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  1. Agree. Daredevil and Jessica were two of the better castings in the Netflix Marvel project. I'm not as high on the Punisher casting as others, but I wouldn't mind them using the same actor for Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, for that matter. It's a strange thing about Cage though. Even though he looked the part, there was something that just wasn't quite right about it. Of course, we all know what a tragedy Iron Fist was.
  2. This movie keeps looking better and better the more I see of it. To me it looks like there's been a bit of a shift. Where MCU movies are starting to wane the Sony-verse movies have looked to have stepped up their game.
  3. This looks great @RyanDaly , that's exactly what I was planning to do once my pre-order finally ships and I can dig my 2nd Walgreens Invisible Woman out of storage. Every time I look at that face sculpt I both laugh and cry. The fact that they would even do something like that at this point in ML evolution is hilarious and heartbreaking. Good thing she can turn invisible cuz that's a face only an invisible mother could love.
  4. If they'd waited a few more months they could have used the new Vulcan buck for this, but this was just another force use of the Sunfire buck that looks really good, but size wise is really in an in between place as to which characters it actually applies to. I'm hoping they still have time to make an adjustment to use the Vulcan buck on the Silver Surfer that comes with Galactus, but probably not.
  5. What the hell do they need a head designer for? We already know what they look like and we know what the villains look like. One thing about this show (the first one, anyway) is that the characters pretty much followed the comics, but then again we're all familiar with what happened to He-Man's so called sequel. Loved the 90's cartoon and I pray they don't screw it up, but Disney gonna do what Disney do, so.......not looking too promising.
  6. Stallone and Pratt in the same movie?! The heavens will fall. I say it now, the heavens will fall!
  7. Of course it's just another easy money grab, but this figure was the best of the Watcher wave. The face sculpt is on another level. Still find it weird that the serum turned her into a 6'4" Amazon when other women have taken it and remained somewhat "normal" looking, but I guess it turned a 5'5", 150 lb soaking wet Steve Rogers into a peak specimen so it kinda lines up, I suppose. Back on subject, though. Not gonna go hunting for this but if I find it i might pick it up.
  8. Moon Knight looks okay. Oscar Isaac wouldn't have been my first choice but he's got the acting chops to take on a multifaceted character like Specter. IMO, MK is one of the most underutilized characters in the Marvel Universe. Of all the teasers this one seems to have the most promise. I had higher hopes for for She-Hulk. From first indications it looks like there was some acknowledgement that the pissed off, brooding, angry victim bit wasn't working in the comics so they were gonna take her back to her sexy, funny confident character that John Byrne made popular. She literally said her version of "I'm Harley freaking Quinn" in the trailer. We all know how that excuse for a flick turned out. I really do hope the best for the Ms. Marvel show. It's not a good comic, but she is a cool concept ruined by terrible writers, but the actor playing her seems like a sweet kid with a great personality and if anyone can make people like the character it will be her. At least people seem to like Monica and it almost seems effortless for her. There's something to be gained from that. Like I said before, I already pay for Disney+ so I'll give anything a shot as long as I have the trusty Fast Forward button at my fingertips. At least they didn't hit us with a bunch more "behind the scenes" and "how it was made" programing. But there's still plenty of time for that I suppose. And plenty of first year college grads with zero experience Disney is willing to put in charge of such projects.
  9. Lol. Nothing surprises me anymore. The older I get the more I realize when something gets put out in the ether there's many times an otherwise unexplainable response. It's crazy. It's one of the reasons I'm constantly encouraging discussions of a redo for the Sasquatch figure at a more accurate size. It can happen, perhaps the Contest of Champions version (which is actually pretty comic accurate) under the Gamerverse sub-line as a 2 pack with another character such as Karnak or Massacre. Let's start talking about that and make it happen.
  10. Uuuugh........this Goblin trend is getting to be even more nauseating than both the symbiote and spider clone gimmicks. No clown in the Marvel bullpen has a single original thought in their brainwashed, over inflated, uninspired skulls.
  11. Well, if you haven't noticed the MCU kinda goes along the lines of Marvel's Ultimate Universe, where basically all superpowers came from an attempt at the Super Soldier Serum. Not to say that Cap Britain's powers don't have anything to do with Merlin or Camelot, but like Gamma radiation was the catalyst for the SSS to turn Banner to Hulk, a magical item or spell could be the catalyst to spark Braddock's powers. Of course they could just go with an Iron Man type suit like the comics, but that would be pretty lame. Also keep in mind that there has been no explanation of how the current Spider-Man gained his powers. I'm sure it will have a lot to do with how Marvel's negotiations go with Sony, but I bet when all is said and done it could also be a result of experimentation with a SS Serum as well. I guarantee the X-Men will also be a result of failed experiments with some sort of serum, similar to the comics, as well.
  12. Well, as he'd be basically playing the same character (without the eye beams), they'd probably do an origin story completely different. I would bet he would start somewhere as a Secret Ops agent somewhere in the vein of Britain's attempt at Captain America in the Winter Soldier, then as their scientist try to develop their version of the Super Soldier Serum it would not actually work all that well until he somehow comes in contact with some type of magical artifact or location in the British Isles such as Excalibur or Stonehenge, and he would gain powers above and beyond anything possessed by Captain America. His only weakness being his own confidence.
  13. What a coincidence cuz I'm betting dollars to donuts that very many fans of the MCU would love for him to play Cap. C'mon Henry, stop wasting your career with those DC losers who don't even have a cohesive plan on what they wanna do with their universe. You got the build, you got the voice. I promise, us MCU fans will not take you for granted, and I promise, you will get a superior action figure out of it.
