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  1. Done and done, my friend. Let's see. GOTG wave, tiny BAF. Spiderverse wave, no BAF, but expensive Deluxe figure that coulda been a BAF. Last two Avengers waves and the current X-Men wave, simple repaints of previous BAF's. Hmmmm, anyone else seeing some sort of trend here?
  2. Uuuugh, that Nighthawk is sooooo bad. As far as the set, it is what it is. It's a better Hyperion, maybe much better and Doctor Spectrum is no more than he needs to be. His design isn't all that complicated. Like many older designs he's more or less a naked body with lines and colors. I really don't hate the Bucky Cap mold like many do. Personally I think it has aged well and for a mold that has no butterflies it is remarkably poseable. The loose prism is a problem but I probably wouldn't pose him holding it anyway. Bag it, tag it. wait for the next 2 pack.
  3. When you're right, you're right, and you all are 100 percent right. I misspoke and caught it as soon as I hit the submit button, but I chose to let it stand rather than edit, or I was pressed for time. Either way I knew someone would call me out. I shoulda been more specific, and what I actually meant to say is the Stretchy Arm is the laziest, most elementary, most simplistic and most overused attachment part that Hasbro does for ML. Maybe there's another part that they do more often, and I'm sure someone will point it out if there is, but in this sense it's almost like you can hear the conversation in the "ideas room". If a character has morphing or fluid type powers, I bet 100 times out of 100 the first "idea" called out is Stretchy Arm. We get it, they stretch, of course they'll have a stretch arm. But see, characters with those powers all come with that part. Kamala has stretchy arm, all three Reeds have stretchy arm, that's their powers, it's expected, but that's not Super Skrull's powers. They mimic powers. I understand the immediate connection goes to Fantastic Four, but we got that, and it was done pretty well with the SS BAF. It got all four of them in there, it's there, repaint it and use it for this figure. I'm not so bummed they included it here, it's more so that they only included one more, which is the Iron Man arm. Just look at the picture that @tarotput up, just in that art there are soooooo many more powers they mimic and the grand total of new power mimic parts after the stretchy arm is 1, just one, for freaking Super Skrull, who can mimic any and all powers, be it techno, magical, science or natural. I didn't expect them to include the entire Marvel Universe of powers in the set, but hey, maybe just a few more than one. Is that too much to ask? And yes, I understand in his costume there are elements of Blackagar Boltagon (gotta laugh cuz I can't get the Doctor Strange line out of my head), Doctor Strange (coincidence?) and others but those are elements of the costume of the character they chose to use as source. I'm just saying a little more effort than the typical part we already knew they were gonna do coulda went a long way. Of course I'm gonna get this set, because it is something kinda new, and I gotta have those damn Skrull head sculpt, so they got my money, but....... well, there it is. Hopefully this isn't the only Skrull themed set we get. Maybe they can do an Elektra set (on one of the much improved body molds) with a different version of a SS. I guess there are numerous characters they can use that format with and maybe improve on some other figures done on bad molds. If they decide to do it that way they have my money for sure, but am I wrong for wanting just a little more bang for my buck?
  4. I disagree, it's not misplaced at all. I'm aiming it right where it belongs. To be sure, this is a good figure. I said so in an earlier post, even said I prefer this version to the previous one. Most of my frustration comes from understanding what Hasbro is capable of and then seeing what we've begin to just settle for. Think back. When the hell did just enough become good enough? I praise them when they do it right. I raved about Spiral, Thing, Thor, Strong Guy. I even defended the Blob figure profusely, even got into a pretty heated back and forth with ShartimusPrime in his YouTube section about how wrong he was to try to tell his fans the older Blob was just as good as the redo (wrong, wrong, freakin' wrong, and also wrong), but more and more these guys are giving me less reason to praise and more to criticize. These are two reused bucks with very minimal effort and a few tweaks, and those tweaks aren't that good. I mean what the hell is up with Jessica's arms? Price always being a looming and major issue, and the seeing how much they put behind all the same repetitive MCU characters, and then it seems like they fire these things out just to keep us quite for a second. It's just a constant lowering of the bar. Especially when we know they can be so much better.
