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  1. I know Sharty said it was, but those are absolutely not KB's legs. It's certainly not the Shriek mold either. Actually I think it is the Psylocke mold. The wide thigh gaps are the tell.
  2. I'm not disappointed by anything in this set. Everything pretty much checks out. My only concern was that Stryfe wouldn't measure up to the Cable figure but it does. Zero's height and proportions are pretty faithful to his comic look. Love the way both Pretty Boy and Random came out. If there is even one bit of complaint on my part is that Vertigo might be a little bit thicker than I think she should be. If there was EVER any reason to EVER use the Kate Bishop buck EVER again it would be for a character like Vertigo, who is a drug addict and very thin character, though many artists like Silvestri and Bachalo have drawn her much curvier (not a bad thing). Then again, she's died and been genetically cloned several times so I'm guessing she doesn't necessarily have to come back with all the same vices, addictions and issues she developed through hard life experience during her natural life. Sooooo.......... nevermind. Best set Hasbro's done in a long time. Can't wait for mine.
  3. This is the least anticipated figure in the wave for me. They did actually manage to keep his size reasonably consistent with the previous version, so that's good and I hope it's a detail Hasbro intends to pay more attention to in the future, but I think, as long as the Sunfire mold exists that will never happen. As others have said, this is not one of my favorite looks for WM, but it does look like the source material with which I'm sure they are basing it off, which is the card based version of the Official Marvel Universe Handbook. What's ridiculous, and also typically Hasbro is that they don't actually use the art on the box, but use another image which is much better and would have been better as reference. The face isn't quite as bad as the reveal picks (crossing my fingers this is the case with Monet), but it is still quite goofy. It will quickly be bagged and stored and most likely never reach my display and if I didn't need that arm for Puff Adder I woulda totally passed this up. Another wave where the BAF pushed me to purchase figures I didn't want or need.
  4. Lol, The Marvels. Heh! Make a movie about Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel and leave the rest of that crap on the cutting room floor. Actually, I wouldn't even care if they did it in a way where Monica is Earth's Cap Marvel and Carol was Space's. Then Monica can lead the Avengers (cuz she actually did) and we'd never have to see Carol until she has to come in and save the day, because of course she does. Of course, that's assuming they do Monica like they did her in the comics, which they probably won't, and actually make her as likeable as she was in the comics, which she probably won't be.
  5. While this is a vast improvement over the Celine Dion (credit to ShartyPrime) Phoenix from the Juggs Wave, I still prefer my Dark Phoenix from the TRU Exclusive Cyclops/Dark Phoenix 2 pack. Color palette is much better and the body mold is even better. I once placed it as the Psylocke mold, but it is different and I honestly don't think it's ever been used again. Anyway, for those who weren't able to get ahold of that figure this is a decent alternate, and it does actually have the double jointed elbows, as wonky as they look when bent.
  6. Not sure what it is about this figure in particular, but it looks hella Dollar Tree-ish. It just looks cheap and waxy, and sloppy. Not my favorite version of Wolverine and it actually looks very little like the source material it is based off of. I know the whole training uniform team has been in high demand for a long time and I kinda get it. It was a cool story and it had been a while since the team had matching uniforms, but a large part of the appeal was the Jim Lee art, and this just doesn't translate in the slightest. Just look at the picture with the figure next to the art. "Nailed it!". Add to it the fact that this was actually a thing for like what, two and a half issues? Not all that excited for it, but I got it. Just like I got both of the three packs with the other characters, mainly for the improved Forge and the much improved Storm and Psylocke head sculpts and the only Banshee to date. Yeah, I'm a sucker, but now I'm a sucker that will have a 90's era, blink and you miss it, short lived, over celebrated X-Men in team uniforms. Now give me a roided up Lorna in the uniform and we can call it a decade. Maybe if they ever get around to redoing the Blob wave She-Hulk they can repurpose that mold to do that one too.
  7. Yes, but the simple fact that they used this for this figure is no sure indication Hasbro is bringing this mold back, cuz y'know......Hasbro. But, like you said, if it ain't broke don't fix it, but they did anyway, and that is actually a good sign. They gave her pinless and double jointed elbows and, of course, toned down her chest, for I guess.....reasons, but these are good signs that they plan to put her back into regular rotation instead of just the occasional exclusive or box set. Finally. Not that this is the IDEAL buck for every female character, but it does apply to so many characters, and it does put another option in the bullpen for female buck, as there only seems to be only one currently. Aside from that, this figure is excellent, and though it looks very similar to the original, it is a bit of an upgrade and I'm glad it did give more people the opportunity to get this character. The biggest problem I have with it is that it makes me wish even more that they had done the Binary figure on this mold. Another terrible misfire for Hasbro, but I suppose you get used to it after a while.
