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  1. Personally I think Lupita Nyong'o is a divine creature, but this thing is doing her no favors. Was gonna pass on this thing to begin with. No change in status based on this.
  2. Is it just me, or does the more and more they show of this thing make anyone else want it less and less? The promo pics of the Charger were pretty decent, but this real world view makes it look more like a $20 joint you'd find at the Dollar General. Y'know, minus the "effects".
  3. It is what it is. Not all that impressive, but another version (The Initiative) of an already well done character. Not my particular cup of tea, but it easy to see why some will like it. I'm really liking this Iron Man Retro thing they got going. What I'd really like to see them do is a Silver Centurion with corrected neck articulation where other head sculpts can fit on it. They really screwed up that Walgreens exclusive. They say it can't be done because of the helmet, but somehow a handful of customizers online pulled it off, albeit not without quite a bit of work, but it can be done nonetheless.
  4. I sincerely doubt they'll pull the plug on this thing early. I truly believe them when they say they'll stick it out to the end. That being said doesn't mean they won't pull out all the stops before they STOP. I think they believe a large part of the target audience is just sitting in wait and using this bump in the road to their advantage to get Hasbro to put all their cards on the table before they pull the cord and then put a little pressure on them to lower the stakes, in tier goals, if not in overall price. Honestly, if they hit us with Blackheart and possibly Nightmare by the time Comic-con comes around and say "that's it guys, that's all we got", I could see it reach funding and beyond. Honestly, if it even heads upward of 10,000 I'll throw my hat back in the ring, if only to see how far it goes, but if we can't reach Mephisto I'll pull out at the last second. This is truly a poker game at this point.
  5. I think they are trying to retain some part of the look of her original "Mark I" armor from the comics. I think earlier concept art resembled the comic book a lot more than this, and it still may and maybe this is the final design.
  6. All this moving around of minor pieces is getting absolutely nothing done. Just like everything else in the corporate world these guys just keep skirting around the real issue. There will not be any major movement in this campaign until they do something about the price. I know it's a beaten dead horse at this time, but it's the truth. Between the ridiculous price tag and the fact that, as @JayCmaintains, this isn't exactly the version of GR that anyone cares all that much about and couple that with a few tier figures that aren't even comic accurate this thing has only gotten worse at every turn. And I'm not a cheap guy, I don't mind spending my money on my hobbies, but I don't like being ripped off or taken for granted either
  7. It's not, not in any way. This should be no more than the typical "big" figure in any wave. These are all just parts that should be included with the figure anyway at $25 and some reused smoke and repulsor effects we've all seen numerous times. It looks good and I like the design, but ain't know way I'm paying Deluxe price for it.
  8. Typically we get about 2 good reveals during these events, which is alright as they spread them out throughout the year. I guess we all have seen the list for next year so nothing should come as any kind of surprise. I guess the main thing I'm looking forward to is how the team is gonna spin the Haslab as "Still going strong" again.
  9. Not the comics version of Starlord I was wanting. I was hoping, if the Haslab funded the Robbie Reyes mold would have lead to a more modern comic Starlord. If I can catch this on pre-order without too much trouble I might bite, but I'm okay to miss it. It does look pretty accurate, however.
  10. Hasbro takes this one. Not only is the armor correct to the accessory, which is almost it's own figure itself, but it is more accurate to the game it gets it's inspiration from. MAFEX's looks cool and has a great paint job, but where the hell is that thing from. As a matter of fact, Hasbro's actually been handing MAFEX's ayass to them quite a bit lately. Even with the recent price hike(s) the price vs. product has been much more in favor of Hasbro. Sure MAFEX has some cool accessories and mostly better paint aps, but nothing in any MAFEX ever had convinced me the product is worth the price.
  11. I don't think he's really fixated on the under boob, it looks more like he's pointing out something else Hasbro managed to screw up. She's been drawn several ways by several artists, but the Marc Silvestri version with the very prominent under boob is the most iconic. And apparently it means quite a bit to the other fans too cuz the backers went back down almost like it took them a second or two to realize the change.
  12. Last time I checked it, days ago, it was in the 5,400's so they've only barely fought they're way back up only slightly. So now they're scrapping and clawing to gain back only dozens of backers at a time?
  13. I don't think so, and if she has it certainly hasn't been enough to be considered one of his biggest foes. Looks to me like they're just bundling all these mystical/occult type characters together cuz they're afraid to try to do them anywhere else. So they basically hope to use them to push this project under fear that these figures may otherwise never see the light of day. Like I said before, they could have done any or all of these characters as Pulse or Etailer exclusives and done a mint. I mean who wouldn't pay a 50 spot for a Mephisto/Goblin Queen 2 pack right now?
