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  1. In betting they try, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that instead of painting it metallic they'll try to go metallic with the plastic and end up with the swirly looking finish. Personally I like it, but I guess a lot of people don't. Either way, this guys been a long time coming and I'm getting it. I'm not getting the Animated X toys. I'm happy with the ones I got and whatever the hell they're trying to do with the paint, it ain't cell shading. Someone at Hasbro needs to make a friendly call to NECA and get a crash course on the proper way to pull something like that off.
  2. I agree with how well they do with the larger figures, especially the recent Hulk which was basically an upscaled and tweaked version of the very well done ML version. It's just that I have a problem with some of the articulation decisions they make on some of these figures. They still use hip hinge joints and ball joints on occasion. What's the point of making big beautiful pieces of artwork only to ruin them with terrible articulation. Again, the latest Hulk was amazing and if they ever wanted to take that undersized ML Sasquatch figure and give it a similar upscale and tweaking so that it will actually fit in correctly with my ML, then I would pre-order that yesterday.
  3. Yeah, I know review bombing has been the BS go to reason for bad reviews of movies like Black Widow and Suicide Squad (which was actually quite good) as of late, but when industry pushers like the Disney friendly professionals can't even find anything nice to say about this movie, it might be in big trouble. On the bright side, when the "pros" say a movie is terrible, that's usually a good indication that it's actually pretty awesome from a consumer's point of view. It usually just means it just fails to push their favored brand of politics as hard as they wanted it to. We only want to be entertained and aren't always searching for some deeper meaning and don't want to be preached at. Jury is still out, but I do hope for the best.
  4. Very, very early speculation online is that Murray is only one (though probably the most recognizable) of many actors doing small roles as alternate versions of Hank Pym. Though I'd love to see him in the MCU, it would really suck if he just simply had a one-off appearance like that and we never saw him again.
  5. I agree with most of this but i have a few points that I don't feel are 100 percent accurate. First, I don't agree that any figure of any demand would ever not get made, with or without the exclusive process. There's no exclusive I've ever seen them do that couldn't have been done through Fan Channel or Pulse. Sure, there are maybe some pointless ones like Black Ant or Pewter Surfer and maybe Iron Doom that we coulda done without, but if Hasbro thought it would make a buck, as with the case of Nova and Quasar, they would certainly get them out one way or another. Secondly, you're absolutely right. All exclusives are paid for upfront by the retailer, so Hasbro is not out any costs whether the retailer chooses to sell them or bury them in the desert, but to say they don't care how or if the product is distributed is inaccurate. It's still representative of their brand and there is still some responsibility for that retailer to make that available to ML fans. Hasbro would not simply produce a product under one of it's most popular brands without a stipulation in the agreement that the retailer would agree to distribute it in a way that would be beneficial or even favorable to that brand. If the retailer continues to drop the ball the burden falls on Hasbro to answer to why they continue to do business with that retailer and would be expected to address the issue, as they did with the G.I.. Joe exclusives during last weeks PulseCon. That being said, I do believe the current issue with Walgreens' exclusives have more to do with the supply chain rather than their neglect to put them on the shelves.
  6. Not sure about the costume, but I'm certainly a fan of her face, and her acting. If she puts half as much effort into this as she did projects like True Grit and Edge of Seventeen, this should turn out pretty good. Save for all the Disney politics, of course.
  7. If only the final product ended up looking so good. But don't count on it.
  8. Yes! Blaze's bike has it's own Classic charm, but Ketch's bike was the coolest. Hopefully a Riders set is in the works some time soon.
  9. Yeah, they got all the resources. There shouldn't be much new stuff, say for a few accessories like Wolvie's picture frame. Given the way the AoA waves were done it's a shame they didn't do this as a wave. It woulda been a great way to do that Blob redo that everyone's been asking for. Then again, as bad as that so called cell shading looks I'm not sure they could get the colors under his man boobs just right.
  10. Really? My original Daredevil from the Hobgoblin wave has been standing on a shelf on one leg in a spinning back kick pose for literally years.
  11. Don't care whose fault it is. I'm not trying to asses blame. I'm just saying I ain't gonna get wound up in another Hulu show only to see it cancelled while waiting for the next season. Total waste of time.
  12. Looks to me like another one and done season screw job from Hulu. Looks cool, but pardon me if I don't even bother to get into it.
