic-con Correspondence

    Good to see you back in the game Cobra. Nothin' like a good ole SDCC to bring the gang back together, right. Ya, me and Rukk put our differences aside & realized we have a greater cause to fight: The prevention of the TAKOVER of one of the best American toy lines in history by changing everone's favorite comic action figures to ACTOR FIGURES. Again, I like figures based on movies as much as any comic fan, buuuuut we are a long way from one Tom Jane Punisher or Ben Affeck DD mixed in every once in a while to the unrivaled HORRAAAH that was the Black Panther wave(s) and Infinity War waves. What's happening to our ML? All levity aside (sorry Tarot), I personally think it's a mixture the whole 10 year anniversary thing and the end of the modern Avengers movie arch as we know it. As we all know, the actors are starting to get up there in age & tho it seems RDJ is okay to be Tony Stark in every damn movie for the rest of his life, most of the other actors (specifically the Chris's) are ready to throw in the towel. So with the future uncertain at this point, I think this is Hasbro & Marvel's last hooorah to milk as much Hollywood based merch out of the line as possible. Now, much like the BP movie, the Cap Marvel movie is starting to look a lot more appealing than it previously had, but the sad truth is this Cap simply does not have the chops to carry the next phase, no matter how much Marvel wants her to. Marvel Stdios does get it wrong every once in a while (Inhumans anyone?) And this will be one of those times. This is where the reacquisition of the Fox properties come in to play. Thank you God, for X-Men & F4, returning home. Captain Marvel & Spider-Man will bridge the gap just long enough for those "Unnamed Projects" to be turned to new reboots of both franchises. And baby I'm sooooo excited to see what Marvel Studios does with these guys. I expect their versions of Apocalypse and Doctor Doom to wipe the terrible taste of the last one out of our moth completely. As for what this will mean for the toy lines, we'll I expect that the be one part awesome and two part nefarious. First off I think this will free the Avengers based waves from movie figure hell. Meaning since Cap, IM & the Avengers still remain a major part of the Marvel brand, ML should still have waves based on them without the need for further actor figures & we start to get a lot of those comic figures we've so desperately been pining for, and maybe we will get all the comic versions of the newly restored Avengers that we most definitely need. How many of these waves a year they could squeeze in per year remains to be seen, though one comic Avengers wave & one each IM & Cap wave per year does not seem outta the question, similar to the one X-Men & 2 Deadpool we recieved this year. The Avengers & Captain America waves of the future could be what the X-Men & Deadpool waves are currently: pure comic figure nirvana. Basically, I see the Avengers & X-Men changing roles, tho it does give one pause that the Iron Man movie arch has been over for 5 years & we still haven't had a comic based wave yet, but maybe that has something to do with the actors movie contracts. Yes, that means the X-Men & F4 waves will all eventually be over run with MCU figures one day & though it will be bliss for MCU collectors who would love nothing more than to have all the repetetive actor figures their little hearts desire, us Comic figure fans will suffer for any crumbs they will throw at us. The bright side of that is it looks like the creative team is doing everything in its limited power to try & get us as many Comic based X-figures as possible before that happens. We've already gotten damn near perfect versions of the F4 and I'm almost certain a new Doctor Doom & Kang will follow the Super Skull sometime in the near future. So I'm keeping a positive outlook. This would be a subject I would like to touch apon at this year's SDCC, but alas, I fear this is something that's a few years off and though it would make perfect sense (in a sensible world) the suits at both Hasbro & Disney are as unpredictable as a Walking Dead season premiere. On other fronts, I think the 4 & 12 inch lines are toast. Initially I did not like the 4" line but as they got better I grew to like them & even tracked down all the older figs I missed. Best part about them: NO FREAKIN' MOVIE FIGURES! Ultmately, with the resources and focus on the reignition of the ML line the distribution & quality & articulation of the 4" line suffered & I don't foresee a full return to glory other than exclusives or special products similar to the Gamestop Rainbowpool set. Sad story. I really liked the assortments and the fact that they dared to let the worlds of the Avengers & X-Men intermingle. As far as the 12" I just think it never caught on. I think it was too much too fast. As much care as they put into detail, they ignored as much in scale. Deadpool was the same size as Spidey as Daredevil and some of the head sculpts were way too big. The only ones I ever bought were on clearance and from what I saw they all eventually ended up in clearance. Honestly, to be rid of them would take some burden off my wallet. As good and as large some of them were, that price point was a hell of a stretch for me.
  3. Okay, so I just had a thought. Happens sometimes, can't help it, especially when I'm already off work, done my chores and am bored as hell. So the Madcap head sculpt that comes with X-Men Uniform Deadpool is pretty cool and an awesome, unexpected bonus, but even the most appreciative of us have to admit it's quite outta place. Yes, it looks pretty decent on the classic Deadpool or even the Tony Moore Deadpool (representing Maddy's time impersonating DP), but still it doesn't seem that it's quite right. Follow me here, cuz tho we (meaning "I") complain a lot about some of the things Hasbro does, the creative team has a way of sneaking little things past the powers that be every once and a while and if they pull this one off like I think they might, it will be one of their most awesome productions to date. I think most of us, if not all of us, expect one of the next Riders reveals to be DP on a Vespa. Almost a "no brainer", right? Say this is true. What version of DP will they use? The modern (Moore) DP has been done, the classic has been done, X-Force, X-Men & Boxers DP are also in the books. Where to now? I suppose a "serious" X-Menpool is an option but I don't think he ever appeared in that uniform on said Vespa so it just wouldn't work out just right, so let me run this past ya. How about they do a Mercs for Hire type DP, like Skottie Young or Iban Coello style, meaning a thinner type body style with a less form fitting suit. This would serve two-fold as not only would it give us another one of DP's unique looks but it could also be used as a swappable body for not only Madcap, but a few of the other "thinner" guys who've stood in as him like Slapstick or Terror whose head sculpts can be uncluded as pack-ins in future waves. Hell, to be honest, I think even a Pizza Spidey buck would be okay for these purposes. Of course, the more muscular members of the team like Solo and Stingray would look fine on the modern or classic sculpts so there could be quite an opening for Hasbro to include multiple extra head sculpts in the future waves. Just a thought. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Maybe the Madcap head was intended for the classic DP. Maybe Hasbro's not as anal about those small details (Sasquatch, anyone?) As I am. But wouldn't it be cool? And wouldn't that be an amazing reveal. I tell ya, they needa hire me for their design team Post Haste! Anyways, I suppose I should go break something so I can try & fix it and end up breaking it worse just to keep myself busy and off rambling in this forum.
  4. Easiest pass of the year for me. It's actually a good break for me on the second half of the year with all the 4 awesome waves that seem to be hitting all at the same time. It's been a weird year for me up to this point. I think I bought 7 figures total outta the last two Avengers waves. Making them literally two of only three ML waves I never completed. The other being the weeeeak Black Panther wave. So the first half of the year was fairly easy on my wallet, but now I gotta fork up loads of cash for the next 4 waves and it's gonna hurt a little bit. This SDCC set, I predict, will be one of the weakest sellers in years. Maybe I might pick it up on clearance, but it's more likely I'll pick up the 2 packs as they are released. Avoiding the entire MCU vs Comic argument this set is just unbearably weak. A Claire head on a reused Mary Jane body, a Danny head and yellow fist on the terrible, terrible, horrible, painfully anorexic, sickly looking suited body that needs to be put to bed & a Colleen that actually has a great new body sculpt but from everything I've seen looks nothing like the actress that plays her. Bargain bin material here, guys. And no cardboard subway car is gonna change my mind on this one. I might try to locate a Murdock headsculpt replica off ebay, tho.
  5. monron999

