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  1. Not all that impressed with this Multiple Man. Despite the fact that they actually accurately used the Sunfire mold correctly for once, I guess I'm one of those people that was completely happy with the previous version of MM, mostly because I like the trench coat look, and also because I toured the country looking for as many of the original as I could while carefully trying not to completely wipe out the stock of any store in particular. Ultimately I did break my own etiquette when I came upon a half dozen or so on clearance at JC Penny, of all places, and I did clean them out. I mean, they were on clearance so obviously no one wanted them, right. At least that's what I tell myself. It was for my own collection, not like that scalper who black holed all the exclusive Classic Doc Strange from my local WM. Anyway, I'm not keen about going through this entire ordeal again, though I will probably end up picking up at least 4 or 5 of these eventually, if I see them at the store.
  2. GH is quickly becoming my favorite current reviewer right now, aside from my man @MCUcollector24, of course. He's got a pretty straight forward style with a few funny jabs in there, but he's mostly all about the facts. Loved that he thought we'd be seeing Big Bertha using this buck eventually, but I have my doubts, for a number of reasons we can longer discuss on this forum, but hey, I'd love to be wrong about that, for sure. I'd love to see some love for the GLA. The ONLY problem I have with his Blob review is that he doesn't have the old one to make a comparison to. I suppose some other reviewer will eventually come through with one, but I haven't been able to find one yet.
  3. While not exactly, this looks to be based on the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. Might have to pick this one up as it looks like Hasbro hasn't been able to crack this code, not even during the GR 60th Anniversary. Now, let's see if they can do a Robbie version and not charge Tree Fiddy for it.
  4. That Blob! Just WOW. In reality it is very similar to the previous version, but with better looking joints and articulation. I see this trend of going back and finally just doing straight redos of a lot of figures from the early days of Hasbro, and I like it. We've seen US Agent, Blob, Ronan the Accuser and now Emma Frost. Hopefully a new She-Hulk in her purple and white track suit won't be too far behind. Personally I wouldn't be all that upset if they did an entire wave (or two) just dedicated to redos. Yellowjacket, Marvel Girl (Rachel), Constrictor, Iron Patriot, Banshee and the entire Wrecking Crew would benefit from updates/upgrades. I wouldn't even care if they did Coipel Thor or Doc Samson as the BAF(s).
  5. Then again, it would help a lot if they stop putting so much time and resources behind garbage like a bunch of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy stuff, the G.I. Joe Origins stuff and the soon to be rotting on the shelves D&D: HAT stuff. But then again, who am I except a long time consumer who knows junk when I see it?
  6. The actual scars on Kang's face are a nice touch, While I'm sure it's a development coming out from the fact that suddenly all these actors insist on having their actual faces on the screen instead of behind a mask or CGI (thanks Pedro Pascal), at the sacrifice of story and accuracy, but at least it's a somewhat decent compromise. Still the movie looks good and I like Majors' portrayal of Kang thus far, so I still have high hopes. And I'm sure somewhere during the movie Kang (or more accurately, a variant of Kang) will show up in the mask for at least a few seconds in the thing.
  7. Uuuuhhhh...okay. Comic relief, I suppose? Let's just hope she's not as awesomely regrettable, yet not forgettable (not matter how hard I try) as Awkwafina in Shang Chi.
  8. I don't think I'm all that upset by this one. For once. Whatever buck they used for Hyperion (the diaper makes it hard to read), looks to be about the right size and I am one of those people that don't have that much a problem with the Bucky Cap mold (aside from the feet). Firstly because it is a magnificent sculpt and secondly because it applies to so many characters. As it does here with Doctor Spectrum. Had they used this mold for Yondu, though the Vulcan mold would have been better, I would have had no problem with it. Colors are a bit loud, but i think they were going for the classic looks, which are what these figures are designed after. Got no problems with 'em. At least they didn't cell shade them, or whatever the hell counts as cell shading in Hasbro Land. I'm in on this one.
  9. Glad for Angela. She's been a force in the acting community for may years and it's good to see her get her due. On the other hand, Best Visual Effects? Really? Compared to most Marvel Studios fare I thought it was pretty weak sauce. The were elegant, yes, but they were so convoluted and muddy, especially in the underwater scenes. It's a bit of a reach. The whole Talocan thing was a complete mess. Was it an underwater world? Was it partly above ground. Did they live in caves? It was just weird. And compared to what they did with Aquaman it was just subpar.
