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  1. While I do like the colors here, the better War Machine is the Iron Man Retro series one.
  2. It woulda been pretty cool, though. Looks like an older teens to mid twenties much younger Groot. Like in his prime. As far as the aging process is being played out he'd probably be only a handful of years old but as far as his growth process it does make sense. Be a shame if they just kinda skipped over that time period in the next movie.
  3. Still didn't bite. At this point in time, knowing what Hasbro is actually capable of, and at these current prices, I'm done with "good enough". From now on, if it ain't right it ain't worth my money. Razorback is definitely the standout here. The Fly is more or less just another repaint, but it looks good and it looks accurate. I already did my own thing with Silvermane and he looks miles better than this one on a reused buck they've used surprisingly more times than I thought it could be used. Molten Man is just wrong altogether, though I do like the color. Just another case of Hasbro putting lipstick on another pig. I don't ever remember Ultimate Spidey in the Black and White, but apparently it was a thing, but I have no attachment to it. I bought Razorback on the secondary, and at a bit less than what it's going for on Ebay currently (wow) so this thing can go away and I'm good. If I find Fly at a decent price or for a decent trade I might splurge, but I don't need it. Sucks for all those completionists out there. I feel for you, as I am a recovering one, but as long as Hasbro keeps making it easier and easier to be more selective I'm happy to keep my money.
  4. I as well loved the look. Honestly, I think the team uniforms are the deepest they're really gonna dive into this #275 era of the Uncanny X-Men. People have been demanding the uniforms for years. They seem to want to knock them out fairly quickly with one shot, and they are fairly easy to do with some small tweaks to previous figures and molds, and then move on. Doing characters like Zaladane and Deathbird and SL Rogue and Xavier in his Shi'ar garb seems like a little too much work for Hasbro and possibly a little risky concentrating on such a short and specific timed event that only a bunch of us "Oldtimers" really have any fondness towards. I mean I'd love anything they could do to expand on this storyline. Wanna do all those characters, I'll buy. Wanna do some Savage Land Mutates, maybe do a multi-pack, here's my money. But that's a lot of work and a buncha new sculpts and resources I don't think Hasbro is gonna expend on what probably seems to everyone else but us, to be a pretty big gamble. If they wanna prove me wrong, by all means, I'll support it, but I think Hasbro has bigger irons in the fire.
  5. I remember reading an article in one of a few comic magazines of the time where Claremont said Zaladane was meant to be a recurring and returning antagonist and threat for the X-Men. I may be misremembering but I think Zala was actually meant to be her sister but the plan was supposed to be retcon her to be yet another clone created by Sinister and strategically placed to somehow reproduce or steal Lorna's powers. Either that or Lorna was the clone that stole the powers. I suppose depending on which sister was the older, but I forget. Something weird like that. Of course that was before the big mass exodus of certain involved talents to Image after which I think a lot of the plans for X-Men's future took a shift. Sometime after that it was changed again to confirm that Lorna was indeed the biological daughter of Magneto. As we all know, plans change, writers have different ideas and she more or less disappeared from most everything but our memory.
  6. I just want a Psylocke head sculpt that looks like Psylocke. Not that the previous sculpt(s) were bad, but they just didn't convey her trademark look. I know they've had some problems with doing accurate Asian face sculpts but I think they did a fair job with the last Silk head sculpt. Whoever did that one, get him on this task ASAP. As for Deathbird, sign me up yesterday. On another point involving issue #275, anybody have any ideas on how they can make Savage Land Rogue happen? And then, anybody have any ideas how they can make it happen without the Goblin Queen type tone-down? I mean, they made Tigra happen, right?
  7. The rumor is, and should be taken with a huge grain of salt, was that the previous director thought the original script was a blatant rip off of the first Underworld movie, right down to the warring Vampire and Werewolf clans, while also putting the spotlight on an, up till now, never heard of daughter of Blade who would become the Corvin-esque master hybrid race, instead of the movie actually being about Blade. After much strife the director split and due to the glaring similarities to said movie they decided to start from scratch. It supposedly came from a source that is pretty accurate in the industry, including leaking the plot of The Rise of Skywalker and both final Avengers movies. Again, grain of salt, but is being reported by multiple sites online.