    SDCC 2018 Predictions

    Ya, and that will be followed by the obligatory "We'd love to do all the things the fans want (then just do it) but we have to look at the market and trends & blah, blah, blah, big ticket, blah, blah, blah, out front, blah, blah, blah, current direction, blah, blah." Basically using a thousand syllables of BS to say absolutely nothing at all. It's so sad that we're all so familiar with the same old song & dance. Give em hell tho, pal. Or at least avoid the ole Shartimus bobblehead bounce & way too pensive and understanding goofy look.
  6. Not necessarily wrong, just misguideded. Lol, JK. I suppose this could be done as a Wendigo BAF with a head swap with an attached chest piece. Y'know, mix a little serious with the obscure, a la the Dirk Anger head swap. A little nod to the cartoon wouldn't be too bad as long as we also got a real character out of it. As far as where he belongs, I'm not sure an X-Wave would be the right place for him. You know how Marvel forbids the intermingling of the Avengers & X franchises. No dice. Strong Guy is still on the top of my list, followed immediately by a JR,JR era Nimrod. With the new Monster Venom buck it seems like Strong Guy is a foregone conclusion, but then again, how many of us were convinced an updated comic Hulk was on it''s way when the Ragnarok buck came out kickin' ass & blowing our minds?
  7. monron999