  10. My preference woulda been the Vulcan buck, cuz it's that fit, around 6 ft. range and it has butterfly joints, but even the Reaper buck woulda been better than this buck, which is quickly becoming the Kate Bishop of male bucks. I thought, for sure, with the injection of what was basically the Bucky Cap mold with butterfly joints, the Sunfire mold would stop being so loosely and incorrectly used as often, but here it is again, being used for a much wanted and anticipated character that the body just doesn't fit.
  11. Love your lists. It hits a lot of holes in the X-Verse and the surprisingly anemic ML Ghost Rider-Verse, and you broke up characters from the same teams into different waves to keep the interest alive. I like it, but I just have one question. What's up with Harpoon as a BAF? As a character he's about the same height and build as Wolverine and has object charging powers similar to Gambit. He's not that big, nor would his power representation need be large enough to qualify as (standard) BAF material. I'm not gonna assume, but did you perhaps confuse Harpoon with Riptide, who would require maybe a base and a "tornado" effect to represent his powers. Either that or perhaps Blockbuster who, depending on who draws him, might be of a size for BAF, though personally, as he was shown to be shorter than Colossus, would probably be suited well enough with the Omega Red mold, with the likes of Warpath.
  12. They haven't even done ANY figures from the Modern Guardians, which at least have a little bit of tie-in with the MCU as it is the team the movies are based on. Sure we've gotten did the EE exclusive but it the Star Lord was an older version, and then the Walmart Exclusive is an even older version. The entire movie arc is already at it's end and none of the characters from which it is based on have been released in mass retail. We need Star-Lord in his Leather, Gamora in her armor, Drax (without the MCU figure's legs), and the Rocket BAF and the Groot with the comic style head sculpt re-released. The fact that these versions of Star-Lord and Gamora, at the very least, have not been done is just crazy to me at this point, much less expecting them to finish the original GOTG team. They do, however, have all the body molds needed to do the team. Martinex would use the AoA Iceman and Charlie-27 could use either the Omega Red buck or the Thanos (comic) buck.
  13. First off, long overdue and glad Yondu finally got some love. My issue, cuz I always have one, again is with the use of the Sunfire buck for another long overdue, long awaited figure who stands over 6 foot tall . Throw him in the same "looks good, but still wrong" pile with Silver Surfer, Firelord, Falcon, and others. I'll take the head sculpt and do it right myself. Again.
  14. It's just time for Sony to stop chasing the ghost. Sure, Spider-Man has been a gold mine, but how many times are they gonna be able to reboot the damn thing before it's jumped the shark. All these rando rogues villains movies aren't gonna pay out. Spidey is all they got that's gonna make any money. Venom pays out a bit, but for how long? What they need to do is some kind of deal to keep the Spiderverse animation rights and just sell the movie rights back to Disney for a boat load of cash. This is the only option they have. Or keep rebooting Spidey till the cows come home.
  15. Well said. They love taking the victory laps, but hate taking the penalty strokes. It just comes with the territory. Thus is the life of the sales team. I think in the end it's up to us to speak with our dollars.
  16. This is a valid point. Though I do have some problems with the way that both of them have taken shots at the fandom at times they are really just the isht filters the company has put out there to try to push the products. They do get a lot of gruff, and some of it is well deserved as they are the ambassadors Hasbro has elected to interact with the public and (try to) answer some of the questions on behalf of the company, but they really have zero to none influence on pricing. That all comes down from the greedy pigs at the top. Criticism is fine and many of us use platforms like this to share them, and we know they see it, but being rude and profane and mean is something they don't deserve. A message can be made without having to belittle them. On the other side, other than a mass email address, there really is no way to get in contact or even know who to contact to get the message to the real villains here, the suits, and these guys knew they were the faces of the line and had to know backlash was coming. It isn't the first time, it won't be the last, and if it's really that bad they don't have to stay in that position if they didn't want to. They've often eluded to the fact that most criticisms more or less roll of their backs anymore anyway so something tells me they'll stay put just where they are. Thirdly, all I see is support on his feed. And while it's all good that people are standing behind these guys, you would think if they were getting harassed all that bad you'd see at least some mild criticism on the feed and not just in his DM's? I don't see anything even claiming he's being harassed, unless he deleted it, but then why would he? All he seems to be saying is he appreciates the fans and is aware of the issues we might have with what's going on, which is actually a class move.