  13. It thought the Bucky Cap mold was magnificent. I felt it was a fine mold and for it's structural limitations it was quite poseable, so much so that I think DD figure once won Best Poseable through an ACBA vote, if I'm not mistaken. The two best characters I relate the Bucky Cap mold with are Daredevil and Cyclops. It's that muscular, yet lean mold that both those characters, who are in tip top condition, are known for. Of course it also worked for other characters like Spymaster and Deadpool. The tiny feet thing was an issue. I just don't understand how they couldn't just retool some larger feet to put on that body mold. Hell, I did it myself on a couple of customs. Alas, it was a long time coming. It was the last of the crop of bucks that marked the resurgence of the ML line, right before Infinite kicked off. I'm happy to see that there's a new mold with butterfly's to use in the 6'0 to 6'4 height range. I was getting pretty sick of seeing that Sunfire mold being used for a 5'10, 170 lb scrawny Pyro and then for the 6'4, 230 lb broad chested Silver Surfer just cuz it had the articulation they wanted the figure to have for certain poses. Now maybe they'll do a proper Iron Fist in his Classic Green with Popped Collar. I hope the old BC isn't gone for good, because it's always good to see a few different molds for similar sized characters, and not all characters really need butterfly joints. Of course, DD and Black Panther do, but maybe not Cyclops and Blizzard so much. RIP indeed, BC Mold. You served ML well for so many years.
  14. Actually, I got the T'Challa and it's right in line with what you said about the cartoon styling. I was hoping the mold would be a sign that they would be doing a modern Starlord soon but this buck is awkwardly gangly and skinny and very much in the vein of the Into the Spiderverse figures and does not look good with most of the main line. If and when they do get around to doing modern Starlord I sure hope this is not the one they use. Unfortunately, if Hasbro follows it's standard practice of cheaping out and producing as few new molds as possible, that's exactly what they'll do.
  15. Overall this panel was even more depressing than I thought it would be. Soooooo much talking and tons of dead air and talking over each other, and I swear, if I gotta hear the excuse "well, this is LIVE" or any of it's derivatives, one more time I'm gonna......well.....just have to live with it. But still, you know what I mean. The void caused by the PLAGUE and so many projects continually being pushed back was clearly apparent so I know they had a lot of space to fill, and some of the guests were interesting, if a bit awkward (Lewalds), but I usually don't like this many words in a reveal event. That being said, there is nothing, literally nothing here that i really gave a dry damn about. Knull looked cool. Y'know, just another Donny Cates "let's just take a copy of an existing character and make him bigger and stronger and better and call him the bestest and most terrifyingist evaaaah and call him a new character" creation. It is what it is. At least it wasn't another Clone Saga. Wait....kinda.....well, whatever. I'm Almost certain he'll be a BAF, if not for the No Way Home wave, but maybe an "emergency" 2nd, all movie based No Way Home wave, since there will be all those returning movie characters. I'm not gonna sweat it being too hard to find, unless they make it a WMart or Target exclusive. The 3.75 line is just baffling to me to this point, overshadowed only by the insistence to keep pushing it. I'm a nostalgia freak, but not only do these things not hit the feels for me, but at $10+ it doesn't look like it's doing it for many others. Judging by the shelves in my WMs, anyway. Even through the mass shortage of product throughout the Plague and my crazy desire to purchase product (something, anything) did I find an excuse to buy these. Maybe that's not the case everywhere, but I've seen droves of them, literally everywhere I go, just sitting on the shelves. Even in clearance aisles I'm not compelled to get one. So....PASS. I just loved, loved, loved the animated series and still do to this day, but naaaaa. These guys were exactly what I knew they'd be. Same toys, some new paint, a little cell shading (maybe?), maybe some tweaked head sculpts, a few nifty nostalgic accessories and all at a premium price. If that's your thing, I'm happy for you, but ill hold on to my paper for now. I might pick up SW or White Vision if I get the chance but the ones I already got are sufficient. Bare feet aren't gonna upsell me on that. My current WS/Bucky suits me just fine. Baron Zemo? Sure I'll get him. If I see him. Cap and IM, hmm.....okay. Talk to me when Toad comes out. This Pulsecon was actually a relief to my wallet as so I'll take the break. Those Monday and Friday reveals had been kicking my wallets ayass up till now.
  16. I just replaced the Céline Dion head sculpt with one of the three (beautiful) head sculpts from the Cyclops & Dark Phoenix 2 pack. But I suppose this works too.