  14. It all depends on how you look at it, I suppose. For the most part the history of the characters are the same and they are acknowledged. Guido was still the ruler of hell (though I think he got his soul back), Marrow still went through her chrysalis period, but now she's back to her old self. Characters like Cannonball and Sunspot mostly unrecognizable from the 90's, mostly overly altered by bad writing and uncreative, unoriginal "creators" meddling, but their histories remain intact. Tempo was more or less background noise back then and Armor is fairly new so it was before her time and they never really developed her to begin with, so Marvel has plenty of room to screw both of them up. Banshee and Forge are old reliables who should bring a lot of experience and knowledge from their X-Men days (though it seems Forge got a power upgrade I'm unaware of), but I expect these should be pretty much the same characters, but having gone through a lot of ridiculous BS storylines and arcs and talentless "creative teams" and unexpected exiles between now and then.
  15. This thing needs to be flushed. All I see are pegs so full that these things have to be stacked on shelve underneath. Why Hasbro continues to insist this is a smart use of resources is ridiculous. How much of this time, effort and materials could be used to improve ML is saddening. Sure, the retro and nostalgia market is booming, but what we're seeing most companies do is retro "type" figures with added articulation and better production. This 5 points garbage is better left to companies like Super7 and Funko.
  16. I like a lot of these characters. Many of them had a lot of potential and a bit of fanfare (Strong Guy, Boom-Boom, Marrow) at one time but were ruined by bad writers and some of them were cool ideas that never really got fleshed out (Armor, Tempo) and some of them are just victims of having their powers and back stories tinkered with and changed so many times that they just got too confusing for writers to want to use anymore (Sunspot, Cannonball), and some are older, respectable characters that were always just identified as supporting characters (Forge, Banshee). Not gonna knock it just yet. I'd be much more likely to pick this one up rather than some of the old, tired, reused drivel Marvels been pushing lately. I have high hopes for this one but, lets never sleep on Marvels ability to ruin a good idea with Marvel idealism.
  17. I love how Marvel insists to tell us who all the "hot" and "upcoming" artists are like we're just supposed to absorb it and agree. Sure, there are a couple of legit artists in this group, but there are a few these clowns that they just scraped right off the tumblr bathroom floor. I suppose the art quality was bound to sink to match the writing quality sooner or later, so no big surprise at all.
  18. Never understood the point of these figures, but they keep churning them out so I guess they sell well enough.
  19. Seeing that new Cap Brit next to the old one really highlights how much of an improvement the Odinson buck is over the Hyperion buck. Now if we can get an updated Hyperion (in black and gold) and a Luke Cage on that buck we'd be in business. Also that's the perfect buck to redo the Wrecking Crew too. For as long as that buck has been out it's finally great to see them putting it to good use. There are so many possibilities. Meggan looks amazing. I knew it was coming and though I think many of us assumed it would be done on the Moonstone buck this one is a nice alternative. Between this figure and the new white Vision it's a great time for foot lovers. This is not my favorite version of Kitty though it is mostly accurate for the period. I just don't understand why they insisted on doing the figure on a version of the teen buck. At the time she was a full grown adult. She should not be that small. All in all it's a good set. Great step into finishing this team. All that's left from the original team is Rachel and lets not forget Widget. Of course if they decide to do Kylun and Cerise it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all.
  20. Here's an idea. What if 3 different Spidey's end up wearing 3 different suits. Who's even Sur that's Tom Holland on the poster?
  21. How can so little and so much be going on in a movie poster that I don't even chance a guess at what's going on. It sure takes the bad taste of that Eternals outta my mouth though.
  22. It was not a terrible movie but was it by no means up to MCU standards. If each MCU franchise has it's own niche (Ant-Man is the heist movie, Cap American is the spy drama) then this is the RomCom that no one asked for. I don't care who's hooking up with who or who's shipped with who. This is some over inflated egomaniacs wet dream and it will not get a sequel. Thanks for introducing Black Knight I guess, but pretty much everything else was nonsense. I would literally re-watch any and every other MCU movie before this one. It's done, it's over with. The toys are terrible. The movie was okay. Let's move on to Spider-Man and Morbius.
  23. While I'm sure Disney would bend over backwards, forward, sideways, inside out and upside down to get China's business back, these countries aren't a big enough market to even move the needle. I think this is nothing but a springboard for Disney to try and make themselves look like they have some sort of spine when it's all window dressing. Its like being ready to throwdown with the 90 pound weakling but folding like a lawn chair when the real bully comes to town. As it is, it's just another arrow in the quiver they can use (along with the 'Rona) to explain why the movie doesn't perform as well as expected. Personally, I think it will do just fine. It's not like they have any major competition to go up against right now. It should have a solid two weeks on top until Ghostbusters comes out and blows it outta the water. Edit: just realized I parroted exactly what @NotNamed and @Gigantor just said, but I guess it just makes it that much more obvious.
  24. No there's not gonna be a buncha characters no one knows or cares about. Maybe a few of the more obscure characters but they aren't gonna be awkwardly forcing any characters that nobody wants like they did Kamala in Avengers. This is them taking another shot at what they wanted to do with the Avengers game without doing all the stupid isht that made that game garbage. With characters like Wolverine and Iron Man in it this is Midnight Suns in name only. I hope Avengers was a learning process and something was actually learned in that process, and I really hope this is a much better game than it's predecessor. Pretty much nothing releases "on time" anymore, especially in the gaming industry, so it comes as a surprise to no one, I'm sure. I just hope it means they're taking a little extra time and effort to engineer out all the BS that screwed up Avengers. Strip away all the BS and the concept was not that bad.
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