  14. Getting warmer, Hasbro. I stopped watching the clicker days ago. Is there anyone keeping track of the numbers that can tell us if this moved the needle at all? Not me personally, but I could be swayed if enough people take the dive. Of course, it they were to drop the price by a hundy I'd do it now. How bout it @DenXMedia, did this boost the numbers?
  15. Not a fan of DD on the Spidey buck. It's a scale thing i won't even get started on. Not a fan of that weird Bullseye suit, not even in the comics. The only one I like out of the 3 pack is Elektra cuz she's not on the Kate Bishop buck and the head sculpt is amazing, but I ain't paying no $75 for just that. If the trend with the Mojo set keeps up I'm hoping to see this Elektra, or a similar one, in a single pack.
  16. Not a bad looking figure, but I see nothing "Deluxe" about some accessories that should be included with the figure anyway and some reused smoke and repulsor effects. I need to save for all the comic goodness coming later anyway.
  17. I see you working there, buddy and I'm sure your numbers are good, but 67......and 13? I wouldn't exactly call that an positive upward trend. This thing lost almost 1,000 backers almost overnight. Not even Goblin Queen can save this thing. It's done and done. Only way they can revive this thing is for Hasbro to admit this was a bad idea and ask (not necessarily beg) for the fans' forgiveness, and ultimately realign this thing to a better price or include more guaranteed product, or better yet, both. And we all know that ain't gonna happen, so for all intents and purposes this thing is effectively DOA.
  18. Too little, too late, and again, just too damn much, bottom line. I wish they would just stop now. Not only is this not tipping the scale but with every tier they show that's another much wanted character we're "never going to see anywhere else". So now, supposedly there are two very highly demanded figures we might never see because this ill thought out campaign is sure to fail. Funding it isn't even the major issue anymore. Funding and meeting these ridiculously far apart tiers is much less likely. Just take it down Hasbro. Admit you were wrong, rework the numbers, or at least act like you reworked the numbers and just do better.
  19. Yeah, don't think he's unhappy with his place in Marvel but he doesn't want to be under another long term contract and he wants to do other things and not get pigeon toed into this character for the rest of his career. I think that works out well cuz the new CEO of Disney says he really doesn't like these long term, guaranteed money deals, so it should be a fairly easy opt out.
  20. This is better. It seems like a lot the problem with the Disney+ shows is they take too long to tell a story. Also I'm thinking, since Don Chedle is trying to split with Marvel this is an easier out for everyone. Also, as others have pointed out, this frees up a lot more funds for special effects and other production value. I'm in now more than I woulda been with another bland D+ series.
  21. Absolutely, and I understand all that, but you gotta admit that price was by no means justified by anything or any part of this package. Yes, Mephisto would incur additional production but what I'm saying is it should have been part of the set from the begining. Let's not pretend that it wouldn't have made up for it in the end. Plus they have a way of getting plenty of re-use out of most of the new molds they create and this body mold is fairly non-distinct so I'm guessing they could use this for a number of characters. There was very little for them to lose to make him part of the product. They could have just advertised it using the mock up art and wouldn't even have put it into production, just like the Hellcharger, until if funded. Like I keep saying, there just isn't enough here to convince me to pull the trigger (again). Had anyone told me from the start that the plan was just this, even including the swap heads, I would have split my side laughing. Even when they started dropping the clues I remember thinking there's no way this Haslab is ONLY gonna be Robbie and the Hellcharger, for sure it will be a Robbie/Danny 2-pack. Even at that I figured it would be around $300. Mephisto should have been just part of the set to begin with. Whoever convinced themselves they could sell this thing just with the things that are in it now must have been on some serious substances.
  22. Exactly, so what are they gonna do with the actual figure that, as you pointed out, was more or less worked into the original price because they more or less assumed the Early Bird was gonna be met? As a matter of fact, at that price we can probably assume pretty much all the other tiers were covered as well. Not like they're really giving us anything for free. While they're trying to look like they are standing strong and maintaining confidence in the project and not fully giving in to fan demand, a strategy I believe they acquired from Big Daddy Disney, they just come off looking really desperate while also being really cheap in the process and, as I pointed out earlier, completely out of touch with the pulse (pun intended) of the general fanbase.
  23. What good is a fresh viewpoint it the movie is pretty much already plotted out and the director is unnecessary? Under that layout they could basically hire the guy who changes the urinal cakes in the restrooms as just a figurehead. I've never heard that but under the way Disney is said to run things I'm guessing this is 100 percent accurate.
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