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  1. Truth. I was expecting so much more. Then the cut scene? I expected him to be some alternate version of someone, anyone, maybe Vulture. But.....no, it was just Pizza Poppa.
  2. This is a great analysis, but I don't think there's really that much of a question here. You pretty much answered any question within your own statement. As far as my opinion, and that's all it's worth, then here it is. Firstly, I've been a huge fan of the BAF system sense it's inception. As I've said in the past, it's almost like the modern day mail in system where we used to send in the Proofs of Purchases from Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures we bought to get a Palpatine or Cobra Commander like 6 months later (still expecting my Mr. Gone from the first Indie Spotlight wave about 16 years ago any day now). As the line ages there are both old and new pro's and con's to the continuation of the BAF. It was clearly a "bonus" program for the fans who bought the entire set, but now it seems to be an automatic requirement, so let's not forget that. At this time I don't really care if the BAF system went away. Yes, it served well as a way to get both some of the larger figures out and also some of the more obscure figures out that may have otherwise not sold well, but this game has run it's course. There was a time when buying all of a Comic based Spider-Man wave in order to get a comic based Rhino was cool, but this system has become so restrictive and frustrating as of late it's just not worth my time anymore. First off, we're never gonna get very big figures like Galactus or the Sentinel or even Giant Man ever again, so characters like that are out. Second, Hasbro refuses to revisit any previous BAF efforts, such as Blob or Holocaust from the Dark Days of ML, even though I would say a solid 80 to 90 percent majority of the fans would support it, while also insisting "improve" on Toybiz's BAF's, such as MODOK and Mojo as Deluxe and Multi-Packs, so those are out. Now there are precious few characters that fall within the confines of what Hasbro is willing to do as BAF's, meaning characters who aren't too large, characters that have never been done before and characters who are interesting enough to push a collector to make that extra purchase(s) to complete that figure. Who do we really have left? Lockjaw, Orka, Atlas, Iron Patriot (Toni Ho).....maybe, who knows. All these guys, even if they aren't capable of driving sales as Deluxe figures, I could easily see drum up some interest as Multi-Packs with characters they are associated with. What I know is I used to enjoy building the BAF, but as of late I bought at least 3 figures that I neither wanted nor needed to build Hyde and 4 figures I certainly didn't want to complete Armadillo and I'm not liking it. On the other hand I happily passed on several figures in the Rintrah and Watcher waves because I had no interest in several of the figures or the BAF, so I enjoyed that very much, plus the total bypassing every single figure in the "People in Fancy Robes" wave that hit the clearance aisle in record time and remain there to this day. Both the good and bad from both situations basically put me in the mind set that I would be totally and completely happy to do away with the BAF system altogether and just go to a place where I just pay a settled price for what I want. Personally, I woulda gladly paid $50 for Armadillo packed with Vermin, I woulda stood in line to pay $50 for Hyde packed with Mr. Fear. Whether I wanted the 2nd character or not it still would have come out cheaper for me in the end. Put me in total control. Let me decide exactly what I wanna spend my money on. Don't put me in a situation where I have to buy storage been filler to get guys like Hyde and Armadillo. Currently these full MCU or Disney+ waves, as much as I hate how much TV and Movie product has taken over the line, is just what the doctor ordered. Most of the time I have little to no interest in the BAF so I can cherry pick figures like Kate and Jane and Teen Groot and skirt the rest of the retreads. You got Lockjaw in the pipes? Forget the BAF, just pack him with Crystal and open up the pre-order. You planning on doing an Atlas figure any time soon? Pack him with Fixer and let's get the show on the road. Spare me the hassle of having to purchase another Cap or another IM or any What If? figure at all to get a bigger figure I want. Of course, the trade off for a lot less plastic that Hasbro will be using for the BAF parts should translate to more and better accessories, but let's not hold our breath about Hasbro doing things that are fair and make sense. How 'bout one extra gun, Hasbro. No? How 'bout just one that actually fits in the holster the figure comes with? Too much? Yeah? Thought so. As far as the Deluxe format as it compares to Multi-Packs it just all depends on the figures. Of course, figures like Hulk and Juggernaut and Apocalypse will sell themselves, but just cuz a figure's large doesn't always mean there will be people willing to pay a premium without a little help.