    SDCC 2018 Predictions

    Rukk ole budy, I'm gonna correct you but only in a tongue in cheek, condescending, endearing way and let you be the judge. According to official Marvel cannon, Gambit first appearance was in the shadows as part of the Mauraders in Uncanny X-Men #210 then as a cameo in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 then full frontal in Uncanny X-Men #266, yes with an adolescent Ororo Munroe. In that sense I would not be remotely interested in an adolescent Storm figure.
  8. monron999

    SDCC 2018 Predictions

    As for my predictions: 1. There will be only one actual X-Wave next year. First reveals will be possibly Nightcrawler, Classic Mystique or an improved Emma Frost. Beast will be hinted on but he won't be shown yet, they'll reveal him at a later time to much elated surprise. 2. There will be a New Mutant Wave whether they choose to call it a NM wave or an auxiliary X-Wave remains to be seen. Magik will be rereleased, of course, Cannonball, Sunspot & probably Moonstar. They'll manage to get some form of Deadpool or Wolvie in this wave. If Strong Guy isn't the BAF then I don't foresee it happening otherwise anywhere in the near future. 3. Gambit will have to make an appearance in one of these two waves. There's no logic on waiting another year for a movie that no one even knows is ever gonna happen. Channing Tatum looks like he's aged 20 years (seriously) since talks about the movie began years ago. If they don't do it soon they're gonna have to change it to another actor who ages a bit more gracefully. 4. MCU Captain Marvel will be there but im afraid she will not be able to carry an all female wave, but Ms. America may make an appearance & possibly a Classic Ms. Marvel/Dark Ms. Marvel (head swaps?) & Mar-Vell. Blue Marvel would be smart, to make it an all Marvel wave. If not, maybe a Quasar could find its way into the wave. And I mean the real one, not the gender social experiment female one. Sorry, I wasn't built to fall into all that PC gender swap garbage that ultimately turned out to be a total flop. 5. I don't think either BAF from the two Infinity War 2 waves will be shown but I predict fans will get the shaft again as one of them will end up being the Armored Thanos. Second one will most likely be MCU Hulk in the weirdo new get up we've seen in the promo images or the Banner piloted version of the Hulkbuster. Once again dashing our hopes of getting an updated comic Hulk (freaking ankle pivot) on a modified version of the Ragnarok Hulk buck. 6. The SDCC exclusives will suck for everyone but MCU fans. We've already seen what we have to look forward to. It's time to put that damn old suit buck to bed & give us a well dressed update already. 7. ML Riders will be Captain America on Motorcycle & Deadpool on Vespa. Professor X is also on the way but, like Tarot said, I highly doubt he'll be put in a set called "Riders". He'll probably be an exclusive of some sort, or possibly be the BAF for the X-Wave. I'm cool with that. 8. I expect a few baddies to make it into the Infinity War 2 waves, but most movie based figs will not show up till the movie gets closer. We're gonna get mostly MCU figures, so I at least hope we get the Ebony Maw & Corvus Glaive this time around. 9. One Spider-Man wave will be awesome & the other one will be a movie wave. Say hurray for yet another MCU Iron Man figure. Maybe we'll at least get a comic based Kingpin outta of the deal. Also crossing my fingers for a Scorpion. Spider-Man India will not be denied one more year. Not my personal favorite, but anything beats the unarticulated bath toy that is Spider-Ham. 10. Last, but not least. Toys R Us will not get an exclusive next year. What, too soon?
  9. monron999

    SDCC 2018 Predictions

    Yes, yessss, freakin' yes I can. I was looking at it just the other day & though the exact same thing. I was just about to post this & you took the words right outta my mouth, bro. Now which version will it be. Classic X-Factor with all the zippers & belts or the later X-Factor Investigations casual wear or even the most modern orange uniform look. I don't care at this point, just get us one. I just hope they include 2 head sculpts, one with the white hair & goggles and one bald head with hipster glasses. That would make my ML collection complete. Aside with updated comic versions of the newly restored Avengers, of course.
  10. Yes they do. Their are quite a few review videos out there and pretty much all the Venom heads fit on all the different body molds. As to whether they look right or not is another question. The different neck lengths and neck pin lengths make it very clear which head sculpts belong to which body molds. I personally don't even think the Pork Grind head, which is made to be put on the Eddie Brock Venom body even looks correct.
  11. monron999

