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  1. That's kinda what I'm thinking. If you look at what they've put out with Classic Herc and Tigra it gives a distinct West Coast Avengers feel, of whom I most associate US Agent serving with. I think there will eventually be an all Avengers wave but it looks to me like they're doing the WCA as Fan Channel. Coincidentally a lot of those characters fall under the redo category as well, which typically Hasbro does in other formats rather than main line distribution. Of course, I will buy him any way they wanna distribute him but he certainly has to be done on the Reaper buck or possibly the Odinson buck. There was a time when he was markedly larger than Cap, and statistically he's still supposed to be, but more recently he's been shown about the same size. The Spider UK buck is just barely larger than the Bucky cap mold and the legs are actually thinner. To use that mold would only be switching tit for tat and we'd still wind up in the same undersized situation as before. Plus its got those weird creases on the legs and torso that Walker's uniform shouldn't have.
  2. Marvel (comics) has become such a predictable shadow of it's former self. Teasing the real Captain Marvel, the one everyone liked and wanted, just to try and get a sales boost. This gimmick will give the boost they want so they can claim the book is doing just fine, but Mar-Vell will go and the sales boost will depart with it. Marvel will never bring him back as the true Captain Marvel for fear of the mob loosing their isht, though it would ultimately be better for the company and the book.
  3. That's the way it is anymore. I buy almost all first issues, almost out of old habits, but actually getting into a comic is a tough task these days. The American comic book industry has a serious writing problem. Not to say my fandom is stuck in the 80's and 90's, but that is seriously the last time I remember them being that good. I do try to be current fan, but the hits come very much fewer than the misses. Still, I would dig a Monsters wave and with a big ayass Werewolf by Night BAF like this one. They have the sculpts. They have basically everything they need, highlighted by the recent Morlun, who could serve as a good base for Dracula.
  4. I understand that, but they still had to pay an "artist" to "sculpt" it whether it be old school wax or on a computer design. They stopped doing any in house sculpts a long time ago. They use a third party studio (though I think there was talk about them buying them a while back) to do most, if not all their sculpting now. I suppose it may have a lot to do with the terms of the contract though. I suppose they could just pay the studio for a certain amount of yearly output and maybe several protos never get done, so anything is possible. It just seems like a lot was put into it just to make it a "bonus" situation that may never happen. Like I said, Hasbro is not in the business of doing stuff just to be nice.
  5. From the blank space over Galactus' right shoulder there's room for one more. My money's on Airwalker.
  6. Holly effin' shyte. That thing is brand new sculpt. You can't tell me they did that just for this. This thing would have seen print either way. There's no way they set that aside for third tier with the possibility of it never being done. They paid for the sculpt. It's not like it's an easy mold reuse like Nova or Silver Surfer. Hasbro's not in the business of giving nice stuff out for free. They woulda (and will) got their money out of it eventually. Not that I don't like it. It's freaking amazing, but don't try and tell me this wasn't planned to be a general release.
  7. That Armadillo looks really cool. With a little extra tooling I bet they could transition that into a pretty good looking A-Bomb, though I'm thinking it would be a bit on the small side considering he should roughly be the size of Hulk. Also, I must say I like the new "Standard" female buck, but am troubled by what exactly they mean by standard. Is this to indicate that pretty much every female figure of non-specific build, like She-Hulk or Jubilee, should be expected to be on this buck. The male bucks have at least 6 different options for dudes of all shapes and sizes. Isn't pegging women to be of one shape and size a little bit "ist"?
  8. They are starting to roll that Odinson buck out more often. You might be on to something.
  9. Yep, I think they might have been taken by surprise by the sudden surge. I'm guessing, unlike SS which is only a repaint at this point, they don't have a proto of the third tier and they're trying to get some kind of render done for show.
  10. It's a deep dig, but you wanna do something really cool that will take us all by surprise, do a Blue Marvel. Then again, that may be a huge disservice to the fans, because he really should get a general release.
