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  1. Yeah, I remember the discussion, but at the time we were all even wondering if we would get any maggots. Now that Hasbro has shown A maggot it almost creates more questions. Is that the ONE we are gonna get, or are there actually gonna be two of them? If there are two of them will they be different or are they just gonna be two of the same sculpt? Glad to see the clue they gave us cuz it almost looks like they knew the question was coming, now if they had the foresight to see that question coming they surely must know the next question is going to be "how many".
  2. One of the burning questions I have and haven't seen it expressed in any of these forums (if you have, please excuse me), but yes we've been given a tease of Maggot's maggot, but are we gonna get two of them or are they gonna pull the old Infinity War Captain America double cross on us again, or are they gonna pigeon hole this character into the time after one of his maggots "died"? I feel like they're just gonna cheap out on us and give us just one and try to play it off as the death excuse. Edit: it's just been brought to my attention that one of his maggots did not die, rather he gave it away. Either way, it's just another convenient excuse for Hasbro and I'm betting they'll take advantage of it.
  3. Sounds like a metaphor for the state of writing in Marvel comics as a whole. Nobody ever knows what the hell is going on. Seems like 90 percent of what they do is pulled straight outta their arses on the fly. Makes the Star Wars sequel trilogy look like a well planned and thought out masterpiece.
  4. That's some great work. Actually some of the best I've seen. Almost looks like a real comic panel.
  5. My A-Force version has been in storage for so long I forgot how absolutely beautiful it is. Makes you look at certain aspects of recent figures like FA Storm and the latest Retro Sue Storm (yeeeesh!) and wonder how the hell did they manage to screw them up so bad. It looks pretty much the same as the A-Force one, with maybe a slightly darker (and shinier?) color palette. I might just have to pick one up just to take it out of the box. Just look at that head sculpt. Poor Sue's gotta be bawling her good eye out right now.
  6. Lol. Still waiting on my art certificate. Apparently though, they're giving those writing certificates away free with every full tank of gas at any 7-Eleven, assuming that you can provide proof that you still live rent free in your mom's basement, of course. It doesn't seem like that much of a problem at first, but then explain how you paid for that tank of gas? Oh, mom's credit card. Perfect! There was a time when the drawing part was widely seen as the hardest part of making comics, but in recent years it seems like finding someone even slightly competent to fill in the word bubbles around those drawings with a halfway sensible dialog is a Herculean task. The One-Above-All, himself could not right that ship.
  7. Yes, but a naked lady with strategically placed detail lines resembling scales. It's all in the minds interpretation. Many female outside movie figures don't even get to enjoy the convenience of specialized sculpts or details. Most of the ladies done in ML (and in the comics) are basically naked bodies with lines and colors applied in a manner to indicate clothing or other coverings. One could make a Classic Misty out of any number of female molds, but whether it would be censored or not would simply rely on where the golden browns and shiny reds are placed on the figure and at what quantities. The difference between accurate and "Karen Safe" are simply a few brush strokes.
  8. I voted C cuz it looked like the one that was least likely to have loose knee joints. BTW, who involved in this process was in charge of labeling these sketches? B usually comes before C in the alphabet. I'm no Alphabetologist, but oversimplification of the lettering process seems like it would have been an asset in this case.
  9. Yeah, for anyone who knows Larry Stroman's work, he was an amazing artist who was completely short changed by being assign Al Milgrom as his inker. No disrespect to Mr. Milgrom, one of the pioneers of early Marvel, but by that time the quality of the industry pencilers had passed him by in large measure. The only thing that kept him employed at the time was the fact that he was so fast and prompt, but damn, did his work show it. Especially in a character like Hairbag, where it literally turned out looking like a six year old drawing a picture of his dog with the hair just pointing straight out out of his body with no weight, heft, structure or texture to the hair or pattern. It must have driven poor Stroman crazy that the craft he worked at perfecting his entire life could so easily be defaced by another so called artists careless approach. This guy coulda/shoulda been one of the biggest names in Marvel artist history, on par with guys like Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, and Todd McFarlane. He had a more organic style than Lee, but was certainly more anatomically accurate than both McFarlane and Liefeld. Anyone who doesn't believe me, just look up Larry Stroman's work on Alien Legion or his pencil and sketch art, without Milgrom's inks. Hard to find, but what's available is amazing.
  10. Dude, just saw these! I was always a fan of Sinister's "other" hit squad. Would love these guys in figure form, but we can't even get a full line up of Mauraders (the real ones), much less these guys.
  11. I'm game for this too, but I doubt even the packaging would get through the censors, much less a figure even resembling it in the slightest. Even through Fan Channel. Looks like a strong, powerful, confident and sure as hell stunning woman to me. Where's the disconnect. Therein lies today's double standard. Oh yeah, and the Hercules figure is still damn near nekid.