  5. That is nice to hear. Morena is more or less essential to the franchise. Not sure Colossus is as essential, but it's great to see him again since he's never been given a decent portrayal in any of the X-Men movies and he was almost spot on in the 2nd movie.
  6. I mean the stretchy arm is the easiest, laziest, most overused power effect they do with ML. All Reed Richards figures have them. Kamala has them. Both Super Skrulls have them. Yes, I know he's accurate by this one picture, but you fail to acknowledge the rest of the power sets in the fine art you provided. I mean there are other Super Skrulls in the picture with fire, claws, wings, electricity and such. I mean this is a damn near $60 set for 2 figures and don't tell me it wasn't a legit concern that they weren't even going to include a 2nd head sculpt for the Queen. I mean is it too much to expect that maybe they could sometimes go beyond the simplest, cheapest, most effortless options. I mean, yes the one arm is new, but what else for out money. I mean is that all the power sets we get for Super Skrull, I mean there are many, many more SS than this single representation, but is this all they're broken down to? That's what I mean. And to be even more than fair, if it was exactly like the picture he would have his hand splayed out (not that I'm a huge fan of that look, either).
  7. That Cyber-Spidey looks pretty cool, cooler than the rest of the crew, and massive. My one hang-up on this is that straight arm. It looks like there might be some kind of swivel around the elbow area that kinda works in conjunction with the shoulder joint so that it can be somewhat posed, but at what they show here and in previous pics, it looks like the only way that arm points is just forward/right. I was on board to get this cuz it looks so cool, but this has pretty much cemented, for me, that I can go ahead and pass on her with the rest of the wave. On the other hand I was completely gonna pass on Groot, as I felt we had plenty of him, and I just really don't like the look of his adolescent form, but seeing him in progression with the other Groot's I just realized I need him. Money saved, money spent, I guess. On another note, both Spot and Gwen are going for scalper prices online already, so if you want those figures and can find them at retail, now is the time. Of course, personally I believe this wave will be overstocked by the retailers and will underperform with the customers, so I think they'll be available everywhere. I just hate to see people panic over FOMO and fall victim to the jobless scalpers who live in their mom's basement and have nothing better to do than buy up collectables all day while the rest of us are at work.
  8. Yep, I knew they were gonna hose us on the Super Skrull from the start. The Iron Man arm is new, but that stretchy arm is the same one we got with the first SS. I mean damn, can't you throw us loyal fans a frikin' bone every once in a while? Who knows, maybe they got some other Skrull characters or Skrull adjacent characters in the works that come with some more effects, but I'm not gonna count on it. Still gonna get it, I still like this look for SS over the last one. It's just so frustrating being a ML fan right now.
  9. It's actually pronounce Rom-BO or Rum-BO. In it's spelling and in it's pronunciation her name is French or Creole. It always has been. Not sure why they let Fury (more likely Sam Jackson) butcher the name like that. Maybe it's a part of the storyline and she eventually corrects him, but it sure would suck if she stuck with the Rambo pronunciation due to this movie. As far as the trailer itself, it looks better than I thought. Maybe the constant delays and reshoots will be a good thing this time. Not a fan of Larson, as many know, but I'm not opposed to the fact that she might actually be able to do a good job when she puts her mind to it. I do like the young lady who plays Kamal, it's really not her fault she fell victim to bad writers. Teyonah Harris, from this teaser, seems to have a fun and bubbly personality, so maybe they can actually do Monica well with her. Actually, she was rather stern and no nonsense in the comics but somehow she was tough and confident without being condescending and abrasive. She was actually very likeable, maybe even popular as the leader of The Avengers. Not sure why she ever got shelved
  10. The only reason to partake in this thing is to stick it to Hasbro. I'm sure there are a few people out there who wanted the Hellcharger and were willing to pay any price for it so good for them if they get this, but to me what the hell is the point of a Hellcharger without Robbie Reyes. At a grand total saving of approx 60 bucks, after the accessories packs (or whateverthehell they're calling them), no Reyes and no tier rewards, this is a total bust. Still not happy with Hasbro about the entire thing, but my issues with them don't run deep enough to invest my time or money into a bigger scam.