  3. Damn it! I seriously just bought the smaller Sanctorum on the secondary market a few days ago. If I'd known this was coming down the pipes I coulda saved that money to go towards this. The story of my life. Guess that's what happens when you show up late to the Lego game and then start chasing down the ones you missed a long time ago. Now, does anyone know where I can get Starlords ship without having to sell a kidney?
  4. Marvel has officially ran out of ideas. When I look and see how far the comics industry has fallen I actually weep. And forgive me if it's been done before. I'm sure I missed it because I'm sure I thought it was as ridiculous then as it is now.
  5. Really didn't give us that much reason to see or not see it. Guess we got a little better look at Gorr, but he's pretty toned down, as we knew he'd be. It doesn't look all that bad, but as we know, the trailer usually has the best parts. I'm gonna see it either way, because Hemsworth is Thor and this may be one of the last few times we see him reprise the role. Whether it turns out good remains to be seen. The best thing is there are a few stinkers that it can't possibly be worse than if anyone is able to pull off Lady Thor it's Natalie Portman. Assuming she doesn't just mail it in like she did in The Dark World.
  6. Of course not. They'll be doing a VHS version with that so-called cell shading later on.
  7. That's what they're counting on. I'm contemplating it too. To tell the truth, they could probably release 20 different versions of Apocalypse with 20 different arm attachments and there would be people that probably buy them all just for the attachments.
  8. First off, it's as ridiculous as I thought it would be. Either they need to use mock up pictures of what the figure would look like if it was a window box or someone at Hasbro needs to get John Tyler Christopher on the horn to do some nice looking, if a bit inaccurate art for the boxes. Just putting the "official" product shots on the front is super cheesy and just plain ayass cheap. Yeah I know, I know, artists cost money, but don't we pay enough for these things, and especially on these special editions that don't come with a BAF part or many accessories either, the least they can do is make them look decent. Personally, I can imagine the MIB crowd is none to happy about how these look either, but I can imagine it'll be even much worse. I'm not an MIB guy but as a collector I know what I wanna spend my money on and MIB'ers support the line as much as anyone else. And good luck to all the MIB'ers out there who buy from the Brick 'n' Mortars, because you can't actually open the boxes, and who knows what the hell is in the box? At that point your just counting on the fact that whatever is said to be in the box is actually in the box.....but you can't be sure. There could be an old Toybiz figure in the box, there could be and old Power Ranger in the box, there could be a freaking half a roll of Pilsbury biscuits in the box. At that point you're basically paying for only a box full of faith. And then, if you ever get into a situation where you buy one, never open it, then sell it for $600 dollars on the secondary market, what's to keep the person you sold it to from just saying the figure was a swap? Yep, the MIB crowd is gonna suffer the most. Another thing I have a concern with here, and it has been brought up by others, and I think the actual answer is not something anyone is gonna like, but what about the recent Toybiz Retro line? How do they plan on approaching this? I'm 99 percent sure what the answer to that is already though. In order for these figures to remain "authentic" they are still going to come in the same packaging, but since they are still gonna be using plastic bubbles Hasbro's gonna have to tack on a few extra dollars on the already too inflated cost of the figure. For the environment. Cuz if your gonna continue to "ruin" the environment while you stand on your soapbox and wave your environmental flag while you do it, you might as well make a few extra bucks while doing it. Y'know, for the future......and stuff.
  9. This is top notch work and it really deserves to be made. It should be fairly easy to make, but unfortunately Hasbro's backed up with so much MCU and Disney+ garbage right now that they just have no time for comic based figures and it'll probably not get done any time soon, if ever at all. Love the look though, and that shield is amazing.
  10. I'm down for this. Classic DD on the new Vulcan buck. Powerman on the Herc buck. Iron Fist on anything but the Pizza Spidey buck. Psst........Hasbro, this is one time where the Sunfire buck would be appropriate. There's a lot of street level heroes that need some love. We know Echo will be getting an MCU figure eventually, but what about a comic version now? Nomad? Duggan? Solo? There are so many classic villains that thay can tie in to anniversary lines too. I'm just tired of all the same MCU characters over and over again.
  11. Yeah, that's the correct one. I think the other one rode like a giant spider or something. I guess this one was Sorcerer Supreme at one time or another. Like I said, cool concept. Just hope they don't screw it up.
  12. I'm pretty sure she was last seen riding a spirit horse, but it can be assumed anything she rides would be embedded with Hellfire.
