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  1. Yes, I actually did. Hernia surgery. Our side hustle is couples personal training. My wife is the brains, I just kinda keep the guys busy while their wives beast out. Basically a way for me to get paid to stay in shape, but it's hard to keep a rep as a good trainer when you can't do much yourself. Long story short, it's been a lingering issue, yet non life threatening for a long time so it fell in the "elective" column. Two years, a plague and 25 pounds later I'm finally able to get it taken care of. It's given me a chance to get my customizing space in line. Clean and service my tools, get everything all lined up. I expect to get back into doing a lot more customizing pretty soon, but also maybe not quite as quickly as I'd hoped. Question, maybe a discussion for PM, but are you able to design facial sculpts in a format for 3d print, cuz I'm putting together a pretty nice scanning and printing set up and I have an engineer friend who's gonna teach me to use it and theoretically I should be able print out much anything that can be modeled out, within a certain size restriction space, which is still much larger than 90 percent of ML product out there.
  2. Not a massive fan of the character but it looks great and I love the new parts of this mold. It looks like the torso may be from the Hercules figure but the legs, arms and jacket look to be new or at least retooled. Stuff like this makes me hopeful we might see more of these quirky late 90's type figures. I can certainly see elements of this figure being being used for Random, as he's a bigger guy with jeans and heavy boots. This guys been on pre-order for me from the jet, cuz I need that Bonebreaker, but this figure looks to be one of the brighter spots in the wave.
  3. I do remember the white rings around the neck as well but I think it just disappeared over time, giving way to the white circles on his chest. Even then though, I think the circles were just a signature of his actual powers radiating from his body, indicating that basically all he was wearing was a deep black bodysuit with a black and white mask. I harken back to when Mark Silvestri used to draw him (Outback X-Men) and the rings or orbs often extended out past and beyond Havok's body (front and back) and costume. Also, they always faced straight forward on the page, no matter what angle Alex was turned in the panel. Kinda like he was always under a perfectly round spotlight coming directly from the readers vantage point. Not sure if that was something Silvestri himself drew into the character or something the colourist (I think Glynis Oliver) interpreted into the art. It was pretty unique, but also pretty damn annoying.
  4. Love Havok, love his powers, love his character and love his classic look. That being said, this is absolutely the wrong buck for him. If they couldn't have used the Vulcan buck (because it was used for Vulcan) I would a preferred they went ahead and just used the old dependable Bucky Cap mold to stay consistent with the previous figure. I'll get it, of course, but it will be in short order that I customize a correct buck for him. Once again, I'll do your job for you, Hasbro.
  5. Makes you wonder why Hulu even bothers to mess with Marvel properties anymore. It wasn't what I woulda classified as a good show, but it was better than anything on the CW, that's for sure. Whatever, anything the tremendously unfunny Patton Oswalt is involved with is almost certainly damned for failure.
  6. I dunno. I think the body is pretty accurate for his early Iron Fist and Spider-man appearances. I don't mind the Reaper mold but I do hope they get around to giving it the redo treatment they gave to the Bucky Cap mold (basically meaning butterfly joints). What really kills this thing is the face sculpt. It's just a head scratcher. There is no resource material that I, or anyone, have been able to find to base this look on. The comparison to Willem Dafoe is right on. It's weird. I haven't seen anyone try a head swap, but it's not like any of the previous versions look all that good anyway. Alas, poor Sabes looks like he's damned to never see a proper action figure. I'll just bag him up next to all my Silver Surfer figures, which incidentally shoulda been done on this buck. Well at least they tried a few different bucks with Sabretooth. All they do with SS is keep giving him sh**tier paint jobs on the same undersized buck.
  7. Interesting power set. I can see how that would set up quite a few crazy mishaps. Finally nice to see a new character that isn't just another Wolverine clone.
  8. Makes sense, I literally (literally) fell asleep from boredom. Last thing I remember is the oh so hilarious "NOPE" on the back of the Moon Knight box and I blacked out. Woke up two hours later with my face stuck to the key(bored).