  11. Well the Screw Hasbro part not only came from the price but all the strong arm tactics they pulled out when they realized they laid a deuce while trying to defend the price. First they stack the car up to the Sentinel, honestly believing the customer didn't have the understanding the Sentinel was still a much larger, much sturdier, much more complex lump of plastic, like we were all really that stupid. I would venture to say that BS convinced about 0% of us. Then the audacity to wave all these characters and figures in our face, most of them simple kit bash that can easily be done in other waves or formats, mind you, and then say, "Gotta get it now, or never get it again". Many, including you yourself have mistaken my disgust with the Haslab debacle as hate for Hasbro, when it was almost exactly the opposite. I liked the vehicle, I liked the figures, I liked the tiers, but I hated the price and I hated the assumption that they could pretty much throw anything out there at any price they say and expect that we swallow. The cherry on the cake was the "threat" that we'd never see those figures (freakin' Mephisto) again if we didn't cave into this obvious price gouge. But I still hung in there. I left my money in the crowd fund longer than most people here (certainly longer than good old Corporate Prime) and I was crushed, then upset, then angry with Hasbro when it flopped, because it was due to their own greed. I still feel/know that ML under any other company is not ML. I was a huge Toybiz loyalist during the Dark Days of ML with Hasbro, but my opinion now is that TB started the action figure revolution and Hasbro perfected it, with ML and across several other lines. I love ML and, aside from all the MCU and Disney+ excess, I love what Hasbro has done with it. But, that only makes me that much angrier about how they dropped the ball so badly on this particular Haslab. Hopefully they don't screw the pooch again with the next Haslab cuz we all need a new Giant Man (and yes, it will be Giant Man or one of his forms).
  12. Yeah, I think the entire thing was to show it could be done at a much more reasonable price. I dunno, I did the math and it just doesn't pan out. Maybe if they'd included the Interchange packs or maybe even done it all as one set, but no, still not biting. Putting it together, base price plus both interchange packs, minus a figure, not even considering the tier rewards, all this seems to do is strengthen Hasbro's stance. I'll maintain that I still can't see this vehicle (or any vehicle) so complex to justify either one of these price points, but it was nice to see someone else try. And to actually put out the product for purchase. Of course, this is a smaller third party, but you'd think a very large manufacturer could do something similar at a much smaller cost. Not sure exactly what I factor into it, but somehow the price point that sticks in my head that would seem reasonable enough is about $150 with the interchangeable parts, no figure included. That's just me though.
  13. Yeah, that's the first thing I thought of, but at least those Dark X-Men started off with a fairly decent plotline with Dark Reign, something I haven't seen in a long time from Marvel.
  14. I dunno, this set will perhaps satiate the folks that missed out on the first Spider-Woman, but I'm guessing the original will not drop in price all that much considering she's on the older Moonstone buck, which though she doesn't have pinless joints, she does have that more, let's just say comic accurate, upper torso. Assuming this set doesn't come with an alternate Jessica head sculpt, which I honestly believe it does not, the price on the original may actually go way up. Maybe some 3D printers could make quite a killing if they wanted.
  15. I'll bargain that the only accessory that SS will get is exactly what we see here. Nothing but the same old stretchy hand. Maybe some of those fireballs that came with the MCU Captain Marvel. I doubt Spiderwoman will even come with an alternate head sculpt.
  16. Looks cool, but I'm not getting the Cosmo wave so there's no point in getting this. How strange though, that this got wings and Super Adaptiod didn't. That's two Deluxe's I saved on.