  17. Yessss, finally you're speaking my language. The have lost their minds and they're unapologetic about it. This is one of those moments, like that ridiculous Engine of Derangement Haslab project where we have to dig our heels in and just resist. Of course, that's easy for me to say. I'm not a fan of most of the Gamerverse madness nor the massive excess of Spider-Anything product, but I know it looks cool and it's probably pretty tempting to many fans, but if we can absolutely do without this thing I hope we can make a point. As I've said more than a few times here, if we validate this type of crap from Hasbro it indicates our consent and it only emboldens them to do it again and to constantly keep on raising the bar. Let's stand strong and hand Hasbro another L with this one.
  18. Yeah right. Like Marvel would destroy the only source from which any of these modern day "writers" are able to draw from for inspiration for new characters. What are they gonna do next, stop making and kill off all existing clones of Peter Parker?
  19. I still have all my original cards locked up in storage somewhere, but this would be cool to have to be able to look over them again without having to make a grand journey to find them. Might have to pick this one up.
  20. While I'm not against Gamerverse figures, this just isn't for me. There's only so many Spider-Men that i need for my collection and these game skins aren't any of them. It does look good though.
  21. Lol. I didn't even see that at first, but yep. Hasbro is nothing if not good at finding ways to use and reuse the same old accessories over and over again. Yeah, nothing major. It is pretty much exactly what I thought it would be. I do like the new male teen mold. Sucks that the female teen mold is pretty much the same old, same old, but it is Franklin & Valeria. Who thought we'd ever even get something like this? Still no Crystal in sight, though. As far as Giganto, I kinda put this out a while back. Who would be all that upset if they did Giganto as a BAF, but just as he/she was seen on the cover of Fantastic Four #1? Basically just a head and arm, more of a diorama, with maybe an articulated arm and fingers. Personally I don't think I need an entire Giganto, nor do I think it would fare any better as a Haslab than the ill fated Engine of Exorbitance. At the very least it would be somewhat scale accurate. I would buy an entire set for that.
  22. Ahhhhh yes, the A-Force set. Actually A-Force set vs. the Excalibur set kinda makes both sides of my point. If I recall, and I do, the A-Force set came out of the gate strong but it did sputter out and sit on the shelves at TRU for over a year, even at mark down. I don't think it was simply because it was all female but probably a combination of several factors. Firstly the mold She-Hulk was done on was terrible and a bit undersized. Secondly the two most desirable characters (Spectrum & Bloodstone) were done on the dreadful Kate Bishop buck. Thirdly, I'm not sure how many people even knew who the hell Singularity is. Finally, I think once the reviews came out, people realized just how much of a shoestring budget this set was done on and just decided to payass. I bought three. One to open, one for MIB and one simply because it was on sale, but overall I would say it was quite an underwhelming set. As for the Excalibur set, well it is what it is, a much improved Cap Brit and two much requested female characters on new or unique bucks. It was all about character selection.
  23. As a long time fan of Mystique it's a damn shame this figure, and pretty much any one that came before this one, was done on that wonky, wobbly, noodle legged Kate Bishop buck. I would pay good money to see it redone on literally any other female buck. Of course, at this point, the best chance of getting another Mystique anytime soon would be in a multi-pack. I'd love to see another Family Values type set with Nightcrawler in a different costume and either Rogue in her 80's aerobics costume or Destiny, but even though most of us would get behind it, I still think Hasbro is scared to put their money where their mouth is and take a chance on a set containing 2 female characters. Historically it doesn't happen, but I firmly believe it all comes down to character selection at the end of the day. I know some will point to the Pepper & Carol 2 pack, which I did order, but I'm pretty sure that one has been perpetually on sale for at least a year now. I'd have to say, as an experiment it's mostly considered a failure. As they literally did 5 versions of CM before that one I would gamble to say the bigger driving force behind that set was Rescue with the Pepper head sculpt. I know it was for me, and TBH the Captain Eyeroll figure was the best one to date.
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