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  1. It's not like they expect this movie to actually perform. It's just another centerpiece they're gonna spotlight and build up with pre-sold, nonrefundable corporate backed ticket sales so they can tout "record sales" while the scripted media and Hollywood owned critics can give it 10/10 across the board and prop it up as AMAZING and BOLD and THE FUTURE OF CINEMA while sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic will shut off user comments and consumer scores under the guise of hateful speech and toxic behavior to hide what the public really thinks about it. Just a guess.
  2. Ya, they're both great sculpts. The Caliban buck was misused as Caliban cuz he's just not that damn big, end of story. At best, he should be on a scale similar to Sabretooth, possibly even Omega Red, but that buck woulda been better used elsewhere. As good as it is though, it's not suitable for Thanos either. He's always been portrayed with a thicker waste. Not fat, by any means, just wider. More like a power lifter rather than a body builder. I think a classic version would need a new sculpt, and I wouldn't be upset if they had to do it as a BAF to justify they cost necessary to do it. Yes, we've had more than our fill of Thanos BAF's, but a good, accurate classic version would just be icing on the cake.
  3. I was a supporter of US Avengers and Ultimates. The concepts were great but the writing was possibly one of the worst, if not the worst I've ever seen. There is good reasoning behind their cancellations and why they allow Al Ewing through the front door at Marvel Comics is a question for the ancients (I know 90 percent of comics are done online now, it's just a metaphor). That being said, I think characters like Toni, Blue Marvel and America Chavez deserve a fighting chance and could become good characters in the hands of more capable writers. Marvel Now was a complete dumpster fire, but there were a few manageable and sellable character that came from it. There are tons of characters from the US Avengers main and reserve roster that would be worth the effort. If they were to do Iron Patriot (Toni) I would want it to be the heavy duty version. It would make an awesome BAF. Blue Marvel would be fairly simple. The Reaper buck would be perfect. There are even several jackets they could use if they wanted to do the most recent vested version. America Chavez is a tough one. She's a bit smaller than a fully adult female, but not small enough to be on the puny Spider Qwen buck. But I'll take whatever they can muster up.
  4. I also wanted a view of his backside. From the way these photos are positioned I'm left wondering if they're trying to hide the fact that they didn't give him any fuel tanks.
  5. No, there is no real connection here, other than the fact that they're often on two different sides of the Mutant philosophical spectrum and have fought each other's teams on many occasions. What we have to understand is that Hasbro is almost certainly cobbling all these sets together to fill out a year in which a lot of the MCU properties are in an indefinite holding pattern and many of the associated Avengers and Spider-Verse characters are being pushed back until further notice. They're doing a grand reshuffling to finish out the year and I think they're doing a pretty fair, if not expensive (for us), job of it so far. I hear a lot of X-Men fatigue, and I can't really argue the point. There is A LOT of X-Men product, but we must understand that when/if this hysteria ends, the flood gate will open and we will be drowning in MCU, Spider-Man and Avengers product as far as the eye can see. I say soak up all the mutant goodness while you can cuz next year looks like a long drought for X-Fans. And for all the non-MCU'ers, well, spend your money now cuz from the looks of things we'll have plenty of product to pass on for the next year. It'll be a veritable cherry pickers paradise.
  6. Yeah, his power set is actually much different than other fire manipulators like Human Torch or Sunfire. He can't create flame but he can fully control any flame in his vicinity, meaning he could technically also control any flames Torch or Sunfire emit. He's often portrayed creating cyclones or animal shaped fire constructs. Something like that woulda been cool. Those two fists just don't seem to fit. On a side note, if they do decide to do some sort of Blob Deluxe set they might fill out the box by throwing in a few fire effects for his BFF. In a perfect world, which we are far from being in. It would be cool though, right?
  7. There they are. Two characters I've been waiting a long long time for. Not to shabby on the Rogue. Don't like the costume itself but it seems to be accurate. The biggest disappointment about Pyro is that I think he coulda legit be put on the skinny Pizza Spidey buck. He's never been portrayed as a character with the muscular development as Moon Knight, or even Spider-Man. He's always been the skinny twerp that had a revenge pact with the fat loser portrayed by Blob. That Sunrifire buck is a bit of a misstep, IMO. Speaking of Blob...........???