    Venom Wave

    Ya, I was pretty sure the BAF was gonna be some version of the feral Venom & yes it is better than the Toybiz version. Way to rally back after that undersized Sasquatch debacle. I love Typhoid Mary. Hit me from left field but I'm happy to have it. The biggest disappointment about this wave is that it's only 6 figs deep. I feel like, since they were including figures like Mary anyway, they coulda worked in another easy character using an existing buck. Y'know, someone like maybe Tarantula or Vermin or even the Spot or Cardiac. Second looming disappointment is what's up with the Spider-Ham. There better be more to it than that small unarticulated legged piece of plastic. I'm sure it will come with the largest part of the BAF, but it better come with some web effects or Howard the Duck or something. At the end of the day I guess we can all be happy the BAF wasn't Riot.
  12. They're usually pretty good about responding. They're also pretty much my go to for everything as well. In the case of Mysterio, and judging by the scarcity of the figure altogether, I'd bet they probably oversold the figure and they're waiting for a restock of their own. They're pretty good about keeping the customer in the know so it's odd they haven't contacted you back. Hope u get it soon.
  13. monron999

    Rumour! Vintage wave 2

    No, no, I do understand exactly what the vintage wave is about. I mean, aside from the obvious cheap money grab. What I think you might be misunderstanding is my use of the word update, which I did debate using for that very reason, but allow me to elaborate. When I use the word update I can mean newer or more modern versions of characters, though I'm usually careful to actually regard them as "modern" version, but in this particular case I only used the word in reference to the use of the newer molds or sculpts. Many of the characters I named were done (usually rather poorly) in the Toybiz or early Hasbro lines and could easily be "redone" in classic form using the superior current molds. Thor can be easily revisited using the Odinson buck, Tigra can be done using the Moonstone buck with some glued on auxiliary parts, similarly Hercules, Falcon & Yellow Jacket can all be done on existing bucks with little to no retooling
  14. monron999

    Rumour! Vintage wave 2

    Uuuuhhhmmm, just let me get the numbers straight for a second. That makes Black Panther number 4, Scarlet Spider number 5, Vision number 4, Hawkeye number 3, and Ant-Man number 5 (if you count MCU versions). I get that this will be the first Pym version of Ant-Man and probably an improvement on Wasp, who happens to have thousands of costume changes as part of her character bio, so I'm cool with those two, but just so we're really clear, we still haven't seen hide nor hair of an updated Quicksilver who is a long standing member of the Avengers (mutant or not), nor have we seen updated versions of Thor (meaning freaking ankle pivot), Tigra or Hercules or Falcon (with wings, for the love of god) or War Machine, Yellow Jacket (male or female, I don't give a damn), Hulk (again, ANKLE PIVOT) or Goliath. Better than the first wave? Perhaps, based on each person's character preferences, but still pretty freaking lame overall. Ant-Man is a definite purchase, but the set as a whole is a resounding "PASS".
  15. monron999

    Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

    Lol. So true. Sad? Yes, but so true. I think Hasbro kinda painted themselves in a corner with Prof X. They shoulda done him a long time ago when the waves were mixed franchises. At that time he coulda qualified as the "large" figure in any wave. Right now I think they're gonna have a really hard time figuring out where to fit him him. Obviously he will not be a Rider, as Tarot so eliquently put it, and I seriously don't think Hasbro would pull another "Finish-A-Figure" coup after that Vulture fiasco. I doubt the chair could be broken into more than 3 pieces even if they wanted to do it that way. At this point I think the safest bet would have to make him that 7th or 8th figure in a wave that has accessories (or one big accessory) rather than a BAF part. When that will actually happen, if ever, is anyone's guess. I mean, we still haven't gotten a Beast figure & judging by this year's X-Wave, which the creative team deemed the "Strongest Wave Yet" last year before the first character was even revealed, it may be some time before ole Xavier sees another plastic iteration. If that assortment is what passes for strongest I shudder to think what characters make it into a standard line up. Here's to a depowered Blob making it into the next, soon to be deemed "Greatest X-Wave Evaaah" wave.

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