  8. I'm betting dollars to donuts at least one of these figures will come through using that nauseatingly overused Sunfire buck and since it looks like both Gambit and Banshee look to be using the new Vulcan buck it's a pretty good bet Forge will draw that straw. I suppose they could just reuse the Caliban wave one because it's pretty much the same figure. I'm not opposed to them using the Bucky Cap buck every so often just to keep a little variety and to keep the Vulcan buck from becoming the "Shriek" of the male molds. They can give him a different head sculpt, a new belt, a Nerf gun that better resembles the art and call it good. Of course Jubilee will be on the tried and true, almost decade old female teen buck, so honestly Hasbro got through this episode really offering nothing new except a few head sculpts.
  9. Glad to see the final version of Storm has the double jointed elbows. Again, not a big deal for me but I could see that rumble building. I still maintain that the first pics provided neither had the double jointed elbows nor bicep swivel, but it's all good now. Crisis averted. That was a close one. Gambit looks amazing and seeing that Banshee makes me want a classic version even more. I just don't think that Storm face sculpt looks all that great compared to the art it's supposed to be based on. Still gonna get it though. I suppose it can easily be swapped with another sculpt. Can't wait to see Psylocke, one of my favorite X-Men.
  10. This thing is still junk. Anything on the Kate Bishop buck that is supposed to be a full grown, fairly fit female, is outdated. Kinda sucks that so many females were done on this buck but I'm hoping most of them get some kind of update. I'm hoping even Mystique gets an updated more modern look, since they seem to be going back to the Epic Heroes time frame and redoing some of those older figures. But even then, they still managed to screw up the update of the Viper figure.
  11. A question that we probably all know the answer to, but under this awesome campaign of doing issue #275 what are the chances we get a Savage Land Rogue? We know for sure a general release is out of the question, and even as an exclusive I imagine it'll get some kind of Goblin Queen type of censorship. I'm betting a 3 pack which would consist a Magneto repaint, maybe on the Vulcan buck, Savage Land Rogue, hopefully on the Moonstone buck but most likely on the Tigra buck, and Deathbird, which will be the only actual "new" figure in the bunch.
  12. Well, I know I'm gonna try and pop out those arms and swap em and the coat with the original Gambit figure. Theoretically it should work but I think the connections of the Vulcan buck might be a little different than the ones on the original Gambit. However it is only a tweak of the Bucky Cap buck and it does match up size wise pretty well with the Vulcan buck. I'm hoping the trench coat overlay will cover up any excessive gaps or open joints. We shall see. Either way this is a good looking Gambit figure.
  13. Absolute garbage and a waste of plastic. Anyone who says this is what they expected when they wanted a Howard the Duck figure and this is totally cool is just lying to themselves.
  14. If you say so, bro. I know SOME people actually buy this but I am hard pressed to find anyone who thinks this is a good use of resources over expanding the ML line or, better yet, reviving the ML/MU line. I know supply is a little harder to come by where you're at but here they can't even give that isht away. I had pics of just stacks and stacks of those 2 packs literally gathering cakes of dust on them but I hadda delete some space on my phone, but I sure as hell can easily go get some pics from my local WM. Thing is, by you logic Hasbro woulda axed Star Wars Black and all that Sequel Trilogy crap a long time ago and just stuck with the Vintage line, but no, they're still grinding and pushing it strong as ever. Hasbro has commitments and also benefits from taking a certain amount of losses per year while still remaining profitable. I think these things are just part of working the system.
  15. Why are these still a thing? Seriously, is this some kind of money laundering thing, cuz they barely sell, then they sit on the shelves for months on end and then they never go to clearance. They just disappear. I've looked at all the usual outlets and discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx and Ollie's and never see them again. I would pay maybe $4 of $5 for them, which honestly is what they should cost anyway, if I did manage to find them on discount, but it never happens. They just go away. It's weird.
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