  9. Looks like there might be a little articulation in those wings after all. Still doesn't change my mind all that much.
  10. I actually have pretty much every one of these figures (which we all know is what everyone is paying for) from oversees markets and I suspect the set itself shouldn't be far behind. I bare no guilt for buying these knock-off products for many reasons. A) Lego is way overpriced and they seem to have little, if any, regard to the very loyal fanbase. B) Lego knows that part of chosing to have their product produced where they do is to give up rights to their IP, so they should expect it. C) Loyal Lego fans are still gonna be loyal to the brand and boxing regardless so they're missing out on very little business in the long run. They love their product and so does the fanbase. I'm a very casual Lego (or building blocks, if you prefer) collector at best, and I'm barely keeping afloat with ML pricing as it is these days.
  11. Yes, after 3 price hikes, not only is money an issue, but moreso outright disrespect to the fan base. I guess part of the reasoning is to make up for hundreds of millions of loses reported last year, but that was for stupid decisions made mostly with Star Wars products and products from flops like Snake Eyes and the purchase of the Fortnite license. Why does the burden have to fall on the fans of successful lines to make up for? I hear the new COO was formerly head of the gaming division which has a very rabid fanbase, which is known to pretty much buy everything, and at any cost. I don't think that logic can be applied to the action figure fanbase. Personally, though I'll be spending more per product I will be buying far less product than I did last year and I predict it will save me close to a thousand dollars or more. I predict all the changes with ML, including the ridiculous (and actually counter effective) windowless boxes will actually have a cooling effect that might be the end of the line. Just glad we got a US Agent this year, and a Jigsaw.
  12. I am a recovering completionist, and I must say Hasbro is making it easier and easier to slide into that Cherry Picker mindset. The last few years, a ton of delayed movie and D+ projects forced ML to push up a lot of comic based products so it was kinda tough on the pocket book. But now they're clearly playing catch up, but I'm enjoying the break. Not for a long time have I been compelled to complete any particular wave. The last wave I bought any figures I didn't want was the Hyde wave, cuz I just had to have that Hyde. The Eternals came and stayed on the shelves forever but I never had a compulsion to buy even one of them. Had no interest in Rintrah (he was in the movie for what, 5 seconds?), so I cherry picked that wave. Have no interest in Korg, armored Thor looks ridiculous and Starlord is super small so I'll probably pick up Jane Thor and be done with it. The Hawkeye figs are pretty cool but assuming the rest of the figures will come from the Moon Knight show, which contained minimal amounts of actual Moon Knight, I'm gonna assume I'll get off easy on the rest of the wave. As for the BP Legacy figures, I got everything I wanted during the first go-round. The Spidey movie product? They do look good and maybe five years ago you woulda had me, but I'm over it now. Now I'm just counting the days till I can build my Bonebreaker and Controller BAF's and see how the rest of the year pans out. Still finding it hard not to get disappointed every time Hasbro has a lackluster reveal event, but I'm actually starting to find a lot of comfort in the reveals of all the product I get to save my money by not purchasing.
  13. I'm just not a fan of using the Movie Venom buck to do a comic based figure. Not a bad buck but something about it just doesn't convert over for the comic look. I was able to buy a loose Knull (fairly cheap) without having to buy the Venom. The wings just aren't that big enough a draw for me. Plus it looks like those wings are just flat static pieces of plastic with no articulation. Just a half-assed effort all around.
  14. Me too. Chronologically the original team is actually a team in the future, which would make the current team it's predecessor, unlike what is indicated in the movies. Not a big deal as there are more than a few ways the MCU deviate from the comics, but GOTG has gotten so much exposure in it's current state it would be really nice to see some love given to the characters and creators that started the franchise. Maybe a box set. Maybe a few 2 packs. Maybe scatter them as exclusives through several etailers, whatever. They've got tons of molds and bucks they can easily repurpose (Iceman as Martinex, Reaper as Starhawk, Odinson as Charlie-27, Hawkeye as Yondu). The can just re-release the previous Vance Astro as Major Victory. Hell, they can even do Nikki on the same tired ayass Kate Bishop buck that 90 percent of females are done on for all I care. What's one more? It's just one of those things that there is just no logical reason has not even been hinted at yet.
