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  1. I'll throw in my agreement that Jean's yellow boots painted over Moira's granny shoes looks like total ayass. Dumb and just God awful LAZY. She's gonna be way to short as well. Either her legs are really short or those thighs and ankles are retaining major water. Sucks for all the haters of the Pizza Spidey buck. It ain't going anywhere anytime soon and it is more accurate than any other buck for the Prof. Same story for the Bucky Cap mold and Cyke. That "too muscular for Kibblesmith" classic Nova is on point. Surfer is not. At least not until they put him on the right buck. He's 6'4", not freaking 5'10". Somebody please figure out how to utilize the damn Spider UK buck for somebody other the Prowler already! Hopefully we see Quasar and some more heralds (Airwalker or Frankie Ray) in the Cosmic theme. Here's an unsought suggestion. Sunfire buck is okay for Quasar....not so much for Airwalker (or Frankie Ray). Omega Sentinel looks amazing, though I do agree she's discolored. MODOK literally looks just like the Toybiz version with less paint apps. I'll hold off till the reviewers give me the skinny. Cannonball's legs, finally! They should just give them to us. Have us take a pic of the item code on his lower whateverthehell and send us the second half of the figure we already paid for. My money says they'll do the damn thing as a Deluxe and throw in a few other cheesy blast "effects" and maybe a flight stand. Ultron....I just can't believe it's taken this freakin' long to get a good Classic one. Question is, will the head included with Retro Ant-Man fit on him? I bet it don't. Burnt Deadpool? Please.....more like slightly darker color palette DP. Totally passable money grab. How bout you buyback all the Mystique and Domino and Cable figures chocking out the sun at my local WM and melt that S#I+ down to make a real burned looking DP. Here's a little advice. The only frikkin' thing everyone wants is a frikkin' Colossus vs Juggernaut 2 pack. With frikkin' lasers on their heads! Great Fan Friday as compared to how lackluster so many have been in the past, but Hasbro just seems to be a little bit off it's game lately. And don't try to blame the Hysteria Plague. A lot of these mistakes were totally controllable.
  2. My first thought is why Bruce as the first one. Guess they decided to get the weakest outta the way first so the next releases woulda seem much cooler in comparison. Not for me, but a cool idea anyway. Would anyone else be up for some kinda Build-A-Scene thing in Marvel Legends? At first I'd be all in but then the realization that this would mostly have to be movie based which would, in return, lead to more full MCU based waves, and there's just to much of that already. I mean, how many MCU Cap and IM repaint do you think that would lead to? It sends shivers down my spine. Don't think that hasn't run across the creative team's minds though, and don't be surprised if that does eventually happen in the future
  3. Not a massive fan of Stilt Man, but I gotta say, he's just one of those classic characters I gotta have. Sadly, this BAF is a little disappointing because of the lack of movement on the legs. You'd think they coulda found some way to make those ankle joints work as some type of knee articulation. Initially, I thought 2 sets of legs would be plenty as he already has trouble standing on one set, but after seeing this video on YouTube I bought 2 more Ninja with the intent to try and warp or modify a set to simulate something like this. Actually a 7th figure in the wave with curved or bent legs as the BAF woulda been a brilliant idea. Maybe a character that coulda been a simple repaint like Spot or even Tarantula.
  4. I like the look of it. It does kinda suck that you can't get him in a squatting pose, but in all honesty, I don't really think he was ever portrayed in the comics as actually doing that squat pose. He's not like Toad where all his power comes through his legs. All his powers come from the suit design and the springs on his feet. I do remember being impressed by the artist (I think it was Rich Buckler) from whatever Spider-Man comic that Leapfrog (I guess his dad) and Toad "fought" it out to see who was worthy of being Spidey's sidekick. He specifically drew Toad in a squatting and bounding pose and Leapfrog in a running and bouncing pose. The art was very specific to each character. Of course, that was back in a time where artists paid attention to anatomic detail and just didn't cover up all their shortcomings with too much shading and texture. Not that it's bad art today, just different. Still, some drop pins on the legs, similar to Beast would have sent this figure into the stratosphere. Something Hasbro might wanna think about when the inevitably do the Toad figure.
  5. I love this idea, though I'm sure most would be not all that excited about a redo on a buncha the same old characters. Wasn't this actually a teased product back in the pre-Infinite days?
