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  1. So these things hit the shelves two weeks ago and I swear the only thing that's changed is that they put Seaweed Man on the shelves between then and now. And no, he's not any better in person. Seriously, it is ultra bland and boring. Terribly shiny and the paint aps are surprisingly sloppy. And to top it off it looks just as stiff and ridged as the other figures in the wave. I know the MCU fans are trying to see the best in these, and good for you if that's your thing, but these are just all sort of mediocre. And yes, I understand that if the movie is good the interest in the figures will increase, but from early reviews by the real audience (not the industry shill "pros"), the outlook is bleak.
  2. Doubt they'll show anything new, possibly confirming some standing rumors, especially regarding the TB Legends. My only hope right now is that we see something about US Agent.
  3. I loved the original She-Hulk. Funny, confident, sexy. This whole angry, brooding militant femonster thing was so exhausting. She was made to be the anti-Hulk in every way and form and instead of that they tried to turn her into Hulk. I hope we can get back to good stories and good fun, but honestly, I won't be holding my breath.
  4. I used to be a 100 percent completeist. Even today I fight the urge to just throw down cash for everything and anything Hasbro puts out for ML. I freaking love the BAF format and at one time it was just so cool to complete a "Bonus" figure. At one time the BAF actually seemed like an incentive. I'm a fan of the comic figures radical designs and flashy color schemes mostly, but I have learned to appreciate many MCU figures, but over they years, many developments in the ML line have happened that have not only shied me away from the "hunt" but also has dissipated a lot of the FOMO that I used to have about the line.
  5. Better, this is just much, much better. Yes, the facial expressions should have been switched on the head sculpts but I'm just happy to more accurate figure. The first figure was too big, but I know there are a lot of people who refer to him as "growing" and that's cool if that's your thing, but I think the majority of people wanted one in his more natural height. Also, this one doesn't have the ugly ball joint hips and the very noticeable and frustrating lopsided legs. Took 'em a while to get him right, but they got there. Interested to see the new US Agent figure.
  6. Lol. I saw this on online video. A lot of eyes have seen this. It is a damn shame that when we finally get a figure of Selma Hayek there's actually no "figure" to it. Maybe this is what Hasbro needs to get their act together. Sad thing is, it'll probably result in another price increase to us. Oh, and don't worry guys, I'm sure we can take it at face value when Kumail says the movie is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good. Seriously, still hoping for the best though. Love Selma and Kumail actually seems like a fun cat.
  7. I was initially a fan of this Glam Nebula and was interested to see where she would show up, but after this episode it totally turned me off. Some episodes were good, some episodes were terrible, but by far this episode the most juvenile of them all. Basically T'Challa was a space Supastar that everyone loved and revered and was so skilled he could stop and deter the universe's most maniacal killer with nothing more than a good argument, and reduce him to serving as his personal bodyguard. Oh, and Peter Quill was a burn out looser sweeping floors at Dairy Queen. As a whole I enjoyed the What If...?, but at the end I was just confused at why they had to fight Ultron at all. Why not just let ol' T'Challa loose on him to just convince him to turn over the Infinity Stones all nice and easy like.
  8. North Texas (Amarillo) is getting some Nova sporadically at various stores. No sign of Quasar. For those who are tracking.
  9. That's what I thought, but people on some other sites and FB are trading and selling them like crazy for insane money. It be rainin' Quasar in some places. It's been such a drought at Walgreens I wouldn't be surprised if the dumped them both on the shelves at the same time and it would be just my luck to score a Nova and think the pressure is off for a while only to find out Quasar was dropped at the same time and I missed it.
  10. On the contrary. She's the most stunningest and most bravest-est one there IS, WAS AND EVER WILL BE.
  11. True, and I suppose the MCU only has room for one All-Powerful, Most Perfect, Infallible, Bestest Evah Space Messiah and that title has already been taken by a certain wooden faced, monotone, self-inflated goddess and no toxic Dude is gonna wrestle that title from her brave and stunning unbreakable grip.
  12. Count on it. I'm betting, as the Sovereign have been so inept at killing the GOTG to this point, he's gonna end up being some kind of naive , goofy, bumbling, Frankenstein-type failure of an experiment that's pretty much the punchline of the entire movie until he figures out he's the "perfect" being and reaches his full potential just in time to save the day in the end. And now that the Multiverse will have been blown wide open by the time this movie releases, don't be surprised if there is some kind of tie-in with the Infinity Stones or the Infinity Watch from another universe. As far as Poulter himself, sure we all know him as Kenny from We Are the Millers, and his roles have been pretty limited in the other projects he's been in, but if what Michael Keaton has said about his acting chops is any indication he might have a bit more range than we realize. Also, if the Hollywood trainers could physically change pudgy Andy to Alpha Male Starlord I'm sure they could pack some muscle onto this kids tall frame to make him look a little more "ideal" for Adam Warlock.
