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  1. Between this guy and the forthcoming Venom wave it looks like ML is quickly on the way to symbiote over exposure, just like the comics. Who didn't see that coming? It looks good but Brock, Mulligan or otherwise,I don't ever recall him being quite this large in the comics.
  2. A Reavers set wouldn't hurt my feelings though. But I suppose that's just wishful thinking.
  3. I hope this is an exclusive, but not necessarily HTF like Walgreens and Walmart. Maybe do it as Hasbro Pulse or I don't remember any E-tailers having a exclusive in a while. An exclusive will allow them to do whatever female character they do with more accuracy than a general release. I hope we get a Black Queen with a Selene and Jean/Madelyne swappable heads and a straight redo of the Emma Frost White Queen from the Annihilus wave. I think boxed sets are a perfect way for Hasbro to not only give us much wanted characters that may not stand strong as single releases, but to also correct a lot of past mistakes. Sets like the Brotherhood could give us figures like Pyro and Toad while "fixing" Blob. A set like Dark Avengers could give us a much wanted character like Ms. Marvel (with 2 head sculpts) while fixing a whole slew of characters like US Agent, Daken and Iron Patriot (with an Osborn head sculpt). If Hasbro does it right they could make a whole buncha fans very happy while also raking in the cash.
  4. Seriously, would it have killed them to do a little grey wash on this thing? Luckily ibwas able to order 2 so one of them will definitely be getting it.
  5. Even though a lot are under the opinion that there won't be a 2nd wave and I think Hasbro even, more or less, said there wouldn't be a second wave, I think there's some real logic for Hasbro to not include a "burnt" head sculpt with the Weapon X figure. They still need a Wolverine to anchor the 2nd wave. I'm sure it won't just be the same figure with a new head sculpt. They'll probably retool it a bit and ad some damage and scars. I guess that'd be okay, and there are several characters that could fill a 2nd wave. Wolverine - Burned with battle damage. I don't want or care but there's gotta be one. Rogue - The design was lame, but it's Rogue, and I love me some Rogue. I actually liked the poofy, mop top mullet. Magneto - There's really not much to it. Some minor aesthetic changes and some pig-tails and were in biznezz. Cyclops - I know, not another Cyclops. But he's got one eye. Shadowcat - Y'know, cuz we don't have enough Wolverine clones and we will never, EVEEEEER have enough of them. Iceman - It might take them doing an AoA version to finally do a good one. Lot's of attachments would be nice, but we can all have a chuckle that that probably won't happen. Nightcrawler or Gambit - I think one is as likely as the other but I think, from a design standpoint, Gambit would be better, but Nightcrawler would be easier. BAF - Colossus or Holocaust - I think either would qualify and whichever doesn't get the spot will get a deluxe like the AoA Apocalypse. I think it'll probably be Holli as the BAF and Colli as the deluxe, simply because his character is the more recognizable, as a whole.
  6. And Hasbro, the master license holder, can't make a ML of this guy because why........? I'm sure it's well within their capacity and even though I think the excuse to this point is that the actor wouldn't cooperate for the photo real tech, somehow a third party company was able to make a pretty damn good sculpt. I guess we'll just have to wait for an MCU 20th anniversary line.
