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  1. On 12/18/2021 at 9:12 PM, Benn said:

    The problem is that he kind of does suck now. His original runs on X-Men, New Mutants, etc. were the stuff of legend, but his recent work has been, not just awful, but some of the worst material Marvel has released in recent memory. It's a bummer, because 90% of everything I love in comic books came from his brain, but he just doesn't have it anymore. I think maybe the rapid changeover on titles in comics these days just doesn't play to his strengths maybe? Or maybe he just doesn't care as much because of the short-term prospects of the job? When he had years and years and years to revisit dangling plot threads and slowly weave an intricate but elegant tapestry, he was unstoppable, but I think trying to get him to focus on (or care about) what he likely knows is going to be no more than a one-year gig is just a losing battle.


    On 12/19/2021 at 2:37 AM, leokearon said:

    The X-Men has changed so much since he did it, he can't keep up and he doesn't want to. He prefers to write the characters he likes, the way he wants without it being impacted too much by continuity. I enjoyed his Nightcrawler series he did a while back.

    Yes, and he has expressed it as such. He'd like to go back to his old story telling style but so much has changed and he's not one of those writers that's prone to doing these mass over arching changes to characters to retcon things from the past so he just tries to work with what he's given. That coupled with newer and modern guidelines administered by Marvel/Disney only allows him to be a fraction of the writer he used to be. Still, a fraction of Claremont is still better than 90 percent of the modern hacks they have today.

  2. On 12/16/2021 at 4:47 PM, Lord_Scareglow said:

    It's called hey we know you want Siryn, let's give you one, but let's milk you later when we release her someother way, with the screaming head you wished you got the first time, duh!

    it's a cannonball's leg move again..you know yer buddies at the Bro!

    Exactly what's gonna happen. With the first Phoenix figure they happened on a new money grab. When they fudged Cannonball they actually perfected the strategy. They gave is what we wanted but left it a little off the mark. Not so much that we refused to buy it the first time, but just enough where we would buy a second one if they got it right.tumblr_95b7cb0a283f5f06fb9970ae8438c3a4_20a3f772_1280.thumb.jpg.c104cfa41c040991c3f044ded0bd57a1.jpg

    This is how she actually first appeared in X-Force. Siryn is one of those characters that has so many slight variations on her costume that they could literally make dozens of different looks if they decided to.

    They will do this figure in a multi-pack (with Banshee, would be my bet), which will, most importantly, contain a beautiful screaming head sculpt, and though this figure would have been very sufficient, we will all buy that set, in large part, for the head sculpt. Think the Cyclops/Phoenix TRU exclusive set after the Juggernaut wave Phoenix. Scott was okay, but I bought that set (2 actually) more for that gorgeous Jean head sculpt to replace the Céline Dion head. Same goes with Cannonball. Even though we get an "improved" Domino and an entirely new Rictor, we basically refer to this set, at least in our mind, as the Cannonball legs set. A Banshee/Siryn or Siryn/Feral set would be cool, but my money is on another Family Values type set with Banshee, Siryn and an "improved" Black Tom. And we'll all gobble it up. Lock in that plan and watch it come together.

  3. On 9/21/2021 at 11:14 AM, Jmacq1 said:

    You're right, surely they did not.  I guarantee you Hasbro would have absolutely preferred to have had the Sentinel show up prior to the Galactus HasLab closing if at all possible.  Because they wouldn't have known there was a knee problem beforehand (Because if they did, they would have fixed it...also the problem is not universal, and has a simple fix...facts that folks like you seem to not like to include in your little jabs), and getting it delivered would have proven to all those folks saying "I sure wish Hasbro wouldn't have launched this until I got my Sentinel" that yes, they were in fact going to deliver.

    By the same token, Hasbro actually delivered the Sentinel in the timeframe that they projected back in 2020.  So for your little conspiracy theory insinuation to work, the Sentinel's bad knee would have had to be something Hasbro PLANNED, which I'm sure even you can agree is a patently ludicrous idea.

    While I can still sympathize with those who got hit with the bad joints I must agree with this as fact. Out of my three orders, every joint have different degrees of variance, but only two of which I would call "bad joints", but as you mentioned they were easy enough fixes with a little effort.

    To me this is no different than what can be expected of a standard ML figure. Sure, it's on a much larger scale, and on a much inflated price point, but if they can't make every joint perfect on a 6" figure how would you expect they could perfect it on a much larger, much heavier product which has an even larger weight strain on those joints. To me it was a small and, dare I say, almost expected issue from lift off so I was already prepared. Yes the joints will get weaker the more they are worked but considering the fact that Sentinels more or less just stand there with their hands extended in both the comics and in most displays, how much further stress should one expect to put on those joints?

    Nothing about any loose joints, aside from them just falling apart altogether, woulda swayed me from Big G.

  4. Typical Marvel BS. No new ideas? Just have the baddies change sides and then magically, even though they retain the same powers, they somehow become less powerful and imposing than they were before and suddenly the once terrifying and massively feared nemesis becomes just another chump on the X-Men roster constantly being caught off guard or snuck up on from behind and ultimately having trouble taking out the most insignificant of foes.