  17. I mean, yeah, you'd think. But Surtur was done in context to the movie and he was more of a Diety or Demi-God rather than a demon. There seems to be some divide as to what they allow in movies vs. what they allow in toys. Maybe it's just because a lot of the mystical corner of the MU is still tied up at Hulu and they haven't been able to work them in other than the good doctor, but to me at least, the mystical/occult part of the MU has really been stepped over to this point. Sure there's a few Ghost Riders and a book of Vishanti set, and a Doctor Strange wave but that's about it. That's just what I'm reading into it.
  18. Throw my vote in there as well. As an X-Men villain she's a must. The costume will be an issue I suppose, but we can also count on Hasbro "tidy it up", even if they decide to do it through Fan Channel or Etail exclusive. My guess is they would do the Scarlet Witch method in which they would just paint the parts that are supposed to be skin a another tone to simulate a leotard. Whatever, just do it. Maybe throw a few little toady demons in there cuz it'll most likely be $25. Of course, doing a related wave with S'ym as the BAF would be awesome, but I still firmly believe in Disney's ban (on toys, anyway) on demonic and occultic characters for its evil connotations (well isn't that the kettle calling the pot black?), no matter how much ML team tries to deny it.
  19. I think your a bit closer with your first statement. I predict, even with the rumors of a certain number of comic based waves so far, that next year will be the year of MCU and Disney+ figures and waves. And with many projects having been and still being delayed I just don't see them being able to showcase much product. We'll get some protos and some digital mock-ups of some figures, probably US Agent, maybe Toad or Speedball, but by in large it's probably gonna be a buncha team pics or teases with some of the old Marvel trading cards and a lot of talking by the panel. I do however, think X-Men Animated will be a big part of the reveals. I predict they'll be little more than reissues of the exact same X-Men figures, but with brighter colors and cell shading techniques. Hopefully it'll just be a box set so we don't have to go chasing various figures over a span of several waves. And hell, who knows, maybe we'll actually get a head sculpt of Rogue smiling this time.
  20. So these things hit the shelves two weeks ago and I swear the only thing that's changed is that they put Seaweed Man on the shelves between then and now. And no, he's not any better in person. Seriously, it is ultra bland and boring. Terribly shiny and the paint aps are surprisingly sloppy. And to top it off it looks just as stiff and ridged as the other figures in the wave. I know the MCU fans are trying to see the best in these, and good for you if that's your thing, but these are just all sort of mediocre. And yes, I understand that if the movie is good the interest in the figures will increase, but from early reviews by the real audience (not the industry shill "pros"), the outlook is bleak.
  21. Doubt they'll show anything new, possibly confirming some standing rumors, especially regarding the TB Legends. My only hope right now is that we see something about US Agent.
  22. I loved the original She-Hulk. Funny, confident, sexy. This whole angry, brooding militant femonster thing was so exhausting. She was made to be the anti-Hulk in every way and form and instead of that they tried to turn her into Hulk. I hope we can get back to good stories and good fun, but honestly, I won't be holding my breath.
  23. I used to be a 100 percent completeist. Even today I fight the urge to just throw down cash for everything and anything Hasbro puts out for ML. I freaking love the BAF format and at one time it was just so cool to complete a "Bonus" figure. At one time the BAF actually seemed like an incentive. I'm a fan of the comic figures radical designs and flashy color schemes mostly, but I have learned to appreciate many MCU figures, but over they years, many developments in the ML line have happened that have not only shied me away from the "hunt" but also has dissipated a lot of the FOMO that I used to have about the line.
  24. Better, this is just much, much better. Yes, the facial expressions should have been switched on the head sculpts but I'm just happy to more accurate figure. The first figure was too big, but I know there are a lot of people who refer to him as "growing" and that's cool if that's your thing, but I think the majority of people wanted one in his more natural height. Also, this one doesn't have the ugly ball joint hips and the very noticeable and frustrating lopsided legs. Took 'em a while to get him right, but they got there. Interested to see the new US Agent figure.
  25. Lol. I saw this on online video. A lot of eyes have seen this. It is a damn shame that when we finally get a figure of Selma Hayek there's actually no "figure" to it. Maybe this is what Hasbro needs to get their act together. Sad thing is, it'll probably result in another price increase to us. Oh, and don't worry guys, I'm sure we can take it at face value when Kumail says the movie is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good. Seriously, still hoping for the best though. Love Selma and Kumail actually seems like a fun cat.
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