  15. Meaning the critics, who don't buy the comics and most likely didn't even read the comics, fawned all over the concept but actual statistics (the gathering and analysis of hard data) tracking sales and profits indicated readership went down. That is statistically accurate.
  16. Hemsworth as Thor or Odinson or whateverthehell part he's playing is enough to put me in the seat to watch this movie. Ninety pound Natalie Portman carrying a hammer half her size is even more ridiculous than the story was in the comics. Sure critics loved it but it is statistically one of the worst moves in Marvel history, like it or not. I'm not completely writing it off as Hemsworth understandably has to move on and something must be done to carry on the story. Portman is no spring chicken either so I can't imagine the plan is to move forward with her as Thor for too long. Hopefully this is just a one off to transition to another franchise (say Hercules, maybe) and they'll just end the Thor franchise here. Seriously, the best bet is to kill him off and let him have a hero's end.
  17. Great starting point for anyone who missed out on first releases on any of these figures but, unless they sprung for new paint, which it doesn't look like to me, this is seriously a reboxing of left over stock. I come across things like this from time to time, most notably at Disney stores at outlet malls or some of the larger comic shops I get around to when I'm travelling for work. Stuff like this is seriously looks like it's hodge podged together as a last ditch attempt to turn some kind of money off these products before they head to the landfill. Still, the fact that they produced specific packaging for the set (with a big naughty clear plastic window) would indicate that the intention was to distribute on some mass scale at one point. Puzzling, but I really wouldn't be surprised if this never really saw this on the retail or even online market.
  18. Of all the recent Walgreens exclusives this is the one I'm the most excited for. So glad they got the suit body right before they pulled the trigger on this guy. Of course, what I was expecting was just a reboxed Punisher with a new head sculpt and neck brace. That would have actually been okay with me, cuz it would have been easy enough to customize it to his original costume, but this is actually good. Sure glad I picked up at least a few Punisher's when I had the chance. First, so I can use this head sculpt on it. Second cuz the Punisher has been neutered and it don't look like he's coming back any time soon. Here's to the next exclusive being Tarantula.
  19. LOL, this is top notch work man. I was just noting the other day how underutilized the Scarlet Witch buck has been since inception. It was initially decided she was too tall but they took of the heels and adjusted the leg length, at least by the time they got around to doing the Family Values set SW. I know it has that bustier top but i wonder why they hadn't modified it long ago for other females. It would have had the long torso look that so many of the swimsuit and lingerie models have but it is by no means unrealistic. We could have avoided so many females being put on that terrible chicken legged, knobby kneed Kate Bishop buck. In this case though, the bustier top should work just fine. Currently, I'm recovering from (elective) surgery. Finally got that personality transplant everyone says I need. Not sure it took. I'll be down and out for about 2 weeks but as soon as I'm cleared I'll be digging out my Odin wave figures to do some customizing. One, I'll be repainting the Cap Marvel to give Binary a proper body. The head sculpt will take some major "Face Off" type swappage, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. Two I'll be using this as reference to turn Scarlet Witch to Marrina. I hope you don't mind me using your idea. I'm thinking this'll probably take a bit more Dremel and putty work, but i think it'll work. Of course the face portrait may work for her prone face but I may have to have a friend modify and print the other two faces.
  20. Gotcha. Sorry, just trying to get some kinda action, any kinda action going. Can't remember the last time I saw so many posts go by without comment.