  8. You're not misremembering this. It happened in an issue of Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man. Another interesting part of this Story is Black Cat ended up joining the fray to give Pete the assist and actually ended up going into "feral" mode (one of her new powers at the time) and ending the fight by repeatedly bashing Sabe's face into the pavement. No healing factor there. Then the cops simply cuffed him and put him in the clink. No super strength there. He didn't become the Anti-Wolverine till the Mutant Massacre where he taunted Wolvie with his scent in the Morlock tunnels for an entire issue and then managed to sneak up behind him and catch a few cheap shots. As a creation of Claremont he just simply filled in his back story to fit, and the rest is history, as they say.
  9. Yeaaaah....that close-up of Thor's head sculpt ain't doin' nuthin' to help sell this product. Seriously, I thought that's where SHF was supposed to excel over ML. Nope. Even without a (serious) ML version of Endgame Thor, there's nothing I see here to convince me to pay 4 times the price for this thing. I fully expect to see an ML version some time. I just hope we don't have to wait 10 more years again.
  10. We've argued that point to death, by both the "accuracy" crowd and the "inclusivity" crowd. No one concedes. I happen to hitch my wagon to accuracy, as it seems you do.
  11. A mixed bag to say the least. Not interested in most of the Fox-Verse stuff. I know I need a Movie Deadpool and Domino, I'm fighting with how I feel about NTW. Hellfire is superb. White Queen redo is loooong overdue, but I think that Black Queen outshines her. Not sure why people are hating on the Fantomex so much. He's clearly far superior to the last one, even with the Bucky Cap mold. I do like this version of Psylocke better than the last, but I just can't get past that sub par face sculpt. Nimrod is as good as can be. It's on a level with the Classic Apocalypse BAF. It's clear Hasbro is scrambling to fill some holes left by movie delays in that they're still peddling stale news like the Demogoblin and Crimson Dynamo waves as part of the display. Hopefully they're cooking up something really good to close out the last part of the year. Crossing my fingers for Excalibur box set or at least a Wolfsbane or Feral figure. Tigra or Classic Herc wouldn't be too bad either.
  12. Therein lies the rub my friend. As this hysteria is being overblown in our region of the world for what is clearly political reasons, other areas of the globe have gone back to some semblance of normal. Even places that are much closer to the epicenter than we are, such as Hong Kong and many other regions of Asia. Welcome to our new life.
  13. I'm finding myself in a weird place with these X-Men movie figures, this one in particular as I enjoyed Rebecca Romijn's Mystique a hella lot more than Jennifer Lawrence's. For the most part I feel like I wanna give a damn about these figures, and as a huge fan of the X-Men and as someone who doesn't feel like the movies were quite as bad as a lot of people think, I feel like I should give a damn, but......I just don't. I'll get at least one of the Jackman Wolverines for nostalgia's sake, but the rest, the rest are just.....meh! Not sure what it is about it. Like I said in an earlier post, maybe Hasbro shouldn't have waited till 10 years after anyone gave a rat's ayass.
  14. I forgot how cool the SS was. I'd love a set of these guys. Whatever happened to Etail exclusives like Entertainment Earth and Robot Kingdom? An exclusive like this seems right up their alley. I'm sure they couldn't do the entire team but they could hit most of the basics. 1. Hyperion - redo not done on the Hyperion buck. The Odinson buck would be great. 2. Power Princess - on the Angela buck with retooled legs. 3. Doctor Spectrum - easy to do on any number of existing bucks. 4. Whizzer - same as above, probably pizza Spidey. 5. Lady Lark - there are a few female bucks but I'm sure they'd use the same tired Kate Bishop buck. 6. Shape - I mean why not. Some new parts would be cool, but at the very least they could re-hash some of the Mister Fantastic parts. Edit: Forgot Nighthawk - easy repaint. This is a niche thing mostly for collectors but there wouldn't be much cost associated. It's been a while since they've done something like this for the fans and it would be so easy.
  15. I just think the overall outward design of these characters is really, really, really boring. Not that the character's stories or the comic was bad, I'm just not sure a buncha teens in plain clothes is really going to be all that well received. We all know what a flaming bag that Netflix train ride set was.