  7. Nothing about what Hasbro does (or doesn't do) anymore is in any way "shocking" to me. If nothing else shows they will do just about anything to make a buck, look no farther than the ridiculous Deadpool/Headpool monstrosity they recently revealed. But still, there are plenty of characters that have inexplicably missed the plastic treatment. What really shocks me is some of the things that Big Daddy Disney has NOT demanded of their water carrier, Hasbro. 1. Comic Falcon - Modern, classic or pretty much any non-Captain America version would be great, if you could ever get around to it, Hasbro. And no, the wings are not optional. All falcons, superheroes, birds or otherwise should have wings. It's non negotiable. 2. Lady Deathstrike - Seriously, are you guys asleep at the wheel or what? We can't do a major villain and historical figure from Wolverine's past, but don't worry guys, D-Listers like Rock Python and Caliban and weirdo crap like Iron Skull and Pirate Deadpool....yeah, we're all over that. 3. Quasar - The fact that this guy got benched for 4 versions of the Goddess Above All who absolutely 100 percent doesn't hate 40 year old white dudes and really, honestly, seriously, truly does her own stunts that don't require running, or jumping, or walking briskly, or sitting, or blinking, or breathing, or acting, or not rolling her eyes is a travesty in itself. But, of course, you can't have someone with a "Y" chromosome with almost the exact same powers as the Anointed One. That just wouldn't be progressive. 4. Classic Nova - See above. There's only room for one all-powerful universal defender and these two fellas just don't meat (yes, pun intended) the proper specifications. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!! 5. Wofsbane/Feral - I put them together because they would almost certainly use the same mold. I'm sure it's just a matter of time for these two. I hope they do it right. Psst, they have different tails. 6. Power Man - I know we've had this one done, but it wasn't mass released and a lot of ML fans did not get it. Change the look up a bit, put it on the Odinson buck rather than that tired-ass Hyperion buck and put it in a legit wave. Between this guy, Falcon and Lady Deathstrike I'm beginning to think Disney's whole social justice, equality, inclusivity stance is just a beard for something more sinister. Wonder what that might be. 7. Banshee - I know they did one in the Dark Days but it was almost bad enough that it made the Blob wave Emma Frost look more appealing. Almost. And let's not go the Cannonball route and give him that one static, power mimicking look screw job. Give us an alternate head so we can pose him without looking like he's passing a massive kidney stone. 8. Tigra - Do we really even need to speculate why this one hasn't been done? Let's see...voluptuous, beautiful female in a string bikini. Well, I think we all know how hurtful just the thought of that is. Luckily they've given her a new flatter form and a new crop top and biker shorts look so it shouldn't be long before they slap some stripes on that waif Kate Bishop buck and push her on down the line. 9. Classic Hercules - Let's be honest, that man-bun wearing, frat boy, D-Bag Hercules they did in the Thanos wave was not the one the majority of us wanted. They might as well have given him a guitar and a sixer of passion fruit White Claw instead of a sword and mace. Do the one we want. Make sure he doesn't skip leg day, and hope you can do half as good a job with it as Marvel Universe did in "3.75 like 5 years ago. Where's Dave Vonner when you need him? 10. Longshot/Spiral - I put these two together because it is equally unfathomable that either or, or neither nor has been done to this point. There are literally 3 relevant characters from the Mojoverse, 4 if you count Mojo II, but c'mon, right? Put them both in the same wave, make Mojo the BAF and get it outta the way. One and done. Oh, and don't forget, Hasbro, you did the whole six arm thing right the first time back in the Target exclusive Red Hulk wave. Whoever you gotta bring back to show you how to do it, just get it done. Of course, there are a ton more qualified candidates. Kang, Crystal, Frankie Ray Nova, Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, Viv Vision, Mister Hyde, Jigsaw, anyone from Deadpool's Rainbow Force, Vermin, Etc. Etc Etc, but these are the most glowing omissions IMO.
  8. I'm saying this as a huge Daredevil fan. This is not my favorite look for ol' Horn Head and this figure in comparison is quite a bit out of scale with other figures. I was hoping for a better effort after all the hype and wait, but it's not a bad figure to be sure. It's DD and it's something new and it looks good in pose. Hasbro's done better but they've also done much much worse.
  9. This BAF was such a pleasant surprise in both announcement and execution. It is really something you need to have in hand to appreciate how well it was done. It's the quirky, unconventional, oddball characters that makes me think there's probably a new MODOK, Mojo, Bonebreaker or a new Blob somewhere in the works. But not before we finally get a Mister Hyde though, hopefully.
  10. Lol, Liefeld treatment! I'm commandeering that phrase for future use. That's a shame, because actually the legs and feet are kind of a hi-lite on how to give articulation to figures that don't have very much leg to work with. This is what they should have done to the McFarlane Toys-esque articulation of the Spider-Ham figure.
  11. Tho he's getting some bad press, this is not a bad figure. It's a perfect fit for the aging "skinny" buck and the head and hand sculpts are great. Not a figure or version of this character we ever really asked for, but most people can say that about most of this entire wave. Not the best in the wave, but certainly not the worst. I hope they never do another alternate time line storyline assortment again. I'm good with them sprinkling these types of figures sporadically throughout a few or several waves, but this wave was painful, to say the least
  12. Now this is just cool. Not only does it mimic the fight from Deadpool 2, but for some reason it also evokes imagery from the classic fight between Rogue, Dazzler, Longshot and Psylocke vs. Juggernaut. Not sure exactly why. Maybe it's just me.
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