  21. I'm on board with Peyton Reed. He's got that perfect, fun style that made a relative success from a really iffy character franchise like Ant-Man. As Ant-Man's movie arc wraps up it might be wise to transition him to another franchise and see what he can do with some really big name like the FF. If not, as we saw with James Gunn, I have no doubt Paramount would waste no time snatching him up For a DC project. And yes, The Suicide Squad was good. It just sadly hit at a time when WB, after a few legit hits, did what WB does and used it's typical antics to sour the well with Bantha Poodah like Wonder Woman '84 and Angry Birds and Harley's Blah Bla Blaah Yadda Yadda and then going that extra step to piss people off even more by declaring the Snyderverse dead and the majority just bowed out to just catch it streaming later. I did. I liked it. Then I bought it. BTW, it looks like the new bosses might have a different opinion regarding the future of the Snyderverse. Huh, guess there are a few guys over at Paramount that know something about pleasing the consumer to make money. Who knew?! Heard some good things bout that little Yellowstone show they got going on The Paramount Network. Maybe I should check it out.
  22. OMG! Just another cheap gimmick for Hasbro to repurpose (via some minor paint apps) stored up product that didn't sell quite as well as they wanted everyone to think they did. I liked the movie good enough. It was one of the better introductions of a new character, but I didn't quite think it was the MCU's best effort evaaaaaah! That honor is forever reserved for Captain Devine Destiny (wink, wink). Everyone seemed to like BP's first wave well enough. It hit all the main characters, gave us a Classic Namor and a Modern IM. The BAF was a bit of head scratcher but it was a great looking figure, but lets not act like after the IM's and Namor's left the shelves there weren't months and months of droves and droves of figures left on the pegs. There was absolutely no need for a 2nd "Emergency" wave. Sure there were a few good ones in there but nothing they couldn't have done as those oh-so-lovely Walmart or Target exclusives they love doing so much, or as multi-packs (oh, they did those too). If you actually believe they produced an entire wave of proto's, got the green light from the suits, jumped the production schedule, got the box art and design locked up and got the product on the shelves in less than 6 month's time, between when they claimed to have realized the first wave was so wildly popular to the 2nd wave blasting out onto the shelves, let me tell you a story of an actual highly demanded character who it took over 12 years for Hasbro to do it's take on and when they did it was little more than a face swap and a washed out paint job. Let's ask fans of Maestro how quickly and efficiently Hasbro really responds to fans' requests. While I'm sure the entirety of humanity appreciated how Hasbro was able to respond to such a widespread worldwide crisis in such record time, what ended up happening is most people cherry picked as many Dora Milaje, (which was kind of a kick in the cubes for those of us who built the Okoye BAF) as they could and Erik Killmongers and left the rest for the rats to gnaw on. Seriously, is there anyone outside those countries that have typical ML distribution hardships that weren't able to get at least a single copy of any of these figures that they wanted? IM's, Namor and Dora Milaje might be hard to come by, but given a few hours, I'm fairly certain I can still go out to local hobby, comic and discount shops and get any BP figure I want. And they'd probably give me $5 back. This is another cockamamie way for Hasbro to slap a coat of paint on a buncha overproduced figures and a buncha undersold BAF's and sell it as some special brand without actually producing anything new. It's like throwing a bag of feces against the wall to see what sticks. Unfortunately, that usually only manages to produce a few skidmarks. At least they had the decency to do it as online pre-orders and exclusives instead of trying to coax the retailers to purchase full cases of waves with such questionable consumability. For those who had actual problems getting ahold of these things the first time I'm truly happy for you. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they did much, if anything, to make them more available in the aforementioned countries, so there's still that. At least you don't have to worry about competing with me for them. Sooooooo.....that's something. I guess. SMMFH.
  23. Wait, whaaaaa.......? Are they even allowed to make Marvel's female characters look like that anymore? Someone's gonna lose their job for letting that one through.
  24. I must say that is a beautiful head sculpt, but as it's a pretty much unanimous feeling, a damn shame there's no screaming head sculpt. It will be coming shortly though. I promise, there is another "Family Values" type set coming with Banshee, a more modern Black Tom, and a screaming Siryn with a slightly modified costume design. And we won't have any way to see if the products are actually in the box.
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