  13. According to Bleedingcool, Mark Brooks says she was the correct skin tone and it was a simple coloring and light filter mistake that he forgot to proof check and he has already changed it and the cover will be correct by the time it hits print. Whew! That was a close one. Twitter already had it's claws out. Probably still does until it actually comes out.
  14. This is gonna be a circus. Disney will probably cast some goofy Disney Channel kid actor like Calum Worthy as the lead.
  15. I was about to ask, myself. There's so much material on Wolverine it's hard to keep up, but I think it's for his very long history that he has a lot of experience with mystical and arcane beings and also has been trained in the use and defense against many mystical weapons such as the Muramusa Blade which almost killed him. That's just my interpretation, but if anyone can shed more light I'd be happy to know. In the end I just think they need a big name character to drive interest. Otherwise it's actually a pretty cool line up. I love Magik and I like the concept of Spirit Rider. I hope it's good, but y'know.........Marvel.
  16. Dude, Stark literally said at one point she was smarter at that age than he ever was. Do you even read the comics?
  17. Wow, I didn't even know Hannah had a brother. If I had to guess I'm gonna say he'll be some sort of liaison character with the government or SWORD who will provide her with some tiny remnant of Stark Tech so she can "reverse engineer" (some might call it steal, but whadda we care about details?), develop and improve on, cuz y'know, she's way smarter, and has more potential, and just plain better than Stark ever was. That's official Marvel, BTW.
  18. We're still doing that Eternals thing, huh? Wake me up when this train wreck is over.
  19. I didn't think the show was half bad. The casting was great. The kid seems like she has a great personality (as did the one who played America). Not to say all is forgiven as far as how they changed her origin and powers, but it's pretty much what they made it out to be so far. It's quirky and weird and kinda has that old Lizzy McGuire/Malcolm in the Middle thing going, but it's different and maybe different is just the shot in the ayass these almost too predictable Disney+ formulas need right now. The best thing about it is, though I'm sure the show will be sure to give plenty of love to Captain Bestest Evaaah!, this show will mostly actually be about Kamala Khan and have plenty of actual Ms. Marvel in it, unlike Moon Knight, which had minimal amount of actual Moon Knight in it and was clearly made to promote another character. Of course, it is only 2 episodes in, and aside from the typical Disney template, you never know what you can expect from Disney so there's still a chance, and probably a likelihood, that they'll still screw this one up too.
  20. Great idea. That never even crossed my mind. Currently I have my Jigsaw head sculpt on my 80th Anniversary Punisher body and I plan to keep it there so the Jigsaw body is freed up. Perfect timing, I guess. A little paint for the neck and we're in business. Thanks! I'll probably just sell the Inner Demon. Something tells me a Pulse army builder is not too far off.
  21. While I've been fairly impressed by ZD's previous work, especially with their Iron Man product, this thing is an abomination. What's with those shoulder flaps and those hip joints are giving me some severe Cosmic Ghost Rider vibes. This is just a big time miss. I do love that there is another company trying to give Hasbro a run for it's money, and with a lot more accessories and a lot better pricing, but it seems at this point they're trying way too hard to deviate too far from Hasbro's proven design. I think there's a market for these guys to foray into the "deluxe" figure stream. They could try and improve on past efforts from Hasbro like Sasquatch and Abomination who look good enough but just missed out on proper scale. I would be willing to bet there would be plenty of folks willing to shill out good money on a Sasquatch or Abomination that matches their collection better than the ones we have. On top of that I bet ZD could actually do it at a price less than the $45 to $60 we've become accustomed to pay for ML deluxe figures.
  22. I tell you what, Hasbro is making it really easy for me to save this year. Never, since the Dark Days of ML, has there been a stretch of time where I haven't purchased a single ML figure. At this rate It looks like I'm done for the year after the Bonebreaker wave and the Mojo set. I actually entertained grabbing this set because I really would like to have a Mr. Negative figure, but I hadda pull out once I realized they used the older suited mold for Mr. N and the Inner Demon used the newer mold. Gotta get rid of that old mold guys. That thing is a total killer.
  23. Nope, none whatsoever, just another classic, beloved franchise being handed over to modern day hack writers to be screwed up forevermore. Nothing new. Another typical case of abysmal writing bringing down great artwork. Hey Vita, how'd that whole Children of the Atom thing go for you? No...., too soon? Ahhh, what say we just give you the New Mutants and try and fool the fans into reading it?
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