  11. This thing is so janky looking I'm kinda glad I didn't pull the trigger. Even though it does leave a glaring hole in my MCU line up, I'm cool because he was basically just a one-off. Now, do an Evan Peters Quicksilver and we're in business. I'm positive Disney probably had some petty, childish reasoning for killing him off, but I wonder if it's just because they knew Fox did the better version. Neither one of them was all that comic accurate, but if you're gonna do it wrong, Fox did it wrong the right way. They really need to find a proper way to roll him into the MCU mainline. Now that they're gonna blow the Multiverse wide open I guess it's a possibility.
  12. What!!! Just in those 2 packs there are still so many left to go. What about Siryn and Feral? How bout Rachel Grey? I'll admit they are really close to that point where a lot of us 90's fans can bail, but I think they know that. They're gonna keep on strategically omit characters that we want to keep us hanging on for as long as they can. I guess I just answered the question. Never mind.
  13. IF there is a third tier I'd love an Airwalker but I think Firelord is the most probable simply because it'd be easily done by reusing a standard buck with a new head sculpt. Basically the first Walgreens exclusive Human Torch with a different head.
  14. I'm happy about Morlun, I sure as hell didn't want another Morbius, unless it's the movie version. Not really impressed with anything else on the Spidey Line. Nice face sculpts, I guess. No problem with Armadillo. We're getting into that area where they're running out of recognizable "Big Guys" to do as BAF. It's gonna have to start moving into more obscure characters or redos of previous ones. We need an Abomination that can stand toe to toe with the current Hulk build. SHIELD agent, bout time. Just wished they woulda used a freaking Reaper buck for one of them. Or a female buck. Missed opportunity again. Love the Excalibur pack. Was hoping Meggan made it on the Moonstone buck, but I'll take what I can get at this point. Sad that Rachel or Widget didn't make the cut. Actually, Rachel would have been more suited for the buck they used on Meggan. Guess now they'll have to put her on the Kate Bishop buck. Like no one can see that coming. I like the Skrull and I like the multiple head sculpts. No surprise it's the best version to date. Still ultra bummed about Silver Surfer. If you keep insisting on doing him over and over at least get him on a proper sized buck, just once. As far as I'm concerned, and Frankie Raye already having been unlocked, I couldn't care less about SS. If you're gonna go past into Morge and Airwalker territory, then we can talk. There will be a TB tribute line and instead of BAF parts (or accessories) they'll include attachable stands. Fireworks go off, they start glad handing each other. Air high five. And they'll be higher in price, to boot.
  15. Lol. That's the way it always is bro. I always make it a point to go inside for anything I need just for the fact that I absolutely know I'm gonna miss out if I don't. The worst part is that my closest Walgreens is the one that inevitably gets hit by the scalpers first, so either way, I rarely have success at that one.
  16. Well, looking at pics online it does indeed look like the Odinson buck, which makes me happy cuz I've been pimpin' for that buck to replace the Hyperion buck for years. Most of the height difference is in the legs, which is gonna make some people very unhappy. One of the major complaints of the Hyperion buck, aside from the Liefield-esque chesticles, was that his lower leg (or calf) region was longer than his thighs as @EvilHayatostated earlier. On this figure it looks like they made the lower leg even longer to accommodate the new boots and maybe to give him a bit more height. It's a trick Mattel has been using for years with it's WWE figures in order to reuse torso bucks, and using leg parts of varying lengths to account for height differences. Not a bad idea and I'm really surprised it took ML so long to catch on. That being said, I don't think it looks bad at all. The sheer fact that they got rid of the 1930's barrel chested guy torso is a step in the right direction. Better than the first outing. I just hope this is a same kind of reveal process they used for the Wolverine set and this is indeed an Excalibur set. I predict Meggan will be the last reveal.
  17. Anyone got a bead on which buck that is? To me it looks like the Odinson buck, but I seem to remember it being pretty much the same height as the Hyperion buck.
  18. Those Stompers just look badd azz. I simply have no need or desire for a What If? based display right now. And if the last 2 episodes are any indication as to how up and down this thing is gonna go, I might have to drop the show as well. Episode one was pretty good, but episode two, who wrote that thing? It was embarrassing. At first I thought it was just tongue in cheek, but naw, it was cringe through and through, from start till stop. All that damn fawning all over T'Challa thing went the entire show. What would happen if T'Challa was Starlord? Basically, he would do everything right, the entire universe would love and revere him and he could even sweet talk the most evil being in the universe into dropping his quest to destroy half of life in the entire universe and become his own personal stooge. Oh, and Peter, he's still a screw up but now he's only mopping floors instead of being a space douche. Why bother to steal anything? Why not just walk in and ask for it? I literally fell asleep, yet I had picked up enough of it waking and falling that I already knew I had no desire to rewatch it. It was like the last 10 minutes of Falcon and Winter Soldier. If I didn't actually see it, it never happened in my mind and I could go on loving the MCU still. Let's see what episode three has in store.