  17. Dayam! If there's one thing Marvel knows how to do is take a successful property and ride it till the wheels fall the hell off. Dark X-Men, huh? While I like the characters and I love Maddy I just get the feeling everything X-Men are getting so redundant and repetitive. The build up for every new X-Team is exactly the same "Something Never Seen Before", "Explosive and Mindblowing", "New and Groundbreaking", etc., etc.. I am an X-Men fan over everything else and I love many characters but it"s just too overwhelming at this point. Every writer wants to create their own team. Everyone wants to make their own characters. Everyone has their own take on established characters actions and behaviors. It's like everything is starting over from scratch. Almost no character is recognizable from one canceled book to another. Gone are the days when credible writers take a character, stay true to it's origins and build onto it. Almost everyone gets broke down and rebuilt from ground up, so much so that they're even allowed to alter their origins even. I dunno, not saying it isn't gonna be a good book right out the box, but how many more New X-Books are they gonna milk out of this stone?
  18. I'm with the general concensus here. Not worth my time, certainly not worth my money. It's exactly what it looks like, a low effort green Captain America figure from a defunct line with a few tweaks and a few (2 to be exact) re-used accessories to confirm it's identity, but with a couple of distinct omissions (wings and arrows). Lazy product at a premium price. We get enough of that isht in the standard line. I'm not about to contribute to it infecting the Deluxe line as well.
  19. And there it is in a nutshell. Hasbro almost had nothing to lose. They knew ML had a strong collector base. No one was gonna "stop" collecting due to windowless boxes, but they wanted to be the first to take that step and if everyone else followed they were the revolution leaders and if it failed they always had that "well, we tried" card to play forevermore. Ultimately they still walked away smelling like roses cuz they get to be the savior and use the tried and true "the fans demanded it, and we heard them" angle. I do work in some analytics and i agree that there was very little time to get actual solid sales data, and i'm betting fraud numbers were similar, cuz swappers gonna swap with or without windows, but I'm betting verbal statistics and online discussions and complaints such as the ones we have here were being tracked long before the first box hit the shelf. If I didn't know any better I'd say this was planned from the start. Another price hike to follow in short order as the cherry on top.
  20. That's exactly what they're gonna do, with a little "it's a small price to pay to save the environment" old fashioned guilt added to the mix.
  21. Best looking figure of the bunch, by a large margin. Not saying much though. Fortunate for me I already got everything I needed from the previous version. Completely passed this "wave" up.
  22. Props to Hasbro for not chumping out and giving Monica the love she deserves. This figure is a huge check marked of my must have list.
  23. Actually, I've had less problems with the mushed or warped limbs with the cardboard boxes. Maybe it's because they don't have to be posed like in the window boxes and they aren't vac sealed to the plastic. That's one good thing, I guess. Yeah, those bags are giving me some serious OCD. I keep checking and checking them again, cuz something about that material they're made from, wax paper, I suppose, that makes them feel like something is still in the bag. Luckily my paint issues have been minimal so far. Then again, it's only the beginning. They might be giving a good show out the gates. Let's see where this thing ends up
  24. So I guess Victor's face sculpt is meant to be secret. No problem, someone will leak it soon enough. I complained about the FA Hulk sculpt being a bit to large to be accurate, but from these pictures it does seem to be smaller than the standard Hulk mold. Not sure if it's real or just real good camera work. Either way the Doom/Captain Marvel (mostly Captain Marvel) pack is the only one I'm really interested in right now.
  25. Yeah, I know he was intentionally made to look like some loser, weirdo psychopath, but.......uuuuugh and eyewwww. This thing is fugly with a capital FU. I'm sure the movie will be good but I got no love for these character designs or the related toys. I'm out. Cool effects though. I just know they'll get around to doing a proper Spot and then I'll be running around like an idiot looking for these effects and pay out the buns for them.
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