  8. Not all that impressed with this Multiple Man. Despite the fact that they actually accurately used the Sunfire mold correctly for once, I guess I'm one of those people that was completely happy with the previous version of MM, mostly because I like the trench coat look, and also because I toured the country looking for as many of the original as I could while carefully trying not to completely wipe out the stock of any store in particular. Ultimately I did break my own etiquette when I came upon a half dozen or so on clearance at JC Penny, of all places, and I did clean them out. I mean, they were on clearance so obviously no one wanted them, right. At least that's what I tell myself. It was for my own collection, not like that scalper who black holed all the exclusive Classic Doc Strange from my local WM. Anyway, I'm not keen about going through this entire ordeal again, though I will probably end up picking up at least 4 or 5 of these eventually, if I see them at the store.
  9. GH is quickly becoming my favorite current reviewer right now, aside from my man @MCUcollector24, of course. He's got a pretty straight forward style with a few funny jabs in there, but he's mostly all about the facts. Loved that he thought we'd be seeing Big Bertha using this buck eventually, but I have my doubts, for a number of reasons we can no longer discuss on this forum, but hey, I'd love to be wrong about that, for sure. I'd love to see some love for the GLA. The ONLY problem I have with his Blob review is that he doesn't have the old one to make a comparison to. I suppose some other reviewer will eventually come through with one, but I haven't been able to find one yet.
  10. While not exactly, this looks to be based on the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. Might have to pick this one up as it looks like Hasbro hasn't been able to crack this code, not even during the GR 60th Anniversary. Now, let's see if they can do a Robbie version and not charge Tree Fiddy for it.
  11. That Blob! Just WOW. In reality it is very similar to the previous version, but with better looking joints and articulation. I see this trend of going back and finally just doing straight redos of a lot of figures from the early days of Hasbro, and I like it. We've seen US Agent, Blob, Ronan the Accuser and now Emma Frost. Hopefully a new She-Hulk in her purple and white track suit won't be too far behind. Personally I wouldn't be all that upset if they did an entire wave (or two) just dedicated to redos. Yellowjacket, Marvel Girl (Rachel), Constrictor, Iron Patriot, Banshee and the entire Wrecking Crew would benefit from updates/upgrades. I wouldn't even care if they did Coipel Thor or Doc Samson as the BAF(s).
  12. Then again, it would help a lot if they stop putting so much time and resources behind garbage like a bunch of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy stuff, the G.I. Joe Origins stuff and the soon to be rotting on the shelves D&D: HAT stuff. But then again, who am I except a long time consumer who knows junk when I see it?
  13. The actual scars on Kang's face are a nice touch, While I'm sure it's a development coming out from the fact that suddenly all these actors insist on having their actual faces on the screen instead of behind a mask or CGI (thanks Pedro Pascal), at the sacrifice of story and accuracy, but at least it's a somewhat decent compromise. Still the movie looks good and I like Majors' portrayal of Kang thus far, so I still have high hopes. And I'm sure somewhere during the movie Kang (or more accurately, a variant of Kang) will show up in the mask for at least a few seconds in the thing.
  14. Uuuuhhhh...okay. Comic relief, I suppose? Let's just hope she's not as awesomely regrettable, yet not forgettable (not matter how hard I try) as Awkwafina in Shang Chi.
  15. I don't think I'm all that upset by this one. For once. Whatever buck they used for Hyperion (the diaper makes it hard to read), looks to be about the right size and I am one of those people that don't have that much a problem with the Bucky Cap mold (aside from the feet). Firstly because it is a magnificent sculpt and secondly because it applies to so many characters. As it does here with Doctor Spectrum. Had they used this mold for Yondu, though the Vulcan mold would have been better, I would have had no problem with it. Colors are a bit loud, but i think they were going for the classic looks, which are what these figures are designed after. Got no problems with 'em. At least they didn't cell shade them, or whatever the hell counts as cell shading in Hasbro Land. I'm in on this one.
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