  19. All I know is I'm way more charged for this movie than either of the two that will precede it. Nothing to do with anyone cast in the movies, they've just never really been any characters that I really cared for or am remotely familiar with. Spider-Man is Spider-Man and he's about the biggest thing the MCU still has going at this point.
  20. Then again, they could just be in some flashback images they show us when those displaced villains, Green Goblin, Doc Ock and Electro, in particular are going over which Spidey they fought and how they got there.
  21. I would be totally cool with that. At least you don't get the feeling that they're trying to pull one over you that way. You want that figure buy it, as a whole and complete and only buy that one if you want. Don't feel forced to buy an entire wave to finish it.
  22. Well, I've had the discussion with others on the forum, and at the risk of starting a big argument I'll explain where I'm coming from again. Not that everyone has to subscribe to my feelings, but this is just what I think. No hate on anyone who has a dissenting opinion, but I think my argument is at least valid if not agreeable. So, I'll start by saying the BAF system was started as a "bonus" system to urge customers to buy entire sets. It's a great system and a great incentive. No one is entitled to a bonus. Your money is your own and you buy what you like. Here's the thing though, you shouldn't HAVE to go into the bonus to complete a figure. I had this issue with both Vulture (MCU) and Cap (Sam). They packaged and sold both figures as "Vulture" and "Captain America", and like it or not, a defining detail about both those characters is that they had wings. Vulture, as a character has wings. This version of Cap, as his character, has wings. Don't make me buy Toomes and try to tell me I got Vulture, cuz I didn't. I bought only part of what makes Vulture and then I had to buy the entire set to get the parts to finish the character. The same goes with this version of Captain America. Sam is not a Super Soldier so a major part of his game is that he uses additional tech and gadgets as part of his hero persona. You can't just put Sam in a box and call him Captain America (though they did), and again tell us we gotta buy the set to complete Captain America. Now if you wanna do the entire figure and the gear altogether as a bonus I'm good with that. That would have lined up cuz, as they name the waves after the BAF usually, this wave would have been called the Captain America wave. Everything would have worked out. I know not everyone agrees with this, and maybe many cannot see it from this perspective, but if you look at it in a couple of other ways it's easier to see. First, let's talk the Sauron wave. Sauron is a character who has pretty big wings as part of his individual design. They didn't put his body in a box, call it Sauron and then make us buy the entire wave to finish his wings. They did the entire Sauron character as the BAF and that was the right way to do it. Great figure, great job, but why should characters like Vulture and Captain America be different? Secondly, let's go way back to the days where the "bonus" figure was a mail away figure like Cobra Commander and Emperor Palpatine, back in the Kenner days. Back then the incentive was to buy the entire wave, or at least a certain number of characters out of the wave, cut out the UPC codes, and mail them in to get a "bonus" character. When that bonus came in it was the entire character. They didn't put part, or most of Cobra Commander in a box, sell it as Cobra Commander then make you send in the UPC's in order to get the rest of the character. They didn't put part of most of Palpatine in the box and then make you send UPC's to get the cloak and lightsaber. If they end up doing Doc Ock in this wave or even a 2nd one I get the feeling that this is the same way they plan to do it and are banking on the fact that most people would want that Molina Doc so much in current ML form that we would all most likely buy it. Is that smart? Maybe. Is it fair? Maybe not. I guess both those answers are just a matter of perspective. For me, as a longtime loyal collector who has given plenty of my hard earned cash chasing the ghost, I think it's a (another) slap in the face. On the side note, I'm no big fan of Haslab either and the entire Deluxe format is hit or miss, but at least with both of those you're getting the entire figure and sometimes even a few good accessories and it doesn't feel like you're being strong armed to spend a lot of extra money to finish off what is actually little more than a standard figure.
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