  6. I really like this Gwen. The head sculpt is beautiful and much better than the other three releases. She will definitely be my go-to Gwen. I do love that teen buck but I wish they'd do something to fix that gap in the crotch. Again, leave it to Hasbro to out do itself with that pointless Spider-Ham chunk of feces. Then again he was totally ridiculous and useless in the movie. He was so bad Jar Jar looks like a Rockstar in contrast. What happened? I thought a major part of the entire Spider-Verse concept was to make Peter Porker look like less of farce (at least in the comics). One step forward, two steps back. At least they didn't make us pay full single figure price like that original dumpster nugget that had only slightly better articulation. Either do the damn thing right or just make him go away already.
  7. Initially I thought it was only Cull and Proxima that had any changes to them, but it's clear now that the Maw has had some "accuration" done to it as well. I was gonna be happy to let this one fly by but Damnit, based on Cull alone I hadda pull the trigger. What really sucks is that Glaive was such a beeyatch to get a hold of the first time and he's the one who got the least upgrade (paint only, it seems). I could care less about Thanos. We got enough of him and the Freddy Kruger arm isn't enough to sell me on him. Still on the fence on whether this was a worthy purchase or not, but TBH if I'm leaning at all, I'm leaning towards "yes". edit: Yes, it does suck that we have to pretty much buy them all again just to get the movie accurate versions, but I really don't fault Hasbro so much as I do Marvel themselves. Hasbro had to get design and production into the process long before the movie was finished and they pretty much got the rug pulled out from under them as far as the final look of these mostly CGI characters. If you'll remember, I think even some of the displays at one of the larger Cons that year (I think SDCC) even had the first design of Cull in several displays and images.
  8. Actually looks a lot better than I expected. I love that they didn't use the freaking Sunfire mold again. I was beginning to think they'd forgotten the Spider UK mold was even an option anymore. Also, aside from the way the arms don't fit flat to the body is the way he seems to be permanently looking upward. Hopefully it's just a trick of the eyes because of the scarf, but I suspect not. Overall I think this is the sleeper of the wave that no one was expecting.
  9. Gut reaction is that these figures are about 12 years later than anyone GAF, but on second thought, if Hasbro went back and redid all these figures with better head sculpts and updated articulation I would buy in manana. At the end of the day, the one sticking point here is the price. The feeling from my perspective is nothing SHF does is so much better than Hasbro that it justifies me paying a 3 to 4 times price difference. They look good though, and maybe it'll inspire Hasbro to do a similar thing, but it would have to be a total upgrade and not just repackaging a very outdated figure with a new head sculpt and packaged pose like that POS "America's Ayass" version of Cap America. What a slap in the face to the customer base.
  10. Agreed. Plus, those legs are pretty scrawny. I'd mentioned in another discussion how they don't look accurate in the sense of width. In the comics the legs are drawn where it's conceivable that actual legs can fit inside them, but this figures legs are done about as thin and flimsy as can be done without collapsing from the weight of the upper torso. I'm not sure that if you went over 2 sets of legs, that the figure would even be able to stand on its own. I'm still gonna get it, and I still think it's a pretty good figure otherwise, but between the plain looking any-ninja and the wonky leg pieces, there's not much appeal for buying multiple $20 figures. I'll also await the inevitable $15 offerings that are sure to come out on Hasbro Pulse (if they're smart).
  11. Pretty generic looking as far as ML goes. To me this looks like any "Ninja" figure that can be found in one of those Kickstarter type projects. Nothing about it actually says Hand to me. I'd said earlier that the previous Hasbro design was much more appealing, but I realize that at the time they were just repurposing the Ronin body mold to get more use out of it. Whatever the reasoning it still looked much better. I hope this means they made this figure look so plain because they plan on doing a new comic style Ronin and they intend it to have a much more intricate design like the first one. Y'know, something to make it stand out just a bit more than the average ninja.
  12. I'm with you on this one. Both Psylocke's have been just okay to this point, but as my favorite 90's era character all I want is the blue leotard with all the leg and arm bands and the red sash and fuchsia hair. And I know there would be a lot of argument around it, but I do think it would look best on the Moonstone mold or, at least, the design they used on the Dark Phoenix figure, which was a mix of several molds which I think was last used on Snowbird. And to not give her a new Lee style head sculpt would be a crime.
  13. Love that head sculpt on Gwen. Think she's actually gonna replace my original. Why does she come with a stupid eraser? Has anyone seen a head swap with the Prowlers? The head on the old one is much better, but as far as the figures themselves, the new one is far superior. As far as the Hand Ninja, am I the only one thinking Hasbro's first attempt in the Hand/Shield 2 pack looked a lot better than this one? Not sure if it was in scale, but I definitely think it looked better. (note: it is not pictured here)
  14. Best accessories: all the new accessories that came with Punisher Riders set. All of them were new. Bat, machete, sawed-off shotgun. How long before they finally use these weapons for a Masacre figure?
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