    "Oh no, it's Cassandra Nova, one of the X-Men's oldest and deadliest foes. But she's batting for the good guys now. Quick, I have a plan. First I'll challenge her to a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Mr. Spock, and while she's distracted Rip will sneak up behind her with a cooler with a Rattlesnake in it and throw it in her face when she turns around and we'll all stand around her and watch her suffer a slow and painful and satisfying demise. Done, time for lunch break."

    Lame, they hast a new name, and that name be Marvel.

  5. On 12/16/2021 at 4:50 PM, Lord_Scareglow said:

    I kept thinking the Backpack could be for Moon Girl, but it's not exactly the same Backpack she wears, could be a prototype (but she does where different backpacks), Kinda feel like I doubt we are getting any of these New Warriors like ever, because they got canned when the survey said nobody likes these guys, but I could be wrong...

    I'm with you there. Leaving all the political implications totally out of the equation, these were the worst conceived characters in modern times. A vampire. Wow, how original. A magic backpack? Seriously? A guy who inhaled Internet Gas??? Yes, Internet Gas! What are you, like five?! If this is the clear indication of the quality of writers in the Marvel Bullpen these days is there any wonder the only thing these people can come up with is retconning backstories and repeating the same old "Clone", "Death Of", "Old Man", "World War" and "Symbiote" sagas over and over again?

    That being said, I"m predicting the backpack is from an upcoming Spider-Man wave in which it will belong to either (or both) the Toby or Garfield Spider-Men...or Spider-Man's...or whatever. I lean towards Garfield just cuz I remember his backpack being much more prominent in his movies.

    Moon Girl sure would kick ayass though.

  6. Danm, We've waited so long for a freakin' Jigsaw and we get that same tired ayass skinny limbs, short, played out suit buck. That thing needs to be jettisoned directly into the sun already. The Strange wave looks good. Glad to see Wong finally get some love. Mordo looks about a thousand times more interesting than the previous one. I seem to remember Sleepwalker being a bit skinner, I think the Pizza Spidey buck woulda been more suited. I don't think he's supposed to me more ripped than Iron Fist. Shame they went the the full cover up America Chavez. The shorts just seemed to much more tuned to her look and how more often she's portrayed, but whose surprised by the choice? Over the moon for Bonebreaker, but I think we all knew it was coming. With them rounding out the Reavers I wonder when they'll start doing the Outback X-Men. Let's start with Longshot. Whadayasay? That Vulcan buck is on point, can't wait till they start overusing it. Love the effects given with Havok, but why the hell did they have to use that Sunfire buck? It's just wrong. Two....wha....two slugs with Maggot? Can this be real. I'm floored. I admit I was wrong. Glad I was this time. Ragnarok is cool, but it coulda been done with a simple head sculpt pack in. Plus, I ain't chasing that thing around Target. I can pass. I'll just find someone to borrow the head sculpt from and cast my own. Siryn looks meek. I always imagined her with a bit harder look to her. She's got the look that any Rogue figure shoulda had, but I'm just glad we got her. All in all, one of the better reveal parties.

  7. On 12/15/2021 at 10:33 AM, JayC said:
    The folks at Legendsverse have built a pretty cool app where you can create how your own Marvel Legends dream wave would look on Hasbro Marvel Legends packaging. There is nothing official here and It's all for fun which makes for good topic discussions on social media and message boards, though it may cause you to look twice when you see people post their creations online wondering if it's real or not.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 11.03.40 AM.png

    Not a fan of all MCU waves, but I would totally get this one. If Hasbro doesn't jump at the chance to do some of these figures that were done poorly or not done at all in the past we should really start to question the people in charge.

  8. When I first began reading comics this is the Captain Marvel I knew. She was the leader of the Avengers and she was a well liked character. Why they ever sidelined her in the first place is beyond me but I hope she eventually gets her own ML in this costume. I've sworn off POP!'s for the last couple of years unless there was one that I absolutely have to have. I think this will qualify.

  9. On 12/15/2021 at 12:14 AM, Air-Walker said:

    Don't read the comics anymore, but cool man, makes perfect sense. So can we get a figure of her now? Silver and/or Bronze Ages first please! 🙂

    Yes, though I prefer the more modern versions. She's had so many different looks though they're all so similar in look and color that I think any version will do with a few different head sculpts to represent the classic "horn" curls and the modern look.

  10. Was not a big fan of this entire backtrack and use this new buck for every Spidey we've ever done probability, but I do really like this one. I'm seriously hoping we eventually get a Black & White costume on the larger Reaper buck to represent Kraven impersonating Peter, perhaps in a Kraven's Last Hunt multi-pack. The Jackal buck can easily be converted for Vermin.

  11. On 12/11/2021 at 6:19 PM, EvilHayato said:

    Which colossus figure do you mean? The warlock wave one? If that one, its from Uncanny Xmen #500.