  16. I'll give it a shot. Hopefully it'll consist of them introducing tracking down and defeating multiple criminals in a season rather than standard used in the Netflix shows. Basically chase one person all season, barely miss them by minutes for 10 episodes, and then finally catch up to them in episode 11. That formula made those shows unbearable. We did get some good figures from them, tho. Hopefully we can get a Helstrom and a few more Mystic type characters for ML. From the looks of it, Hulu is going to be the destination for those horror, magic, occult type characters and shows that probably wouldn't bode well on Disney+. I just hope that doesn't prevent them from being folded into the MCU proper. I'm really looking forward to seeing some form of the Midnight Sons on the big screen.
  17. Both Waid and Adams will get will get people buying the book, but I'll wait to see if the storytelling will keep them reading. There's nothing in recent works on any books that give me any faith. I'd love for the F4 to return to it's former greatness. I'll bite, but no way will they keep me on the hook if politics continue to take precedence over storytelling.
  18. The thing looks damn good, but Mondos are just a little bit (lot bit) out of my personal price threshold. Maybe they can do a Sasquatch and we can have one that scales better with our ML. Now that's something I'd be willing to spring for. And to continue to beat a dead horse (cuz that's what I do), how the hell did the guys at Kabam manage to get this right, yet the MASTER LICENSE holder totally screwed the pooch so bad? And before anyone tries to say it's a totally different process, no....no it's not. The protos and molds are produced from a computer created or computer scanned model where size and scale can be manipulated as needed. The problem wasn't in the production. The problem happened in the design phase.
  19. And it is indeed a yellow hand holding a yellow glove, but is that truly the final product? I'm totally down for another Rogue, I was just hoping for maybe a Outback version. Probably just wishful thinking. I'd love an M as well, and I've been advocating for her for a long time no. Either one would be fine by me, I think no one can argue that both are appropriate for that buck. Of the two tho, I think Meggan has been more consistently shown as a "curvy" body type. I think Monet has been shown in a much larger variety of interpretations, so I could see them using any number of bucks on her, tho I think she was designed to be a little more voluptuous. As long as they don't use that stick legged Kate Bishop buck! Another option might be Classic Ms. Marvel.
  20. This is probably the least annoying AoA design of any character in the story. I could actually see this as his mainstream look. Love this figure and I love that buck. I hope to see this mold as a Champion of the Universe figure one day. I know he's listed as a legit 10 footer, but he's rarely shown that tall. In fact, he's rarely shown at all in the comics anymore.
  21. Again, it just doesn't set itself that far above the ML version that I can justify the price. It's very animation-centric. I'm not sure if that was the intention, but the ML version actually looks more realistic to me. The claws are cool, tho. Very JR,Jr era-esque.
  22. Anyone taking bets that the 2nd figure will be Meggan from Excalibur? Commence finger crossing.......now!
  23. Everyone seems to be assuming the yellow is the actual finished product color. To me that just looks like the dull, waxy color of some leftover product they just used for prototype. Cuz if that's the yellow they plan on using it's really bland and washed out. The final color could be anything. Maybe black for the Outback Rogue (my personal hope) or maybe even green for Savage Land Rogue
  24. I agree in large part. I think Hasbro has seen other companies like Bandai and MAFEX do similar (and IMO, inferior) figures and get away with charging "premium" prices, and most people are happy to pass it off as reasonable due to the amount of accessories. If Hasbro can keep doing the same quality of product, include a lot more accessories and market and sell it towards the collector crowd in a style that has seemed to be profitable for those import companies, AND do it at a $30 price point, they could get a big piece of that market. Seriously, without the cool accessories, can anyone really make an excuse that the MAFEX Jim Lee Cyclops was better than the ML version? Aside from the usual complaint about the Bucky Cap mold being overused?
  25. I've only ever seen the tag listing on the shelves. I asked an employee if they had any in the back and he told me they had only gotten 2, freaking 2! I then asked if he knew if it was gonna be restocked and he said that information was "unavailable", whatever that means. He did give me UPC that I could use with an inventory checker and I only ever got one hit since. Again, it was for 2 figures and they were long gone before I even got there.
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