  12. There are no words to describe the level of terrible this figure is. Edit: Still not as bad as the Eternals wave, by any measure.
  13. Diversity is important. I don't think anyone can honestly deny that. The problem is the way not only Marvel does it but how pretty much the entire entertainment industry has been trying to do it for years. You can't just change a character that already has widespread recognition and try to trick fans into liking them. You may gain a bit of fandom, but it tends to lose more of the original fans in the payoff. You can create new characters but that would suggest any of these modern hack writers have any bit of creativity in their body beyond another clone saga or "old man" story, which we know isn't the case, so all they can muster is "let's change this character to ___" or "let's make this character ___". You can take previous characters that Marvel had cast off and abandoned and breath new life into them. There are tons of characters in Marvels past of many genders, ethnicities and orientations that "creators" lost faith in or no longer wanted to devote time to that can be rejuvenated, but that takes time and effort, so they try to take the short cut and change characters we already know and try to guilt us into accepting the change. Meanwhile characters like Colleen Wing, Daken and Dust keep languishing further into obscurity.
  14. Yeah, there's something weird about them. They went up on Amazon for a "blink and miss it" second, which indicates to me that there's a major no show for these characters everywhere. Way I hear, they only sold these things in cases per figures. I guess these two floating somewhere in the Pacific right about now.
  15. The reason they put Power Man and Iron Fist together in the first place was cuz neither could carry a solo joint. Not sure what ever gave them the bright idea (Marvel, whaddayagonnado?) to split them up again. There is no Power Man without Iron Fist and there is no Iron Fist without Power Man. It is what it is, and there's no amount of guilt tripping or pandering to the Twitter mob that's gonna change that. Guess they'll have to learn the hard way. Again. Oh yeah, Snake Eyes only failed cuz of the Rona. I forgot.
  16. I was gonna say that but I didn't wanna be the first target for the REEEEEEEE Brigade. Thanks for taking the bullet.
  17. I would also love to see him on the Sunfire buck. The ripped, slender Bruce Lee type build would work perfect for Iron Fist, just like Shang Chi. Our luck, they'll probably put Speedball on the Sunfire buck and Iron Fist on the Pizza Spidey buck again. Though I think it might be a tad too big, I wouldn't mind if they put IF on the new Vulcan buck either. I can't believe a comic Power Man hasn't received a mainstream release to this point. Two Netflix releases and an exclusive Thunderbolts version. It seems kind of silly that he hasn't made it into the line yet. Then again, if they had done a mainline release it would have been done on the Hyperion buck again. At least now, if they do him again, he'll probably be done on the superior Odinson buck.
  18. Me too. Uuuugh, there is no forgiving that face sculpt on Sue. Not everyone can be a super model, but damn, when the Celine Dion head on Phoenix looks like a beauty queen in comparison, you go some major problems. Did they dig that isht up from the Dark Days of ML, or what? Jack Kirby and Stan the Man are rolling in their graves. Luckily I bought an extra Walgreens Sue, Haven't tried to swap 'em out yet but I hope it works. Does anyone have any input on whether it works or not?
  19. 4 weeks and holding at my local Target. Not shown, the 4 Seaweed Man/Men(?) on the bottom shelf with no price tag. I wonder if they were already marked down. This is crazy. Never seen anything like it.
  20. Well, I'm no fan of what Disney has done with SW but simply boxing up all the behind the scenes footage to every production show they do and calling it a "new" show is so lame. This crap was cliché before Disney ever did it, and now it's just sad.
  21. Looks like they're turning to some sort of demon hunter story line.
  22. So, this is the kind of dynamic product Disney is putting out to compete with Netflix and Prime? Breathtaking.
  23. Two problems with this reveal. One that shoulda happened and didn't and then one that hasn't happened yet but probably will. First, if you are straight claiming this buck was made to replace another, why the hell would you not compare the two to each other. Great that it's bigger than the Spidey Super poseable, but as I recall it was almost on par with the Bucky Cap buck in terms of height. Second, I predict this thing will be misused as bad, if not more, than the Sunfire buck. Calling it right now. With the excitement they're generating off this new buck, I bet they'll use this thing for everyone from Speedball, who's listed around 5'10", Tarantula, who's listed around 6'0" (accurate) and U.S. Agent, who's 6'5" and many characters anywhere in between. I hope upon hope the new U.S. Agent isn't gonna be on this buck, but I get a super baaaaadd feeling about this. He's legit at least Captain America size, and most often shown bigger, in at least girth if not height. How bad would it suck if we waited so long for an update for ol' John F. Walker only to be foiled again? Now if you wanna redo Bucky Cap himself with this buck, by all means, but please, please keep this one away from U.S. Agent.
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