    Yeah, that's pretty much what we figured out here eventually, but at first we were all a little perplexed where the look came from. I think someone first pointed out that it was identical to the CoC version and then someone pointed out that he appeared that way in Uncanny 500. It was just such a brief and specific look for him in the comics that one had to wonder it they actually used only that small reference point from the comic or if the collaborated with Kabam to nail down the look. Either way, one must agree that the coincidence is uncanny (buh-dump-pa-tish).

  12. On 12/7/2021 at 4:40 PM, EvilHayato said:

    Actually, speaking as a 3d modeler and a background in game design/3d, they could very well just use the 3d model, by converting it into an OBJ file and edit it in zbrush with the tools from that program and make the articulation cuts and add the joints in. They would have to do a bunch of editing and retooling to make it look right tho. Like ALOT. I agree with you, it would be much easier to just do their own sculpt from the start and apply their joints as they go. The figure does not look exactly like the in game model.

    Its kind of weird they put it on a retro package but im sure they just wanted a more modern interpretation.. or they just slipped it in bc marvel wanted it. The older version wouldve been so much easier since its so basic but probably not as appealing looking. 

    I design and build tooling for applications with very small tolerances and I work with a modeler who then has to scan and "clean up" the tools and then be 3D printed for mass production. While I have only rudimentary experience with 3D modeling, but my friend says it should actually be pretty easy to convert a computer model into actual print, which could then be used as basically a prototype, assuming the files can be converted. The tough part is breaking the model apart and at the joints and assumed articulation points and finishing out the ports and joints area which basically have to be created as a computer model joint doesn't actually move like plastic. Of course he has no background in video games or game design, but as a general standard it should work.

    To me it seems quite clear that Hasbro has used at least partial game models on several figures. Aside from this Spider Armor, there is also the very first Colossus figure which resembles the Contest of Champion version so much that we couldn't figure out at first where the costume design came from. Also take a look at the Venompool BAF and the MODOK Deluxe figure which look like they came directly of the screen (with texturing added later, of course). I think it's not crazy to think future figures like Dragon Man and Mojo may follow suit.

  13. To steal one of the online reviewers words "this thing is two steps back". There's literally nothing with this figure that is better than the last one. Now, if you're just a fan of his "original" look I guess that's cool, but as far as quality and appearance this thing looks closer to Hasbro's first ML attempts rather than current ML. And, are my eyes just playing tricks on me, or has the torso actually been scaled down to be thinner, but otherwise identical? It's really weird. The arms are much thinner as well to be sure, but I think I recall Ned being a bit larger than Peter, even in his more "huskier" days when Buscema and Romita drew him. Either way, this was the only figure that had sold out when I tried to pre-order this series and after looking at it I'll go ahead and keep my money.

  14. Well, I've felt for a long time that the MS team was always willing to sacrifice a little articulation on behalf of superior aesthetics, and if that was your thing as a collector, good for you, but when you have neither superior aesthetics or articulation, what are you worth? Sure, there's a cloak and some cool, non-bubble effect accessories, but there's nothing here that would make me consider this figure to be better than my ML version. Swing and a miss this time MS team.

  15. On 12/6/2021 at 10:21 AM, Atlantis said:

    I would love to see Daredevil AND Jessica Jones in the MCU (Misty Knight would be welcome as well but Luke Cage is gonna have to be recast and, IMO, re-done from the ground up. The Georgia preacher’s son who became a cop thing needs to go; Luke is Harlem born and raised, through and through); there needs to be a more grounded, gritty side to the MCU to go with the cosmic and supernatural sides. Charlie Cox and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job and I'd love to see that continue.

    P.S. please redesign his mask; get that thing off his nose. He's Daredevil, not the Batman.

    Agree. Daredevil and Jessica were two of the better castings in the Netflix Marvel project. I'm not as high on the Punisher casting as others, but I wouldn't mind them using the same actor for Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, for that matter. It's a strange thing about Cage though. Even though he looked the part, there was something that just wasn't quite right about it. Of course, we all know what a tragedy Iron Fist was.

  16. This looks great @RyanDaly , that's exactly what I was planning to do once my pre-order finally ships and I can dig my 2nd Walgreens Invisible Woman out of storage.

    Every time I look at that face sculpt I both laugh and cry. The fact that they would even do something like that at this point in ML evolution is hilarious and heartbreaking. Good thing she can turn invisible cuz that's a face only an invisible mother could love.

  17. On 11/15/2021 at 12:16 AM, Hogun said:

    Does the head not seem a little too big for the body?

    If they'd waited a few more months they could have used the new Vulcan buck for this, but this was just another force use of the Sunfire buck that looks really good, but size wise is really in an in between place as to which characters it actually applies to. I'm hoping they still have time to make an adjustment to use the Vulcan buck on the Silver Surfer that comes with Galactus, but probably not.

  18. What the hell do they need a head designer for? We already know what they look like and we know what the villains look like. One thing about this show (the first one, anyway) is that the characters pretty much followed the comics, but then again we're all familiar with what happened to He-Man's so called sequel. Loved the 90's cartoon and I pray they don't screw it up, but Disney gonna do what Disney do, so.......not looking too promising.

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