  13. So here in North Texas Nova started hitting Walgreens pretty hard last week. Anybody got the lowdown on where or if Quasar is showing up anywhere?
  14. I've seen the praises too, but it's almost like the MCU proponents are out extra strong on this wave. I feel like no matter what they release their personal bias will be on full display for anything MCU. And that's alright, cuz I harbor my own bias for the Comic based figures as well. The difference is that a lot of MCU fans would be all too happy to see the Comic figures go away altogether, but us Comic fans are under the understanding that a balance of highly recognizable MCU figures and the wide variety of flashy Comic figs are the key to the longevity of the line. The thing about these Eternals figures is, well done or not, they are just really drab beyond comprehension to me. I'm almost tempted to say that the drought of the MCU movies and content for the last year or so have contributed to how well MCU fans are receiving this wave. For me it's a hard pass.
  15. I was lucky, I picked up 8 of the MU Frost Giants on clearance when I stopped at a Walmart in NM coming back from vacation. Sold off or gave away most of the 4" Loki's that came with them. They are undersized for my 6" ML in my opinion, but in the interest of saving precious space I'm content with them. Plus, they've been portrayed in many various sizes in the comics.
  16. Not sure what's up with Kingo and Sprite. My Target's had the rest of the wave out, including Thena, for days, but those two still haven't hit the shelves. There's not even a spot marked for them either. Side note: out of 6 each of those characters that were available only one a single Makarri has moved off the shelf. And no, they don't look much better in person either. Even in the packaging the figures look super stiff and limited like the Death Dealer from the Shang-Chi wave. Admittedly the paint aps look very good. The head sculpts, though very attractive, only resemble the actors in the general sense (2 eyes, one nose, hair color, etc.). No way would I have been able to know any of those characters to the actors had I not already known who they were supposed to be. Hasbro's biggest, most expensive steaming heap to date. Gives me some recovery time though.
  17. Way too early to judge this. Of course, I'd love for it to be a great game, but I've never been one of those "gotta have it on the first day" guys. I sit on it a while and let other people spend their money first and then decide if it's worth spending my own money. Cheap? Maybe. But not stupid. And I can't believe there are people out there that actually trust the "professional" reviewers either. They are literally given free crap to pimp these guys product. The minute they get honest about the products when they suck those freebies stop coming. This is just pretty pictures and a general description of the way they would like the game to be. If the art and hype was what made a game good The Avengers would have been a good game.
  18. I mean, he is the product of the Sovereign, which in itself was the walking punchline of Vol. II. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they gave him the Trevor treatment after all the build up and anticipation for this character. I'm betting the bigger pop will be for Howard the Duck in this movie.
  19. I can somewhat relate. That's pretty much the only one I kept as well, just cuz it looked so damn good. I still say he's way too big for Loki because he's always been portrayed as a much thinner body style and much smaller than Thor. Much like the Wrecking Crew figures, as good as the sculpt is, he's just too big. Also, if I remember correctly, he has those goofy nonsensical swivel ankles rather than the superior ankle rocker.
  20. That Loki was in a weird spot from Marvel Legends. Like Erivera said, it wasn't quite return of Marvel Legends just yet but I believe it was somewhere in line with the movie. I think it was actually referred to as Hasbro Thor Series. I think it was just that Hasbro basically had the Marvel master license so they decided to actually do something with it. It was a strange set in that most of the figures in the wave were much bigger than even today's ML. There was some good stuff in that wave but it just scales way too big for today's line.
  21. Love this figure even more. Glad it scales out much better than it looked in previous reviews. Can't wait till mine gets here. I like the fact that they're starting to include multiple reviews and reviewers for the same figure. I had a feeling the pictures provided by a previous reviewer (forgot who it was) where they stood this figure next to the modern version were a little misleading because from what I've heard the two stood just about even. Erivera94 is quickly becoming one of the more polished reviewers along with Sharty and MCU Collector. Some people make fun of his accent but that guy's my people so it doesn't bother me. His reviews are solid, to the point, and he includes all the information needed to make an informed choice, plus the one thing he does best, whenever at all possible, is give great side by side comparisons to other versions of that character, and better yet, to characters of similar size and build (ie. Thor). I would really love a more in-scale redo of that version of Loki, though. Great review and great pics. I got more insight from these fewer pics than many of those reviewers who include 100+ pics. Goes to show quality trumps quantity 9 out of 9 times. A lot of reviewers could learn a little something from Erivera94.
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